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== Obtain ==
== Obtain ==
* {{Location|1|quest|Scattered Cargo}} - 15 AP (silver chest, {{R|25}}-characters only, many per quest)
** Because of its high drop rates for all Port Breeze Archipelago items, including {{itm|Flying Sprout}} to trade for [[Half Elixir]]s, this quest is the best location for {{PAGENAME}}s.
* Drop from Normal and Hard [[Tiamat (Raid)|Tiamat raids]] (silver chest)
* [[Shop#Cerulean_Stones|Cerulean Stone shop]] (2 for 5 stones)
* [[Shop#Cerulean_Stones|Cerulean Stone shop]] (2 for 5 stones)
* {{Location|1|quest|Scattered Cargo}} (15 AP) - {{R|25}}-characters only, many per quest. High drop rates for {{itm|Satin Feather}} and {{itm|Flying Sprout}}. '''(Recommended)'''
* Drop from Normal and Hard [[Tiamat (Raid)|Tiamat raids]]

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Zephyr Feather

A feather born of a calming wind.

Zephyr Feather is a silver quest treasure from Port Breeze Archipelago.


Use Amount
Buy various items from the Treasure shop 5
Upgrade Revenant Weapons (step 3) 300
Obtain Ring of Raphael (SR) 3
Uncap Ring of Raphael (SR) to 2★ 20
Uncap SSR Tiamat Omega Weapons to 4★ 100