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Character Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Npc m 3050001000 01.jpg

Trick or treat! Gimme an apple or I'll play a prank on you!
Hey, I wanna wear a costume too! What do you think I should go as?

Heh heh heh. I ain't takin' no candy this year. I'm only acceptin' apples!
Huh? What about apple pie?
Just gimme something with apple in it! Apple candy, or just apples! No wait, gimme both or you're gonna have trouble!

I was debatin' what kind of costume to wear this year and asked around the ship for advice...
Some of the crew suggested that I dress up as a dragon! Can you believe that?
Can't they see I'm already a full-fledged dragon without needing any kind of costume?
Hey. Why'd you look away all of a sudden? Don't ignore me, (Captain)!

Hehe! Did I scare ya?
I'm a dragon after all! I can be pretty fearsome when I wanna be!
Yup, Halloween is all about scaring the britches off your buds!
Aaall right, who's next? Maybe Katalina... I wonder if I can get a good scream out of her!

Vyrn: (Captain), help me! It's Katalina!
I was hiding in a pumpkin, hopin' to give her a good scare...So I jumped outta the pumpkin and went "Roooar"!
But then she got all excited and started chasing me around!
I've got a feeling that if I get caught, it's gonna be bad! So you gotta hide me, (Captain)!
Choose: Trick or treat!
Wha! You want candy in exchange for hiding me? Geez, what kinda friend are you!
Guess it's give and take...All right, hang on. I've got candy in here somewhere...
Vyrn rummages through the bag he's holding. Just as he is about to take out the candy, a shadow looms up from behind him.
Vyrn: Eeek!

Npc m 3050002000 01.jpg

Happy Halloween!
All stocked up on your candy yet? My store has all the Halloween products you could need!

Happy Halloween! Gonna dress up, (Captain)?
Hmm... You forgot to make one?
Hehehe... Not to worry! I've got just the thing to help!
Your clothing size hasn't changed, right?
Then no worries! I'll have the perfect costume for you ready in a jiffy!

Hehe. Happy Halloween, (Captain)!
Have you chosen your costume for this year? If not, your good friend Siero might have something for you!
Hm? Have I picked one out yet? Well, as it were, I'm still trying to figure out what to wear...
I thought I would pumpkin up my costume with this mask. Hehehe...

Happy Halloween!
Wow... Everyone's put so much effort into their costumes. They might be even better than last year's!
Judging from all the custom-made costumes around here, Lala and Lolo must have had a banner month.
Speaking of which...
Don't you have a costume this year, (Captain)?
Why don't you dress up as one of the many monsters you've vanquished?
That would be a fitting tribute to your incredible record as a skyfarer!
And that way you can peel back the monster's layers to find the monster-slayer!

Happy Halloween!
Yep, yep, yep! I've got some sweet treats for you, (Captain)!
Here you go! Chomp 'em down as soon as you'd like!
The treats are actually a Halloween confection I developed at the Knickknack Shack.
Wait five minutes after you eat them! You're bound to see your body go through a few changes!
Of course I didn't use anything that would be harmful to you, so don't worry.
Well then, I'm going to go stand over there and observe! I hope you're as excited as me to see what happens!

Npc m 3990010000 01.jpg

Ooh, trick or treat!
If you think you can trick me, you can go ahead and try!

Oho? You dare challenge me with your trick-or-treating?
Hah! Your attempts to trick me will fail, I dare say! I won't be running out of candy today!
I'll show you the true candy-distributing power of Erste Empire's number one military captain!

Hm? I do say, where's your costume? I expected you to be thoroughly enjoying the festivities.
One might compliment you on being more mature than expected. However...
Youth comes only once, and youth is the time to enjoy life.
You'd scarce get the chance to wear cat ears or any of the sort once you're older; trust me.

Heh heh heh...
What superlative timing, I do say... Perhaps this meeting was destined...
Triiick ooor treeeat!
Now choose your fate! Relinquish your confectionery or submit to my pranks!
I have quite the axe to grind with you...
So if you should be fool enough not to surrender your sweetmeats, you will face the wrath of the ultimate prankster, honed by years of service in the Erste Imperial Army!

Oh, what kind of tomfoolery is this! Offer up an explanation this very instant!
That crew of yours surrounded and trussed me up—like some pig! They then shoved me unceremoniously into this papier-mache suit.
And, to top it off, I cannot move! This suit cannot be opened from within. That crew of yours has concocted quite the elaborate scheme!
What, no! Why in Bahamut's name would I use dark essence to craft a silly Halloween costume? Not to mention, that power's quite rough on my joints...

Npc m 3990151000 01.jpg
Goblin Mage

Trick or treat! Candy please! Then I'll do a trick!
Fee told me that today it's okay to play pranks on people. I can also get candy!
What? I can only take one? I've never heard of that...

Go, go, goblin!
(Captain)! Today everybody pretends to be somebody else.
Let's pretend to be Feena, (Captain). Ready? One, two, three, victory!

Oh, big brother!
I don't wanna talk to you!
Ah! (Captain)! I dressed up in a Teena costume this year! Because today is the day for pretending!
Let's pretend together, (Captain)!
Ready? Go!

Found you, (Captain)!
Fee made some Goblin Mage coch-stoons for Halloween!
Anybody can be me if they put one on.
There's one for you too, (Captain)! We're gonna be twins!
Hehehe! You look just like me now, (Captain)!
Fee already left to go play pranks on people!
Let's change, and then go chase after her!

Hello! Trick or shiny!
Hehe, surprised? Fee taught me that one!
I like tricks and treats! But I like sparkly stuff more!
So I changed the saying to get more sparkly stuff!
(Captain), do you wanna go trick or shinying with me?
We're gonna get so much sparkly stuff!

Npc m 3990152000 01.jpg

Twick or Chweet! Wuh? N-no candy?
Chime fo a twick den! Coochie, coochie coo! Ahaha!

No! Chay away you mean montaa!
My papi gonna bweat you gwood!
Huh? (Captain)! Don't aprise me wike dat!
Maybe I'll forgib you if you gimme candy!

Aah! (Captain)!
I'm schill making my cochume!
Iz gonna be chuper s-kewee! And I'll s-kea Papi an you wid it!
But if I s-kea you too much, dat woul be mean... So I be naicher.

(Captain)! Wiwl you dwess up wike a ghos wit me? I wanna schare Papi and get wots of candy!
Hehehe! Papi woud be so schared if der are wots of ghoss!
Bwut (Captain), don't twell Papi oh else!

Npc m 3990353000 01.jpg
Imperial General Adam

I am aware of Halloween customs...
But as I serve the people, I cannot possibly perform the often spoke of trick.
I must admit that I enjoy the spirit that is brought out in both adults and children.
That is why I have decided to make treats for the occasion.
(Captain), will you pass these out to the children in town?
They were just made so do be careful not to burn yourself.

(Captain), please. A moment of your time.
Orchis has instructed me to participate in this year's Halloween festivities.
However, as you may recall from what I said last year, a golem is not allowed to scare people.
Which is why I want you to spare no effort in scaring me, (Captain).
If I mimic your every move, I should be able to play tricks on people, even if it is not my intent to do so.
I await the arrival of your unprecedented, world-shattering prank that will shock me to my core.

Npc m 3990364000 01.jpg
Gourry Gabriev

L-Lina! I'm sorry! I apologize, just go easy on me!
No! Stop that incantation right now! That's not a trick, that's just called attacking! Here, I'll give you candy!

Npc m 3990391000 01.jpg

Ah, (Captain). Sorry if I seem a bit annoyed right now.
This candy Diantha made is so good it makes me jealous.
But it really is good though! Here, I'll give you half.

Ah, (Captain)! You... nghh... came by today too?
Pant... Wheeze... Hm? What am I doing?
The cookies Diantha made were really good, so I decided to do her one better!
I'm trying to soften up this butter here. But, mmph, it's really stiff.
You'll help me? Really?
Teehee! Let's bake the cookies together then!

Ahaha, (Captain), you're here...
I was thinking... Halloween's a day for lots of yummy treats, but I'm afraid of what they'll do to my tummy...
So I tried to make low-fat, low-calorie cookies, but they don't taste too great...
Of course I'm worried about it. My beautifully slender waist is my pride and joy!
Huh? You're good at cooking too, (Captain)?
Give me some tips then!

Hey, hey, (Captain).
Say "aaah."
How is it?
I got so much candy for Halloween this year...
And I could use some help finishing it all. Want another one? Say "aah."
I might've mentioned this before, but I'm careful about what I eat. My nice bod is something I'm really proud of. Okay, open wide again.
Hm? You want more?
What do you get for all this? Well, hand-fed chocolates from a maiden are sure to bring you good luck!
At least I'd hope so. Ehehe...

Npc m 3990392000 01.jpg

Trick or treat!
Well then, it's time to go out there and hand out candy to the kids!
Teehee, I'm just doing my duty as a maiden!

Linaria said she'd make her own candy to give to the kids.
Sigh, how does she always come up with these strange ideas?
But I'm sure she's just doing her best to please the ichnia.
After all, happy ichnia means a happy Xolotl.
It's never easy, but we all do what we can for the good of the island.

Okay, the candy's all ready! Haha, I'll be handing out treats this year too.
It won't be easy of course. But just seeing the eyes of children light up makes my day!
Their reactions are genuine, which makes it all the more worth it.
Um, do you like children, (Captain)?
How would you like to hand out treats to the kids with me?

???: Guess who.
Harie: Bingo. You guessed right.
Ahaha... Sorry if I scared you.
I was just so happy to see you, even if it was from behind. And...
Anyway, here's a cookie as an apology. It's fresh from the oven actually, and I'd like you to try it first.

Npc m 3990393000 01.jpg

I wonder if I should try making my own outfit this year!
You think it'll be tough? Nah, how hard could it possibly be?
I mean, all I have to do is decide what to make, cut the cloth, then sew. Easy peasy, right?

I'm trying to pick out a cloth for my costume, but there's so many to choose from.
Now that I know what a huge difference the cloth makes, the choice is all that much harder to make.
It's kind of like our performances—when we strive for perfection in even the smallest details, the ichnia response is totally different!
So I'm always thinking of how we can do things better, you know? Haha...

Happy Halloween, (Captain)! Have your costume ready?
Ah, still having trouble picking one out, I see... In that case...
Why not try wearing a maiden outfit then? Haha, how about it?
You can worry about how well it looks on you later. Try it before you knock it.
Hey, I wasn't too sure either when I first tried mine on! So what do you say?
It's not like it costs any rupies, you know! If you find you don't like it, you can just change back before heading out!
What? You're game? Woo-hoo! Love you, (Captain)! Haha!

How should I spend my Halloween this year...
Should I bake sweets, make a costume, or plan out some really elaborate trick?
I know—I'll do it all!
It's all that much more fun if we actually put in the effort, you know?
After all it'd be a waste to just let the festivities pass us by!

Npc m 3990394000 01.jpg

Trick or treat.
When I came to, there were black crayon marks all over my face...

It pays to be alert on Halloween, (Captain).
Space out and the kids will put signs all over you.
It happened to me last year—I was covered in funny-looking signs from head to toe.

Hm? What's wrong, (Captain)?
Do I have signs on my back again? I guess I don't notice when I'm spacing out.
Oh, what to do if someone secretly sticks a few more on me and I go out on stage like this...
I know. Maybe you can protect me until the performance starts, (Captain).

Halloween is such a busy time.
Whenever I space out, I end up getting tricked, and the candy gets away from me.
Maybe it's just not my thing. But I really want candy though...
Hm? You'll go trick-or-treating with me, (Captain)?
Great, maybe I'll be able to land some goodies. Let's go.

Npc m 3990396000 01.jpg
Head Priestess

Considering these cookies are for the kids on the island, I probably shouldn't make them too fancy.
Don't scare me like that, (Captain)!
Huh, trick or treat? Again? But you just played your trick on me.
Hey now, you're the one that chose the trick over the treat.
Sigh... Is that any reason to get upset?
Fine. How about I tickle you and we call it even?
Ready or not, here I come!

Boo! Hah. Not so funny when it's done to you. That was payback for last year.
Hm? You have a secret to tell me? I'll come in closer...
Augh! Don't pull my cheeks!
Humph. Okay, let's just call it even and leave it at that.
Look, forget the look on my face I just made and keep it secret from the maidens, deal?

Hm... Even for Halloween, this might be a little too much...
Ah, (Captain)! Were you looking on?
The costume in my hand? It's, uh...
Yes, it's the costume from when I was a maiden.
I'd been keeping it in storage for a good long while, and a wave of nostalgia hit me...
And I took it out to look at it. Nothing more.
Don't think that I was considering whether to wear it for the festival!

The maidens go around town handing out treats to children for Halloween.
After all, children also make for remarkable ichnia. I loved interacting with them when I was a maiden myself.
They'd give me such a warm welcome with their tlepilli when I visited their homes... Ah, children are so adorable.
Some can be naughty though. I remember ones who'd play a trick on me after I gave them a treat...
So make sure you only choose either the trick or the treat, (Captain)... Especially since you're no longer a child.
Haha... Of course, we have treats prepared for you as well, (Captain). But we'll have to wait till the maidens get back.

Npc m 3990510000 01.jpg
Queen Orchis, Erste Kingdom

Trick or treat!
What's it gonna be? Candy in my bucket or a prank on you?
Yeah, I love Halloween! The whole town gets into the spirit together. It's super fun!
I'd like to introduce the holiday to Mephorash too. I wonder if Adam would let me...
Holidays like this encourage spending and stimulate the economy, so it'd be good for the country...
Besides, it's important to honor the dead.
C'mon, (Captain)! I've gotta soak up all the Halloween festivity I can if I'm gonna bring this holiday to Mephorash!

Hehe, trick or treat!
I know only kids are supposed to get candy today, but I look young enough to squeak by, don't I?
I'm not just playing around though! This is an official investigation!
When I talked to Adam about it last year, he said we would need to gather a lot more data before we could formulate a concrete proposal to introduce Halloween to Mephorash.
What materials are used in the decorations, what kinds of candy need to be purchased, what flavors are in highest demand... All that stuff.
So Adam and I are splitting the investigation.
I'm in charge of pranks and candy sampling.
What? What do you mean my cheeks are looking chubby?
I don't have any cavities—look! So what if I gain a couple pounds!

Npc m 3990788000 01.jpg
Pholia, Sovereign of Idelva

Trick or treat! Well, come now, hand over the candy!
Hm? You're out of candy, you say? That's too bad...
I suppose you leave me no choice! I may appear to be an adorable monarch on the outside, but rest assured I am quite different on the inside.
Therefore I will use my wit and experience to carefully plot a dastardly prank to pay you back for this infraction!

Pholia: Trick or treat! Hand over your candy stock!
If you don't obey, my loyal werewolf will play a decidedly devious trick on you!
Bai Ze: Do I look like a werewolf?
Pholia: It's called posturing! I just need you to growl like you mean it to complete the illusion!
Bai Ze: ...
Does that mean you're letting me trick-or-treat?

Pholia: Trick or treat! Are you ready to give me an offering of treats?
Ooh... I should've known you'd be well-prepared. You never fail to impress, (Captain). I gladly accept.
Nom, nom...
Hrm? Mrg? Wh-why is it so spicy! I can feel the burning sensation in my mouth...
I see what you did! You disguised your trick in the form of a treat, didn't you!
This is unforgivable... Bai Ze, we must mete out punishment in the form of an obligatory high jump for (Captain)!
Bai Ze: Very well.
Bai Ze takes the captain in his mouth and leaps high into the air.
It was a magnificent trick you played today, for even I could not see through it.
My sovereign appears to be equally pleased. Anyhow, pardon us for our crude display of gratitude, and may you have a happy Halloween, (Captain).