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Official Profile

Age 21 Height 171 cm Race Human
Hobbies Polishing her knives
Likes Her father, her father's knife
Dislikes Long-lasting conversations (loves talking with people but is not good at it)

Character Release


Character Release

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Age 21歳 Height 171cm Race ヒューマン
Hobbies ナイフ磨き
Likes 父親、父親の形見のナイフ
Dislikes 会話を長続きさせること(苦手だが人と話すこと自体は好き)

Character Release


Character Release

Source [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday.
I'll never forget the day I met you and Lyria. I'll cherish our friendship forever.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
Knowing that your birthday was nearing—
I spent these past few days trying to think of something to give you.
You see, traveling with you has given me so many invaluable things, (Captain).
But I realized that it's impossible to pay you back all in one day...
(Captain), I will walk the darkness ahead of us with you. I know I can battle in the dark.
I'll eliminate any obstacle that threatens you or the crew during our perilous journey.
If I can be of any help to you and the crew, (Captain), then I'll give it my all.
Let me return your kindness in this way.
I'm sorry I didn't prepare anything special for you.
But, (Captain), I hope you understand my determination.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
Through meeting you, I was able to meet a new me.
A me I never knew... while I was traveling all alone...
And once I discovered that self, I was so happy. And you're the one who helped find her.
I wonder where I'd be and what I'd be doing if I'd never met you, (Captain)...
But I think I know the answer already. I'd be gripping a dagger in the dark... Passing each night praying for peace of mind...
I don't ever want to go back. Ever. Now that I've found the light that is you...
I'm so glad I could be with you on this day... So glad to have met you.
I swear to stay by your side in service to you. I'll always have your back.
So... be sure to take care of yourself this year.


I was just thinking, (Captain)... I truly am lucky to have met someone like you.
Back when I traveled alone, sometimes I had to be careful not to let the solitude eat away at me.
I rarely ever need to do that now. Not ever since joining the crew.
It hasn't been easy, but I'm becoming more accustomed with talking to others as well.
And it's all thanks to you.
Meeting you may have been the most fortunate thing to ever happen to me.
That's why I also wanted to celebrate this special day with you.
Happy birthday and thank you, (Captain). From the bottom of my heart.
(What would've become of me if I had never met you, I wonder...)


Happy birthday. I'm glad I get to celebrate such a special day again, (Captain).
I helped make today's cake by the way...
Since there are so many in the crew who are pros at it, I only had to lend a hand...
The flames of the candles on the cake illuminate the bliss on Tanya's profile.
The flickering of the candlelight in the darkness is so beautiful...
I was trapped in the endless night... Until, like this gentle flame, you led me out of the abyss and brightened up my world.
Ever since coming onboard with you, I've learned to share my joys and overcome sadness together with everyone.
You led me, of all people, into the light, (Captain)...
I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I-I think I might be blushing from embarrassment...
Please don't look this way... Um... You need to blow out the candles right away!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year!
My days have been so much better since meeting you this year. Let's make next year a good one too.


We faced many scrapes on our journey this year, (Captain), but I cherish the days we spend together.
My journey was lonely... And went on and on in darkness...
But in that endless path, I found a light.
A light to keep me from stumbling... To bring me warmth...
(Captain), you're the light that brightened my path.
And I don't ever want to lose it. I'll be by your side this year as well, so... let's have a good one.


(Captain), Happy New Year... to you.
Are you on your way out somewhere?
A festival... at the shrine?
Oh... W-well... do you think I could come along?
You came to invite me, huh? Sorry, I should've let you speak first... But thank you.
Truth is... I want to try harder this year to grow closer to the crew.
I'm not good with words... But everyone's so nice that it's not enough to meet them halfway...
This year I'm going to change... So keep your eyes on me!


Happy New Year.
We've had quite a busy yet fulfilling year, haven't we? Looking back on it all, I'm reminded of how lucky I am to have met you and the rest of the crew.
Thank you, (Captain). From the bottom of my heart.
I was thinking, however... What can I do in return for everyone?
I see... Thank you. I know I can trust you, (Captain). It was thanks to you that I was able to change after all.
But I can be better... I know I can keep getting better.
Instead of waiting for others to talk to me, this year I'll try starting more conversations on my own.


Happy New Year's, (Captain).
I just finished making some porridge. Won't you have some with me?
You find it delicious? It makes me so happy to hear that from you...
Wait, slow down! You might hurt yourself eating that fast.
It's still piping hot, and we wouldn't want any mochi to get stuck in your throat.
I made plenty, so please feel free to go for seconds.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

So I, uh... made this just for you. I h-hope you l-l-like it...
Gracious... I'm so embarrassed, but I really need you to know.
I made this for you full of love. So please accept this gift, (Captain)!


Oh dear... It's that time of year again...
Capt—I mean, (Captain)... Won't you accept this gift?
Whew... I don't think I'll ever get used to giving gifts on Valentine's Day.
But I can't let the chance pass me by. I've got to express my feelings and there's no way around it...
Well anyway... at least I got up the nerve to give you something again.
But since it's a bit different from last year's gift, could you tell me what you think later?


(Captain)... P-please accept this gift!
Sorry... I saw your face and got more nervous...
Hm? You liked the chocolate from last year? It was delicious?
Okay... I'm glad!
I feel a bit better hearing you say that...
I thought giving you a gift might annoy you a little.
S-so do you think I could make you some more chocolate next year? Really? Thanks!
Oh, I mean, I'm just grateful that you accepted the gift I gave just now. So please accept it again next year...


So today is Valentine's Day...
That's why I'm here, (Captain)...
Our promise from last year?
You remembered... I'm so happy.
I've brought you some more handmade chocolates...
Uh... I wanted to... tell you...
I'm sorry. I meant to put my feelings into words, not just let the candy do the talking...
Next year I promise to push myself harder. A year from now... I'll be able to tell you.


(Captain), I made chocolate this year too.
Last year, I promised to put my feelings into words, but...
It's just so hard to do... I wrote a letter as a compromise.
Before I knew it, the letter ended up being so long...
I won't ask you to read the whole thing...
But I'd be happy if you would take it along with the chocolate.

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Is something wrong? You look anxious.
This is for me? You're really... giving me this?
I see. Well... thank you! This makes me happy!


...! You scared me...
Calling my name all of a sudden... Oh well. I've got a long way to go with my shyness. Sorry...
So... did you need something? Huh? What's this? A gift for me? Really?
It's just so sudden that I don't know what to say! I'm sorry...
Oh, that's not right either! I keep apologizing... But I mean to say thank you. I'm really truly grateful!


Who is it? (Captain)? Did you want me for something?
A White Day gift... for me?
Thank you!
Sorry... I was so excited and nervous and relieved that I didn't know what to say for a second...
Thank you so much. I'm so happy...


What a coincidence meeting you here, (Captain). Are you headed out somewhere?
Eh? You were looking for... me?
This is... for me?
I see... Today is... White Day...
I'm... I mean... that is to say... I don't know what to say.
W-wait. Let me just... There's something I want... to say.
Thank you... (Captain)!


(Captain)? Were you looking for me?
This is thanks for Valentine's?
Ah, today's White Day... Thank you, (Captain).
I treasure every gift from you.
You suggest I eat the treats soon while they're still somewhat fresh?
I suppose I should make myself clear... Of course I do plan on consuming these treats soon...
But I've kept every box you've ever given me.
I love how it feels like I'm adding to my treasure collection.
Teehee, I hope to one-up myself with even tastier chocolate for next year's Valentine's... It'll be so much fun.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Um... A-are you also going to try to scare me?
I-if I give you some candy, will you go easy on me?


T-trick or treat!
Preemptive strike... I got the upper hand this year.
Hm? You have no candy, so you want me to play a trick on you instead?
B-but I wouldn't even know how to...
Erm, I'll take my losses. Let's call this off.


Who's there?
Oh! It's you, (Captain)!
S-sorry... I sensed someone behind me and before I knew it, I'd pulled out my dagger...
That was close. I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't sneak up on me, if you can help it...
It's just an old battle habit I can't shake... My body reacts without thinking.
It was just a Halloween trick, you say? I get it now...
So it's a festival... Guess I'm still not quite familiar with it.
But, (Captain)... I promise I'll do better next year! Just you wait...


Oh, (Captain). Did you need something?
A party? Together... with you?
Oh, no... I couldn't. I wouldn't know what to say to people in such a setting.
Moreover, I still don't know the proper way one celebrates Halloween.
Wait a second... I see what's going on here. Trying to get me flustered with some Halloween trickery now, are you? Well played, (Captain).
Huh? We're really going?
Ah! I... I shouldn't have doubted you!
I'm sorry, (Captain)... please forgive me for the slight just now.


I heard a gate connecting the world of the living and the dead opens up on Halloween...
Maybe that means my parents come back here on this day. I wonder if they're having a good time...
What's that, (Captain)? You're inviting me out to a Halloween party?
I see. Good point.
It'd certainly be ideal for my parents to see how well I'm doing.
(Captain), please let me come along tonight. This is the perfect chance for me to join in on some fun.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Today is a special day, do you think? It's a little hazy, but I have memories from when I was little of spending the holidays with my father.
The whole family got together.
(Captain), why don't you and I spend the day together? Suddenly, I feel a bit lonely...
You will? Really? Thank you.


(Captain), the truth is... when it comes to these kinds of festivals, I feel out of place.
I walk through the town and see all the happy people. But somehow... I feel like I'm left out.
But now... when I'm with you and the crew, I feel like I'm finally a part of the celebration.
Thank you. The time I've spent with you has truly warmed my heart, (Captain).


Looks like we're together again for the holidays this year...
The relaxing time I get to spend with friends is special to me... no matter the season.
The more I get used to this warmth I feel when I'm here with you... the harder it will be to go back to those nights I spent all alone.
Do you think... I could spend this time next year with you and the crew again?
Thank you...


There's always something about this time of year that gets me emotional... It's a strange feeling.
A calm feeling... A bright feeling.
I'm sure it's because I'm here with you and the rest of the crew, (Captain).
A stark contrast to my former life.
I love it here... but I'm scared—scared that I may find myself all alone again.
Hm? Yeah, you're right... You wouldn't abandon me or do anything like that.
Sorry for saying something weird suddenly... It's almost time for supper. Let's head over to the dining hall, (Captain).


???: ...
Sensing someone sneak into the room in the middle of the night, (Captain) springs out of bed.
Tanya: Ah... Sorry, did I wake you?
I meant to come in quietly, but I guess there's no hiding my presence from you...
I was going to put this present beside your pillow.
Since today's a special night, and you've been such a kind person...
Um... Will you accept my present?
I didn't expect you to be so overjoyed... It's almost infectious.

Fate Episodes

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Cold Moonlight

The crew visits the capital of a republic to speak with its chancellor and learn more about an assignment. The night before the meeting, Tanya sneaks off into the city's underground catacombs—an old haunt of hers—and bumps into a familiar face.

???: ...
A shadow silently slithers about a tavern room in the dead of night.
Tanya: (I must go... to find the truth...)
Tanya leaps out from a window and disappears into the darkness.
It all began on the afternoon of that day. The crew had arrived at the capital of a certain republic for an assignment.
They were to hear the details of the assignment from a chancellor at the castle.
(Captain) and company take a stroll through town while searching for lodgings.
Tanya: ...
Lyria: Everything okay, Tanya? You keep glancing around everywhere with such a scary look on your face...
Tanya: Ah, sorry. It's nothing...
Tanya: ...!
What was that just now?
Vyrn: What the... Hey, where are ya runnin' off to?
As if having found a mark, Tanya enters a narrow alleyway.
Tanya: ...
Vyrn: Huff... Huff... What's the big idea, running off like that?
Tanya stands at a dead end, surrounded by buildings.
Tanya: Erm... Well...
Tanya: It's nothing really... I'm just imagining things.
  1. You sure you're okay?

Choose: You sure you're okay?
Tanya: Yeah... Thank you, (Captain).
Yet Tanya's eyes remain downcast despite her response.
Lyria: Tanya! About tomorrow's departure time—
Tanya: Aaaah!
Surprised, Tanya drops the knife she was polishing.
Lyria: S-sorry! Did I startle you?
Vyrn: You sure everything's cool? Whatever the case, I hope that didn't leave a scratch on your dad's memento.
Tanya: It's fine... And actually this is a different knife...
Hearing the word "memento," (Captain) recalls first meeting Tanya.
It was on a mission to take out a few hooligans that the crew first met Tanya.
She set out on a journey alone ever since losing her parents at a young age. The knife she keeps by her side is a memento of her father's days as an agent.
Tanya: I've grown up with these knives. Th-they're the only friends I ever needed.
Tanya: I'm... I'm actually looking for an acquaintance of my father's.
Tanya: I loved my father. I want to find out from that acquaintance what his final moments were like...
Tanya: So, yeah, I'm fine. J-just chasing after clues about him is all I need.
Right after that, Tanya felt like she was being a nuisance and ran off, feeling very sorry.
However, the crew ran after her and invited her to join.
Perplexed by the invitation at first, it didn't take long for Tanya to realize everyone's good intentions and accept the offer.
Lyria: What's with all those knives on the table... Are you polishing every single one of them?
Tanya: Y-yeah... Well... I thought I'd check to make sure they're in good shape...
Vyrn: At this time of night?
Tanya: Please don't worry... I'll be up in the morning.
Despite everyone's concern for her, Tanya leaves the room without another word.
Under the cover of night, while the rest of the crew is sleeping...
Tanya stealthily slips into (Captain)'s room, careful not to make any sound.
Tanya: (This might be my last chance... I want to etch their faces into my memory for good...)
Vyrn: Zzz... I ain't no liz...
Lyria: Snore...
Tanya: (Hehe... How heartwarming.)
Tanya: (The many wonderful memories I had here will always be a part of me...)
Tanya: (That's why I'm going to be fine... I can do this alone...)
Tanya: (I'll uncover the truth behind my father's murder...)
"Thanks for everything." Her lips move, but no sound comes out.
In the next moment, Tanya has already leapt into the cold, moonlit night.
Tanya: (How nostalgic... The view certainly has changed though...)
Tanya crouches and begins feeling about the ground in the seemingly vacant alleyway.
The stone pavement opens up to reveal a staircase leading underground.
Tanya: (Easy enough... Picking this up, I don't feel the weight of a decade.)
She descends the stairs, making her way to whatever lies below.
Tanya: (What a comforting darkness... Much more so than a moonlit night...)
???: Rah!
Tanya: ...!
Tanya intercepts an ambush from the shadows.
Tanya: (I didn't sense him at all!)
???: Eat dust, ya sell-out to the kingdom!
Tanya: Urgh!
Tanya: (His knife strikes are fast... I have my hands full just parrying them...)
Tanya: (Wait... I know this style...)
???: Those textbook knife maneuvers... That silver hair the shade of moonlight...
???: No way... Is that Tanya?
Tanya: ...!
The hesitation in the man's voice causes Tanya to waver.
Deep in a darkness no moonbeams reach, the only hints of light are the glimmers of dusky knives.

Warmth in Darkness

Tanya's chance encounter with her father's old friend, Shura, stirs memories of her parents, Corcia and Vina, from a decade ago. In order to pay for Vina's medical expenses, Corcia had become the captain of a band of agents run by the republic and set up an underground base. When Corcia led a kingdom—a major client—to victory and was refused payment, there was little that could be done as Vina passed away that night.

On the following morning, the crew members wake to find that Tanya is missing.
Lyria: Do you think Tanya's all right? She's been acting a little strange since yesterday.
Vyrn: I'd love to go searchin', but I dunno... We gotta go talk with the big cheese soon...
(Captain) decides to meet with the chancellor unaccompanied, leaving Vyrn and Lyria to search for Tanya.
Vyrn: So you wanna split up... Let's get goin' then!
The previous night, while (Captain) and the others yet slept...
Beneath the night-shrouded town, Tanya was facing off against a knife-wielding man.
Tanya: Shura! I should've known it wasn't just my imagination...
Shura: Tanya! I'm so sorry for attacking you! I'm just a little on edge...
He is Shura, an acquaintance of Tanya's father and precisely the person Tanya was searching for.
Shura: Let's move out. Go somewhere a little more familiar...
Tanya: Wow... A whole decade and nothing's changed...
Shura: That's right. I just stopped in yesterday, and I couldn't believe that everything was how we left it.
Shura: But you, Tanya... You've changed plenty.
Tanya: Yeah. A lot's happened...
Shura: I can't apologize to you enough. We left you all on your own back then!
As Shura bows his head deeply, Tanya seems to look off into the distance.
Tanya: Back then...
Memories that Tanya had long kept out of mind begin resurfacing.
A decade ago, Tanya's mother, Vina, fell ill and was bedridden.
To pay for her medical expenses, Tanya's father, Corcia, signed up with a well-paid team of agents newly formed by the republic.
Already a decorated veteran, Corcia was given command of this new team and established a base for it under the capital.
Tanya: Father, you have to teach me! How to fight as cool as you in the dark! And how to use a knife too!
Corcia: Come on... How many times have I told you to stay out of here? It's dangerous...
Shura: Hahaha! She's the captain's daughter all right. Got more flame in your belly than us.
Tanya: Ah...
As soon as Shura shows himself, Tanya hides behind her father's back.
Tanya: Shura... Uh... Hi...
Corcia: She's scared. Get back, Shura.
Shura: Ahaha... She only talks to you after all, Captain. Isn't that right?
Shura: Well, come back in time for our strategy council.
Once Shura is gone, Tanya steps out.
Tanya: Come on, Father! Hurry up!
Prodded on by Tanya, Corcia begins teaching battle tactics to his daughter.
This becomes a part of life in the underground base.
One day—
Tanya: Hey, Father! I can do the knife move you taught me all by myself now!
Team Member: Captain, this just isn't right! Today's mission was our biggest to date!
Shura: Our expedition was long, and we've lost more members than I want to think about! We can't let this stand!
Shortly before, the squad had engaged in a battle between two large kingdoms. Successfully barraging the enemy under cover of night, they led their client to victory.
However, the kingdom refused to pay, seeing little risk of reprisal from Corcia's tiny republic.
Corcia: The chancellor has tried negotiating again and again, but it's no use. Our hands are tied...
Shura: Who has time for politicians' excuses? Sure, the client this time was the kingdom, but in the end it's the republic who owes us our pay.
Corcia: The chancellor says he'll pay in the end. All we need to do is wait.
Shura: In the end? Just how do you expect us to put up with this?
Shura: If we get that fortune soon enough, then your wife—then Vina might—
Corcia: Don't make me repeat myself again.
Corcia: The chancellor's doing everything he can for the kingdom. We just need to be patient for a while more.
Shura: All right... If you say so, Captain...
Tanya: (I want to go home now...)
From a distance, Tanya watches the squad members go their own ways, and then she heads out of the underground base.
The following day...
Vina's health takes a sudden turn for the worse, and she quietly breathes her last.

Warmth in Darkness: Scene 2

"Eyes ahead. No tears," a saying of her father's that Tanya recalls in the wake of her mother's death. Tanya accepts her father's knife after some heartfelt family time. Days later when she learns of her father's death and that he is being treated as an enemy of the republic, Tanya sets out on a journey to uncover what exactly had happened.

Tanya: Sniff... Sniff... Mother...
Corcia: Tanya... How many times do I have to tell you not to come to the training grounds without my permission...
Tanya: Father!
Tanya: I-I'm not crying! Just like you taught me, Father...
Corcia: "Eyes ahead. No tears." That?
Corcia: We say that because we're a team of agents putting our lives on the line daily. There's no need for you to follow that.
Tanya: No... You're not crying, Father. And I'm going to follow the rules just like you.
Corcia: All right.
Corcia responds quietly and then sits down beside Tanya.
Tanya: Shura told me... Told me that the republic killed Mother.
Corcia: That isn't true. Everybody dies sooner or later. There's no way around that.
Tanya: But if we had the money that the republic was supposed to give us, then Mother...
Corcia: ...
Tanya: I hate all those cowards in charge of the republic. And the kingdom people think they can just push everyone around... I despise them!
Tanya: Father, please... Go get them!
Tanya: No... I promise I'm going to get strong and take revenge myself!
Corcia: Tanya, don't spend your time resenting other people. That won't do a thing to bring back Vina.
Tanya: But...
Corcia: Our teaching "Eyes ahead. No tears." means you accept that death can't be fought and forge your own path anyway.
Tanya: Accept... your own path...
Corcia: It might be a bit tough for you still, Tanya...
Tanya: I don't get it... I mean, why!
Tanya: You did fight! Against Mother's death!
Corcia: ...!
Tanya: You wanted money to save Mother, so you joined that team of agents, working yourself to the bone...
Tanya: And you were exhausted from fighting, but whenever you were home, you held Mother's hand to keep her going...
Tanya: I know everything!
Tanya: So why! Tell me!
Corcia: Thank you. But that's enough.
Corcia gives Tanya a big hug and caresses her silver hair.
Tanya: Father...
Corcia: All we can do is accept what's happened and keep our eyes ahead...
Tanya: ...
Tanya: It's okay... I'm here for you.
Tanya pats Corcia's back to comfort him.
Corcia: ...!
Corcia: You've really grown up... gotten strong...
Tanya: Yeah. I'm your daughter after all.
Tanya: I can outdo Shura with a knife, easy!
Corcia: Heh... That's good to know.
Corcia: Tanya, I want you to have this.
Tanya: That... It's the knife and sheath you use.
Corcia: You wanted it, didn't you? Take good care of it, or it will rust. Polish it daily.
Tanya: Hurray! I'll shine it everyday! Thank you!
Shura: I'm sorry, Captain, but it's time...
Tanya: Are you going?
Corcia: Yeah... I'm sorry, but I'm off again.
Tanya: Oh, okay... I'll keep practicing with your knife until you get back!
Corcia: ...
Corcia: Say, Tanya. Do you remember my stories about traveling?
Tanya: Of course. I love them more than any storybook!
Tanya: The one where you saw the rainbow lake, the one about when you fought the dragon, and the one where you met Mother—
Tanya: I remember them all!
Corcia: It's a big world out there. I didn't know much when I set out at the age of twelve.
Corcia: It would be really fun to see new parts of the world with you, Tanya.
Tanya: Yeah! When I get bigger, let's go on a journey together.
Corcia: All right. That's a promise.
Corcia smiles at Tanya and then walks to where the other squad members are waiting.
Several days later, Tanya heads toward the underground base, but no one else is there.
Tanya: They aren't back yet. I wonder if this is another long expedition...
???: It's pitch-black in here. How the hell can they use this as a base?
At that time, the sound of an unfamiliar voice and footsteps can be heard coming from the entrance. Tanya quickly hides.
Tanya: (It's not Father and the others! Who in the world...)
Republic Soldier 1: Looks like they're through with it. Guess they're not planning to come back.
Tanya: (Are those republic soldiers? What are they doing here?)
Republic Soldier 2: I tell you though, that damn Corcia... Where does he get off...
Tanya: ...!
Republic Soldier 1: Hey, don't speak ill of the dead. Corcia bit the big one after all.
Tanya: (Huh?)
Tanya: Are you saying that Father's dead!
Republic Soldier 2: Huh?
Republic Soldier 2: It's her—Corcia's daughter!
Republic Soldier 1: Looks like we just saved a lot of time searching. Get her!
Tanya: W-why!
The soldiers attack Tanya without a moment's warning.
Tanya: (I can't let them catch me! I have to run away!)
Tanya swiftly moves through the darkness and slips out the exit.
Republic Soldier 2: Damnit! My footing...
As the soldiers struggle to find their footing in the underground base, Tanya runs to the surface and leaves the town behind.
Tanya: (Father.... Why! You promised we'd travel together!)
Tanya: (No... No tears. I have to find out what happened to Father. Why they're treating him like an enemy of the republic.)
Tanya: (I'll get to the bottom of this no matter what it takes!)
Clutching the knife that Corcia left her, Tanya makes a vow.
Afterward Tanya cuts off her long, silver locks and heads out alone on her journey.

Warmth in Darkness: Scene 3

Shura explains the events leading up to Corcia's death. His band of agents approached the kingdom directly for due payment, but they responded with an arrow that pierced Corcia's heart. The kingdom twisted the facts, alleging that the agents had led an assault on them. Just as Shura remarks that the time for payback has finally come, (Captain) appears alongside the republic's troops.

Reunited after their separate missions, (Captain) and the others exchange information.
Vyrn: Hunt down a team of agents? That's the chancellor's assignment for you, (Captain)? Well, we heard about a team of agents too...
Lyria: We were talking with people in town to find Tanya.
Lyria: And we found out that Tanya used to live here ten years ago. They said her mother and father passed away too.
Vyrn: I don't wanna believe it, but you think Knife Girl might've left to see the agents?
Lyria: Mmph... I'm worried... If Tanya finds out about what happened ten years ago...
Vyrn: Sigh... She might join up with the agents and do something hasty!
Vyrn: We've gotta hurry, (Captain)!
Tanya: Hm...
Shura: Woken up, have you?
Shura: You feel asleep in the blink of an eye. In that little recess there, just like you used to.
Tanya: (The darkness was so warm, and it brought me back to the old days. I couldn't help but fall asleep.)
Coming to her feet, Tanya puts on a face of composure once again.
Tanya: Shura, I came looking for you because I need to know how my father's life ended.
Tanya: Tell me what happened ten years ago.
Shura: Yes... I knew the day would come when we had to talk about this.
Shura takes a breath and slowly begins to speak.
Shura: Back around the time your mother, Vina, passed on, our frustration was about to explode.
Team Member: Damn it all! Thanks to those cowards from the republic, the captain's wife is—
Shura: Captain! I can't remain silent about this any longer!
Corcia: You need to cool your heads, men.
Team Member: After all this, you still expect us to suck it up?
Corcia: No, that's not what I'm saying. I'm as tired of all this as you are.
Shura: Yeah, well then what is it that you expect us to do?
Corcia: ...
Corcia: We've got as much of a right to know the facts as anyone. Let's head to the kingdom and get the story from the horse's mouth.
Corcia: What comes next—well, we can decide then.
Shura: After that we headed for the kingdom's castle.
Shura: The only thing we had in mind was a little parley. We even sent a letter to them beforehand to let them know our intentions...
Shura: But they—those bastards...
Kingdom Minister: Greetings, agents. You certainly have some gall waltzing into the castle in this fashion.
Corcia: All these soldiers... It looks like you're awfully excited to see us.
Corcia: You understand, don't you? You'll be facing an international incident with the republic if you dare lay a finger on us.
Kingdom Minister: You have a point. And if we were to spread the word that a group of agents suddenly attacked us, that would cause an international incident.
Shura: Enough already! Cut the crap!
Shura: I leapt out then without ever noticing the archers up on the mezzanine!
Shura: It was totally reckless of me. The arrow came flying in a line straight toward my heart.
Shura: I closed my eyes and prepared to make my peace—
Corcia: Keh-hah!
Shura: Captain?
Shura: But the captain leaped in front of me, and the arrow pierced his heart.
Corcia: Run away... Shura... Lead everyone out!
Shura: How can we! I'd rather see this through to the end than tail!
Corcia: No... You've gotta survive! Die, and it's all over...
Shura: Captain!
Corcia: You listening? This is my final order.
Corcia: Eyes... ahead... No tears!
Shura: We ran out of the castle like bats out of hell.
Shura: And we never went back to our base in the republic after that. We became a group of wandering freelance agents.
Tanya: So that's how it all went down...
Tanya: Father didn't do anything wrong. It was for everyone else that he...
Shura: I... We detest them. The cheats from the kingdom who killed our captain... The frightened do-nothings from the republic..
Shura: Dreams of revenge are what's kept me alive these past ten years. And I think the time is just about ripe.
Tanya: Revenge?
Shura: We'll handle it. We got together here in our old haunt and decided on it.
Shura: We start getting that revenge when we attack the kingdom under cover of night and occupy their castle.
Tanya: No, Shura! You can't!
At that time, the earth seems to shake with an army's worth of footsteps.
Team Member: Shura! It's them! The republic's soldiers are on their way.
Shura: Humph, doing the kingdom's bidding like the dogs they are! I knew they were sniffing around, but still!
Shura: Heh, we've got the home ground advantage. Let's teach them the meaning of eye for an eye.
Team Member: Head out, everyone!
One by one, the agents emerge from the shadows.
The soldiers advance directly toward them.
The situation seems ready to explode at any moment, but a stunned Tanya is unable to move.
Tanya: B-but! Why!
In the direction that Tanya is looking...
(Captain) can be seen at the forefront, almost as if leading the soldiers.

Warmth in Darkness: Scene 4

The republic's chancellor arrives with an apology for the events of a decade ago, along with long-overdue payment. Shura lashes out at first, but Tanya cools him down with a slap, reminding him of Corcia's teaching: "Eyes ahead. No tears," and convincing him to stop the attack on the kingdom. Tanya later visits her parent's graves and sheds tears for the first time in much too long.

Tanya: (What are (Captain) and everyone else doing here!)
Shura: Who's that in front of the troops? They don't look like soldiers, but...
Vyrn: We're skyfarers! We got a request to come here as go-betweens!
Shura: Go-betweens?
A man parts the soldiers and walks through the opened path.
Chancellor: I come only to speak today. I have no intention of battling.
Shura: You... You scumbag of a chancellor!
Shura: I don't know what you think you're doing here... I'll be damned if I talk to you.
Tanya: ...
Shura: Tanya! Out of the way!
Tanya: Those soldiers don't seem very threatening. Let's listen to what they have to say.
Shura: What would be the point?
Tanya: No... No matter who you're dealing with, it's important to stay open.
Tanya: Please, Shura. Let's listen to what the chancellor has to say.
Shura: Humph, it'll be a waste of breath.
Shura: But for Tanya's sake, I'll hear him out. What are you after, you sell-out to the kingdom?
Chancellor: Thank you very much. I came to fulfill my promise today.
Shura: Your promise?
At the chancellor's signal, the soldiers who were waiting in the rear carry in chest after chest.
When the soldiers begin opening them, it's clear that each contains a trove of gold coins.
Shura: Wh-what's all this money!
Chancellor: I must sincerely apologize to you. Due to my own fecklessness, for an entire decade I've failed to recompense you.
Shura: You're kidding. You're finally going to pay us for that assignment from ten years back?
Chancellor: That's correct. After you fled the republic, I set aside funds, amassing them little by little.
Chancellor: I've worked to correct everyone's misunderstanding that you launched an assault against the kingdom, and today I received permission to recompense you.
Tanya: That squad of agents doesn't have a thing to do with the republic any longer. Why go through all that?
Chancellor: Believe it or not, it was Corcia who comforted me when I explained that we'd failed in negotiating with the kingdom.
Chancellor: And he also said that he'd convince you all of what happened.
Chancellor: He saved me then. So I swore that I'd make good on my promise, no matter what it took.
Chancellor: You might think it's too late for all of this, but... I hope you'll find it in your heart to accept it.
Tanya: Chancellor...
Shura: You've mocked us more than enough.
Shura: What good is money going to do? The captain, our friends—they're not coming home!
Shura: We're going to attack the kingdom! Get in our way, and we'll take you out with everything we've got.
A sharp sound echoes through the underground room.
Tanya has slapped Shura on his cheek.
Tanya: Get control of yourself!
Shura: Huh! What do you think you're doing, Tanya!
Tanya: You can hate them all you want, but it's not going to bring the people we loved back!
Tanya: That fact isn't going to change just because you attack the kingdom.
Shura: That much I know! But really...
Shura: Are you ready to let the people who left you all alone go on living?
Shura: And forgive those people who made you miserable?
Tanya: ...
Tanya: I wasn't miserable.
Shura: What!
Tanya: These ten years I haven't been miserable!
Tanya: The world outside this underground darkness was wide and beautiful. It made my heart dance!
Tanya: With Father's knife in my hand, I took on all sorts of assignments... And it was so much fun getting stronger!
Tanya: I met everyone on the crew, had all kinds of experiences. I haven't been alone!
Tanya: I've been advancing on my own two feet... Kept my eyes ahead... And I don't regret any of it!
Tanya: That's why I don't hate anyone.
Shura: ...!
Tanya: Did you forget Father's last words?
Corcia: You listening? This is my final order.
Corcia: Eyes... ahead... No tears!
Tanya: You've got to keep moving, keep your eyes ahead... We can't let Father's sacrifice go to waste!
Shura: Tanya...
Shura: You're finally able to speak your mind. You never used to talk with anyone but the captain...
Shura slowly lowers the knife in his hand.
Team Member: Shura, we...
Shura: Yes... This was harder on Tanya than anyone else. If she's the one saying all that, then, well... It's time for us to cool our heads.
Shura: Isn't that right, Chancellor? I'm ready to see through the captain's promise.
Chancellor: Very well!
Shura: We'll accept that money... Which means that the attack on the kingdom is off.
Shura: Once an agent gets his pay, he won't complain about the rest.
Shura: Could I ask you for one special favor though?
Chancellor: Yes? What might it be?
Shura: Mind if we return to our underground base here?
The chancellor gently nods in response to Shura's request.
After this, the crew say farewell to the chancellor and attendants. They then take a walk through town.
Vyrn: You gotta run away just like that? You really had us worried!
Tanya: S-sorry... I didn't know what would happen... And I thought it might be a hassle for you.
Lyria: A hassle? Hassle us all you want. That's what friends are for!
Tanya: Okay. Thank you, Lyria.
Vyrn: Either way, you did what you set out to on your journey, right?
Tanya: Yeah... But if you don't mind, I want to keep traveling with you guys.
Tanya: You don't mind, do you?
  1. Of course not!

Choose: Of course not!
Tanya: Phew... That's good to hear...
Lyria: It'll be great to have you stay with us, Tanya!
Vyrn: We oughta head back to the Grandcypher then!
Tanya: Ah... Can you wait a little bit? There's one last thing I need to do while I'm here.
Tanya walks just outside of town to visit the mausoleums of Corcia and Vina.
Tanya: I wouldn't have guessed that Shura would build your grave somewhere this bright. You always said you wanted to be buried underground.
Tanya: I guess the important thing is that you're together though, Mother and Father... You're probably on a journey of your own now.
Tanya bows her head and brings her two hands together.
Tanya: Mother... Father... I need to be honest with you...
Tanya: Ever since I started traveling on my own, things were tough for me.
Tanya: Not everything in the world has been beautiful. I saw a lot of ugly things and ran into a lot of trouble.
Tanya: There was a lot of pain and stress... Cursing someone I'd never seen, hating them... Despising them...
Tanya: The nights were lonely... And the dark and the moonlight were both cold.
Tanya: Curling up in the hay, my throat was always scratchy. I was always about to burst into tears.
Tanya: But I said, "No tears." I swore that to you.
Tanya: Polishing your knife, I managed to bear it all somehow.
Tanya: You believe me, don't you? When Mother died, I know you could tell I was lying...
Tanya: But this time I really didn't cry... Not once... Not one time...
Tanya: Mother! Father!
Tanya: Sniff... Sniff... Waaaah!
Lyria wraps her arms around Tanya, whose body is shaking from the force of the released emotion.
Without saying a word, (Captain) steps beside Tanya and squeezes her hand.
Tanya: You guys....
Tanya: (That's right... I wasn't alone after all.)
Tanya: (Grief isn't anything you have to push past alone.)
Tanya: Mother, Father... Let me promise you something.
Tanya: I'm going to travel with all my friends. And I know that this time, I'll be smiling...
Tanya: I'll look ahead—no tears. Next time I'm here, I'll tell you all about it.
Softly smiling as tears run down her face, Tanya has made a new vow.
The setting sun softly illuminates her silhouette in profile.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
暗いところの探索なら任せて If you're searching someplace dark, send me in.
子供の頃は…髪が長かったんだ I had long hair as a child.
涙は流さない…そう決めてるんだ I won't shed tears... That's what I've decided.
ナイフを磨いてると、心が落ち着くんだ Polishing a knife helps me relax.
母さんが元気だった頃は…よく3人でお出かけしたな I went out with my parents a lot when my mom was still alive and well.
父さんの旅の話…いっつもせがんでたっけ I remember I used to pester my father for stories of his travels.
シューラおじさんに稽古をつけて貰った事もあったな I got my training from Shura at one point.
父さんは静かだったけど、みんなから信頼されてた Father's composure is part of what earned him so much respect.
…(主人公)、悩み事なら話聞くよ (Captain), I'm a good listener if there's anything you want to get off your chest.
(主人公)達には、感謝してもしきれない I can't thank everyone in the crew enough.


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