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I'm not sure, but I might suggest perusing the Wind element as its advantage over Earth increases ally damage, increases ally defense, increases ally debuff success, increases ally debuff resistance. Of course, if damage itself won't cut it, it only helps out a bit.

Since it's a unfair fight, you need anticipate these buggers in terms of their abilities against yours. A strategy is required! I was supposed to post the topic here, but oh well. It's not like people would know there's a non-editing link there.,_Rising_Beats#2.2F2

Going into detail, focus on the charge of your main hand. For me, the Cherubim's Lance has both healing and buff effect. Of course, any healing weapon will do. Nirvana and Hallowed Pilgrimage are examples. As main hand, AutoreviveRecovers once from a knockout while in effect
buffs are granted, but you need to invest into the class to use the class weapon. I'm not a fan of class specific weapons, but it's a matter of taste.

Next, is your weapon gird. Yes, there are the damage and health numbers. Anybody can do that. The weapon skills per weapon is worth to look at. Consider each one in how it would help you. Example would be Unheil's 'Hatred's Grace', see that it protects from foe debuff success? That's just an example. For most weapon investments, I suggest to equip the . You attack more often than you can charge attack.

Your summons, while not noted, is absolutely essential compared to the given class skills. The weight depends on the summon call and auras. My suggestions are Satyr, Rose Queen, Sapphire Dance: Habotan, and Mithra. Of course, you can use other summons too. It's that I myself wouldn't.

Class skills, class skills are a varied bunch, but I suggest to use only tier IV, healing style. You will then be given more freedom in class skill selection. Dispel and Debuff_Resistance_Boosted are good picks.

Now for the punchline. You might need to spend some dough to get the right setup, but at least it's not a gamble? If you can wait (for months), wait for tickets. Otherwise, wait to stock up for the right amount of Draw#Cerulean_Sparks. I hope this reply could be of use to you in the fight against the Crashing Waves, Rising Beats - Episode 2 battle. Oh yeah, and some music. \[Granblue Vocal\ \[GRANBLUE FANTASY\] Sanbagarasu otoko uta (spanish & english subtitles)]