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Zhu Cipher RegusXuan Cipher RegusBai Cipher RegusQing Cipher Regus
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Zhu Cipher MalusXuan Cipher MalusBai Cipher MalusQing Cipher Malus

Ciphers are Power-Up items that can be used to upgrade Beast Weapons, giving them an additional Weapon Skill depending on the Cipher used.


  • [Shop] under Skill Items -> Ciphers (1 for 5 Jadeites and 1 Talisman)
    • Zhu and Qing Ciphers require Golden Talisman, while Xuan and Bai Ciphers require Obsidian Talisman.

How to Use

  • Ciphers are listed under "Consumables" in your Supplies page. Tapping a cipher icon opens a prompt, which allows you to select a Celestials weapon to upgrade.