The Oblivion Trial

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The bleakness of disaster casts a shadow over all hope. In the encroaching darkness, ancient texts, mystical orbs, and ultimate power combine to create a cimmerian dragon that blots out the skies.

The Oblivion Trial is an Extreme-difficulty farming Special quest. It is a reliable source for Dark-element materials.

Battle Data

The Oblivion Trial.jpg

The Oblivion Trial
Cost to Host: 40 AP Unlock: Elemental Treasure Quests
Wave Name Lvl HP Charge Mode
Wave 1: Set 1Only one enemy will appear from this set. Duskfly Icon16Dark.png 30 51,000 ◇◇ No
Silke Icon16Dark.png 30 58,000 ◇◇◇ No
Wave 1: Set 2Only one enemy will appear from this set. Goblin Grappler Icon16Dark.png 30 80,000 ◇◇◇ No
Fallen Knight Icon16Dark.png 30 161,000 ◇◇◇ No
Wave 1: Set 3Only one enemy will appear from this set. Badboy Icon16Dark.png 30 65,535 ◇◇◇ No
Blood Ship Icon16Dark.png 30 45,000 No
Wave 2: Set 1Only one enemy will appear from this set. Obsidian Vigil Vag'taakt Icon16Dark.png 30 157,000 ◇◇ No
Goblin Ogre Icon16Dark.png 30 220,000 ◇◇◇ No
Wave 2: Set 2Only one enemy will appear from this set. Gurrius Grimsoul Icon16Dark.png 30 108,000 ◇◇ No
Duskwolf Balt Icon16Dark.png 30 135,000 ◇◇ No
Boss Headhunter Icon16Dark.png 50 1,480,000 ◇◇◇ Yes
First clear: Crystal square.jpg Crystal ×50
Wooden Silver Gold
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