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Xeno Weapons are Fabled Weapons, and provide a rare massive elemental ATK boost weapon skill.

Xeno Weapons can be upgraded to 4★ through forging. Forging a Xeno Weapon will change it into its True form.

List of Xeno Weapons

See: Weapon Lists/Xeno

Obtain a Xeno Weapon

Xeno Weapons are only obtainable from Xeno Clash Events by trading event treasure in the event shop or dropped by the Clash boss itself.
All Xeno Clash bosses and raids can drop Xeno Weapons.

The following materials are used to trade for a Xeno Weapon in the event shop:

The amount of materials needed increases with every trade, similar to the other items in the shop.

Step Limit Showdown Item
Scorching Peak square.jpgCrystal Spirit square.jpgLuminous Judgment square.jpg
Sagittarius Rune square.jpgShadow Sliver square.jpgSunlight Quartz square.jpg
Showdown Anima
Ifrit Omega Anima square.jpgCocytus Omega Anima square.jpgVohu Manah Omega Anima square.jpg
Sagittarius Omega Anima square.jpgDiablo Omega Anima square.jpgCorow Omega Anima square.jpg
Xeno Anima
True Xeno Ifrit Anima square.jpgTrue Xeno Cocytus Anima square.jpgTrue Xeno Vohu Manah Anima square.jpg
True Xeno Sagittarius Anima square.jpgTrue Xeno Diablo Anima square.jpgTrue Xeno Corow Anima square.jpg
Xeno Item
Infernal Vajra square.jpgFrozen Hellplume square.jpgSacrosanct Sutra square.jpg
Zodiac Arc square.jpgWraithbind Fetter square.jpgFlame Fanner square.jpg
1 1 30 20 3 10
2 1 60 30 5 15
3 1 100 40 10 20
4 1 150 70 20 35
5 1 300 150 50 70
Total: 640 310 88 150

Forging to 4★

Xeno Weapons can be forged into True versions, which upgrades their Charge Attack and adds a new weapon skill that unlocks at Lvl 120.

In order for a Xeno Weapons to be forged, it must be upgraded to lvl 100 and with its weapon skill at lvl 10. Forging a weapon must be done within the shop and requires the following materials:

Forging a Xeno Weapon into a True Weapon also uncaps it to 4★, increasing its level cap to 150 and skill level cap to 15.

Uncapping to 4★

As of 2018-03-16 it is no longer possible to 4★ uncap Xeno weapons.