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Ultima Weapons are fabled weapons associated with Ultimate Bahamut. These weapons boost ATK and HP based on a character's weapon specialty.

The first weapon stage is called Atma. Atma and Ultima weapon skills can be customized with Gauph Keys after its creation.

List of Ultima Weapons[edit]

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Step 1: Obtain a Rusted Weapon[edit]

The first step to creating an Ultima weapon is obtaining a level 75 Rusted Weapon. There are two ways of getting these: commonly from the Proto Bahamut raid, and uncommonly from the Angel Halo dungeon. If you run Angel Halo, it's recommended to run it on Very Hard.

A rusted weapon can be uncapped by combining 4 copies, but you can also buy Steel Brick square.jpg Steel Bricks from the Casino to fully uncap it.

Step 2: Create an Atma Weapon[edit]

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To create an Atma weapon, you must first create a relic from a level 75 Rusted Weapon. To create a relic, go to the Shop > Weapon Series > Ultima Weapons > Atma Recollection, then look for the weapon type you wish to craft. In addition the following items are needed to create a single relic. These depend on the element you choose for your weapon:

After creating a relic, the following materials are required to upgrade the relic into an Atma weapon. These also vary depending on the element chosen (Dark requires both Water and Earth trial fragments; Light requires both Fire and Wind):

Since you can currently only obtain an Ultima Core square.jpg Ultima Core by hosting and clearing an Ultimate Bahamut raid of either difficulty for the first time, you can have at maximum two Atma Weapons in your inventory. However, reducing an Atma weapon allows you to regain its core.

Step 3: Create an Ultima Weapon[edit]

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An Atma weapon at level 100 and weapon skill level 10 is required to create an Ultima weapon. Note that increasing an Atma weapon's skill level is equivalent to that of a Bahamut Weapon. These materials are needed to forge an Atma weapon into an Ultima weapon, some of which correspond to the weapon's type and element.

Trade Gauph and Ultima Keys[edit]

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Both can be found and traded for with materials under Shop > Weapon Series > Ultima Weapons > Trade Gauph Keys.

There are six types of basic Gauph Keys and four types of Ultima Keys.

Gauph Keys[edit]

  • Gauph Keys modify the first skill of an Atma or Ultima weapon. This skill only affects party members who have the same weapon speciality. Using a Gauph Key will add an additional effect to the first skill.
  • By default, the first skill grants a 20% ATK and 10% HP boost at Skill level 10 to party members who have the same weapon specialty.
  • Skill levels are kept the same whenever a Gauph Key is used.
  • For example, using a Gauph Key of Strife square.jpg Gauph Key of Strife on an Atma Axe (Fire) square.jpg Atma Axe (Fire) will create a skill that gives a big boost to axe-specialty allies' ATK & HP & multiattack rate.
  • These skills can be changed at any time by using another Gauph Key. The previous Gauph Key's effect will be overwritten.
Key Skill
Total EffectValues given are at skill lvl 10
Trade Material
Gauph Key of Will icon.jpg
Gauph Key of Will
Massive boost to ATK
  • 30% ATK
  • 10% HP[1]
Meteorite square.jpg Meteorite ×5
Gauph Key of Strife icon.jpg
Gauph Key of Strife
Big boost to allies' multiattack rate
  • 20% ATK
  • 10% HP
  • 20% TA
  • 20% DA
Gauph Key of Vitality icon.jpg
Gauph Key of Vitality
Massive boost to allies' HP
  • 20% ATK
  • 20% HP[1]
Gauph Key of Strength icon.jpg
Gauph Key of Strength
Big boost to allies' ATK based on how high HP is
  • 20% ATK
  • 10% HP
  • Up to 15% more ATK based on high HP
Gauph Key of Zeal icon.jpg
Gauph Key of Zeal
Big boost to allies' ATK based on how low HP is
  • 20% ATK
  • 10% HP
  • Up to ~50% more ATK~0% at 60% HP, ~50% at 1% HP
    based on low HP
Gauph Key of Courage icon.jpg
Gauph Key of Courage
Big boost to allies' critical hit rate when superior element
  • 20% ATK
  • 10% HP
  • ~15% chance for ~50% critical damage

Ultima Keys[edit]

  • Ultima Keys modify the second skill of an Ultima weapon. Only Ultima weapons have a second skill.
  • Skill levels are kept the same whenever an Ultima Key is used.
  • The second skill affects all party members. There is no special requirement for its effect.
  • There is no default second skill. An Ultima Key must first be used to unlock an effect.
  • These skills can be changed at any time by using another Ultima Key. The previous Ultima Key's effect will be overwritten.
Key Skill
EffectValues given are at skill lvl 10
Trade Materials
Gauph Key α icon.jpg
Gauph Key α
Boost to one-foe attack DMG cap
  • ~10%
Ultima Unit square.jpg Ultima Unit ×7

Legendary Merit square.jpg Legendary Merit ×2

Gauph Key β icon.jpg
Gauph Key β
Boost to skill DMG cap
  • ~40-45%
Gauph Key γ icon.jpg
Gauph Key γ
Boost to charge attack DMG cap
  • 15%
Gauph Key Δ icon.jpg
Gauph Key Δ
Boost to chain burst DMG cap
  • 50%

Charge Attacks[edit]

Atma Weapons[edit]

All Atma weapons have the same charge attack: All allies gain 25% elemental ATK Up for 4 turns.

Ultima Weapons[edit]

All Ultima weapons have the same charge attack: All allies gain 30% elemental ATK Up and
Status DoubleUp.png30% DA UpDouble attack rate is boosted

Strength: 30%
for 4 turns.


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