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<includeonly><!-- Promotions start here-->
<includeonly><!-- Promotions start here-->
<!-- Single promotion  
<!-- Single promotion -->
<div style="width:470px;">
<div style="width:470px;">
{{EventCountdown|2020-01-10 18:59 JST|text_after=This banner promotion has ended.}}
{{EventCountdown|2020-01-17 18:59 JST|text_after=This banner promotion has ended.}}
<!-- / Single promotion -->
<!-- / Single promotion -->
<!-- Double promotion -->
<!-- Double promotion  
<div style="width:470px;"><div style="clear:both;"><div style="float:left;">
<div style="width:470px;"><div style="clear:both;"><div style="float:left;">

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Current banners

Ends in 09:59 UTC, January 17, 202018:59 JST, January 17, 2020

Main Page purge

After updating this template, the Main Page needs to be purged to show changes immediately.

Click here to purge

Countdown timer

Place below banners. Always use JST and use the date shown in the game's Draw page.

Ends in 09:59 UTC, August 9, 201918:59 JST, August 9, 2019
<center>{{EventCountdown|2019-08-09 18:59 JST|text_after=This banner promotion has ended.}}</center>

Normal banners

Normal promos with multiple banners use Template:GallerySwapImages. Add more as needed.

|[[File:banner draw 1003.png|450px|link=Draw]]
|[[File:banner draw 1004.png|450px|link=Draw]]

Star Premium with multiple known banners

Pair each Star Premium banner with the normal draw banner and comment out the rest. Only one pair of banners should be displayed at a time.

Banner starlegend 71 1.png Banner draw 1005.png

[[File:Banner starlegend 71 1.png|450px|link=Draw]]
[[File:banner draw 1005.png|450px|link=Draw]]
<!--[[File:Banner starlegend 71 2.png|450px|link=Draw]]
[[File:banner draw 1006.png|450px|link=Draw]]
[[File:Banner starlegend 71 3.png|450px|link=Draw]]
[[File:banner draw 1007.png|450px|link=Draw]]
[[File:Banner starlegend 71 4.png|450px|link=Draw]]
[[File:banner draw 1008.png|450px|link=Draw]]-->

Element banners

Banner 456ret1 6.png
-->{{ScheduledContent|2019-06-09 19:00 JST|2019-06-10 18:59 JST|[[File:banner_456ret1_1.png|450px|link=Draw]]}}<!--
-->{{ScheduledContent|2019-06-10 19:00 JST|2019-06-11 18:59 JST|[[File:banner_456ret1_2.png|450px|link=Draw]]}}<!--
-->{{ScheduledContent|2019-06-11 19:00 JST|2019-06-12 18:59 JST|[[File:banner_456ret1_3.png|450px|link=Draw]]}}<!--
-->{{ScheduledContent|2019-06-12 19:00 JST|2019-06-13 18:59 JST|[[File:banner_456ret1_4.png|450px|link=Draw]]}}<!--
-->{{ScheduledContent|2019-06-13 19:00 JST|2019-06-14 18:59 JST|[[File:banner_456ret1_5.png|450px|link=Draw]]}}<!--
-->{{ScheduledContent|2019-06-14 19:00 JST|content=[[File:banner_456ret1_6.png|450px|link=Draw]]}}<!--

Star Premium element icons

Current day's element is 36px. The rest is 20px.

Element changes every day as follows:
Icon Element Light.png Icon Element Dark.png Icon Element Fire.png Icon Element Water.png Icon Element Earth.png Icon Element Wind.png

Element changes every day as follows:<br />
[[File:Icon Element Light.png|{{ScheduledContent|2019-11-04 18:59 JST|2019-11-05 18:59 JST|36px|20px}}|link=]]
[[File:Icon Element Dark.png |{{ScheduledContent|2019-11-05 18:59 JST|2019-11-06 18:59 JST|36px|20px}}|link=]]
[[File:Icon Element Fire.png |{{ScheduledContent|2019-11-06 18:59 JST|2019-11-07 18:59 JST|36px|20px}}|link=]]
[[File:Icon Element Water.png|{{ScheduledContent|2019-11-07 18:59 JST|2019-11-08 18:59 JST|36px|20px}}|link=]]
[[File:Icon Element Earth.png|{{ScheduledContent|2019-11-08 18:59 JST|2019-11-09 18:59 JST|36px|20px}}|link=]]
[[File:Icon Element Wind.png |{{ScheduledContent|2019-11-09 18:59 JST|content=36px|alt_content=20px}}|link=]]

Outfit banners

If there are multiple outfit/skin banners, use Template:GallerySwapImages. Banners should link to the appropriate section in Character Skins.

|[[File:Banner_skin_12.png|450px|link=Character Skins#Mahira]]
|[[File:Banner skin_11_2.png|450px|link=Character Skins#Zooey]]

Surprise tickets

Typically displayed at the top. The image should link to the Surprise Ticket page and have it's own EventCountdown.

Banner special 46.png

Ends in 09:59 UTC, August 9, 201918:59 JST, August 9, 2019
[[File:Banner special 46.png|450px|link=Surprise Ticket]]
<center>{{EventCountdown|2019-08-09 18:59 JST|text_after=This banner promotion has ended.}}</center>

Seasonal Character Periods

If seasonal characters are available until a certain date, check in-game to verify date and time.

Summer characters available until
02:59 UTC, August 31, 201911:59 JST, August 31, 2019
<div>[[:Category:Summer Premium Draw Characters|Summer characters]] available until {{EventTime|2019-08-31 11:59 JST}}.</div>