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do you think bahamut lives in heaven because he's afraid of the players he's created
Started 2021, I've never lived in a world without Relic Buster and that haunts me to this day.

Crew: 穏やかな抱擁 / Serene Embrace

Add me: 35121757

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Looking for matching summons: XP summon in Water, Qilin/Huanglong (in that order), ULB Hades optional but appreciated.

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Trophy Gold square.png Achievements

November 2022

  • Evokers Bingo
  • 6/7 ULB Ultima Weapons, 7th pending PotA

September 2022

  • First successful SUBHL execute

August 2022

  • Every Skyscope mission completed
  • Every Arcarum Summon SSR acquired
  • Arcarum Summon ULB Bingo

June 2022

  • First SUBHL Kill
  • First ULB Ultima

May 2022

  • Outfoxed Cunning on Wings of Dark (BelialHL dark solo)
  • Every S1 Pride of the Ascendant PROUD+ Completed
  • Tower of Babyl fully mastered

April 2022

  • First Primal Grid (Hades)

March 2022

  • ULB Magna Opus Bingo
  • Seraphic Bingo
  • Class Bingo
  • Rank 200
  • Every non-Belial Solo Trophy (Belial sucks ok)
  • ULB Astral Bingo

Feburary 2022

  • Surprass Finality on Wings of Earth (FaaHL earth solo)
  • Quashed Chaos on Wings of Earth (BubsHL earth solo)
  • First Transcended Eternal (Six 110)
  • Every Pride of the Ascendant PROUD Completed

January 2022

  • Tower of Babyl cleared
  • First Evoker (Nier)
  • Exalted Wings, Pure Transcendance (UBHL solo)

December 2021

  • Eternals Bingo

September 2021

  • First FLB Eternal (Six)

June 2021

  • First Eternal (Threo)
  • Rank 100

April 2021

  • Got roped into playing this hell game

Icon Blue Star Full.png Wishlist / Goals


  • 1/6 Lucilius HL Solos
  • 7/10 Eternal FLB Bingo
  • 60/100 Superlative Weapon
  • 6/7 ULB Ultima Weapons (need PotA to come back lol)
  • Six 130/150
  • Nio 130/150
  • Okto 110/130


High Priority
Summon m 2040327000.jpg Summon m 2040385000.jpg Summon m 2040330000.jpg Npc m 3040425000 01.jpg

Normal Priority
Npc m 3040127000 01.jpg Npc m 3040372000 01.jpg Npc m 3040291000 01.jpg Npc m 3040141000 01.jpg
Npc m 3040027000 01.jpg Npc m 3040252000 01.jpg Npc m 3040360000 01.jpg Weapon m 1040014300.jpg

Art Picks
Npc m 3040056000 01.jpg Npc m 3040301000 01.jpg Npc m 3040089000 01.jpg Npc m 3040214000 01.jpg
Npc m 3040414000 01.jpg Npc m 3040431000 01.jpg

Book enhancement icon type 1.png Favorites

In no particular order:

Npc sd 3040112000 02.png Npc sd 3710071000 01.png Npc sd 3710016000 01.png Npc sd 3040283000 02.png Npc sd 3040357000 01.png

Npc sd 3040065000 03.png Npc sd 3710185000 01.png Npc sd 3040251000 02.png Npc sd 3040115000 02.png Npc sd 3710122000 01.png

Npc sd 3040375000 02.png Npc sd 3710073000 01.png Npc sd 3040321000 02.png Npc sd 3040111000 02.png Npc sd 3040306000 02.png

Icon augment2 l.png Rings

My ring choices are tiny brain, I just stick them on whoever deals big damage.

Npc m 3040035000 01.jpg Npc m 3040357000 01.jpg Npc m 3040376000 01.jpg Npc m 3040197000 01.jpg

Npc m 3040322000 01.jpg Npc m 3040261000 01.jpg Npc m 3040335000 01.jpg Npc m 3040249000 01.jpg

Npc m 3040147000 01.jpg Npc m 3040323000 01.jpg Npc m 3040351000 01.jpg Npc m 3040381000 01.jpg


Vivaldi g0e4ZjkoIN.png

Julinya made me do it lol