Verum Proof

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Fire Verum ProofWater Verum ProofEarth Verum ProofWind Verum Proof

The Verum Proofs are Fire Verum Proof, Water Verum Proof, Earth Verum Proof, Wind Verum Proof.

They are materials used to trade for and upgrade Arcarum Summons.

For Light and Dark Arcarum Summons, Fire/Wind and Water/Earth proofs are used respectively. The total amount of proofs is unchanged.


Use Amount
Trade for Arcarum Summons (SR) 6
Uncap Arcarum Summons (SR) to 1★ 16
Uncap Arcarum Summons (SR) to 2★ 30
Uncap Arcarum Summons (SR) to 3★ 50
Upgrade Arcarum Summons (SR) to SSR 80
Uncap Arcarum Summons (SSR) to 4★ 120
Uncap Arcarum Summons (SSR) to 5★ 250
Uncap Arcarum Evokers to 1★ 2
Uncap Arcarum Evokers to 2★ 2
Uncap Arcarum Evokers to 3★ 6
Uncap Arcarum Evokers to 4★ 10
Purchase Astral Weapons 500