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|valentine_text4=(Captain)? What are you doin' in the kitchen so late?<br />Me? I'm here to make Valentine's chocolates for tomorrow.<br />They're all for you, of course.<br />Remember what I said last year? I only make handmade ones for you.<br />You're the only one I think of that way.<br />Hehe. This is goin' to be my best batch yet, so look forward to it.
|valentine_text4=(Captain)? What are you doin' in the kitchen so late?<br />Me? I'm here to make Valentine's chocolates for tomorrow.<br />They're all for you, of course.<br />Remember what I said last year? I only make handmade ones for you.<br />You're the only one I think of that way.<br />Hehe. This is goin' to be my best batch yet, so look forward to it.
|valentine_gift=White Chocolate Cake
|valentine_gift=White Chocolate Cake
|whiteday_text1=White Day? Uhm...<br />
Sorry, I just ain't got good memories of this day.<br />
Ya see I used to get tons of candy from my sisters...<br />
So then I'd have to get somethin' for them all in return.<br />
I don't like that kind of pressure. I'd rather live without it.
|whiteday_text2=A White Day gift... For me? Thank you, (Captain)!<br />
...<br />
O-oh, sorry. I'm really happy. It's just that I used to never get anything on White Day, as you probably already know...<br />
I didn't think that receiving something on White Day could make me so happy...<br />
Thinking about it now, it's obvious why I haven't received anything on White Day until now.<br />
After all, besides my parents, you're the only one who I've ever given chocolate to.
|whiteday_text3=(Captain), thank you for the White Day gift.<br />
Haha...<br />
Ah, no... I'm just really happy you kept me in your thoughts...<br />
Um, is it okay if I take a look inside?<br />
I-is this a traditional drinking cup?<br />
This is to pay me back for the cup I gave you before?<br />
I look forward to the day we can have a toast using the cups we gifted each other.<br />
...<br />
Ah, thank you, (Captain)!<br />
It makes me so happy to hear that from you!<br />
I'll be using this cup as my family treasure!
|whiteday_text4=Are these cookies? Whoa! You baked them yourself?<br />
Th-thank you so much! I didn't think I'd get such an amazin' White Day gift...<br />
You're worried about whether or not they'll taste good?<br />
Heheh, well, you don't need to.<br />
Knowin' you made these especially for me is more than enough.<br />
Truly. (Captain), thank you. I'll be sure to appreciate every bite.

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Official Profile

Npc f 3040105000 01.jpg Yuisis
Age 21 years old
Height 166 cm
Race Erune
Hobbies Trying foods from various restaurants
Likes Sense of duty and humane feelings, family
Dislikes Treachery, those who hurt others
Formerly the only daughter of the boss of the Knights of Ditoria, a chivalric order which had split a certain town in half. Now, that order has been utterly destroyed by a hostile organization, and its members have since been scattered to other towns. Because of her straightforward personality and courteous demeanor, the scattered gangsters call her Boss, and even now love her dearly. Because of the trouble that might be caused if her involvement in the mafia were to be known, she conceals her lineage as she travels. Due to her inheritance, from childhood she has been wrapped up in various disputes; as a consequence of being raised in the middle of such circumstances, and contrary to her appearance, she is very much from an organization ready to use violence.
Source [1]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3040105000 01.jpg Yuisis
Age 21歳
Height 166cm
Race エルーン
Hobbies 食べ歩き
Likes 義理人情、家族
Dislikes 裏切り、他者を傷つける者

Source [1]

Npc f 3030245000 01.jpg Yuisis (Summer)
Age 21 years old
Height 166 cm
Race Erune
Hobbies Trying foods from various restaurants
Likes Sense of duty and humane feelings, family
Dislikes Treachery, those who hurt others
Source [2] [3]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3030245000 01.jpg Yuisis (Summer)
Age 21歳
Height 166cm
Race エルーン
Hobbies 食べ歩き
Likes 義理人情、家族
Dislikes 裏切り、他者を傷つける者
Source [2] [3]

Npc f 3040253000 01.jpg Yuisis (Fire)
Age 21 years old
Height 166 cm
Race Erune
Hobbies Trying foods from various restaurants
Likes Sense of duty and humane feelings, family
Dislikes Treachery, those who hurt others



Npc f 3040253000 01.jpg Yuisis (Fire)
Age 21歳
Height 166cm
Race エルーン
Hobbies 食べ歩き
Likes 義理人情、家族
Dislikes 裏切り、他者を傷つける者






  • Yuisis's mannerisms and speech are similar to those of the Yakuza, Japanese crime syndicates with strict codes of conduct.

Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday. We'll be havin' a big party later, right? On this, the day of the boss's birthday.
I wanted to give you this. Here, take it.
Huh? What's inside? It's a glass.
So that someday we can have a drink together.
I guess I can't get down with only breakin' bread.
Anyway, someday we can have ourselves a little drink. But don't worry, I can wait till you're ready.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
We've got a great party planned for you this year. Hope you're looking forward to it.
And one more thing... This is for you.
It's wine that was bottled the same year you were born.
A few more years and you'll be old enough to drink it. Be sure to use the glass I gave you last year.
Hehe. Don't forget to let me have a sip!


(Captain), happy birthday.
I'm glad I get to celebrate your birthday again this year.
Hm? Oh, you're wondering about this fish in my hands?
It's the type that we indulge in for auspicious occasions.
I couldn't think of anything better to celebrate this special day.
That's why it was worth going a bit out of the way to catch this one.
Rest assured—I'll handle the cooking too. I want you to just relax.
So leave all the prep work to me.
I can already tell this is one fish you're going to love.


(Captain), what would you like to have for your birthday party tonight?
You're the star today, so I wanted to make somethin' you'd like.

  • Choose: Some delicious meat would be nice.
    Hmm, okay... Then gallardoza it is!
  • Choose: Some delicious fish would be nice.
    Hmm, okay... Then we'll have fish again this year!
    But it wouldn't be fun if we had the exact same thing as last year, so I'll cook it differently this time.

Thank you, (Captain). I'll be on my way then.
Where to, you ask? To get the best ingredients, of course.
It's your birthday—a special day for a special someone. I can't settle for just anythin'.
Well, I'm off! I'll be right back, (Captain)!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text
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Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Guys always get so edgy at this time of year.
And they're always tryin' to chat me up.
Hah... Well, personally, I only give Valentine's gifts to people I respect.
I guess you probably figured that.
So, Boss, this is for you.
It's chocolates, of course. I wouldn't disrespect you with anythin' cheesy.
Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever given a Valentine's gift to anyone other than my parents until now.


I made some chocolates for you, (Captain)... As thanks for everything you do.
They're handmade of course. I mean, that's the only way to really show affection for someone, right?
Oh, this paper bag? There's more chocolate in here too.
I heard that Lyria gives chocolates to everyone on the Grandcypher.
So I decided I'd do the same thing this year.
We're all on the same crew, so it makes sense that we should let our fellow crewmates know how much we appreciate them!
Oh, but between you and me... Yours is special.
You're the one I appreciate the most, after all.


(Captain), sorry for intruding so late at night. Can I have a minute with you?
Okay, coming in.
Um... I made you some chocolate. Won't you have some?
Of course I made them myself. I wouldn't hold back on a gift for you, (Captain).
Sorry, the lack of sleep is getting to me...
Actually... I stayed up all night to make the chocolate...
Like I said, I wouldn't hold back on a gift for you...
Mng... I'll be okay though. I just need to hand out the remaining chocolates to my family.
Good night, (Captain).
Oh, just one more thing...
Only the chocolates for you are handmade.
You're the only one I think of that way.


(Captain)? What are you doin' in the kitchen so late?
Me? I'm here to make Valentine's chocolates for tomorrow.
They're all for you, of course.
Remember what I said last year? I only make handmade ones for you.
You're the only one I think of that way.
Hehe. This is goin' to be my best batch yet, so look forward to it.

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

White Day? Uhm...
Sorry, I just ain't got good memories of this day.
Ya see I used to get tons of candy from my sisters...
So then I'd have to get somethin' for them all in return.
I don't like that kind of pressure. I'd rather live without it.


A White Day gift... For me? Thank you, (Captain)!
O-oh, sorry. I'm really happy. It's just that I used to never get anything on White Day, as you probably already know...
I didn't think that receiving something on White Day could make me so happy...
Thinking about it now, it's obvious why I haven't received anything on White Day until now.
After all, besides my parents, you're the only one who I've ever given chocolate to.


(Captain), thank you for the White Day gift.
Ah, no... I'm just really happy you kept me in your thoughts...
Um, is it okay if I take a look inside?
I-is this a traditional drinking cup?
This is to pay me back for the cup I gave you before?
I look forward to the day we can have a toast using the cups we gifted each other.
Ah, thank you, (Captain)!
It makes me so happy to hear that from you!
I'll be using this cup as my family treasure!


Are these cookies? Whoa! You baked them yourself?
Th-thank you so much! I didn't think I'd get such an amazin' White Day gift...
You're worried about whether or not they'll taste good?
Heheh, well, you don't need to.
Knowin' you made these especially for me is more than enough.
Truly. (Captain), thank you. I'll be sure to appreciate every bite.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Fate Episodes

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Where It All Began

For Yuisis, having both the crew and the Ditoria Knights together for her parents' memorial service is like having her old and new families together. Yuisis takes the opportunity to renew her vow to rebuild the Ditoria Knights.

Some time has passed since Yuisis's induction into the crew.
One day, she is in her private quarters looking over a letter sent to her.
It contains an invitation.
"The 7th anniversary of the boss's death is coming up."
"We will be awaiting your arrival, Lady Yuisis."
Yuisis: So everyone's gonna be attendin'...
Yuisis: It's hard to believe seven years have already passed...
Filled with a heartrending yet wistful sense of loss, her eyes gaze into empty space.
Yuisis not in crew

Yuisis hopes to restore the Ditoria Knights, which was destroyed in a conflict with a rival organization.
She sees (Captain) as a shining example of the leader she herself aspires to be.
This prompted her to join the crew and learn from the captain's ways.
Yuisis: I need to tell (Captain) and the others about this, since I'll need to leave the Grandcypher for a while...
Yuisis: Actually, I'd rather have them come along if at all possible...
Yuisis: I suppose it wouldn't hurt to ask.
Yuisis: This crew's family to me, and they're always tellin' me to depend on 'em more.
Yuisis leaves the room with a smile.
Yuisis: (Captain), can I have a moment?
Vyrn: Heya, Crazy Girl. What brings you to (Captain)'s room?
Yuisis: I've a favor to ask...
Yuisis composes herself, looking to (Captain) with a somber mien.
Yuisis: The seventh anniversary of my parents' death is coming up. The Ditoria Knights will be gettin' together for a memorial service.
Yuisis: And I was wondering if you could come along.
Vyrn: Us?
Yuisis: Yes, I'd like to introduce you to my other family.
Yuisis: And to my parents.
Yuisis: Especially since you're the type of leader I aspire to be, (Captain).
Yuisis: I hope I'm not being too pushy by asking. It's okay if you've got somethin' else to do.
  1. We'll gladly come along.
  2. Let's go pay our respects to your folks.

Choose: We'll gladly come along.
Yuisis: Thanks, (Captain).
Vyrn: Wow, it's pretty rare for you to come to us with a request, Crazy Girl.
Yuisis: Haha, I'm just followin' your advice.
Yuisis: About how I should depend on you guys more.
Yuisis: That's why I decided to take the leap and try asking.

Choose: Let's go pay our respects to your folks.
Yuisis: 'Preciate it, (Captain).
Yuisis: I'm sure my other family, and my parents, will be very taken with you.
Yuisis: After all, (Captain), you're the one person who commands my complete and utter respect.
Continue 1
Yuisis: Let's go then. To where my mom and dad lie in eternal slumber...
(Captain) nods and sets a course for Yuisis's hometown.
The crew arrives at the island that serves as the final resting place of Yuisis's parents.
They first tour the town, with their Erune companion serving as a guide.
Lyria: What a lovely hometown you have, Yuisis.
Yuisis: Thanks... Boy, it's hard to believe how different everything is...
Seeing how much the landscape has changed puts Yuisis in a pensive mood.
Townsperson 1: Shoot, you seein' what I'm seein'?
Townsperson 2: She's back, huh... Then the others must be...
The townspeople direct their unwelcoming gazes toward the crew.
Vyrn: Is it just me, or is everyone looking at us funny?
Yuisis: Sorry... Chances are it's my fault...
Yuisis: The entire town was dragged into the Ditoria Knights' conflict seven years ago.
Yuisis: At the end of it all, so many innocent lives were lost.
Yuisis: That's why the town's come to hate us—or rather, the Ditoria Knights...
Yuisis turns her gaze to the nearby citizens. One of them shrieks in fear, sending the others dashing off in a mad panic.
Yuisis: It was his betrayal that started it all... We Ditoria Knights weren't the ones who lit the fire.
Yuisis: But none of that matters to the masses who had to put up with it all...
Yuisis appears both sad and frustrated as she speaks those words.
Vyrn: I don't even know what to say, Crazy Girl, but...
Yuisis: No worries, I've gotten used to it. Besides—
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: Lady Yuisis!
A gruff voice echoes across the street. A myriad of footsteps follows shortly after.
A large group of men wearing grim expressions come running toward the crew.
It takes them but an instant to surround Yuisis and company.
Ex-Ditoria Knights: ...!
Lyria: Yikes!
Ex-Ditoria Knights: Lady Yuisis! It has been far too long! How splendid it is to see you in fine health!
The stern-faced men bow deeply to Yuisis.
Yuisis: Haha, I'm just as glad to see you all doin' well. But would you quit callin' me Lady Yuisis already?
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: But that's who you are to us...
His cohorts nod in agreement.
Yuisis cracks a bitter smile, straightens her posture, then inclines her own head in response.
Yuisis: Thanks for gatherin' here today, everyone.
Yuisis: Livin' life while keeping your gang affiliations a secret is hard enough in itself...
Yuisis: Yet you still found the time to come out for the seventh anniversary of my parents' passing.
Ex-Ditoria Knight 2: Please, there's no need for you to bow to us! It puts us in an awkward position...
Ex-Ditoria Knight 3: It's as he says! We owe so much to the late boss! There was no question about us dropping everything to come here!
Ex-Ditoria Knight 3: Not to mention we had looked forward to seeing you again in good spirits, Lady Yuisis.
Yuisis: Thanks for the concern.
Yuisis: But I'm fine. And I have no intention of going down until I settle things with that traitor once and for all.
Yuisis: I should also mention I have a new family now.
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: A new family?
Yuisis: Yeah, let me introduce you... What's wrong, Vyrn? You're lookin' awfully startled.
Vyrn: I'm still comin' to terms with the fact that these scary dudes are all buddy-buddy with you...
Vyrn: Are they the family you talk about all the time, Crazy Girl?
Ex-Ditoria Knight 2: The hell did you just call her? You better take that back right now if you wanna leave here alive, punk!
Ex-Ditoria Knight 3: You got some nerve, you flyin' rat! I dare you to try callin' Lady Yuisis a "crazy girl" one more time!
The situation gets volatile as the men glare daggers at (Captain) and company.
Lyria: Aiiee! Th-they're scaring me...
Vyrn: Geez, what did I do wrong...
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: What is your relation to Lady Yuisis to begin with?
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: We may have to get rough depending on your answer...
Yuisis: Stop it!
In the next moment, Yuisis strikes a few of the men's heads with her scabbard.
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: L-Lady Yuisis, what is the meaning of this?
Yuisis: That's my line. Whaddya think you're doin' intimidatin' people you've just met?
Ex-Ditoria Knight 2: W-well, that fella called you "Crazy Girl"...
Ex-Ditoria Knight 3: There's no way we'd let you be insulted like that, miss.
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: You've lived a rather sheltered life, Lady Yuisis...
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: We couldn't be certain that you weren't being duped by this lot...
Yuisis: Sigh... You worry too much.
Yuisis: She's the boss of the crew I run with now. Lyria and Vyrn are fellow members.
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: I'd heard about you enlisting in a crew, but I shrugged it all off as mere hearsay...
Yuisis: I'm tryin' to learn to be a better boss. Thing is, (Captain)'s already everything I wanna be.
Yuisis: That's why I'm travelin' with the crew, picking up everything I can from (Captain) along the way.
Yuisis: And for what it's worth, we've already broken bread.
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: To think you'd go as far as to break bread with others when you were so shy about it in the past...
Ex-Ditoria Knight 2: The last person I remember you putting so much faith in was Elea.
Ex-Ditoria Knight 3: Just goes to show how committed to (Captain) our Lady Yuisis is...
The men trade glances before bowing their heads to (Captain) and company.
Ex-Ditoria Knights: Forgive us, Boss Jr.!
Vyrn: Whoa, when did (Captain) become Boss Jr.!
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: If you've broken bread with the young miss, then we're as good as family.
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: Putting it another way, you command the respect of the daughter of the Ditoria Knights' boss...
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: It's only right that we pay you that same respect.
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: So in more ways than one, you're our Boss Jr.
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: I hope you'll forgive us for our earlier transgression...
The men take out short blades, each ready to cut off a finger.
Lyria: Yikes! Stop!
Vyrn: Gah! You guys are no different from Crazy Girl!
  1. Yo, cut that out! Boss Jr.'s talkin'!

Choose: Yo, cut that out! Boss Jr.'s talkin'!
The men freeze at the sound of (Captain)'s voice.
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: But we have to make an example of ourselves, or...
Vyrn: (Captain) says it's cool, so let's just forget about it!
Lyria: Yes! Please put your knives away!
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: Very well...
Vyrn: Whew, I guess crazy runs in the family...
Lyria: Ahaha, maybe. That really scared me.
Yuisis: Everyone knows that's just how you show respect.
Vyrn: That's probably a lil' too much respect...
Yuisis: Where are the other members of the family? Will they be comin'?
Ex-Ditoria Knight 3: A few are already sweeping the burial site, while others are preparing the memorial service.
Yuisis: Yeah? I'd better get changed and get going too.
Yuisis: I'll be right back, (Captain). I need to change into somethin' more appropriate.
Yuisis: As the family rep, I've gotta represent after all.
Yuisis: I'm ready, (Captain).
The captain turns around to find Yuisis dressed in mourning clothes.
Yuisis: Let's go.
And so begins their walk toward the gravesite.
(Captain) and company arrive at the resting place of Yuisis's parents.
The many who've already gathered there greet Yuisis with great respect.
Yuisis makes her way to the front of the procession and kowtows before her parents' tombstones.
Yuisis: Dad... Mom... I'm back.
Yuisis: There's somethin' I want to tell you two.
Yuisis: I'm in (Captain)'s crew right now, learnin' what it means to be a leader.
Yuisis: (Captain)'s code of honor as captain is somethin' else. I can't help but respect it.
Yuisis: What I see in (Captain) is the ideal leader I hope to be myself, in the future.
Yuisis raises her head and looks to her parents' graves, pure determination shining on her face.
Yuisis: Dad, Mom, I promise...
Yuisis: That once I've settled the matter of the betrayal, I'll be back to restore the Ditoria Knights.
Yuisis: With smarts rivaling (Captain)'s, I'll be ready to ensure that Ditoria thrives once more.
Yuisis swears a solemn oath to her parents' gravestones.
In her eyes burns a hopeful vision for the future, mixed with a dark desire for revenge.

Chasing Dreams

Yuisis goes off alone after the service. (Captain) gets worried when she doesn't return by nightfall, and goes out to look for her. (Captain) finds her gazing at the house she grew up in, when a hit man ambushes her.

After the memorial service, the crew enjoys lunch with Yuisis's family.
Yuisis finishes her meal early and stands up.
Yuisis: Sorry, but I need to head out for a bit.
Yuisis leaves the restaurant alone.
Hours later, even as the shades of night begin to fall upon the town, Yuisis still has not returned.
(Captain) and company begin to worry.
Lyria: What's keeping her? I wonder if something happened...
  1. This isn't good. Let's go look for her.

Choose: This isn't good. Let's go look for her.
Vyrn: Why don't we ask these Grim Faces where Crazy Girl might've gone?
They put their question to the ex-Ditoria Knights.
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: Everything okay, Boss Jr.?
Lyria: Um... Do you happen to know where Yuisis might have gone?
Lyria: I'm worried that she hasn't come back yet... We're thinking of looking for her.
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: So I see...
The man puts on a perplexed look.
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: There's not much we can do, but if it's you guys...
Lyria: Um...
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: Ah, sorry.
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: She's probably at her birth home—the original location of the Ditoria Knights' headquarters.
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: Every time we visit the graves, she also makes sure to drop by that place.
Vyrn: Whoa, ain't you guys worried about leavin' Crazy Girl all alone this late at night?
Ex-Ditoria Knight 2: Heck yeah, we are! But our feet won't take us there...
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: Over the years, we've tried plenty of times to make sure she's doing okay...
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: Problem is, as soon as we get close to the house, memories of the bloody fight seven years ago come flooding back, and we just freeze up...
Ex-Ditoria Knight 2: Laugh at us if you will, but we're still having trouble accepting what happened back then.
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: Yes, that's why we've never succeeded in escorting her back—no matter how worried we were...
Sadness, bitterness, and regret are plastered all over their faces.
Lyria: I see...
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: But maybe you guys can do a better job in that regard.
  1. We'll try.

Choose: We'll try.
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: Appreciate it, Boss Jr.
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: And if possible, can it be just (Captain) who goes?
Vyrn: Huh? But why?
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: The rough dirt road there is not the easiest to traverse... It's also late right now, and monsters and who knows what else could show up...
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: But most importantly, I ask this for the young miss's sake.
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: I'm certain she wouldn't want too many in her family seeing her wallow in sadness...
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: But she trusts you and isn't afraid to open her heart to you, Boss Jr...
Lyria: Okay. In that case, it's best for the rest of us to stay here.
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: Thank you for your kind consideration...
(Captain) leaves the others behind and makes for Yuisis's home.
Following the directions provided by the man, (Captain) arrives at Yuisis's home.
The Erune stands there full of anguish and heartbreak, eyes fixed on a building in ruins.
(Captain) calls out to her.
Yuisis: (Captain)? What are you doing here...
  1. Just checking to make sure you're okay.

Choose: Just checking to make sure you're okay.
Yuisis: Oh, I should've guessed. Sorry for makin' you worry.
Yuisis: I lose track of time pretty easily when I get to thinkin' about the past.
Yuisis turns to her former home again with a tearful look on her face.
Yuisis: I have so many memories with my family here...
Yuisis: All those times my parents got angry about my little pranks on them... All those times they praised my work in the arts...
Yuisis: Whenever I couldn't sleep, Mom would read to me until I dozed off.
Yuisis: Whenever I caught a cold, Dad, as strict as he was, would tend to me for entire nights.
Yuisis: On my birthday, Mom, Dad, and Sis would all get together to celebrate...
Yuisis: I miss their smiles and the warmth of their touch...
Yuisis: I remember the good times so vividly...
Tears stream down her face.
Yuisis: But at the same time, I've got painful memories of so many family members droppin' like flies...
Yuisis: When things broke down, all I could do was take my big sis's hand and run away...
Yuisis: While seein' my mom, dad, and so many others get struck down...
Yuisis shakes with regret, or perhaps remorse, as she clenches her fists.
Yuisis: I'm still alive right now only because so many of them gave their lives to keep me safe...
Yuisis: That's why I've made it my life's goal to avenge them.
Yuisis takes a deep breath, her eyes still on the ruins.
Yuisis: My shattered home marks a turning point in my life, and it represents what I am today.
Yuisis: That traitor is going to pay for this.
Yuisis: I'll rebuild the Ditoria Knights and reclaim the happiness we once had.
Yuisis: I made a promise...
Yuisis: That's why I drop by here every time I visit the island for a memorial service. To keep the promise alive...
???: Your life ends here!
A man lurking in the brush leaps out with a knife in hand.
He swings it furiously at Yuisis.
Yuisis: ...!
(Captain) deflects the blade in the nick of time, knocking back the assailant.
Yuisis: Thanks for the save, (Captain)!
???: Tch, I was sure I had you... But this is where your luck runs out!
The man regains his balance and rushes at Yuisis again.
Yuisis: You must be a hit man for some gang...
Yuisis: But you've got another thing comin' if you expect me to go down so easily!

Chasing Dreams: Scene 2

After learning from the defeated hit man that their friends may be in danger, (Captain) and Yuisis rush back to find Lyria and Vyrn tending to the wounds of the Ditoria Knights. Not one to take this lying down, Yuisis calls for an attack on the ones responsible—the Zerion Knights.

The hit man lies on the ground defeated.
Yuisis holds her sword against his neck.
Yuisis: Time to spill the beans: which gang hired you? And what reason do they have to come after me?
Yuisis: Of course, you could also keep quiet... Just as long as you're ready for the consequences.
Zerion Knight 1: I'm with the Zerion Knights that control this island.
Zerion Knight 1: The orders came directly from upper management at our parent organization.
Zerion Knight 1: I was told to eliminate every last one of the Ditoria Knights.
Zerion Knight 1: And to nab your relic of a sword.
Yuisis: ...!
Yuisis: Just tell me one thing: the name of the person who gave the order.
Yuisis: Be a good stool pigeon and fess up. Or would you rather be pigeon carrion?
Yuisis makes a cut along the man's neck as she slowly withdraws her sword.
Blood beads along the cut and drips to the ground.
Zerion Knight 1: Arrogante—he's one of the top brass.
Yuisis: So it is him!
Yuisis: Answer me. Where's Arrogante right now. Is he part of your gang?
Zerion Knight 1: Wish I knew...
Yuisis: Start squawkin', or I'll open a few more vents in your hide.
Zerion Knight 1: You sure you should be wastin' your time on me?
Yuisis: Whaddya mean?
Zerion Knight 1: Like I said, the order was to eliminate every one of the Ditoria Knights.
Yuisis: Oh no! My family and the crew!
Zerion Knight 1: Don't you think you should get back before someone offs them all?
Yuisis: You wretch!
Yuisis knocks the man unconscious with the hilt of her sword.
Zerion Knight 1: Urgh!
Yuisis: We can continue the interrogation later. (Captain), let's get back.
The two rush back to the restaurant where they left their friends.
Yuisis: Huff... Huff... Is everyone okay?
(Captain) and Yuisis burst into the restaurant.
Many lie injured, and Lyria and Vyrn are tending to their wounds.
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: What about you, Lady Yuisis!
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: A bunch of Zerion Knights mentioned some crazy hit man going after you...
Yuisis: I'm fine. I had (Captain) to watch my back.
Yuisis: I'm more worried about you guys.
Lyria: Me and Vyrn are okay. Everyone kept us safe.
Lyria: But in the end they got pretty beat up...
Ex-Ditoria Knight 3: Nah, it wasn't too bad really. We got grazed a bit is all.
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: Yeah, we'll manage.
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: Besides, we're all practically family now that we've broken bread.
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: If a few scratches is all it takes to keep family safe, we'd gladly do it again.
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: More importantly, there's something we need to tell you two...
???: You're gonna pay for this one way or another!
???: How 'bout we chuck your entire family into the pit of the skies!
A furious voice echoes across the restaurant.
(Captain) and company find Yuisis's men threatening the owner.
Yuisis: I can't believe you guys! What are you doin' browbeatin' the local townsfolk!
Ex-Ditoria Knight 2: Lady Yuisis, this goon's done us dirty.
Ex-Ditoria Knight 2: He's the one who sold us out to the Zerion Knights and told them where we all were.
Yuisis: Is that true?
Vyrn: Yep, Grim Face here speaks the grim truth.
Vyrn: I even overheard a bunch of the Zerion guys thanking him.
Yuisis: So I see we're not exactly dealing with someone who's on the straight and narrow.
Ex-Ditoria Knight 2: How do you wanna handle this, Lady Yuisis? We could just toss 'im off the island...
Restaurateur: ...
Yuisis: Let's not get too hasty. Mister, why did you rat us out to Zerion?
Restaurateur: They were ready to burn this place to the ground if I didn't.
Yuisis: I don't get it. Why would they trouble you—someone who's not even part of their gang?
Restaurateur: The Zerion Knights throw their weight around by means of violence and hefty protection fees.
Restaurateur: Anyone who tries to go against their hold over the island gets purged.
Restaurateur: I had no choice but to fall in line.
Lyria: That's awful...
Yuisis: I had no idea such a thing was happening on this island...
Restaurateur: If you Ditoria Knights had manned up and won that battle, none of this would be happening.
Restaurateur: But no, you just had to go and lose everything!
Deep-seated resentment is written across his features.
Yuisis: I'm truly sorry.
Yuisis apologizes with a bow.
Ex-Ditoria Knight 2: Lady Yuisis! You shouldn't have to do that! Let's not forget he's the one who set us up...
Yuisis: Responsibility for what's become of the island falls on us Ditoria Knights.
Yuisis: We owe them all an apology.
Her family remains silent.
Restaurateur: Apologize all you want—not like it makes a difference.
Restaurateur: As long as the Zerion Knights are in power, this is how things will continue to be...
Leaving behind those words for all to ponder, the owner retreats to the back of the restaurant.
Yuisis watches while chewing over the current state of things.
Yuisis: No matter how things shake out, there's some info I need the Zerion Knights to cough up.
Yuisis: Let's see...
Lyria: What's wrong, Yuisis?
Yuisis: I've decided. We're gonna bust some Zerion heads.
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: Lady Yuisis, what are you saying!
Yuisis: The Zerion Knights' parent organization has a bull's-eye painted on everyone involved with us.
Yuisis: If we're to have a future, it's better we settle things with them sooner rather than later.
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: I suppose you're right...
Yuisis: As the Ditoria Knights' current de facto don, it's on me to take action.
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: ...
Yuisis: Mom and Dad would be tossin' and turnin' in their graves if they knew what was happenin'... I ain't gonna let this continue...
Yuisis: Especially with how my family's bein' targeted now.
Ex-Ditoria Knight 1: I see. We'll be with you every step of the way, Lady Yuisis.
The others nod in unison.
Yuisis: Glad to hear it.
Yuisis: Sorry for deciding this on my own without consulting you, (Captain)...
Yuisis: But I ain't about to look the other way when the Zerion Knights are committin' all these heinous crimes.
Yuisis: But this is my problem. You don't have to get involved.
Yuisis: If you're not up for bustin' some heads, maybe you can head back to the Grandcypher.
  1. ...
  2. Of course I'm in.

Choose: ...
(Captain) lets out a deep sigh.
Yuisis: (Captain)?
Lyria: Have you forgotten what we said before? We want you to depend on us, even if you think it'd be trouble for us...
Yuisis: Yeah...
Lyria: Then tell us what you'd really like deep down...
Lyria: What can we, as your family, do to help you out?
Yuisis: ...
Yuisis: (Captain), please lend us your strength.
Yuisis: For the sake of everyone living on this island... And to preserve the memory of my dad and everything the Ditoria Knights have accomplished...
Yuisis: And so that I can do right by my own code of honor...
Yuisis bows to (Captain) and company.
(Captain) cracks a toothy grin.
Yuisis: Thank you, (Captain).
Yuisis responds with an even toothier grin.

Choose: Of course I'm in.
Yuisis: I owe you one, (Captain). Sorry for all the trouble.
Lyria: It's no trouble at all. Like we've always said...
Lyria: We're family now, so you shouldn't have to keep your distance.
Vyrn: Not like we'd leave you to handle it all alone anyway after hearing what's happened.
(Captain) nods in agreement.
Lyria: Yes, we can start by working together to help the people of this town.
Lyria: But let's not do anything too crazy.
Yuisis: I'll try to keep it clean, but who knows what might happen...
Yuisis: It's gonna come down to how things play out in the end.
Continue 1
Yuisis: Now let's hit Zerion HQ and bust some heads.
Ready to take matters into their own hands, they all set out for the Zerion Knights' headquarters.

Chasing Dreams: Scene 3

During the crew's raid on the Zerion Knights' headquarters, their boss offers to give Yuisis info on the one who betrayed her family—on the condition that she joins Zerion. Yuisis laughs off the suggestion and resumes her attack.

The crew initiates a raid on the Zerion Knights' headquarters.
(Captain) and Yuisis head deep inside the mansion, hoping to take down their mastermind.
Zerion Knight 2: You're finished!
Zerion Knight 3: There's no way we're lettin' ya get to the boss!
Yuisis: Come at us all you want! You third-rate goons are outclassed!
Zerion Knight 2: Rgh! No way...
Zerion Knight 3: Eeyargh! That happened way too fast...
Wave after wave of Zerion thugs assault the crew.
But they go down all too easily.
Zerion Knight 4: How the heck are you takin' so many of us out that fast...
Yuisis: Quality over quantity. You're third-rate precisely because you can't get that through your thick skulls.
Zerion Knight 4: Damn it!
One of them whips out a gun and fires it at Yuisis.
Lyria: Yuisis!
Yuisis: Nice try...
Yuisis swings her sword in the next instant, slicing the bullet in half.
Zerion Knight 4: Ack!
Vyrn: Wow, that's really somethin'...
Yuisis: A bullet's nothin' to worry about if you can track the shooter's line of sight and finger movements.
Zerion Knight 4: You've gotta be kiddin' me...
Yuisis: Sigh... They might be a big organization, but their members are total pushovers.
Yuisis looks down on the collapsed Zerion Knights.
Vyrn: Nah, I think you're just too strong, Crazy Girl.
Yuisis: Not at all. For instance, I still don't stand a chance against (Captain).
Yuisis: Not to mention my dad and his close aides, like Elea...
Lyria: Yuisis?
Yuisis: Sorry, it's nothing. We should keep going.
Yuisis: Their boss's room seems to be straight ahead.
(Captain) and company delve further into the mansion.
They defeat the men guarding an ornate door and burst into the room beyond.
Inside is a man protected by countless more goons.
Yuisis: You must be the boss of the Zerion Knights.
Zerion Boss: What of it?
Yuisis: Don't play dumb. You're mine.
Zerion Boss: Hah! Talking a big game even when you see how much protection I've got?
Zerion Boss: Hehe, I like your guts, girlie. So they call you Yuisis, huh?
Zerion Boss: Say, Yuisis, is there any chance I can bring you over to our side?
Zerion Boss: If you'll swear loyalty to the Zerion Knights, I'll let you have some juicy info... I'll tell you what I know about Arrogante!
Yuisis: !
Zerion Boss: You're dyin' to know where he is, aren't ya...
Yuisis: How do you...
Zerion Boss: The hit man who botched his job told me everything.
Yuisis: ...
Zerion Boss: Join me, Yuisis. Together, we can finish off Arrogante once and for all.
Zerion Boss: We do this, and Zerion will be recognized as one of the leading families of our parent organization.
Zerion Boss: Then we'll be able to expand to other islands instead of stayin' cooped up in this little part of the world.
Zerion Boss: It's not a bad deal for you either. Think about—
Yuisis: I refuse.
Zerion Boss: Wha?
Yuisis: I belong with the Ditoria Knights and (Captain)'s crew.
Yuisis: They're my family.
Yuisis: Even if hell froze over, I wouldn't go to work for a total mistake like you.
Zerion Boss: You talk big.
Zerion Boss: But are you really gonna let Arrogante slip through your fingers just out of pride?
Yuisis: I can get by without your information if it means I get to end you.
Zerion Boss: Hah, that so? Go ahead and try me then!
The roomful of Zerion Knights rush at (Captain) and company.
Yuisis: I fight to protect the innocents of this island... and to keep the memories of my parents alive...
Yuisis: And as a family woman myself, I can't overlook the deplorable acts your gang has committed.
Yuisis: That's why I, future boss of the Ditoria Knights, am going to take your life.

Chasing Dreams: Scene 4

Yuisis's elder sister Elea shows up to protect the Zerion Knights' boss, revealing that she's joined hands with the organization of the man Yuisis seeks vengeance on. That night, with encouraging words from (Captain) and company, the fearless Erune grows more determined than ever to carry out her vow.

(Captain) and company subdue every last one of the Zerion Knights.
Yuisis approaches their boss with her sword held high.
Vyrn: Wait up, Crazy Girl! Whaddya think you're doin'?
Yuisis: I'll be takin' his life. What else?
Lyria: No, you can't do that! Please lower your sword!
Yuisis: Sorry, but even coming from you guys, that's an order I can't follow.
Yuisis: This is how you settle things in my line of work. So please don't get in my way.
Yuisis brings her sword down on the Zerion Knights' boss.
But in the next instant, a woman leaps between them and deflects Yuisis's blade.
Yuisis: Who are you...
???: ...
Yuisis: Wait... You...
Yuisis: Elea? Is that you?
Yuisis stands dumbfounded.
Elea: Long time no see, Yuisis. It's been seven years since we last spoke.
Yuisis: Yeah... Last time I saw you was at Mom and Dad's funeral...
Elea: I almost didn't recognize you at first.
Elea: Who'd have thought our reunion would turn out like this...
Elea raises her sword and strikes at Yuisis.
Yuisis: ...!
What are you doin'!
Though confounded, Yuisis still has the wits about her to parry the attack.
Elea: I have orders from my current boss... Arrogante.
Elea: He wants me to bring the Zerion leader back alive...
Elea: And to take your arcane sword, Ditoria, for ourselves...
Yuisis: This can't be true... Elea... You've actually joined hands with 'em?
Elea: Yes. I now serve as a top-ranking member of his family, in addition to being a member of his personal guard.
Yuisis: ...!
How could you!
Yuisis lunges at her in a fit of rage.
Yuisis: Mom and Dad are dead because of him! Have you forgotten how many in our family gave their lives!
Elea: I remember all too well.
Yuisis: Then why did you join his gang!
Elea: ...
Yuisis: Answer me!
Elea: Beat me, and you just might find out.
Yuisis: Elea!
Elea: We serve different masters now. Don't think you can persuade me so easily.
Elea: If there's info you want, you'll have to force it out of me.
Yuisis: Fair enough... I'll take you up on that.
Yuisis points her blade at Elea, ready for a face-off.
Yuisis: If neither of us are willing to back off, I guess we'll just have to settle this the hard way...
Vyrn: Whoa! Slow down there, Crazy Girl!
Vyrn: Isn't she one of the precious family members you're always talkin' about?
Yuisis: She's not gonna budge. I don't see any other way.
Elea: You think you can best me in a one-on-one duel? My, your ego's gotten rather big.
Elea: I just hope you have the skill to back it up.
Yuisis: Here I come!
Yuisis: Skyblade Heavensbane!
Yuisis unleashes her most devastating technique from the get-go.
But Elea deflects it with ease.
Elea: You've certainly improved.
Yuisis: ...!
Yuisis springs back in surprise at the ineffectiveness of her attack.
Elea: Out of respect for the progress you've made, I won't be holding back either.
Elea: Awaken, Vasuria.
Elea's broadsword begins to emit an ebony glow.
Yuisis: What's with that sword...
Elea: Your own blade, Ditoria, is the symbol of leadership among the Ditoria Knights...
Elea: While the Vasuria, a blade of tyranny, is its counterpart.
Elea: Arrogante lent me this weapon to carry out this particular mission, so that I could battle you...
It is now Elea's turn to strike.
Elea: Skyblade Heavensbane.
Yuisis: ...!
Lyria: Huh? Isn't that Yuisis's move...
Elea: Given that we trained in the same sword style, it's only natural that we share the same moves.
Elea: Like this one... Skyblade Eleganza.
Yuisis: Rgh! Skyblade Shadowstitch!
Blades clash and rattle. It isn't long before one comes out on top.
Yuisis: Huff... Huff...
Elea: You talked a big game, but I guess you don't have what it takes to back it up... What a disappointment.
Elea: Why don't we end this already?
Elea: Starblade Torment.
Unable to defend against Elea's attacks, Yuisis's back slams against the wall.
Yuisis: Cough... Urgh...
Yuisis struggles to get back up, yet her body remains motionless.
Elea thrusts her sword at the fallen Yuisis.
Elea: Be a good girl and hand Ditoria over. Comply, and I'll let you live.
Yuisis: Don't... screw with me! You expect me to hand over my proof of Ditoria leadership?
Yuisis: Not over my dead body!
Elea: You leave me no choice then.
Elea raises her sword high over Yuisis.
Elea: Your soul is bound by mafia institution... Allow me to free your soul with a single swipe of my blade.
Elea: Goodbye, Yuisis. I'll take it from here. You rest in peace.
Elea brings Vasuria down.
Yuisis: Forgive me, (Captain)...
Yuisis shuts her eyes, ready to accept her fate.
  1. させない!

Choose: させない!
(Captain) leaps in front of Yuisis to deflect Elea's attack.
Yuisis: Boss!
Elea: "Boss"?
Unable to contain her surprise, Elea fixes her gaze on (Captain).
Elea: You must really be something for Yuisis to acknowledge you... Hm, I see it too...
Elea sheathes the Vasuria as she utters those words.
Yuisis: Elea... What are you... doin'...
Elea: I've had enough swordplay for one day.
Elea: The boss of your new family is a strong one. If we were to square off, I'm not sure I'd make it out of here in one piece.
Elea: Which means I'd be unable to accomplish my other objective.
Elea: Why don't we call this a draw?
Elea grabs the collapsed leader of the Zerion Knights and makes her way toward the mansion's exit.
Yuisis: Wait, Sis! I still have things to ask you!
Elea: Yuisis... As you are right now, you wouldn't hold a candle to Arrogante.
Elea: If you wish to restore the Ditoria Knights, get stronger.
Yuisis: Wait! Elea, please!
Yuisis continues to call her name as she walks off into the distance.
With the raid completed, the crew is now resting at an inn.
(Captain) spots Yuisis slipping out of the inn alone.
Concerned for her well-being, (Captain) and company follow her.
Yuisis is standing before her parents' gravestones.
Yuisis: ...
Lyria: Yuisis!
Yuisis: Huh? What are you three doing here?
Lyria: Um... We saw you go out by yourself, so...
Vyrn: After everything that's happened today, we weren't sure if you might try anything else crazy.
Yuisis: Sorry for making you worry so much.
Lyria: So... are you okay? You seem lost in thought ever since what happened with Elea...
Yuisis: To be honest, I ain't okay in the least.
A look of distress crosses her face.
Yuisis: (Captain), what do you think my next move should be?
Yuisis: Death to traitors... It's a golden rule in the mafia.
Yuisis: But I want another chance to talk to Elea.
Yuisis: And if at all possible, I'd love to rebuild the Ditoria Knights with her...
Yuisis: But as a mafiosa, that's just not possible...
  1. You should follow your heart.

Choose: You should follow your heart.
Yuisis: But...
Yuisis looks to (Captain) with a perplexed expression.
Lyria: Our "boss" is saying you should just do what you really want to do.
Lyria: There's no need to think about all the difficult rules. Just go ahead and choose what feels right to you.
Vyrn: Yep. Consider it an order from our boss.
Vyrn: So all you'll be doing is the following the boss's order. There, problem solved.
Yuisis: Heh... There's no arguin' with you guys...
Yuisis sheds tears of happiness at everyone's words of encouragement.
Yuisis: All right then. I'm gonna follow the boss's orders.
The others respond with bright smiles.
Yuisis: (Mom... Dad... I'm gonna do whatever it takes to rebuild the Ditoria Knights...)
Yuisis: (I'll do it with the help of (Captain)'s crew, Elea, and everyone else in the family...)
Yuisis: (Please watch over us.)
Yuisis reaffirms her vow before her parents' graves.
And thus begins a new battle in the intrepid Erune's quest for redemption.

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