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If you feel the need to mention how X character is useful in very specific fights, make a strategy subsection on the raid's page (see Proto Bahamut (Raid)) and explain how certain utility they posses can be useful rather than mention these raids on the character's strategy page. Or make a compilation of characters that can be useful in such fights (how they might make dealing with certain effects easier etc) and then add it in resources (see Lucilius (Raid) Hard tab, below the table).
Strategy pages are meant to be a guide for players new to the character, without looking too deep at how far in the game they've progressed so far.

Taking your Clarisse as example, many players might end up never facing the Hard version of Faa-san raid. Her plain damage being useful in removing labor is useless for them (just like it is for people who don't remove it) and the people who want to know more about how to deal with it will look up guides specifically about the raid, rather than scavenge all character pages in order to find something useful. Plain damage is pretty much great in many kids of fights because of its nature and not just specifically great in Faa-san.

What you wrote is overall really great and will certainly be appreciated. Just keep in mind who these pages are mostly meant for and try to be more general.