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Drop Locations

Stage Notable Materials Replicas and Weapons
BattleCoop EX1-1.jpg
EX1-1 Corridor of Puzzles
BattleCoop EX1-2.jpg
EX1-2 Sword-Slashed Stone
BattleCoop EX1-3.jpg
EX1-3 Lost in the Dark
BattleCoop EX1-4.jpg
EX1-4 Claw-Carved Path
BattleCoop EX1-5.jpg
EX1-5 Tyrant's Bed
BattleCoop EX2-1.jpg
EX2-1 Tunnels of Gloom
BattleCoop EX2-2.jpg
EX2-2 Time of Judgement
BattleCoop EX2-3.jpg
EX2-3 Time of Revelation
BattleCoop EX2-4.jpg
EX2-4 Time of Eminence
BattleCoop EX3-1.jpg
EX3-1 Guardian's Plinth
BattleCoop EX3-2.jpg
EX3-2 Rule of the Tundra
BattleCoop EX3-3.jpg
EX3-3 Rule of the Plains
BattleCoop EX3-4.jpg
EX3-4 Rule of the Twilight
BattleCoop EX4-1.jpg
EX4-1 Breaking the Mold
All Distinctions
BattleCoop EX4-2.jpg
EX4-2 Amidst the Waves
BattleCoop EX4-3.jpg
EX4-3 Amidst the Petals
BattleCoop EX4-4.jpg
EX4-4 Amidst Severe Cliffs
BattleCoop EX4-5.jpg
EX4-5 Amidst the Flames
BattleCoop EX5-1.png
EX5-1 Throes of Sorcery
BattleCoop EX5-2.png
EX5-2 Throes of Spears
BattleCoop EX5-3.png
EX5-3 Throes of Wings
BattleCoop EX5-4.png
EX5-4 Throes of Calamity
All Replicas
BattleCoop EX6-1.png
EX6-1 Throes of Dark Steel
All Class Champion Weapons
BattleCoop EX6-2.png
EX6-2 Throes of Death
All Class Champion Weapons