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== Fate Episodes ==
== Fate Episodes ==
|intro=Teena - Teach Me, Teacher Teena!
|skill=Teena - Tutoring with Teacher Teena!

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Official Profile

Npc f 3030034000 01.jpg Teena
Age 22 years old
Height 162 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Making sweets, cooking in general
Likes Taking care of others
Dislikes High-pressure sales
Final Uncap
Source [1] [2]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3030034000 01.jpg Teena
Age 22歳
Height 162cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies お菓子作り、調理全般
Likes 他人の世話
Dislikes 物の押し売り
Final Uncap
Source [1] [2]

Npc f 3030236000 01.jpg Teena (Valentine)
Age 22 years old
Height 162 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Making sweets, cooking in general
Likes Taking care of others
Dislikes High-pressure sales
キッチンは乙女の戦場! エプロンとミトンを身につけたティナは大切な人、 お世話になっている人のために料理の腕を振るいます。
Source [3] [4]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3030236000 01.jpg Teena (Valentine)
Age 22歳
Height 162cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies お菓子作り、調理全般
Likes 他人の世話
Dislikes 物の押し売り
キッチンは乙女の戦場! エプロンとミトンを身につけたティナは大切な人、 お世話になっている人のために料理の腕を振るいます。
Source [3] [4]

Npc f 3040266000 01.jpg Teena (Summer)
Age 22 years old
Height 162 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Making sweets, cooking in general
Likes Taking care of others
Dislikes High-pressure sales

Source [5]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3040266000 01.jpg Teena (Summer)
Age 22歳
Height 162cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies お菓子作り、調理全般
Likes 他人の世話
Dislikes 物の押し売り

Source [5]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday, (Captain). Let me thank your parents on this occasion as well.
What do you mean why? Because you wouldn't be here without them, and we never would've been able to meet you!
So to you I wish all the best. And to your family a very special thanks.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
I'm so happy that we all get to celebrate your birthday together.
I'm pretty sure my brother feels the same way. I think he's coming by later to say hello.
Hehehe... He's not used to doing stuff like that, so he'll probably have a super scary look on his face.
He's always like that when he doesn't know what to do... Hehe.


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
What a happy day. You get to celebrate, and I get to see your smiling face.
Aaah... What fun. I just love the warmth of everyone in celebration.
Thank you so much, (Captain). Traveling with the entire crew has been amazing. Heehee.


(Captain), happy birthday!
Oh, it's nothing really.
I'm just glad I get to celebrate your birthday again this year.
That reminds me: is there anything in particular you'd like for tonight's dinner party?
Birthdays don't come often, and I want to make this a special occasion for you.
Just say the word, (Captain). I'll make anything you want.


(Captain), happy birthday!
Haha... Huh? Why am I all sunshine today?
I guess I'm just so happy for the chance to celebrate your birthday again.
Which reminds me, my brother and I got something together for you this year.
Hope you'll like it!
What is it exactly?
Haha, that's a secret for now! Wouldn't want to spoil the surprise for you!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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White Day Cutscenes
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Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Fate Episodes

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Teach Me, Teacher Teena!

Teena meets Nare, a boy who has been mocked by and fought with his best friend over Nare's inability to swim. He asks Teena to teach him, and she enlists Feena, a stronger swimmer, to coach them both. After helping Nare make up with his friend, PeyusSpelled "Pium" in the rest of the fate episode., Teena reflects on how important communication is because trivial misunderstandings can cause such big fights.

Teena and Lucius begin a new chapter of their lives after laying their long-awaited vengeance to rest.
Deciding to go on a journey, the two travel around seeking new purpose.
Lucius especially struggles to adjust to a life without revenge, but a fateful meeting with a young child changes his path.
Young Boy: I ain't a coward! I need to know how to swing a sword so I can protect my sister!
Lucius: I'm a harsh teacher. You'd better prepare yourself for what's about to come.
Lucius discovers the value of imparting knowledge to a new generation.
Teena then suggests a slightly different, but just as important, effort—
Creating a world where nobody will have to suffer as they did.
One day aboard the Grandcypher, the crew finishes a mission and takes a side trip.
(Captain) has decided it's time for a little rest and recuperation on a familiar, warm island.
Once there, crew members immediately split off to relax. Teena herself heads into town for some leisurely shopping.
Teena: Hrrng! It's been a while since we've gotten a day off like this.
Teena: Maybe I should go check out some of the food around here before shopping for clothes.
Teena: Oh! I shouldn't forget to grab something for (Captain) and the others as thanks for taking care of us.
Teena thinks out loud in high spirits, excited for the day, when she spots a young boy crouched down in a side alley.
???: Sniffle...
Teena: Hey there. Are you okay? What's the matter?
???: ...
The boy wipes at his eyes without answering Teena's worried questions.
Teena: I guess you were told not to talk to strangers... Which is good, of course.
Teena: But I promise I'm not a bad person! I'm actually a pretty good listener, you know?
Teena: I might even be able to help.
???: ...
The boy moves his hands, exposing a trickle of blood trailing from a cut on his lip.
Teena: Can you tilt your head this way for a sec?
Teena: ...!
Teena: How's that? Does it still hurt?
???: ...!
Completely blown away by Teena's magic, the boy can only manage a nod.
Teena: Haha, I'm glad you're all right.
???: Um... Thank you.
Teena: You're very welcome.
Teena gives him a bright grin and ruffles his hair.
Teena: Did you get into a fight with a friend?
???: Yeah...
Teena: That's no good. Why don't you run along and make up?
???: Don't wanna...
???: He made fun of me 'cause I can't swim!
Teena crouches down next to the pouting boy and catches his gaze.
???: What?
Teena: My name's Teena. What's yours?
Nare: Nare...
Teena: So Nare, that friend of yours you fought with—can he swim?
Nare: Yeah, he can, but... Pium barely learned last week!
Teena: Oh? In that case...
Teena: He probably got too excited about it and wanted to brag a little bit.
Teena: I hate to admit it, but I did the same thing once.
Teena: Back when I was a tiny thing, I learned how to swim just a little bit and boasted about it to my family nonstop...
Nare: Does that mean you can swim?
Teena: Huh? Uh, well... Kinda...
The boy suddenly stands up and and jabs a thumb at himself.
Nare: Teach me how to swim! Then I can show that jerk that he was wrong!
Teena: Er, well...
Teena: (I wasn't kidding when I said I learned how to swim just a little... But I can't not help him!)
Teena: You can count on me!
Nare: Okay!
Teena holds a hand out, and Nare gives it an energetic shake.
The next day.
Teena goes to meet Nare at a lake on the island, bringing Feena along for the ride as well.
Feena: Heya! I'm Teacher Teena's friend!
Feena: You can call me Coach Feena, and you bet there isn't anybody out there who gives better swimming lessons than me!
Teena: Feena, can you knock it off with the "teacher" stuff?
Nare: Coach Feena! Teacher Teena! I can't wait to get started!
Teena: Aha... Haha... Now you've got Nare calling me that too...
Teena: I guess this is as good a time as any to come clean. I meant to tell you yesterday, but...
Teena: Nare, the truth is... I can swim, but I'm not that great at it.
Teena: That's why I'm here to practice alongside you.
Nare: Oh, okay. Then let's both do our best!
Feena: Enough chitchat! Are you two ready to swim your hearts out? Because I sure am!
Coach Feena claps her hands and signals the start of her special swimming lessons.
Feena: First things first, you gotta get used to the water! I know all that blue might seem scary, but the water won't bite!
Teena: If anything does happen, we'll be right here to help you, so don't worry.
Nare: Okay... I think I can do this!
With Feena and Teena carefully watching over him, Nare dunks his head into the water for a couple of seconds before popping back out.
Nare: Pwah! Haah... Hahh...
Teena: That was great! You're going to pick up everything really fast at this rate!
Nare: Really? I guess it's not so scary when you and Coach have my back!
Feena: Yep, yep! That's the spirit! Asking for help is definitely part of getting good fast!
Feena: Next on the list is grabbing us a nice tree branch and working on our kicks!
Feena: The trick is to feel like you're drumming your feet on the water's surface! Nare, you ready to give it a shot?
Nare: Yeah!
Nare gradually grows used to the water, becoming skilled with his kicks and timing his breathing.
Soon enough he is able to forward crawl by himself.
Feena: Hard work sure pays off! Great job, Nare! You really stuck to it!
Nare: Ehehe! I don't think I coulda done it alone though.
Nare: You two were really good at teaching me!
Feena: Aw, shucks! Looks like you're growing as a person too, learning how to be grateful to others!
Teena: So... What's next, Feena?
Feena: Hmmm, I'm thinking we should practice a bunch more and really lock in that muscle memory!
Feena: Which means... Time for laps around the lake! But don't push yourselves, 'kay?
As they dive into another round of practice, Teena and Feena notice the presence of someone nearby.
???: ...
Hiding in the trees close to the lake is a young boy staring intently at Nare.
Feena: Hey, do you think... that's the boy that Nare had a fight with?
Teena: Hehe, looks like he got curious and decided to take a peek at what Nare's up to.
The two pretend not to have noticed the new arrival and go back to helping Nare practice.
Teena: Are you ready, Nare? I won't go easy on you!
Nare: I'm not backing off either! First to the goal wins the race!
Feena: You guys ready to rumble? Three, two, one...
Feena: Go!
Teena and Nare continue to learn under Feena's tutelage and encourage one another to improve.
By the end of the day, both of them have gained confidence in their swimming abilities.
Nare asks his friend Pium to meet him a few days later.
Nare: ...
Pium: ...
Feena: Uh-oh...
Teena: Come on, Nare. Don't you have something to say to your friend?
Teena gives Nare a light push forward, prompting the boy to start talking.
Nare: I learned how to swim.
Pium: Uh, okay...
Teena: Say, Pium.
Teena: I might be wrong, but... You never meant to fight with Nare, right? You just wanted to swim together, didn't you?
At Teena's gentle prodding, Pium gives a stiff, hesitant nod.
Pium: Yeah...
Nare: Huh?
Pium: I wanted to swim with you, but then you gave up without even trying to learn!
Nare: ...
Pium: But still... I said some mean things too. Sorry, Nare.
Pium: I didn't mean to make fun of you...
Nare: I mean... Thanks to our fight, I actually learned how to swim, so it wasn't all bad.
Nare: And now I know how you really felt about the whole thing.
Nare: I'm sorry too, Pium.
Pium: Haha, guess we're even.
Nare: Hey... Now that's outta the way, let's go swimming!
Pium: I'm down!
The two boys make a dash for the lake. Teena watches them go, heaving a sigh of relief.
Teena: I'm so glad they made up.
Feena: All's well that ends well! Good work, Teena!
Teena: Thank you, Feena. You really saved the day.
Feena: They sure had a big fight over such a small misunderstanding...
Teena: Yeah. These kinds of things do happen...
Teena: And sometimes they escalate into enormous conflicts.
Teena: Which goes to show that you shouldn't immediately react by hurting the other party.
Teena: Talking and understanding one another should always be the first resort.
Reflecting on the fight between the two boys, Teena once again grows worried about the state of the skies.

Tutoring with Teacher Teena!

Nare comes to Teena and Feena in a panic, because his friend Peyus went to play in the woods with another child the day before and hasn't returned. Teena and Feena head into the woods to find the missing children but become lost themselves.

Teena, having discovered how enjoyable swimming truly is, brings Feena back to the same lake.
Teena: Come on, hurry up, Feena!
Feena: Ooookay... Full speed ahead! Woohoo!
Feena leaps into the water and unleashes a mighty splash into Teena's face.
Teena: Ah!
Feena: Teehee!
Teena: Oh, now you're going to get it... Take this!
Feena: Pwah! You dare defy me!
Teena: Hehe, time for a hasty retreat!
Feena: You're not getting away that easily, Teenaaa!
Feena: Get a taste of the beautiful, the mighty, the one and only—superstar cutie Feena and her swimming technique!
With alarming speed, Feena cuts through the water after Teena.
Teena: H-how are you that fast?
Feena: Aaaand gotcha!
Teena: Whoa, okay, sorry, I'm sorry! I'll make sure to listen carefully to your lectures from now on, Coach!
Feena: Very well. You're forgiven.
Before their banter can continue, another voice joins the mix.
???: Teacher Teena! Coach Feena!
Feena: Oho? If it isn't Nare! Heeey!
Teena: He looks kind of worried... I wonder what's wrong.
Teena and Feena pull themselves out of the lake and rush to meet Nare.
Nare: Hey, you guys are skyfarers, right? I need your help!
Teena: What's going on? You look so pale...
Nare: Y-yesterday, Pium and a girl he met went to play in the woodlands!
Nare: But they still aren't back yet!
Nare: We were thinking about looking for them, but...
Nare: All the adults were saying that a bunch of monsters built nests in there so it's too dangerous!
Teena: The woodlands... Feena, we've got to go there immediately.
Feena: Hehe! I figured you'd say that.
Feena: Leave this to Coach Feena and Teacher Teena, bud!
Nare: Pium and his friend are gonna be okay, right?
Teena: Yeah, so keep your chin up.
Feena: They're probably holed up safe somewhere, but we'll find 'em!
Nare: Thanks, Teacher Teena! Coach Feena!
The two skyfarers waste no time and sprint for the woodlands.
Feena: Uh-oh... Not only is it kinda dark in here, but it's damp and muggy.
Feena: With how soggy the ground is, trying to find footprints is gonna be a struggle.
Teena: Still, we've got to hurry!
Feena: I hear you! I'll mark our path and make sure we don't get lost in here.
The two begin their search in earnest, with Feena marking up trees along their path.
However, the woodlands prove to be even denser than expected, and the two of them are lost before they know it.

Tutoring with Teacher Teena!: Scene 2

As they wander around lost in the woods, Teena and Feena run out of water. The search for a river gets them caught in a landslide and dunked in the water, then covered in leeches. Despite the chaos, Teena stumbles upon a blooming andalius flower and spends a moment thinking of her late mother, before a swarm of wasps rudely interrupts.

Teena: Pant... Wheeze...
Feena: Teena... Do you got any more water?
Teena: No. I'm fresh out.
Feena: Hoo boy... Now this is quite the spittle! Or was it tickle? Wait, it was pickle, wasn't it?
Unsurprisingly, Teena and Feena's canteens are empty after wandering around the dense woodlands.
The two understand how dangerous it is to continue without proper hydration, and decide to search for a source of water.
Teena: ...!
Did you hear that? It sounds like running water.
Feena: Well whaddya know! It sure does!
Keeping their excitement in check, they focus and listen for the source.
Feena: It's coming from over there!
Teena: Ah, wait a second! It's dangerous to go off by yourself—
Teena tries to follow after Feena, but the ground proves to be more slippery than expected. One step is all it takes for Teena to go tumbling down a slope.
Teena's Voice: Aaahhh!
Feena: Oh my gosh! Teena!
Teena: Ow, ow, ow...
Teena: Oh... There's a river here. Haha, what a stroke of luck.
Feena's Voice: Teenaaa! Are you okaaay?
Teena: Feenaaa! There's a river down heeere!
Feena's Voice: Say what? Haha, that's some luck... Wait, are you hurt?
Teena: No, I'm fine! Maybe a little grazed up, but nothing serious!
Feena's Voice: Phew, that's good to hear. I'll be there in a sec!
Feena skillfully uses the trees growing on the slope to climb down and join Teena.
Feena: You nearly gave me a heart attack!
Teena: Haha, I'm sorry. But it worked out, didn't it? We found the river.
Feena: Sheesh, are we really not gonna talk about how this lucky break almost broke you?
They promptly quench their thirst with the clean river water and take a much needed rest.
Feena: Whew... That hit the spot!
Teena: Now that we're refreshed, we should get back to our search.
Feena: ...
Teena: Something wrong?
Feena: ...!
Code red, code red! Teena, we gotta move!
Teena: Eh?
Feena: Just do it! Hurry!
The panicked Feena grabs Teena by the arm and begins to pull her back up the slope.
Teena: Feena, what...
Feena: No time! We gotta go! Climb! Now!
As soon as they scramble up, the ground ominously quakes, and water floods the area where they had been standing.
Teena: !
Feena: Teena, keep climbing!
Boosted by adrenaline, the two manage to get to higher ground, but exhaustion sets in right after.
Teena: Haah, I can't believe that just happened...
Feena: You know, when I was young, I was told to never get near a mountain stream...
Feena: Guess this was why... Ha, haha...
Feena: Still, we sure are something else, huh?
Feena: We climbed up all that way in one try! Go us!
Teena: When you put it like that... I guess we did do something kind of amazing.
Feena: That's right!
Feena: Wait, hold up! Uh, Teena, you're kinda covered in, um...
Teena: What?
Teena looks down and shrieks upon discovering a multitude of leeches attached to her skin.
Teena: Nooo!
Feena: Don't panic! Your fire! Use your fire!
Teena: O-okay!
Struggling to keep her cool, Teena summons her fire magic and blasts the leeches off.
Teena: Haaah... I thought my heart was going to stop beating...
Feena: Now, now! Take a deep breath!
Teena: ...
Feena: Let's be more careful from now on, 'kay? Relax! You've got nothing to worry about with the invincibly cute Feena at your side!
Teena: Haha, I suppose so. Everything's going to be fine with you by my side, right?
Teena finally calms down, but as she breathes in through her nose and out through her mouth, she notices a sweet scent in the air that makes her oddly nostalgic.
Teena: What is that smell? Is that... honey?
She looks around the area and follows the sweet scent.
Teena: Wow, this is an andalius flower...
Feena: It's beautiful.
Teena: Yeah, it is, but why is one growing here?
Teena approaches the flower, memories of her mother's smiling face filling her mind's eye.
However, there is little time to reminisce.
Teena: Hm? Hey, Feena, do you hear that?
Feena: Teena... Look up!
Teena: Up?
Nasty Hornets: Bzzzz!
Teena looks up to find a large swarm of hornets descending on their heads.
Teena: Are you kidding me! Why?
Feena: Teena! We gotta skedaddle!
Unwilling to fight against a horde, the two make a mad dash away from the site.

Tutoring with Teacher Teena!: Scene 3

After a dead sprint away from the monsters, Teena and Feena follow a strange banging sound through the woods, but Teena's foot gets caught in a monster trap. The wasp swarm catches up and the two of them do their best to fight the buzzing menace off.

Teena: Pant... Ahhh...
Feena: I think... we ran... far enough...
Teena and Feena's desperate dash through the woodlands has saved them from the hornet horde.
They take a good look at each other's mud-splattered forms and burst out laughing.
Teena: I've been wondering something... Why did Pium and his friend come into these woods in the first place?
Feena: Good question. All the dangers make for a poor playground, huh?
Teena: Hmm... I honestly can't think of a reason.
Feena: Then we'd better find them soon so you can ask directly!
Teena: Right. It might be something we'd never guess on our own anyway.
The two have hardly taken two steps forward when a harsh thumping noise booms from far away.
Teena: That sound's coming from over there...
With their guards up, they slowly make their way toward the noise.
Neither of them is paying attention to the ground as they approach.
Teena: Wh-Whoa!
Feena: Huh, what's wrong now?
Teena's right ankle is caught in a rope snare clearly meant for animals.
Teena: Ugh... What is up with today!
Feena: Look on the bright side. At least it wasn't a trap with sharp metal, right?
Teena: Hmm... Huh? This rope is tied extremely tight. I can't get it off.
Feena: This sounds like a job for my trusty knife!
Feena pulls out her blade, ready to free Teena.
Teena: ...!
Teena: Feena, hold on... B-behind you...
Feena: Behind me?
Feena turns around and comes nose to stinger with a familiar horde of hornets.
Nasty Hornets: Bzzz! Bzz bzz!
Feena: Okay, ambushes aren't fair!
Teena: Feena, duck!
Teena: Hah!
Nasty Hornets: Bzz!
Teena's magic scatters the hornets, but they instantly gather once more and prepare to mob the two friends.
Feena: Uggghh! Fine, I was itching for a fight anyway!
Feena: I'll show you why I call me the invincibly cute Feena!
Feena: Go, go, gooo!
Nasty Hornets: Bzzzzz!
Nasty Hornets: Bzzz!
Feena: Tah! Hup!
Nasty Hornets: Bzzzz! Bzz! Bzzzzz!
Nasty Hornets: Bzzzzzzzz!
Feena: How many of you are there!
Teena: Doesn't matter though...
Teena & Feena: We'll take all of you down!
Despite the total exhaustion weighing down their limbs, Teena and Feena back each other up and shoot away at the monsters.
They keep firing even as the fight drags on in the muggy heat.
Eventually the monsters retreat, leaving the pair to collapse to the ground, completely devoid of energy.

Tutoring with Teacher Teena!: Scene 4

Lucius arrives just as Teena and Feena fight off the wasps. As it turns out, Lucius was in the woods training and found Peyus and his friend. Teena scolds the kids for going somewhere so dangerous, but is touched that Peyus was only thinking of doing something nice for his friend. From this experience, Teena wonders if she should focus on a new goal: becoming a teacher to help other children in the skies.

Teena & Feena: ...
Teena: That was some good shooting, Feena...
Feena: Haha... Right back at you, Teena.
Feena: Oh, I almost forgot! How's your ankle doing?
Feena: Ouchies... The rope really dug into you, huh? That's a lotta blood.
Teena: It's what I get for moving around so much.
The moment Feena pulls out her knife again and moves to cut Teena free, a buzzing noise they are well-acquainted with approaches from above.
Teena: You've got to be joking...
Feena: Sadly, I don't think this is a joke...
Resigned to their fate, the two look up.
Nasty Hornet: Bzz! Bzzzz!
It appears there is one last, furious hornet, and it is preparing to strike.
Nasty Hornet: Bzzzzz!
Teena & Feena: Aaah!
The stinger goes right for Teena's head.
???: Raaah!
???: Are you two okay?
Teena: Lucius! Wh-what are you doing here?
Lucius: That's what I was about to ask you.
Lucius's eyes go wide as he spots the rope wrapped around Teena's ankle.
Lucius: Don't tell me you're the one who set off my trap.
Teena: ...
Lucius: !
Lucius: And what are you wearing? That swimsuit shows far too much skin!
Teena: Th-that's none of your business!
Lucius: Hah...
Slightly disgruntled, Lucius cuts away the rope from Teena's ankle with the edge of his harpoon.
Feena: Hey, hey, Lucius! You still haven't explained what you're doing out here!
Lucius: I'm not doing anything except training.
Lucius: And that trap was for catching food.
Feena: Food...
Feena peers at Lucius's bag and notices a multitude of fresh fish and fruit inside.
Feena: Oho... So that thumping sound we heard earlier...
Feena: That was you knocking fruit out of the trees!
Teena: You've got an awful lot of food for only one person.
Lucius: Oh, this isn't just for me. I'm about to feed some kids I found wandering around the woods.
Lucius: Seems like they haven't had anything to eat since yesterday.
Hearing this, Teena and Feena trade glances.
Teena: Say... Those two kids wouldn't happen to be two Erunes, would they? A boy and a girl?
Teena: They're not hurt, right? No blood? Scratches? Cuts?
Lucius: What are you on about?
Teena: Just answer me! How are they?
Lucius: They're fine. Aside from their rumbling stomachs, of course.
Teena: Is that so...
Feena: That's the first good news we've heard all day!
Teena: It sure is.
Teena and Feena throw their arms around each other in a relieved hug and exchange grins.
Lucius leads the pair to where Pium and his friend are waiting.
Pium: Huh? Teacher Teena! Why are you here?
Teena: That's what I want to ask you. Nare and your parents have been so worried! That's why Feena and I had to come looking for you.
Pium: We didn't mean to, we're sorry... But we didn't know something like this would happen...
Sweet Girl: Yeah...
Feena: Surely you've heard about all the monsters in here, right? What made you wanna go on a trip through the woods so badly?
Pium: I just... I heard that there's a really pretty flower that blooms in these parts, and I really wanted to show it to... her.
Pium's face reddens as his eyes dart over to the Erune girl.
The girl timidly grabs Pium's sleeve and bashfully turns her head away.
Sweet Girl: ...
Feena: Oh, ho, ho. I see how it is.
Teena: ...
Teena: Pium.
Teena schools her face into a stern countenance, prepared to give Pium a lecture on recklessly entering a place well-known for being dangerous.
Pium: Yeah?
Teena: I'm glad that you wanted to do something nice for someone.
Teena: But do you understand that you not only put yourself in danger, but your friend as well?
Pium: ...
Teena: As long as you understand, then I've got nothing more to say.
Pium: Teacher Teena... I'm sorry.
Sweet Girl: I'm sorry too...
Teena: Good. If you know what you did wrong, then that's that!
Teena's severe expression is quickly replaced by a cheerful smile as she ruffles the children's hair.
Teena: I'm just so glad you're both okay.
Teena: Oh, more importantly, you two are starving, right?
Teena: Should we have my brother make us some tasty food?
Lucius: I don't know about tasty, but I can make something edible.
Teena: Haha, then get to it!
Pium: Lucius is your brother?
Teena: He sure is, even though we aren't anything alike.
Pium: Really? I think you're a lot alike!
Pium: Since you're both really, really nice!
Lucius: ...
Teena: Oh? Is someone embarrassed?
Lucius: A-as if!
Feena: Haha! You're too easy to read!
Teena: By the way, where did you end up finding those two?
Lucius: It was thanks to the andalius flower.
Teena: What?
Lucius: I smelled a nostalgic sweet scent while training.
Lucius: And I followed it to the source and found those two passed out near it.
Teena: So the flower Pium wanted to show her was an andalius.
Teena's gaze settles on the two children.
Teena: Hehe, maybe Mom and Dad guided us to them.
Lucius: Mm...
Feena: Sorry to butt in on this nice convo, but those kids aren't the only ones starving, y'know!
Teena: Oh, sorry! Come on, Lucius. I'll help you, so let's get this cooking started!
A delicious meal is soon prepared, and once their stomachs are full, Lucius guides them out of the woodlands.
The children are delivered directly to their parents, and the exciting day comes to an end.
In the evening, Teena and Lucius settle on the deck of the ship.
They talk of their future goals and paths forward while enjoying the breeze.
Lucius: Teena... Were you pleased to hear the kids call you "teacher"?
Teena: Once I got past the embarrassment, it did feel kind of nice to hear... I'm not sure why though. Weird, right?
Lucius: Maybe it's a good fit for you.
Teena: Huh? What do you mean?
Lucius: Being a teacher, what else?
Teena: Haha, what brought this on?
Lucius: The thought just came to me now, that's all.
Teena: Well, since you've brought it up... I guess being a teacher wouldn't be so bad.
Lucius: Heh.
Teena: Heeey, why are you laughing!
Lucius: I'm amused that... we feel the same way about teaching, that's all.
Teena: Pfft, haha. Is that so?
Teena smiles, happy to see that her brother is also exploring future options.
Teena: After we put all that revenge business behind us, I know we wanted to work on creating a world where nobody would have to go through what we did.
Teena: But I guess a lofty goal like that isn't going to be achieved in a day.
Teena: Which means we just have to start small.
Teena: Maybe do more things like getting to know the children and helping them out, similar to what we did this time around!
Lucius: Not a bad idea. Good luck with it.
Teena: You'd better step up too!
Lucius thinks of teaching the next generation how to defend themselves with the sword.
Meanwhile, Teena thinks of teaching crucial life skills to the next generation as she helps guide them into adulthood.
Though the subjects are different, Teena finds it amusing that siblings like them would end up choosing such similar goals.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.

Other Appearances

Rage of Bahamut


Goblinbreaker Teena

SV Goblinbreaker Teena.png SV Goblinbreaker Teena E.png
Click to reveal card data

Can you buy me a little more time? Just until I finish chanting my inferno spell... If you can hold back the enemy, I'll help you turn the tables!


Evolve: Deal 2 damage to an enemy follower. Deal 5 damage instead if it's a Neutral follower.

Minions of darkness! My unrivaled flames will purge your rotten souls and restore your purity!

Class Neutral
Card Pack Rise of Bahamut
SV Portal Goblinbreaker Teena
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Princess Teena

SV Princess Teena.png SV Princess Teena E.png
Click to reveal card data

At the end of your turn, put a random 1-play point Swordcraft follower from your deck into play.

Maybe it's because I've never worn clothes like this, but this dress makes me feel kind of self-conscious. Mmm... It is really soft though.


(Same as the unevolved form.)

I put so much pressure on myself because I was hung up on the past. I guess that's just the way I am. But maybe I can take a little holiday from being me, just for now.

Class Swordcraft
Trait Commander
Card Pack Brigade of the Sky
SV Portal Princess Teena
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other


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