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       #if:{{{gran|}}}|{{#ifeq:{{#len:{{{gran}}}}}|0||<div style="position:absolute;top:85px;right:-50px;">[[File:{{{gran}}}|link=|250px]]</div>}}}}{{
       #if:{{{gran|}}}|{{#ifeq:{{#len:{{{gran}}}}}|0||<div style="position:absolute;top:85px;right:-50px;">[[File:{{{gran}}}|link=|250px]]</div>}}}}{{
       #if:{{{djeeta|}}}|{{#ifeq:{{#len:{{{djeeta}}}}}|0||<div style="position:absolute;top:-15px;right:-50px;">[[File:{{{djeeta}}}|link=|250px]]</div>}}}}[[File:{{
       #if:{{{djeeta|}}}|{{#ifeq:{{#len:{{{djeeta}}}}}|0||<div style="position:absolute;top:-15px;right:-50px;">[[File:{{{djeeta}}}|link=|250px]]</div>}}}}[[File:{{
       #if: {{{image|}}} | {{{image}}} |{{ #ifexist:File:{{{name|}}}.png|{{{name|}}}.png|Ph400.png}} {{!}} link= }}|x400px]]
       #if: {{{image|}}} | {{{image}}} |{{ #ifexist:File:Weapon b {{{id}}}.png|Weapon b {{{id}}}.png|Ph400.png {{!}} link= }}}}|x400px]]
<!-- Bullets -->
<!-- Bullets -->
{{ #ifeq: {{ #var: wpn_weapon }} | gun
{{ #ifeq: {{ #var: wpn_weapon }} | gun
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     |mystic=[[Mystic]] and [[Nekomancer]]
     |mystic=[[Mystic]] and [[Nekomancer]]
     |assassin=[[Assassin]] and [[Tormentor]]
     |assassin=[[Assassin]] and [[Tormentor]]
    |drum master=[[Drum Master]] and [[Rising Force]]
Line 504: Line 505:
    |rising force=[[Rising Force]]
     }} can equip this as a main weapon</td>
     }} can equip this as a main weapon</td>

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Base Weapon template.

Template parameters

This template has custom formatting.

Weapon IDid

In game weapon ID.


In game weapon series:

  • vintage: Vintage Weapons
  • epic: Epic Weapons
  • vyrmament: Vyrmament
  • olden primal: Olden Primal Weapons
  • ultima: Ultima Weapons
  • cosmos: Cosmos Weapons
  • superlative: Superlative Weapons
  • sephira: Sephira Weapons
  • seraphic: Seraphic Weapons
  • bahamut: Bahamut Weapons
  • primal: Primal Weapons
  • omega: Omega Weapons
  • grand: Grand Weapons
  • regalia: Regalia Weapons
  • rose: Rose Crystal Weapons
  • relic: Relics
  • ccw: Class Champion Weapons
  • rusted: Rusted Weapons
  • beast: Beast Weapons
  • revenant: Revenant Weapons
  • replica: Replicas
  • xeno: Xeno Weapons
  • hollowsky: Hollowsky Weapons
  • dark opus: Dark Opus Weapons
  • upgrader: Upgraders



Parameters[edit source]

Basic attributes[edit source]

id[edit source]

In game weapon ID.

series[edit source]

Granblue weapon series.

value In Game
vintage Vintage Weapons
epic Epic Weapons
vyrmament Vyrmament
olden primal Olden Primal Weapons
ultima Ultima Weapons
cosmos Cosmos Weapons
superlative Superlative Weapons
sephira Sephira Weapons
seraphic Seraphic Weapons
bahamut Bahamut Weapons
primal Primal Weapons
omega Omega Weapons
grand Grand Weapons
regalia Regalia Weapons
rose Rose Crystal Weapons
relic Relics
ccw Class Champion Weapons
rusted Rusted Weapons
beast Beast Weapons
revenant Revenant Weapons
replica Replicas
xeno Xeno Weapons
hollowsky Hollowsky Weapons
dark opus Dark Opus Weapons
upgrader Upgraders

group[edit source]

Wiki "weapon group", used to include values from special templates.

This is kind of a legacy value and using series is preferred when possible.

value Custom values in
bahamut Template:WeaponGroupBahamut
revenant Template:WeaponGroupRevenant
relic Template:WeaponGroupRelic
rusted Template:WeaponGroupRusted
class Template:WeaponGroupClass
class2 Template:WeaponGroupClass2
cosmos Template:WeaponGroupCosmos
seraphic Template:WeaponGroupSeraphic
omega Template:WeaponGroupOmega
moon30 Template:WeaponGroupMoon30
moon100 Template:WeaponGroupMoon100
sephira Template:WeaponGroupSephira

any_weapon[edit source]

Page name of the "base" weapon for weapons obtainable for multiple elements.

Used to hide the "base" weapon in element specific weapon lists etc.

name[edit source]

In game name.

jpname[edit source]

Japanese name.

jptitle / title[edit source]

In the past many weapons had custom titles, they now belong to series instead. (See the series field.)
This field should not be used for new weapons.

The parameters are preserved to remember the old removed titles.

weapon[edit source]

Value Type Index
sabre Sabre 1
dagger Dagger 2
spear Spear 3
axe Axe 4
staff Staff 5
gun Gun 6
melee Melee 7
bow Bow 8
harp Harp 9
katana Katana 10
  Upgraders (not implemented) 100
  N/A (default) 0

element[edit source]

Value Element Index
fire Fire 1
water Water 2
earth Earth 3
wind Wind 4
light Light 5
dark Dark 6
any Used for "virtual" weapons which can be obtain for all elements.
See the any_weapon parameter.

rarity[edit source]

Value Rarity Index
N Normal 1
R Rare 2

restrictions[edit source]

Freetext field to explain restrictions on how the weapon can be equipped.

class_req[edit source]

Class line / Class required to main hand this weapon.

Sample values: harpist, gunslinger, nekomancer.

4star_unlock[edit source]

How to unlock 4★ uncap.

5star_unlock[edit source]

How to unlock 5★ uncap.

Dates[edit source]

release_date[edit source]

JST date weapon was first obtainable. Format YYYY-MM-DD.

4star_date[edit source]

JST date weapon received 4★ uncap. Format YYYY-MM-DD.

5star_date[edit source]

JST date weapon received 5★ uncap. Format YYYY-MM-DD.

External links[edit source]

link_jpwiki[edit source]

Link to [1] article. Use the part after the ?.



link_gamewith[edit source]

Link to [2] article. Use the numeric id at the end.



link_kamigame[edit source]

Link to [3] article. Use the part after /武器/rarity/. (Usually the weapon name.)



min_lvl[edit source]

Minimum level this weapon can be obtained at.

Currently used to hide hp2 / atk2 for weapons which are obtained at 4★.

min_rank[edit source]

Minimum rank to gain full stats.

Uncap evolution[edit source]

evo_min[edit source]

The number of uncap stars the weapon is obtained at.

Defaults to 0. Override with a 3 for weapons like the Rise of the Beasts 3★.

evo_base[edit source]

The max uncap showing yellow stars for the weapon.

So for a standard 4★ weapon the value should be 3 as 3 stars are yellow and the 4th is blue.

Defaults to 3.

evo_max[edit source]

The max uncap showing blue stars for the weapon.

So for a standard 4★ weapon the value should be 4 as 3 stars are yellow and the 4th is blue.

Defaults to 3.

evo_red[edit source]

The number of stars which should be replaced by red stars. Replaces stars from low to high.

This is used for forged weapons such as Revenant Weapons. If the weapon has 3 red stars then use 3.

Defaults to 0.

Images[edit source]

image[edit source]

Large image of the weapon. Should be named "PAGENAME.png".

image_icon[edit source]

Deprecated Image parameter.
Always named "PAGENAME icon.jpg", thus no need to specify.

image_square[edit source]

Deprecated Image parameter.
Always named "PAGENAME square.jpg", thus no need to specify.

image_tall[edit source]

Deprecated Image parameter.
Always named "PAGENAME tall.jpg", thus no need to specify.

gran[edit source]

Sprite of Gran wielding the weapon.

djeeta[edit source]

Sprite of Djeeta wielding the weapon.

hp1 / hp2 / hp3 / hp4[edit source]

HP at max level for 0★ / 3★ / 4★ / 5★.

atk1 / atk2 / atk3 / atk4[edit source]

ATK at max level for 0★ / 3★ / 4★ / 5★.

character[edit source]

Name of the character this weapon unlocks.

obtain[edit source]

Partially implemented parameter for showing obtain information.
Multiple drop sources are allowed and should be separated using semicolon (;). However, the primary source must be listed first.

Supported options:

Important note, links should be full wiki links, eg.
- [[Tiamat (Raid)#Hard|Tiamat (Hard)]]
- {{TabberAnchor|link=Rise of the Beasts|anchor=Extreme+ (Agni)|name=Agni Showdown}}

- [category],[options...]
  - drop,[type]
    ~ The drop category will have special handling based on the type.
    ~ The type will be translated to a list of other categories to show all sources.
    - rare monster,[name]
      - *name*       Name of rare monster
    - unfsr          For  SR dropping during Unite and Fight
    - unfrevenant    For SSR dropping during Unite and Fight
    - island sr      For  SR from Island Primals
    - island ssr     For SSR from Island Omegas
    - summon t1      For SSR from T1 summons
    - summon t2      For SSR from T2 summons
    - summon t3hl    For SSR from T3HL summons
    - rotb_premium   For Premium weapons that also drop in RotB
    - showdown sr    For  SR from Rotating Showdown
    - showdown ssr   For SSR from Rotating Showdown
    - xeno           For SSR from Xeno Showdown
  - shop,[section],[options...]
    - pendands,[type],[cost]
      ~ type and cost required
      - renown
      - prestige
      - numeric cost
    - weapon series,[series]
      - class champion
      - revenant
      - seraphic
      - xeno
      - bahamut
      - ultima
    - trade moons,[type],[cost]
      - bronze
      - silver
      - gold
      - numeric cost
    - quest items,[category],[subcategory],[items]
      - Weapons
      - Primal Weapons
      - Beast Weapons
      - Epic Weapons
      - Beast Weapons
      - Rose Weapons
      - Relics
      - Upgraders
      - Cosmos Weapons
      - text shown in hover tooltip
    - events,[permanent]
      - permanent    Event banner does not expire
      - *empty*      Event banner expires and farmed items reset
  - event,[type],[link]
    - rotb
    - story
    - side_story
    - showdown
    - unf
    - xeno
    - drawbox *deprecated*
    - drop *deprecated*
    - treasure_exchange *deprecated*
    - *wiki page name*
  - quest,[chapter],[type],[name]
    ~ Input for location template.
    - numeric chapter / location
    - main
    - quest
    - *text*
  - raid,[chapter],[link]
    - numeric chapter / location
    - *wiki page name*
  - premium,[type],[subtype]
    - normal         Premium Draw
    - gala,normal    Premium Gala
    - gala,flash     Flash Gala
    - swimsuit       Swimsuit Themed
    - halloween      Halloween Limited
    - holiday        Holiday Limited
    - valentine      Valentine Limited
  - promotion,[type]

obtain_text[edit source]

Freetext field used when the obtain parameter doesn't yet support obtain method(s).

Charge Attack[edit source]

ougi_name[edit source]

Charge Attack name.

ougi[edit source]

Charge Attack description.

Please either use / as in game to separate parts or use Template:Weapon/Ougi.

ougi_4s[edit source]

Upgrades to Charge Attack when weapon is uncapped to 4★.

Skill sXY parameters[edit source]

The sXY series of parameters are used for weapon skills.
Where X is the skill index and Y is the alternative skill index.

Currently X can be 1 to 3 and Y can be 1 to 6.

sX_name[edit source]

Skill X name.

sX_icon[edit source]

Skill X icon.

sX_desc[edit source]

Skill X description text.

sX_lvl[edit source]

Skill X unlock level.

sX_4s_name[edit source]

Name for upgraded skill X.

sX_4s_icon[edit source]

Icon for upgraded skill X.

sX_4s_desc[edit source]

Description text for upgraded skill X.

sX_4s_lvl[edit source]

Level which skill X is upgraded.

sX_aY_name[edit source]

Name of alternative skill Y.

sX_aY_icon[edit source]

Icon for alternative skill Y.

sX_aY_desc[edit source]

Description text for alternative skill Y.

sX_aY_req[edit source]

Freetext parameter with the requirement to select skill Y.

Final text will be "Use sX_aY_req to pick this skill:"

sX_aY_ca[edit source]

Additional Change Attack effects granted by Skill Y.

Forging & Uncapping materials[edit source]

crafted_from[edit source]

Name of the weapon used to forge / upgrade to this weapon.

craft_children[edit source]

Number of craft_childX groups.

craft_childX[edit source]

The name of the item crafted.
Not used for uncaps.

craft_childX_type[edit source]

Type of craft. Valid values:

  • uncap4: 4★ Uncap
  • uncap5: 5★ Uncap
  • forge: Forge X (default)
  • upgrade: Upgrade to X

craft_childX_items[edit source]

A list of items separated by ; used in the craft. Sample:

Dragon Scale,20;Hollow Soul,100;Weapon Stone,200;Quartz,200

Behind the scenes this calls ItmLst with the element and weapon parameters set based on the current weapon.

craft_childX_rupies[edit source]

The Rupie cost of the craft, leave empty if 0.

craft_childX_notes[edit source]

Notes relevant for the craft.

Sword Master skills[edit source]

sm_s1_desc[edit source]

Description of effect of using Awakening Blade / Glory Arts.

sm_s1_dur[edit source]

Duration of buffs gained / debuffs applied by Awakening Blade / Glory Arts.

Format: 3T / 180s

sm_s2_desc[edit source]

Description of effect of using Resonating Blade.

sm_s2_cd[edit source]

Cooldown of Resonating Blade.

Format: 3T

sm_s2_dur[edit source]

Duration of buffs gained / debuffs applied by Resonating Blade.

Format: 3T / 180s

sm_s2_cost[edit source]

Energy cost of using Resonating Blade.

sm_atk_desc[edit source]

Description of the effects of attacking with the weapon energized.

sm_atk_dur[edit source]

Duration of buffs gained / debuffs applied by attacking while energized.

Format: 3T / 180s

sm_atk_cost[edit source]

Energy cost of attacking.

Defaults to 1.

sm_def_desc[edit source]

Description of the effects of defending with the weapon energized.

sm_def_dur[edit source]

Duration of buffs gained / debuffs applied by defending while energized.

Format: 3T / 180s

sm_def_cost[edit source]

Energy cost of defending.

Defaults to -.

Gun bullets[edit source]

bullets[edit source]

The number of bullets in gun type weapons.

bulletX[edit source]

bullet1 ... bullet9
The bullet type in slot 1 to 9. Valid values:

  • aetherial
  • cartridge
  • parabellum
  • rifle

Reduction[edit source]

reduce[edit source]

Common reduction materials used for most weapons.

Valid Values:
  • none
Item cannot bet reduced.
  • normal
Magnas, event weapons, etc.
  • premium
Premium draw weapons
  • casino
Treated the same as premium

reduceX[edit source]

reduce1 ... reduce8

For weapons not covered by the reduce parameter.
Similar to flbX, specifying the item and count:

  • item name,num

reduce_advice[edit source]

Advice whether this weapon is safe to reduce or not.

Has a few predefined texts:

  • reduce: This weapon is safe to reduce.
  • fodder: This weapon is safe to reduce or use as fodder.
  • safe: same as fodder
  • unsafe: This weapon should not be reduced or used as fodder.
  • no: same as unsafe
  • save4: Save for potential 4★.
  • future4: Save for future 4★.
  • keepmain: Keep a fully-uncapped copy for mainhand. Others are safe to reduce or use as fodder.
  • keepmaingacha: Keep a fully-uncapped copy for mainhand. Others are safe to reduce. Do not use as fodder.

Similar and versioned weapons[edit source]

similar[edit source]

A list of up to 20 weapons that are similar / related to the current weapon. Separated by semi-color (;).

similar_title[edit source]

Custom title for the group of similar weapons.
Defaults to "Similar Weapons".

versions[edit source]

A list of up to 9 weapons that are alternative version of the current weapon. Separated by semi-color (;).

versions_title[edit source]

Custom title for the group of weapon versions.
Defaults to "Weapon versionsThis weapon has alternate versions.".

Deprecated parameters[edit source]

notes[edit source]

Deprecated freetext fields, do not use. Remove on sight.

flbX, flb_rupies, rupies[edit source]

fbl1 ... flb12, flb_rupies, rupies.

Please use craft_child type uncap4 / uncap5 instead.

Template texts[edit source]

Rare, special and deprecated parameters have been excluded from the blank template. See above for a more complete list.

Blank template[edit source]

Use this blank template for new weapon article pages:


Sabre and Katana parameters[edit source]


Gun parameters[edit source]


Uncap / Forging parameters[edit source]


Multi-weapon templates[edit source]

For examples on how to create any-type weapons see Maverick, Maverick (Water), Murakumo (Element Change) and Murakumo Aqua.

For examples on how to create a base weapon inherited by many other weapons to reduce work see Scythe of Repudiation and Template:Weapon/Common/Dark Opus.

Subtemplates[edit source]

Related subtemplates: