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*[[Topic:Uhcayihnib1jj3u9|Engaging monster with 10k estimate in damage, solo mode?]]
*[[Topic:Uhcayihnib1jj3u9|Engaging monster with 10k estimate in damage, solo mode?]]
* Due to the hefty health of quest monsters in this timed marathon, TIME IS OF ESSENCE!!! I cannot stress this enough. Once you timed out of battles, you know you need to stack up attack, damage, and charge attack as much and as consistent as possible. When considering your main/support summon, look for high attack percentage boost in the summon aura. Then, you can consider about the summon calls. Of course, aesthetics is a virtue! lol
:For instance, if I was to choose between {{itm|Rose_Queen_(Summer)|title=Rose Queen (Summer)}} or {{itm|Hamsa|title=Hamsa}}, I would choose the Rose Queen (Summer). Why? Well, I hate landing debuffs, in which sometimes, they miss. I do like the dispel and short cooldown, but I'm just winging it mostly for damage then, lol. I would have already found dispel alternatives and look for clarity, debuff resistance, and veil by then. Hamsa's certain benefit is the short cooldown, in which you be blasting. Rose Queen on the other hand, she just provides the buffs, which doesn't require to land in a hit-or-miss situation. Plus, she puts out more health and attack contribution to the party. Lastly, she's just looks so good, far beyond the maiden riding Hamsa. Kudos to Rose Queen then.
'''Rise of the Beast Quests'''
'''Rise of the Beast Quests'''

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Come have a game or two! ;)

Belial: Oooh, nice move.

Hooded Figure: Thanks, Granblue Fantasy is great!

Belial: Great times, my friend, great times!

Hooded Figure: Yeah, I know!

Belial and Hooded Figure: (majestic laughing)

*Depeche Mode - Photographic (Remix Mylo) song starts playing*

Look! It's Magus in real form? And Demon God Astaroth?



Ribby's Watchlist of Questions and Solutions (in categories). May contain pointers about certain aspects of the game. Personal notes (regarding the game [or maybe not]) included. Are you a guest or have some (off-topic) message for me? Use my shoutbox.

Game/Wiki Rules/Terms of Service/Disclaimer Questions (and Solutions)

I know this is a place between a hard rock and the bottom, but I have to address this issue before it eventually gets overblown to a meltdown. Despite how great this game can be, there can be the human flaws of getting caught up in account suspension or ban. I hope that this section with its subsections, will help all players become more immersed in gratification without risk of that very freedom in being confiscated for any reason.

Privacy and Freedom of Speech

You will need privacy, even though it disrupts the remaining social aspect of the game. Reason why is because with more witnesses, comes more possibility of reports. I don't care if it's in a different language, recognition is enough for the reports to be starting. The more you keep up with no friend requests and crew member scoutings, the more (constitutional) freedom (of speech) you have in your Granblue Fantasy life.

Now, we are not talking about crime here, folks. We are talking about a possible speech incident that could procure into something more insidious or sinister. We are talking about "made up claims" in incitement/conspiracy, provocation/instigation, false accusation/slander/libel/defamation/false light/false conviction/miscarriage of justice, harassment/threat, and inchoate offense/incomplete crime/attempt/pretense of them to start banning accounts like a McCarthyism witch hunt. 'Imminent lawless action' is an exception to freedom of speech, but for this game, it requires a lot of chat history and movement to produce the necessary imminent danger. Such incidents does happen so "close up the friend requests and crew member scoutings". That way, you do not have to deal with any form of bad communication to come. Remember, it is your game, but it is your responsibility to keep it that way.

Wiki as Archive/Library

In case someone forgets, a wiki is an archive. That means you must treat it like a library, whose wealth of information accumulates over time. It is like a preservative and cannot be edited without authority. Only the librarians (wiki staff) have the power to edit the wiki pages with utmost accuracy and substance. Of course, if you know the game, know the wiki, and have reference with the staff (in communication), you will be considered as part of the staff. Otherwise, they will check your work.

As stated once again, this wiki is of timed patience, rather it is more like an archive! It cannot update synchronously with the game. It is not (rash) news coverage. Its purpose is information of past, not of present, not of future. Relay on its text like a library would. I already made two (event) topics (in Pending Wiki Questions, Solutions, and Suggestions section) and I am pushing the envelope! ░▒▓DON'T MAKE GALLERY TABS FOR EVENT PAGES! EVER!▓▒░ Hell, I been warned (indirectly) and even (temporarily) banned! Don't be like me, instead learn from MY mistakes!

Oh yes (I forgot), you 'can' make pages (not directories/folders) under your user page (directory/folder), but "external linking" is limited to the user page only! That means anything outside of the Granblue Fantasy context outside your user page (directory/folder) will be noticed under undesirable circumstances! As for making pages (under your user page [directory/folder]) within context, you can, but how many pages would you make? What be the matter of context due to this website being a wiki? I would reconsider not to due to the possibility of external linking. "Know your user page!"

Quest Event Questions (and Solutions)

Quests usually involve combat. Several quests have rewards in upgrade material. They might come in the forms of Angel Weapons square.jpg Angel Weapon, Archangel Weapons square.jpg Archangel Weapon, Summon s 2020021000.jpg Angel Queen, Summon s 2030017000.jpg Archangel Queen, Fury Pebble square.jpg Fury Pebble, and Fury Stone square.jpg Fury Stone. Angel weapons are for weapon and ally levels, queens for summons, and furies (and weapons with weapon skills) for weapon skills.

Unite and Fight Quests

A Valor Badge square.jpg Valor Badge (or revenant weapon) marathon. Personally, it's more of a farming quest for upgrade material to me. No uncap material except for the Sunlight Stone square.jpg Sunlight Stone (for SSR summons) and the fabled Gold Brick square.jpg Gold Brick (for Eternal characters). I don't really care about the gold brick (as well as for the Eternals), but there are moons as the ultimate award (for potentially valuable items). These quests are definitely reliable, but difficult sources of handiness. If you still running for gold (in terms of valor badges and [gold] moons as the prize), you must spend a plenty for a huge supply of Full Elixir square.jpg Full Elixir. You can either grind for them in the Coop Quests, or be in somewhat of a personal deficit because it's going to be one long week of rpg gaming! X_X

  • Engaging monster with 10k estimate in damage, solo mode?
  • Due to the hefty health of quest monsters in this timed marathon, TIME IS OF ESSENCE!!! I cannot stress this enough. Once you timed out of battles, you know you need to stack up attack, damage, and charge attack as much and as consistent as possible. When considering your main/support summon, look for high attack percentage boost in the summon aura. Then, you can consider about the summon calls. Of course, aesthetics is a virtue! lol
For instance, if I was to choose between Summon s 2040336000.jpg Rose Queen (Summer) or Summon s 2040296000.jpg Hamsa, I would choose the Rose Queen (Summer). Why? Well, I hate landing debuffs, in which sometimes, they miss. I do like the dispel and short cooldown, but I'm just winging it mostly for damage then, lol. I would have already found dispel alternatives and look for clarity, debuff resistance, and veil by then. Hamsa's certain benefit is the short cooldown, in which you be blasting. Rose Queen on the other hand, she just provides the buffs, which doesn't require to land in a hit-or-miss situation. Plus, she puts out more health and attack contribution to the party. Lastly, she's just looks so good, far beyond the maiden riding Hamsa. Kudos to Rose Queen then.

Rise of the Beast Quests

Four marathons in one! I use this quest to gather upgrade material. However, you may want to evaluate Broadsword of Earth square.jpg Broadsword of Earth (for extra HP [saved my allies {even my class!} in a few occasions]), Neptune's Trident square.jpg Neptune's Trident (for more RANK), and maybe Anemoi Silver Lyre square.jpg Anemoi Silver Lyre (for more EXP).

Proving Grounds Quests

A multi-party and multi-stage marathon. The loot is a new weapon, SR SSR Ticket square.jpg SR/SSR Ticket, and upgrade material. These materials come in the form of Copper Spellbook square.jpg Copper Spellbook, Silver Spellbook square.jpg Silver Spellbook, and Gold Spellbook square.jpg Gold Spellbook. All Spellbooks are for characters.

Trophy and Items Quests

The prizes for enduring trophy trials would/could be Weapon s 1030206100.jpg Treasured Talisman (for -ATK foe debuff and slight dodging), Cherished Flip Charm square.jpg Cherished Flip Charm (for shield on deployment), Reputable Red Relic square.jpg Reputable Red Relic (for immunity to skill sealing debuff), and Crab Grab square.jpg Crab Grab (for novel use). Take note. As for items, it's a different farming story in terms of personal preferences. Weapon s 1030803700.jpg Slime Bell, Weapon s 1040809000.jpg Silverslime Bell, and Weapon s 1040808900.jpg Goldslime Bell are all harp type weapons that boosts max HP of allies by element. The slime weapons are health based, since slimes are tough stuff.

Back in the day, Icon Renown Pendant.png Renown and Icon Prestige Pendant.png Prestige Pendants are gained with high level raid battles that costs certain treasures. Paying in treasures for a higher drop rate of prized equipment sounds fair, but for pendant gains, you'll be farming for more treasures than item loot. Pendants are currency that can be exchanged for rarely dropped treasures or weapons. Otherwise, you'll be gold panning for quite a while (prepare to spend a hour for a few finds, even with combat assistance to speed up the process).
Back to the convenience of pendant currency, the game made farming them easier with the Hard+ raid battles. Hard+ battles requires certain achievements to be met; one, to reach a whopping rank of 101, and two, to host the said Impossible raid battles. I know it's a long and hard road to rank 101 (I been there too), so just focus on team building and equipment. These three tasks are your foundation to progress throughout the game challenges. As for the hosting of Impossible battles, I know it's a bit cheap/unfair for fellow solo challengers, but expect to fail, reflect, and fiddle anyways. Impossible is (technically) impossible. Besides, exploring the possibilities of the situation will happen anyways. You want that class/weapon? Well, you just might need that to better your stand against Impossible battles anyways. The irony. So just host the battles, request for backup, and be on your way to farm items easier. You can solo the raids later. In case you are not able to find Hard+ raid battles, here's the road map. Also, Hard+ raid battles can be a great way to farm Omega weapons. They can be the prime weapon skills upgraders, not foregoing Fury Pebbles and Fury Stones of course.

Arcarum and Other Expedition Quests

A set amount of given turns to complete objectives over certain areas before you hit the hay and evacuate.

Main, Free, and Grand Blues Channel Quests

The pondering of strategies and stratagems over difficult (story) quests.

Party Assessment Questions (and Solutions)

The fiddlings and shenanigans of the given equipment. In what goes on in your plan versus your foes gets compared in mix and match comparison.





Darn, they standardize the Cosmic weapons into general attack and HP boosts. No more debuff success. Have to make it harder? Can't discuss strategies? Whatevers.
There are Primal Weapons (Auberon square.jpg Auberon, Cortana square.jpg Cortana, Erichthonius square.jpg Erichthonius, Gungnir square.jpg Gungnir, and Spymur's Vision square.jpg Spymur's Vision), but they may have different farming requirements outside Renown and Prestige Pendants (from any Hard+/Omega and Impossible Raids). The major difference between Ancient Primal Weapons and Primal Weapons is the type of weapon skills deployed. The difference can be affected by certain summon auras. For example, Olden Cortana's/Cortana's weapon skills boils down to Shalim or Oblivion. The (Celeste) Omega summons boost the Shalim weapon skills in their aura. The (Hades) Optimus summons boost the Oblivion weapon skills in their aura. I would say that Optimus summons would be better due to boosting more than one type of weapon skill.
There is a recent addition of Dark Opus Weapons, which are possible 'lower/medium' attack rate and charge gain weapons with no drawbacks tied to it. It's quite average as a skill (see more here Trade Pendulums), but there's more. Their ultimate other benefit is that there is an additional charge attack effect (to keep note of). Yes, it's technically a charge based weapon. You will need to figure out how to recharge in quick cycles to make the most out of these weapons. And then, your reward would be two turns of boost in attack rate and 20% charge gain. Guaranteed triple attack rate per turn would allow you to charge attack on every three turns with a invested weapon. You would usually charge attack in 4 ~ 5 turns without the weapon. The starting point before the first charge attack is another story. And just to put you down, you have a daily limit in gathering currency for this chargeable weapon. It's going to take a week in farming for each uncap in order to unlock the weapon skills.
So maybe the Dark Opus weapons won't really help you make the cut when you're facing off a proud difficulty solo battle. You will need to pick up the pace while surviving the onslaught during the early turns. I can't say that I have the Proud difficulty strategy under wraps, but at least there are Trium Skill Weapons (Weapon s 1040106400.jpg Ancient Cortana, Cerberus Order square.jpg Cerberus Order, Cortana square.jpg Cortana, Weapon s 1040206600.jpg Crystal Luin, Weapon s 1040108300.jpg Delta Quartz, Erichthonius square.jpg Erichthonius, Le Fay square.jpg Le Fay, and Weapon s 1040708800.jpg Levin Shooter) of their own specifications. Most of these weapons are in raid battles of impossible difficulty. You need to do a great deal of grinding before you can obtain one of these weapons. It may take time. Most greater skilled weapons will cost all your allies 10% of their health rating. Fortunately for us players, trium skill weapons come in all elements. Summing it up, these weapons can alleviate space from characters with attack rate support, allowing room to consider other battle situations. The weapon skill level might need to be high in order to suffice your party preferences. With that said, happy grinding! ;p


In addition, if you ever have any enmity, Status Jammed.pngJammedATK is greatly boosted based on how low HP is
, or self sacrifice characters, enough of a Titan cycle will keep the character going (support of sustainability required). I would recommend Npc s 3040235000 01.jpg Colossus, Npc s 3040122000 01.jpg Scathacha, Npc s 3040110000 01.jpg Beatrix (Themed), and Npc s 3040070000 01.jpg Beatrix. These characters have full control over their death situations. Other characters have turn-based death situations. You better know what to do and keep count on the turn countdown! link=Jeanne_d%27Arc_(Dark) Jeanne d'Arc (Dark), Npc s 3040182000 01.jpg Freezie, and Npc s 3040211000 01.jpg Vira (Wind) are prime examples. They can be used when they are likely to perish, but it's up to you on how they will be self-sacrificed and kept alive with only 1 health point. There are other enmity and Jammed characters, but the ones I'm concerned about are the forlorn hope. See User:Midokuni/Notepad/Self Sacrifice Character Collection for details.

Draw Event Questions (and Solutions)

The gamble of the draw, regarding those draw tickets and crystals. Some of us players might call those who throw a dime as suckers. Well, it tends to be at least of a higher chance, even better combined with free draws. There are certain draw events that guarantees some goods for the penny. In addition, you can build up Silver Moon square.jpg Silver Moon and Gold Moon square.jpg Gold Moon to trade for Damascus Ingot square.jpg Damascus Ingot (for SSR Weapons). In addition, gold moons can traded in for a unique pick of either Siero's special pick ticket (for promotional characters [more of a collector's value]) or superlative weapons.

Draw Announcements, Tickets

  • How to know if themed draw events continue?
  • On occasions, draw promotions will cause all Premium Draws to come with a +1 Plus Bonus. These items come in the form of Weapon s 1019900000.jpg Mirage Munition or Summon s 2010012000.jpg Mirage Maker. While the value of investment is small, continued efforts to maximum quantity will reward in a 2000 health and 6000 attack estimate. Any player not willing to spend should stock up on draw tickets and crystals for draw promotions with one Plus Bonus per draw. That way, you get something even though your draws are a dismal letdown. The same advice should apply to spenders as well, so they can save up money for Surprise Tickets or even featured 300 Cerulean Sparks items. How many Plus Bonuses to take? I say 10 draws (with 1 part draw tickets) per day; otherwise, prepare to spend away tickets and crystals! Maybe even money! :S
  • Terms/Limitations on Siero's Special Pick Tickets?
  • Anniversary Ticket Application to Valentines Draw Event?

Draw Information Archive

  • Gacha Banner History, just remember to click the Start button after expanding table to view/study past/recent draw promotion periods. You might determine the future featured items that way.
  • Surprise Special Draw Set History, a record of the Surprise Ticket opening schedule. Includes Anniversary Tickets. Anticipate the next snag!

Pending Wiki Questions, Solutions, and Suggestions


Wiki Questions

Wiki Solutions

  • Help in formatting in wiki sites
  • GBF.WIKI Item Icon Referencing Guide ({_{itm|Anthuria_(Summer)|title=Anthuria (Summer)}_}, {_{status|Other Self}_}, {_{CharacterSupportSkill|Anthuria (Summer)|no/emp=1}_})
  • Url guide to accessing gbf.wiki's framed character image collection

Helel ben Shalem, m size, Outfits and Pose Settings > Inventory pose Helel ben Shalem, s size, Outfits and Pose Settings > Home screen pose Helel ben Shalem, f size, Outfits and Pose Settings > Party pose Grea (Summer), f size, Outfits and Pose Settings > Inventory pose Grea (Summer), s size, Outfits and Pose Settings > Home screen pose Grea (Summer), m size, Outfits and Pose Settings > Party pose

Wiki Suggestions

Granblue Fantasy Related Miscellaneous


マナリアフレンズ or Manaria Friends

Usually, anime colors (and quality) get toned down (costs of production factors), but at least this one manages to stay afloat? Retains pre-Code writing. Lots of scenery detail, lots of close-up shots, lots of sisterhood love! No tied up shirts like a brassiere just yet. t.A.T.u. - All The Things She Said reference? Maybe, but interesting flirtation of the idea.

Special Cutscenes

Valentine's Day, Heart heart! lol


Cerulean Sparks, Surprise Special Draw Sets, and Annual Anniversary Tickets

When you can't get that lucky draw within 27 ~ 30 pulls. Hey, it happens.

If you happened to be in a monetary pinch (it's probably the most cost efficient way [and won't make you broke, bankrupt, homeless, or the worse of all, lack retirement income sources {any time soon}]), then one pick of a item from a Surprise Special Draw Set would guarantee one allowed ticketable item in the item pool. You will need to wait for a few months before the next set is made available. It can take over a year or so to gather your favorite items with strict budget spending.

If you need an item from seasonal or promotional draw promotions, you will need the annual anniversary ticket. You get only one pick per year. Even then, some items can only be obtained by sparking.

  • Valentine's Day Draw

My first splurge was hell, but at least Clarisse (Valentine) is top tier (to me). Got Kaguya too. Rose Queen as well.

Unchained Melody, by Alex North.

Ohh... My love...

Unchained Melody, by Alex North.

A champion of the highest artillery caliber. Boasting plain damage that tears through elemental equation, Clarisse sounds an sought out draw on par with Zooey (Grand). Being an alchemist, she surely have more tricks than just plain damage. Veil, 1-hit Mirror Image, Shield, 70%/30% Armored, and 30% Charge Boost buffs. Delay and Gravity debuffs. That's alot of stuff, making Clarisse a MVP as well as an emphasis to guard her. Of course, the downside is that it would take ten turns before the artillery cannon is primed and ready to fire. Charge gains and guarding is recommended!

  • Premium Gala Draw

My second splurge was Ferry (Grand), but I had savings in advance as she belongs to a very rare chance of a draw. No Rose Queen though, will probably buy a surprise ticket for that.

Crowned with Mortality, by Pantheon.

Now, her plain damage is quite fair with the retaliation mode against foe special/charge attacks. At the very least, the suffering from foe HP trigger is not a complete loss. While she is not like Clarisse, she can excel in support roles where Clarisse lacks. Charge attack makes a great recharge loop (that's great for Clarisse). Her Benediction II skill is another charger, complete with boost and revitalize. Also heal allies, like Ejaeli. Blau Gespenst skill's single-sided atk/def down debuff is like Jeanne D'Arc. Die Umkehrung skill is something strange. Higher charge rate at the expense of high hostility. At least it's a temporary Autorevive shield/insurance. Just think of it that way. It might be Ferry's nature to charge up, but I certainly like the change in debuffs, healing, and autorevive. In conclusion, she is like a utility character, you'll surely find use for her, especially in non-elemental battle teams.

  • Halloween Day Draw

My third splurge was Lady Grey (Halloween). I also had savings in advance as she belongs to a very rare chance of a draw. I happened to got her way earlier than I intended. I'll save the rest for the surprise tickets. Summons in mind.

The 3 Caravels, by Mingos.

She does not specialize in plain damage at all! Instead, she acts more as a defense barrier for our fellow artillery units. General party defense buff is not perishable, with a single ally shield to boot. Minor healing, charge boost, and minor attack buff to be thrown in the mix. Sounds like some general support being covered. Asides from the little outside details, she doesn't sound like much, but you would appreciate the mere stopping power of this madam. When the assault comes sieging, I would like to have some peace of mind if not a comfort pillow. When I need my front to hold the line against the unknown, I have no second thoughts.

I wonder if Forte is another good dice...

  • Summer Draw

My fourth splurge was a somewhat discounted Satyr (Summer) summon, but she (weird name) still as steep as a Cerulean Spark price. Saved plenty of crystals and tickets in advance, but had not expect this flowering beaut to blossom as an opportunity grab. And it only happens in one of the Summer draw periods. Yes, that's right, only a handful is promoted before moving onwards to the next batch. Got to keep looking like a stock market. I got her just before nearing the spark price. What the hell?! Well, I got not one, but two Satyr (Summer) summons! Anyways, it should be the last of my great indebted shopping spree. Not mentioning the uncap requirements so the splurge carries on. Great team setup though!

I Dream of Jeannie cover (Samba 51 BPM [full version]), probably by Sanchez Dance Studio.

Now, she isn't a character, but a summon. However, I believe that her buffs are a worthy contribution to the team. I admit that the aura is too specialized, but her calls heals beyond ordinary numbers. Only a few items could heal above the 2,000 value. In addition, clarity (removes 1 debuff) is available. The only condition to activate these effects is a foe's charge attack. Then the magic will happen. You can say that the buff is simply healing and veil in an interrupt move. Pretty good in timing since charge attacks are quite devastating and unpredictable. You can save your other recuperation methods for the next round. The only drawback is that there is a duration of 3 turns before the buff expires. Not much difference from using a buff summon after a foe's charge attack. Only that the call must be made beforehand. Still, two benefits are better than one, no?

Favorite Summons

Of course, characters and weapons will not be enough regardless of (active/passive) skills or charges.

  • Indefinite Buff Summon Call

This girl is called Satyr, the indefinite buffer summon whose 4th star is worth each invested Surprise Ticket and Sunlight Stone. It's a good thing that this summon is ticketable in the first place! Misers will lose out plenty if they want to hoard enough sparks for Satyr, and that's in four consecutive rounds! Might take about two to four years in that route. Now, I admit that the investment takes a while (and costs a bit) before you finally see the glorious results for yourself. Regardless (of the swindly deal), I suggest to take her as a priority summon.

Rolling Stones Shreds, by StSanders.

When you are busting down from Nightmare and Impossible battles, you can count on Satyr to bring a comfort body pillow to you. She utilizes both attack and defense buffs with indefinite duration. That extra padding should be good enough. Also, sexy and cute at the same time, somehow. Did I also mention of high damage value upon call?

  • Defense and Heal Summon Call

My to-go Surprise Ticket pick would be the Rose Queen. For those on spending, hold onto those MobaCoins. Surprise tickets are four per year. Very limited. For those not on spending, save up a infinite tons of draw tickets and crystals, especially the draw tickets. If your stash can amount up to 300 Cerulean Sparks, you can get a draw prize. Before sparking, check the Trade Sparks contents for a Rose Queen summon.

Fighting Against The Waves, by Guardian.

For battles that would downpour the hail, Rose Queen can surely help in two defense buffs as well in Revitalize buff (healing/charging). Call that a double deal! Turn duration is limited so I would recommend purchasing a few for continued support.

  • Any Element Defense Boost Summon Aura

These girls hail from the 'Kou and the Hollow Existence' story event. It may not be a side story so you just have to catch it when the story comes around. It's like literally a change of seasons, the cycle of life, and all that, you know? I recommend keeping three summons and at least one with the 3rd star for maximum benefits. Once you get into the story (which is pretty good with elements of manipulation, self discovery, fear of being hurt [maybe holding hands], exposing oneself to the open, and actualization [the character You is pretty much an embodiment of these complicated feeling concepts]), you have to start grinding down on the high difficulty battles to collect as much of the summon copies. It can be quite hard, laborious, and even repetitive, but the girls are within your grasps.

Viikate Mies, by Viikate Mies.

I can't say that there are many notable highlights for this summon, but the fact that a whopping 20% boost to defense exists means it is something unique. Most defense boosters have a element specification, but these girls do with any element. That's quite a versatile thing. There's a little boost to double attack rate if it concerns anybody. Foxflame debuff does too minor of plain damage, but that's where you can bring in copies if you like. It's like a continuous cycle of Rose Queen, but in blind, plain damage and average defensive buffs. No healing though! No charging either! Like I said, you can tell that this summon is mostly for defense buffs. A simple, but excellent main summon for facing off the onslaught of attacks in the early turns, especially for Proud difficulty solo battles.

  • Debuff Success Summon Aura

Access to farming for Mithra is quite easy, but you will need to transverse a few story quests. Then, you need to farm for the shop's currency to purchase a Mithra summon from the Treasure Trade shop. Don't reduce or sell it, the drop rate for this summon is nigh negligible. I still haven't gotten another one to this day!

Dimmustyle, by XCLAX & Joppe.

For a minor farmable summon, Mithra can surely help out land them debuffs when facing off elemental equations or just high level battles. It's not much to elaborate, but sometimes, the simplest of things can spell a lifesaver from hostile charge attacks. I wouldn't say that Mithra is the best summon out there, but for a tip on survival, it's your best starting equipment utility. Waiting for revival will be futile at times. Makes a great RPG experience by the way!