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This page is explaining the unofficial granblue fantasy tools. Anyone can edit it.

Motocal (Optimise your weapon arrangement by ATK.)

Motocal 2.png

  • Enter the your weapons, it will suggest the best organization in it.
    • Not only simple ATK but also critical, Dual-Edge, Trium, Charge Attack and Charge Attack charge bar Rise per Turn are considered.
    • By selecting "Select Display Elements", you can increase the elements to be displayed.

Motocal by Medon-lab

  • There are images of weapons and characters.

Motocal by Groovman

  • Update is early.

Guide to using Motocal

  • by ZuruiKonzatsu.


  • You can send report or pull request.

  • First, let's switch the language.

Motocal 3.png

  • Second, add your weapons.

Motocal 4.png

  • It is important to set the element of the player and the enemy from "Player" tab and the setting of the aura value from "Summon" tab.
  • As a result, the optimise your weapon arrangement is displayed.
    • By switching the "Sort Key", the ranking conditions can be changed.
    • By selecting "Select Display Elements", you can add the elements to be displayed.
  • You can see the increase and decrease of firepower by HP by pressing Graph Add of the corresponding arrangement and then "Open Enmity Graph".

Motocal 5.png

Granblue Raid Finder

  • Tool that uses Twitter Streaming API to find Twitter-posted raids in real-time.


  • Uses Twitter Streaming API, which searches matching tweet in real-time
  • Easy tap-to-copy feature
  • Filters out faked tweets based on tweeting platform
    • The tool only searches tweet tweeted from グランブルー ファンタジー

How to use

  • On first load, the tool doesn't show anything. Click/tap the + button to add raids into watch list.
  • Scroll between available raids, then tap to add it. Tap again to remove from the watch list.
  • A list of raids will be shown in real-time. Tap the entry to quickly copy the raid code to your clipboard.
  • Paste the code manually to the game.


グラブル麻痺計算機 (Paralysis probability calculator)

  • The probability of paralysis can be calculated by selecting the condition.
  • It's jp