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Uncapping an Eternals character to 5★[edit]

The ability to uncap Eternals characters to 5★ was added during one of the 3rd Birthday Celebration updates on March 20, 2017, allowing players to further increase the power of their Eternal characters.

Preparation Steps[edit]

As uncapping the Eternals require a large amount of Flawed Prism and Rusted Weapon, it is recommended to trade for these items in the shop on a recurring basis if you are lacking the required amount and plan to uncap an Eternal in the future.

Step 1: Fight the Eternal[edit]

Assuming you already have at least one of the characters unlocked and at level 80, the first step in the uncap process is to defeat them in their corresponding Fate Episode. These encounters may be difficult as they will be a one-on-one fight between you and the Eternal. Weapon skills and summon auras have no effect in this battle, so a good approach is to bring a grid of weapons with high raw stats, regardless of element, and summons with good call effects and raw stats. Note that the Eternal's corresponding Revenant weapon must be set as your main hand weapon (Three-Tiger Axe for Threo, Four-Sky Blade for Feower, etc.), so choosing an element for the Revenant weapon weak to the Eternal's element may be a disadvantage.

After defeating them, a follow-up Fate Episode will appear, requiring a "Weapon Soul" to start.

The Weapon Soul will require reducing a corresponding Gold Relic Weapon, acquired through a crafting recipe involving a 4★ uncapped Silver Relic Weapon.

Step 2: Acquire 4 Silver Relics[edit]

Weapon m 1040009800.jpg
Weapon m 1040108500.jpg
Weapon m 1040207300.jpg
Weapon m 1040306400.jpg
Weapon m 1040409600.jpg
Weapon m 1040506500.jpg
Weapon m 1040606500.jpg
Weapon m 1040705800.jpg
Weapon m 1040805400.jpg
Weapon m 1040906200.jpg

Silver Relic Weapons drop from Angel Halo (Nightmare) when you have an Eternal in your party or can be bought from the Shop for 10 Silver Relic Shards.

  • If you have an Eternal in your party, Dimension Halo will transform into the corresponding Relic Weapon at 50% health.
    • The transformation occurs whether the Eternal is in your Main Party or Sub Party.
  • If you have multiple Eternals in your party, the boss may transform into any of their corresponding Relic Weapons (including for characters who have already been uncapped to 5★).
  • After Dimension Halo transforms, you'll always receive 1 relic shard.
  • Drop rate buffs do affect the Silver Relic weapon drop rate so if possible bring as many Drop Rate Boosts as possible.

Random silver relic shards can also be obtained as drops from Akasha (Raid).

Four copies are required to 3★ the weapon, so you need at most 40 relic shards.

Step 3: Uncap Silver Relic to 4★[edit]

Weapon Stone Quartz
Weapon s 1040009800.jpg Silver Sword Relic 300× Sword Stone square.jpg Sword Stone
Weapon s 1040108500.jpg Silver Dagger Relic 300× Dagger Stone square.jpg Dagger Stone
Weapon s 1040207300.jpg Silver Spear Relic 300× Spear Stone square.jpg Spear Stone
Weapon s 1040306400.jpg Silver Axe Relic 300× Axe Stone square.jpg Axe Stone
Weapon s 1040409600.jpg Silver Staff Relic 300× Staff Stone square.jpg Staff Stone
Weapon s 1040506500.jpg Silver Gun Relic 300× Pistol Stone square.jpg Pistol Stone
Weapon s 1040606500.jpg Silver Gauntlet Relic 300× Melee Stone square.jpg Melee Stone
Weapon s 1040705800.jpg Silver Bow Relic 300× Bow Stone square.jpg Bow Stone
Weapon s 1040805400.jpg Silver Harp Relic 300× Harp Stone square.jpg Harp Stone
Weapon s 1040906200.jpg Silver Katana Relic 300× Katana Stone square.jpg Katana Stone
  • A Damascus Ingot square.jpg Damascus Ingot can be spent instead to perform the 4★ uncap just like any other weapon. (Not recommended if you intend to build a Primal grid in the future. Players with Primal grids will want to save their Ingots to uncap Premium Draw or Gold Moon weapons which are prohibitively expensive to uncap using duplicates.)

Step 4: Craft Gold Relic[edit]

The 4★ Lvl 150 Silver Weapon is crafted into a Gold Relic using:

The distinctions are associated to the Eternals as follows:

Weapon Eternal Distinction
Weapon s 1040207400.jpg Golden Spear Relic Anre 30× Guardian Distinction square.jpg Guardian Distinction
Weapon s 1040705900.jpg Golden Bow Relic Tweyen 30× Sharpshooter Distinction square.jpg Sharpshooter Distinction
Weapon s 1040306500.jpg Golden Axe Relic Threo 30× Gladiator Distinction square.jpg Gladiator Distinction
Weapon s 1040108600.jpg Golden Dagger Relic Feower 30× Fencer Distinction square.jpg Fencer Distinction
Weapon s 1040409700.jpg Golden Staff Relic Fif 30× Pilgrim Distinction square.jpg Pilgrim Distinction
Weapon s 1040606600.jpg Golden Gauntlet Relic Seox 30× Combatant Distinction square.jpg Combatant Distinction
Weapon s 1040009900.jpg Golden Sword Relic Seofon 30× Sword Master Distinction square.jpg Sword Master Distinction
Weapon s 1040906300.jpg Golden Katana Relic Eahta 30× Samurai Distinction square.jpg Samurai Distinction
Weapon s 1040805500.jpg Golden Harp Relic Niyon 30× Troubadour Distinction square.jpg Troubadour Distinction
Weapon s 1040506600.jpg Golden Gun Relic Tien 30× Bandit Distinction square.jpg Bandit Distinction

The 6 element-changed Relic Weapons have to be the same weapon type as the silver relic, and their crafting process adds up to:

The Revenant Weapon Fragments are acquired as follows:

Guide to Revenant Weapon Fragments[edit]

Acquiring the 100 Revenant Weapon Fragments is done by reducing Revenant Weapons that correspond to your Eternal. Reducing a fully upgraded Revenant Weapon yields 50 fragments, while reducing an element-changed Revenant Weapon yields 5 fragments.


In-between stages of the Revenant Weapon awakening DO NOT increase fragment yield until after the very last step (using the gold brick).

Furthermore, reducing a fully uncapped Silver Weapon WILL NOT give you Revenant Weapon Fragments.

Therefore, acquiring 100 fragments is usually done by reducing the weapon created while recruiting the Eternal (for 50 fragments), and choosing one of the following options for the 50 remaining fragments:

Choice 1: Create and reduce another fully-upgraded Revenant Weapon

This choice uses the same process as to recruit the Eternal character, and thus requires another Gold Brick square.jpg Gold Brick.

Choice 2: Create and reduce 10 element-changed Revenant Weapons

This choice does not require a Gold Brick square.jpg Gold Brick, but the following materials:

Awaken Change element

Step 5: Obtain the Weapon Soul[edit]

After crafting, reduce the new Gold Weapon to acquire the Weapon Soul.

Step 6: Fight the Weapon[edit]

After acquiring the Weapon Soul, you can start the Fate Episode, which will be a one-on-one fight between the Eternal and their corresponding weapon.

Weapon Summary
One-Rift Spear Use Fleeting Spark whenever it's off cooldown, only use Spiral Spear when the boss is in Overdrive, use Arm the Bastion for the 50% trigger.
Two-Crown Bow Its Charge Attack inflicts paralysis and is triggered at 50% and 10%. Try to save Merculight for charge attacks. Also, be careful to not lower it below 25% with 3 charge diamonds, as the charge attack will probably kill Tweyen. It is best to save The Clincher for when Two-Crown Bow is in overdrive to get it to break quickly.
Three-Tiger Axe Hold Threo's Charge Attack until you can get off a second Vorpal Rage + Ground Zero combo.
Four-Sky Blade Use skills and attack into its 50% trigger then wait out its multi-attack buff. Proceed as normal afterwards. Fairly easy if Feower triggers skill reset.
Five-Soul Staff Since Fif lacks damage skills, you're reliant on her being able to multi-attack to win the fight. It can apply a def-down debuff, so make sure to clear it. Time her heal so you can get maximum effectiveness out of it and don't forget to use her auto-revive.
Six-Ruin Fist Fairly straightforward fight, don't triple attack into counters or Charge Attacks and you should be good.
Seven-Star Sword Press Emblema every turn in order to raise Seofon's DA rate. Save Infinito Creare for when the boss is in overdrive.
Eight-Life Katana Save your charge attack until you have 200%, then use it to break the opponents overdrive. Use Open Spirit the turn before your charge attack and Dance of the Gods when appropriate and you'll be fine.
Nine-Realm Harp Use all her skills turn 1. If both Comatose and Tuning land, you're home free.
Ten-Wolf Gun The majority of Tien's damage comes from her skills. When it goes in Break mode, use Final Order + Stardust. Don't use her Charge Attack until the end.[1]

Step 7: Uncap Eternal to 5★[edit]

Winning the fight unlocks the ability to uncap your character to 5★! The materials needed to uncap depend on the element of the Eternal.

Element Centrum Urn Spirits Grimoire
Fire Rubeus Centrum square.jpg Rubeus Centrum ×30 Fire Urn square.jpg Fire Urn ×10 Bright Spirits square.jpg Bright Spirits ×2 Fire Grimoire square.jpg Fire Grimoire ×30
Water Indicus Centrum square.jpg Indicus Centrum ×30 Water Urn square.jpg Water Urn ×10 Murky Spirits square.jpg Murky Spirits ×2 Water Grimoire square.jpg Water Grimoire ×30
Earth Luteus Centrum square.jpg Luteus Centrum ×30 Earth Urn square.jpg Earth Urn ×10 Murky Spirits square.jpg Murky Spirits ×2 Earth Grimoire square.jpg Earth Grimoire ×30
Wind Galbinus Centrum square.jpg Galbinus Centrum ×30 Wind Urn square.jpg Wind Urn ×10 Bright Spirits square.jpg Bright Spirits ×2 Wind Grimoire square.jpg Wind Grimoire ×30
Light Niveus Centrum square.jpg Niveus Centrum ×30 Light Urn square.jpg Light Urn ×10 Bright Spirits square.jpg Bright Spirits ×2 Fire Grimoire square.jpg Fire Grimoire ×15
Wind Grimoire square.jpg Wind Grimoire ×15
Dark Ater Centrum square.jpg Ater Centrum ×30 Dark Urn square.jpg Dark Urn ×10 Murky Spirits square.jpg Murky Spirits ×2 Water Grimoire square.jpg Water Grimoire ×15
Earth Grimoire square.jpg Earth Grimoire ×15
Common Materials
Rainbow Prism square.jpg Rainbow Prism ×100 Rupie square.jpg Rupie ×100,000

Step 8: Unlock 4th Skill[edit]

Battle as your chosen Eternal character in a gauntlet against all the other Eternals.

A final fate episode will appear when the gauntlet has been cleared, forcing you to fight them again one-on-one to unlock their new skill. Weapon skills and summon auras don't take effect. A good strategy is to put your weapons with the highest ATK and HP values in your grid, put your strongest weapon with elemental advantage in the main hand, and choose summons based on calls and stats.