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Official Profile

Age 18 Height 172 cm Race Human
Hobbies Landscape painting
Likes Forests, woodland animals
Dislikes Crowds, big cities

Character Release

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* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 18歳 Height 172cm Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 風景画を描くこと
Likes 森林、森の動物達
Dislikes 人ごみ、大きな街

Character Release

Source [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]




  • Is a childhood acquaintance of Jasmine.
  • Walder's artwork is used as a placeholder for uncapping characters to their Skybound artwork if the original character's artwork cannot be displayed or obtained from the server for whatever reason.
  • The weapon which recruits Walder is Weapon s 1020100700.jpg Main Gauche, which is used to Upgrade Sierokarte's Shop. However, it isn't available from draw other than from the tutorial 10-draw.

Special Cutscenes

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These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
View these tabs at your own discretion.

Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday!
Today is your day! Let's celebrate!


Happy! Birth! Day! To you!
Heheheh! How do you like this pose? Pretty cool, huh?
It's my birthday present to you! You can strike this pose anytime you like!


Happy birthday, (Captain)! I've saved up my best lines for you on this special day!
Are you ready for this? Ahem.
A free-spirited warrior who soars above the clouds and captures the hearts of every ally ever met! A young hero with clearly no equal in any nook of the vast blue expanse!
The one! The only! Sky Ranger... (Captain)!
Huff... Huff... Phew, ran out of breath putting everything I had into that one...
It'd totally make my day if you got up on the big stage and showed off that pose I gave you last year!


Happy birthday, (Captain)! Let's make this day a super-duper-awesome fun day!
And that calls for a super-duper-awesome present. Which I have right here!
Ta-da! It's a bandana. Jasmine made it for you. Vyrn did his share too of course.
Someday me, Jade, you, and Vyrn will don our bandanas and form the ultimate ranger squad!
Hahaha! Man, I just can't wait!


(Captain), happy birthday! Prepare yourself for a present like you've never seen before!
Ta-daaa! Get a load of this! I drew you a picture!
Look, there's me and you and Jade and Vyrn. We're rangers, protecting the forest! Heh heh. It's my greatest masterpiece!
Cause usually, I only draw scenery. Took me a bajillion tries before I got this one down pat!
Soon, we're gonna be great heroes, just like in this picture! Am I right, or am I right!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year!
There's kite flying, badminton, and pin the tail on the donkey... Your pick! I won't lose!


Happy New Year!
And many more to come!
Mmm! Feels like a fresh start!
I heard that people like to visit shrines or get new year's fortunes to celebrate.
Heheheh! I'll show you luck of a wild spirited, valiant woodland warrior and forest ranger!
Whoa! I got the luckiest fortune!
I'm the best! Did you see, (Captain)?


Happy New Year! Come on, let's go pull our fortunes for this year!
My fortune came out as super good luck last year. You think I can't pull it off again two years in a row? Hey, you know I don't play by the rules!
Heh-heh-heh! I'll show you how I roll!
Whoa! Did... did I really just get the same awesome luck twice?
I'm the man! And I'm also a little scared! What do you make of this, (Captain)?


Happy New Year! Something tells me this one's gonna be jam-packed with adventure!
Heh! It's the first day of the year, but it's already filled with excitement.
I wanted to give New Year's money to all the kids on the ship, and more than last year too. But then I realized that would totally clean me out.
But a ranger never gives up! So I decided to have a giant New Year's cash blowout.
Sigh, I wanted a new scarf for myself...


(Captain), happy New Year! You ready for an adventure? 'Cause that's our first order business!
Heh-heh-heh. 'Course, the first dream I had this year was all about adventuring. It's only natural for a great ranger like me!
Man, it was awesome. I was so wild and free—running through forests, climbing up mountains, and rafting down rivers...
Hm? Well, look at that face. You can hardly wait to set out!
All right, then! Let's turn my dream into reality! Off to the forest we go!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

It's Valentine's Day! Doesn't chocolate sure taste great?
So, you know, you could give me some if you'd like!


I love chocolate whether it's sweet milk chocolate or rich dark chocolate!
I'll take whatever you've got, (Captain)! So let's have it!


He's a brave warrior of the forest and glorious chocolate connoisseur! The one! The only!
Sweet-Tooth Ranger Walder!
I've been waiting for this, (Captain)! Thank you as always!
Seriously, I gave up chocolate for a whole month for this moment!
As I watched the ranks of our crew grow, I thought to myself: maybe I'll get nothing this year. The feels, you know? The feels...
Boy am I glad I trusted you all along! Time to clog my heart with chocolate!


H-huh! Chocolates or me again this year?
I never would've thought that (Captain) could think of me as more than a...
Wait... Don't get carried away. This is a place for Ranger Deep Breathing!
Wheeew! (First I should say thanks and make small talk to see what's really going on here...)
(But what about me? What am I even trying to do here?)
Ah...Gaaasp! Darn, I held my breath too long...


Wh-what! (Captain)! Again? For me?
C-could it be? Does (Captain) feel that way... About me?
Huh? What? It's nothing! Look! Here's my appreciation pose!
Thank you, (Captain)!
(I-it's no good! Doesn't feel as sharp as usual... Why won't my body listen to me!)
(My heart's beating fast... My face is heating up... Just what does my body think it's doing?)

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Today is White Day!
So here's a White Day present from your favorite forest ranger! Go on and take it!
Do you like it? Glad to hear it!


You see... I wanted this to express how much I care about you. So please take it!
We're close friends now, (Captain), but telling you that still makes my cheeks turn red!


He's a brave warrior of the forest and rememberer of important dates! The one! The only!
Gentleman Ranger Walder!
Here you go, (Captain). I ventured into the city again to buy you this White Day present.
I was in a hurry, you know? Still haven't gotten used to all the crowds and stuff, so I didn't actually look at the price tag when I grabbed it...
Um, well, what I'm trying to say is it's super nice! Don't let the cost hold you back from eating them!


(Captain), I brought you something for White Day! This year you get Ranger Sweetums!
I bake egg whites, sugar, and almond, then stick two together with cream filling. They come in all different colors.
H-huh? Macarons? You mean they're already a thing?
Heh... Then I'll rename mine Ranger Macarons! They're as tasty as it comes!


(Captain)! Hold out your hands!
Heh. You know who I am, don't you?
Yes, I am none other than he! The valiant woodland warrior... Forest ranger Walder!
This year's Ranger Sweets are really something to behold! They're bursting with goodies from the forest.
I'm talking pies chock full of fruits and nuts from trees, cookies overflowing with honey from flowers... You won't find anything tastier!
If you want, I can make you more any time! Don't be shy, okay?

Tasty Macaroons square.jpg Tasty Macaroons

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Trick or treat!
Will you give me candy? Or will you take a chance with my special forest ranger traps? The choice is yours!


Halloween Ranger Walder has finally arrived!
Come at me with all you've got! I'll defend this candy with my life!


He's a brave warrior of the forest and unholy trickster!
The one! The only! Halloween Ranger Walder!
Heh... Our airship has a lot of kids, but compared to them I'm a real monster.
Why you ask? Because I have an insatiable appetite for sweets! I want more! More! Mooore!
Let the assault on the doors of the adult's rooms commence! Rangers away, (Captain)!


Heh, nothing beats Halloween. It gives me a chance to polish my reconnaissance skills!
See, I could hide on that street corner there, lie in wait for potential victims, and then jump-scare them at the right moment—
Huh? Looks like there's already some thing standing on the corner...
Whoa! I-it just moved!
Waaaugh! A ghoulie! Somebody save meee!


(Captain)! Trick or-
Choose: Trick or treat!
What! You one-upped me!
Candy? Ha! I was born to eat candy! I don't just give it away.
I-I guess I don't have a choice. Alright, (Captain). Hit me with your best trick!
And so Walder is gallantly pranked by (Captain).
The two friends let loose peals of laughter that go ringing into the night. But the Halloween festivities are only just beginning...
You... have no intention of forgetting about that prank, do you?
Wehh... Go easy on me, pretty please!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays!
Did you get any presents from Santa? I sure did!


The city sure is bustling with cheer this evening!
And the decorations everywhere look great!
I can't wait to show Jade one day... Oh! That's right!
Hey, (Captain). Wanna decorate my forest back home next year for the holidays?
The forest is pretty big! It'll be plenty of fun!


Hey, (Captain). Do you remember what I said last year?
I asked you to help me decorate my forest so that Jade could see a winter wonderland.
Well, things are kinda different now. I want to ask you guys again, but not until we can get Jade on the decoration team.
That'd be awesome. With Vyrn and Lyria and Jade working together... Yeah, it'd be the greatest winter celebration of all time.
Ho, ho, ho! Can't wait for fun times ahead!


(Captain), perfect timing! Would you mind helping out?
I want to give some holiday presents to the kids in the crew... But I noticed a little problem.
To do things the traditional way, you need to climb down a chimney and sneak the gifts into stockings.
But this ship doesn't have a chimney... That's why I've decided to add on a chimney to everyone's quarters! You can help me lay the bricks.
Hm? That would push the ship over the weight limit? And it's weird to sneak into people's rooms in the first place?
Waaaugh! That makes sense when you put it like that. So how should I hand over the presents?


Ha-hah! I sure love strollin' around town during the holiday season! We're all havin' so much fun! Ahahaha!
Haha... It's so shiny and sparkly... And there's a sea of people... Weeh...
I-I'm fine! A little crowd's not gonna scare me!
Why, you ask? Well!
I am an agent of the holidays, charged with the grave task of retrieving goods for the party...
Yes! I am none other than the great party ranger, Walder!
Let's head out, (Captain)! Preferably at a fast clip!

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Awaiting Awakening

(Captain) and company meet a young man in the Wayward Forest by the name of Walder. While Walder waits for his friend to awake from slumber, (Captain) invites Walder out into a world he's never known.

While searching for map pieces, (Captain) and company stop by a small shrine in the Wayward Forest.
A primal beast that has reverted to its crystal form slumbers within the shrine.
Lyria: The forest is so calm and peaceful. It smells nice, just like the sleeping primal beast!
Vyrn: Even as a crystal, you can sense its power all throughout the forest!
Lyria: Say, (Captain). This one doesn't have a map piece. Why don't we just let it sleep?
Vyrn: I agree with Lyria. It must be dreamin' about something nice right now.
Vyrn: Look out! Get down!
Walder: You stinkin', forest trashin' hunters! Step away from the shrine and nobody gets hurt!
Vyrn: Are you nuts? What kinda person attacks strangers outta nowhere?
Walder: I am a brave warrior of the forest! Call me Forest Ranger Walder! Heh, how do you like that?
Vyrn: Whoa! He's even got a cool pose and everything!
Walder: Oh! Someone who understands the finer things in life! You, my friend, are no ordinary creature!
Vyrn: I think we're gonna get along just fine—hey, wait a minute! Let's back up. Look, we're not here to mess up the forest.
Walder: As if I'd believe anything hunters say! Get a taste of this!
Lyria: We can't fight here! The primal beast has finally found a quiet place to rest!
Walder: Urgh...
Walder: You're right, young lady. I wouldn't want anything to happen to Jade.
Vyrn: You're really looking out for this primal beast, Bandana Man. What's the story?
Walder: Humph. I have no choice but to tell you since you asked. Settle in for the tale of passion! Friendship! Of Jade and Walder!
Vyrn: Uh... I'll pass...
Walder regales the crew with a tale he's been dying to tell.
After meeting Jade when he was a child, they bravely overcame many hardships. His voice drones on and on.
Walder: And then just when I thought I was a goner for sure—
Vyrn: Stop! Just stop! How long are you gonna keep talking for?
Vyrn: Jade saved you from some hunters, and you became friends. Is that about right?
Walder: Exactly. But then Jade changed into his primal form and fell into a deep slumber, as if to shut out the world.
Walder: If only I were able to communicate like the temple apothecaries can, perhaps Jade would still be at my side.
Walder: Even so... I know our bond was the real deal.
Lyria: But Jade's heart hasn't been closed off! Can't you feel how gentle the forest is?
Walder: You can feel it?
Walder: So I've got a talking a lizard, and a mysterious girl... Agh, I'm so lost! Just who are you people?
Vyrn: I ain't no lizard! I'm the coolest member of this crew!
Vyrn: There are more interesting things in the world than us, you know.
Lyria: Are you going to wait here until Jade wakes up, Bandana Man?
Walder: I want to deepen my bonds with Jade someday. I hope Jade and I can get along just as well as you guys do.
Walder: I wonder if there's something out there that can help me talk to Jade...
Vyrn: What is it, (Captain)? Huh? You want to show Bandana Man the world?
Vyrn: Haha, I knew it! If (Captain) says you're in, then you're in!
Walder: Scouring the skies for map pieces, huh... I like the sound of that!
Walder: I'll have plenty of tales to tell when Jade awakens. I'm sure Jade'll enjoy that.
Lyria: That sounds just wonderful!
Vyrn: If you've made up your mind, let's get ready to leave!
How many tales await Jade's awakening is anyone's guess.
But for now, the woodland animals bid farewell to the forest ranger as he steps foot into a whole new world.

The Worried Wood Warrior

Walder and the others land at a big port town, but Walder, unaccustomed to big cities, remains on the Grandcypher. Bandits sneak aboard and steal Walder's treasure, causing the remaining crew to give chase.

Lyria: Oh my goodness! What a big port! I bet you could find anything you want here, Katalina!
Katalina: Yes, it looks quite fun! I have a feeling I'll be able to find a wonderful sword here. Please tell me if there's anything you want, Lyria!
Rackam: Come on, Katalina! We finally get a chance to shop, and you zero in on weapons? Yeesh, you're obsessed.
Vyrn: Aren't you gonna shop with us, Walder? You can find a nice souvenir for your forest friend in a big town like this.
Walder: I-I'm fine...
Rackam: You sure? I thought you'd be interested in checking out bustling cities since you've only lived in forests.
Walder: I said I'm fine! Oh, I know! I'll keep watch over the ship! You guys go have some worry-free fun.
Rackam: Hmm... Well, have it your way. I don't need anything, so I'm gonna lounge around here too.
Vyrn: I think (Captain) wanted to do some maintenance. I'll stay on board too!
Walder: Then I'll go check out the stern. See you guys later!
Vyrn: I guess Walder's still not used to big cities.
Vyrn: We finally got him out of the forest, and he won't even head into town. What a waste.
Walder: Stop right there!
Bandit: Tch! They had someone watching the ship. Ain't no reason to stick around! Let's scram!
Walder: You're not going anywhere! Get a taste of the daring Forest Ranger Walder!
Rackam: What's all the racket? Oho... Thieves, eh? You got some nerve pickin' a fight with us.
Bandit: Hehehe... All your valuables belong to us! Take 'em back if you can. See if you can handle this!
Vyrn: They sicced a monster on us and ran off!
Walder: Argh! And to add insult to injury, they stole my lockbox filled with my mementos of Jade!
Vyrn: We won't let them get away with your precious memories! Let's move, (Captain)!

The Worried Wood Warrior: Scene 2

Walder ventures into the city, chasing after the bandits that took his treasure. The bandits escape into a den of monsters, and the crew charges in after them.

Vyrn: Something that weak isn't gonna stop us! Right, (Captain)?
Walder: Naturally! I'm gonna show them what happens when they make Walder angry!
Rackam: Um, I hate to say it, but they ran into the center of town. Aren't you afraid of big cities?
Walder: How did you know—
Walder: Don't insult me! The great Walder knows no fear!
Rackam: You don't have to push yourself!
Walder: I-I'm not pushing myself! Let's charge ahead!
Vyrn: You heard the man, (Captain)! Let's go nab those bandits!
Rackam: There they are, just around that corner! How you holdin' up, Walder? We're pretty deep in the city.
Walder: Mind your own business! I'll definitely overcome this adversity and take back my memories of Jade!
Bandit: How did you get this far? Don't tell me you beat that monster... Who the heck are you people?
Walder: I am a brave warrior of the forest! Forest Ranger Wal—
Vyrn: Ack! They took off again!
Walder: ...
Rackam: Uh-oh... They ran into the ruins. That place is a hotbed of monsters!
Bandit: Aaah! Monsters! Help! Somebody! Anybody!
Rackam: Tch. What an annoying bunch. They may be bandits, but I guess we can't let them suffer.
Walder: Naturally! Besides, I can't let anything happen to my treasures!
Vyrn: Walder's like a totally new guy!
Vyrn: As expected from a brave warrior of the forest! We can't get outshone by him, (Captain)!

The Worried Wood Warrior: Scene 3

Walder and company retrieve the stolen goods. Buoyed by success, Walder momentarily forgets his fears and launches into a triumphant speech.

Rackam: Way to go, Walder! Right, (Captain)?
Walder: Humph. Naturally! Forest rangers will never yield to evil!
Walder: Listen up, those who would trample upon precious memories! This is justice! Atone for your crimes!
Walder: Aw yeah! Was that a cool speech or what?
Rackam: Uh... I don't think they can hear you when they're unconscious.
Walder: Heh heh heh... Allow me to tell you how precious these memories are to me!
Rackam: Hey, are you listening to me? I said they can't hear you.
Vyrn: Oh great, he's about to start another long-winded story again!
Rackam: Look at you giving speeches here in a big city. I guess you've conquered your fears!
Walder: In a... big city? Gasp!
Rackam: Whoops. He was so caught up in the moment he didn't even realize where he was. He's frozen up.
Vyrn: Geez, he's hopeless. Hey! You okay, Walder?
Walder: M-me... c-city...
Rackam: Yeah, he's gone. All right, let's carry him back to the ship!
Born and raised in the forest, Walder must overcome his fear of big cities and their inhabitants.
No one knew it then, but in due time, his name would ring throughout the world.
Vyrn: Hey, hold up! You can't just sneak in your own stuff into the narration!
Vyrn: Sheesh. We're heading for a forest next, so we're countin' on you!
Walder: Heh! When it comes to forests, I've got you covered!
Walder: Because you're speaking to Walder, brave warrior of the forest!

The Wood Warrior's Wise Words

Rosamia brings (Captain) and the crew back to her hometown, hoping for a reunion with her family. But her family and childhood home are gone. Forest Ranger Walder's philosophy turns out to be what Rosamia needs to face the problems she has run from for so long.

Rosamia: ...
Rosamia is lost in a reverie that her mask does little to hide.
(Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn are discussing their concerns over Rosamia when Walder happens by.
Walder: Huh? What's with all the secrecy, guys? Something up?
Lyria: It's just... Rosamia hasn't been herself lately. It seems like she has something on her mind.
Walder: What? Rosamia's upset? How could I not notice! What kind of a friend am I?
Vyrn: Easy there, buddy. No need to take it personally.
(Great. Welder is exactly what this situation didn't need.)
Walder: Ah... How to solve this dilemma? I've had years living in the forest to cultivate my personal philosophy. Perhaps it's time to put it to good use...
Vyrn: W-wait up! Where do you think you're going, Walder?
Walder: I'm the man for the job! Walder the Forest Ranger cannot even spell the word "impossible"!
Rosamia: Sigh...
Walder: Hey, Rosamia! Mind a bit of company?
Rosamia: Huh? You need something?
Walder: Uh... No, but... This is the best spot on the ship to take in the view!
Rosamia: What's with you? It's the same scenery no matter where you stand.
Rosamia: (How strange... Why does he want to sit next to me all of a sudden?)
Rosamia: You're creeping me out, weirdo.
Walder: (Yeesh. As usual, her internal monologue isn't so internal.)
Walder: Um... I mean... Just look at that great big sky. Makes all your problems feel small and trivial, doesn't it?
Rosamia: What? Whatever you say, but if you don't need anything, I'm outta here.
Rosamia: (I wish it was that simple. Still, I guess I shouldn't just leave... )
Rosamia: I just don't want to cause anyone any trouble... This is something I need to handle myself, so I think I need to leave the crew...
Walder: (Dang it... She's clearly got some heavy stuff to deal with, so what do I say?)
Walder: (Ngh... I'm just gonna hafta take a page out of her book and be direct!)
Walder: Hold it right there, Rosamia! What do you mean, "handle yourself"?
Rosamia: Huh? H-how did you—
What are you, psychic?
Walder: That's right! Don't keep it all bottled up. Tell ol' Walder what's on your mind.
Rosamia: Grr... Walder... What manner of witchcraft are you using?
Walder: Dahahaha! The Great Walder is a master of the fantastic!
Rosamia: Gah... I suppose I can't hold it in any longer. I... I'll talk.
Vyrn: Wow... Whatever he said, it looks like it worked.
Lyria: Yeah! Let's go talk to her!
Expression grim, Rosamia lays her troubles before the crew.
Rosamia lost track of her family during her time as a test subject of the empire. She's been hoping to reunite with them ever since.
But since she betrayed the empire, she has no guarantee of her family's safety, and the fear of what she may discover has kept her from seeking them out.
Rosamia: Sigh... This is my problem, so now that I can control the mask, I'm going to leave the crew and head home.
Walder: Hang on, Rosamia. There's no need for you to leave! Is there, (Captain)?
  1. We'll come with you!
  2. Yeah, we can help!

Choose: We'll come with you!
Rosamia: Thank you, (Captain)...
Rosamia: Seems like I'm racking up quite the tab with you.

Choose: Yeah, we can help!
Rosamia: You're such a softie, Captain.
Rosamia: Haha. But I guess that's kind of what I like about you.
Continue 1
Rosamia: Sorry for making you worry. All of you. To tell the truth, I was dragging my feet at the thought of going it alone...
Rosamia: So please... I want you guys to come with me.
Lyria: Hehe! Of course we will! You know how important you are to us, Rosamia.
Vyrn: All right! Sounds like we got ourselves a new course to set!
And so the Grandcypher changes course, heading for Rosamia's hometown.
A visibly anxious Rosamia guides the crew through town.
Walder: Don't worry. I'm sure your family's safe.
Rosamia: Thanks, Walder. We're almost there...
But the home where Rosamia and her family once lived is gone.
In its place is a scorched ruin. Rosamia falls to her knees, tears streaming down her face.
Rosamia: This can't be... They... My family... But why...
Walder: This is awful! Who would do such a thing!
Just then, a man approaches the group, his wide eyes locked on Rosamia.
???: That mask... You... Are you Rosamia?
Rosamia: Who... Who are you? Don't tell me you're from the empire...
Town Sentry: Nothing of the sort. I am but a sentry. I joined the guard not long after you left...
Town Sentry: I can only assume you're here to see your family. But I'm afraid they're no longer here...
Quietly, the man begins to speak of the tragedy that befell Rosamia's loved ones.
According to him, it happened some months after Rosamia was summoned by the empire.
In fear that their latest technology had been leaked, the empire sent troops to attack Rosamia's home.
Town Sentry: I wish we could have done more, but we were no match for the Empire. All we could do was allow your family to escape...
Rosamia: I see... So they got away safely. Thank you.
Walder: Those low-down, rotten imperial scumbuckets!
Rosamia: ...
Vyrn: H-hey! You okay, Rosamia?
Rosamia: I'll be fine. I need to stop running from reality, no matter how grim it is.
Rosamia: They'll pay. Once I find my family, I'll root out the ones responsible for hurting them.
Walder: All right! That's what I like to hear, Rosamia! Those imperial goons are gonna wish they never heard of us!
Rosamia: Hehe. Thanks for everything, Walder! And the rest of you, too!
Lyria: Any time! With all of us working together, I know we can do it!
Walder's pushiness can be useful sometimes. Rosamia is finally confronting her problems after running away for so long.
She is filled with fresh hope. Perhaps one day she will settle her score with the empire and finally be reunited with her family.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.


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