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What this is

A template that should be used to show buff/status.


{{Status|Status Name|t=#T|a=#%|p=#%|c=Comment|icon}}

Status Name = Name of the buff/status

Optional parameters:
  t = Duration, use 'T' suffix for turns, and 's' for seconds

  a = Amount or strength of the buff

  am = Maximum strength of a stackable buff

  p = Probability an effect will trigger, used for Critical Hit Rate

  c = Comment to be added to the tooltip

  m = Multiplier, valid values:
      n = Normal / Zeus / 攻刃枠
      m = Magna / Omega
      ex = Ex
      unk = Ex that work with Ranko Kanzaki Summon
      el = Elemental
      p = Perpetuity
      u = Unique
      us = Snowball (Unique Stackable ATK)
      s = Seraphic, see [[Damage Formula/Detailed Damage Formula]]

  s = Stacking (or Frame)
      s = Single
      d = Dual
      ca = Charge Attack
      smn = Summon
      cs = Charge Attack / Summon
      st = Single Target
      tw = Teamwide
      u = Unique
      * = Any text not matching the above will be displayed as is

  n = Number of times status takes effect

  acc = Debuff accuracy, see [[Debuff Resistance/Debuff Success_Rate]]

  icon = Shows only the icon, moves the name to the tooltip.

Full status list

All currently supported status effects can be found in the status list module: Module:StatusList

If a status you wish to use is missing please follow the instructions below.

Old template

Deprecated status template. This should only be used if a status is not listed within Module:StatusList

{{Status|Status Name|Icon File Name}}

Status Name    = Name of the buff/status. If this is the only parameter given, it will use a "Status_<Status Name>.png" image from the wiki if it exists.

Optional parameter:
Icon File Name = Name of the file that will be used as the icon. File names must be preceded by "Status_" and be png file type.


Status Burned.pngBurnedHP is lowered on every turn

{{Status|ATK Boosted|t=3T|a=25%}}
Status AttackUp.png25% ATK UpATK is boosted
Strength: 25%Duration: 3 turns

{{Status|Fear|t=60s|c=Cygames should have called it Fear, and they do!!!<br />...in the help...}}
Status Petrified.pngPetrifiedStops enemy's charge diamonds from filling.
Duration: 60 secondsCygames should have called it Fear, and they do!!!
...in the help...

Old style, please don't use:

{{Status|Fire Resistance DOWN|FireResDown}}
Status FireResDown.pngFire DEF DownDEF is lowered for fire DMG

How to add new buffs and debuffs

For safety reasons only admins can add new status effects. However, if you have a new status please submit it on the Discussion page or on Discord.

We require the EXACT in game name, description and icon when adding new status effects so the recommended way is so copy the status list.

Steps to do this:

  1. Open the Chrome inspect view (press F12)
  2. Select the Network tab
  3. Click the "XHR" button.
  4. Now in game display the detailed buff list with desired buff/debuff.
    For foes simply click their name plate, for friends click their icon then on the buff row.
  5. A new request should appear in your Chrome Inspect view named digit.json?_=.... (digit can be 0, 1, 2 or 3)
  6. Select the row.
  7. Select the preview in the new pane that appears.
  8. Expand the nodes until you find the item you need. It should look as follows:
    Chrome inspect status.png
  9. Provide us with either a screenshot or the text and we'll add the new status asap!

    A template to show buffs, debuffs and effects.

    Template parameters

    This template prefers inline formatting of parameters.


    Status name as defined in the StatusList Module. Should usually match status effect name in game.

    Durationt time

    Duration in turns or seconds (eg. 1T or 180s)

    Strengtha amount

    Strength or Amount (eg. 90% or 1000)

    Strengtham amount_max

    Max Strength or Amount (eg. 90% or 3000)

    Multiplierm multiplier

    Multiplier, valid values:

    • n: Normal / Zeus / 攻刃枠
    • m: Magna / Omega
    • ex: Ex
    • unk: Ex that work with Ranko Kanzaki Summon
    • el: Elemental
    • u: Unique
    • us: Snowball
    • s: Seraphic
    See the Damage Formula page for details.

    Stackings stacking

    Stacking (or Frame), valid values:

    • s: Single
    • d: Dual
    • ca: Charge Attack
    • smn: Summon
    • cs: Charge Attack / Summon
    • st: Single Target
    • tw: Teamwide
    • u: Unique
    • *: Any text not matching the above will be displayed as is

    Probabilityp probability

    Percentage chance for Critical or Armored to take effect.

    Accuracyacc accuracy

    Chance for status to land. See the Debuff Resistance pages for details.

    Commentc comment

    Comment with explanation etc.

    Icon onlyicon

    Declare to hide the label.

    Hide sectionshide

    Comma separated list of parts of the status to hide.