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What this is

A template to write tooltips!

Usage & Examples

{{tt|Normal text|Tooltip text}}

Normal textTooltip text

{{tt|Normal text without underline|Tooltip text|line=false}}

Normal text without underlineTooltip text

{{tt|1=Tooltip text with horizontal rule|2=Tooltip<span class="hr"></span>Text}}

Tooltip text with horizontal ruleTooltipText

{{tt|{{tt|Nested tooltip|Bottom text}}|Top text}}

Nested tooltipBottom textTop text

{{tt|left-aligned text|Tooltip text|text-align=left}}

left-aligned textTooltip text


  • Do not use <hr /> inside tooltips!
    • Use <span class="hr"></span> instead (with named parameters; i.e. |1= and |2=)
    • This is due to mw parser spawning random linebreaks if <hr /> is used.

A template to write tooltips!

Template parameters

This template prefers inline formatting of parameters.


Text to be shown by normally.

Tooltip Text2

Text to be shown in the tooltip when hovered.

Show Underlineline

Defaults to true. Set to false to hide the dotted underline.

Text Aligntext-align

Overrides text-align style. Possible values: left, center, right, justify.