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This article is about the damage cap of various battle actions. For the status effects and weapon skills, see Damage Cap Up.

The damage cap is an upper limit on how much damage can be dealt in various circumstances. It is not necessarily a final limit—damage values seem to fluctuate around the soft cap rather than hitting a specific value ceiling, but they cannot significantly surpass it without effects that specifically raise the soft damage cap. Normal attack, charge attacks, and skills have various soft caps based on the source. Damage cap values can be found on this page in the sections below.

There are various ways to temporarily increase the damage cap, such as with the Status DamageCapUp.pngDMG Cap UpMaximum amount of DMG that can be dealt per hit is boosted
buff or with weapon skills. Assassin buffs are notable for increasing ATK while also significantly increasing normal attack damage.

Some weapon skills and support skills (most notably Seraphic Weapons) can also raise the damage cap if conditions are met. Conversely, enemies with elemental resistances such as Xeno Showdown bosses take a lower damage cap (up to 50% less) for any element other than their weakness.

Besides the damage cap described above, there is a hard cap where damage will no longer increase even when utilizing buffs and debuffs. In general, this point is just below 13 million or 6.6 million depending on boss difficulty, but this can be lower for certain foes (e.g., the Campaign-Exclusive Quest is known to have a cap of 30,000).

Normal Attack Damage Cap

Damage Reduction
0 - 300k 0%
300k - 400k 20%
400k - 500k 40%
500k - 600k 95%
600k - 99%
Raw Damage"Raw Damage" is the damage before the reduction thresholds are calculated Actual Damage
300k 300k
400k 380k
500k 440k
600k 445k
1m 449k

Normal Attack Damage Cap Up

  • Other boost to damage cap weapon skills stack additively with each other up to a maximum of 20%.

C.A. Damage Cap


Damage Reduction Normal
0 - 1.50m 0% 1.50m
1.50m - 1.70m 40% 1.62m
1.70m - 1.80m 70% 1.65m
1.80m - 2.50m 95% 1.685m
2.50m - 99%
  • Includes Main Character
  • Unaffected by character or mainhand rarity
  • 3m raw DMG would thus be corrected to 1.69m DMG.
  • Source: gbf-wiki.com[2]

5★ Eternals Characters

Damage Reduction Normal
0 - 1.80m 0% 1.80m
1.80m - 2.00m 40% 1.92m
2.00m - 2.20m 70% 1.98m
2.20m - 3.00m 95% 2.02m
3.00m - 99%
  • 5m raw DMG would thus be corrected to 2.04m DMG.

6★ Eternals Characters

  • Upon acquiring first stage Transcendence, the Eternal's charge attack cap is further raised to ~2.30 million.

C.A. Damage Cap Up

  • C.A. Cap Up skills can be combined across different sources. [3][4]
Skill Cap Shared Cap Total Cap
Damage Cap Up 20% 95%
Weapon Awakening Damage Cap Up
Normal Sentence / Glory 75% 75%
Omega Sentence 75%
Excelsior 75%
Ultima Gauph Key γ /
Dark Opus γ Pendulum
Harbinger of the Dark Sunrise 20%
Rightway Pathfinder II 30%
Weapon Awakening C.A. Damage Cap Up 75%
  • Boosting the Special C.A. Damage Cap allows charge attacks to surpass the "hard cap" of 6.6 or 13.1 million, depending on the raid.

Chain Burst Damage Cap

2 Chain

Damage Reduction Normal
0 - 1.00m 0% 1.00m
1.00m - 1.20m 40% 1.12m
1.20m - 1.30m 70% 1.15m
1.30m - 1.50m 95% 1.16m
1.50m - 99%

3 Chain

Damage Reduction Normal
0 - 1.25m 0% 1.25m
1.25m - 1.45m 40% 1.37m
1.45m - 1.50m 70% 1.385m
1.50m - 2.00m 95% 1.41m
2.0m - 99%

4 Chain

Damage Reduction Normal
0 - 1.50m 0% 1.50m
1.50m - 1.70m 40% 1.62m
1.70m - 1.80m 70% 1.65m
1.80m - 2.50m 95% 1.685m
2.50m - 99%

Skill Damage Cap

Boosts From Weapon Skills

Skill Cap Boost Maximum Cap Boost
Tempering Ws skill train 1 3.png Inferno's Tempering
Ws skill train 2 3.png Hoarfrost's Tempering
Ws skill train 3 3.png Terra's Tempering
Ws skill train 4 3.png Whirlwinds' Tempering
Ws skill train 5 3.png Zion's Tempering
Ws skill train 6 3.png Oblivion's Tempering
5.5%13.75% with one 5★ Optimus Series Summon aura.
22% with two 5★ Optimus Series Summons auras.
23.1% with two 5★ Optimus Series Summons auras and 3★ Six Dragons Series Summon's sub aura.
Weapon s 1040017300.jpg Proximo's Ws skill job weapon.png Two-Sword Tech 10%
Weapon s 1040511300.jpg V.A.R.I.S.'s Ws skill job weapon.png Yes, My Lord! 10%
Ws skill job weapon.png Elemental Arts Scarlet Arts
Cobalt Arts
Amber Arts
Jade Arts
Golden Arts
Graphite Arts
(Up to) 20%
Weapon s 1040805900.jpg Qilin Lyre's Ws skill job weapon.png Harbinger of the Dusk of Nightfall 20%
Weapon s 1040018100 note.jpg Wasserspeier's Ws skill job weapon.png Dual Blade's Humanity 20%
Weapon s 1040707500 note.jpg Maverick's Ws skill job weapon.png Shadowhound's Humanity 20%
Weapon s 1040412200 note.jpg Demonic Longstaff's Ws skill job weapon.png Arcanist's Humanity 20%
Hercules square.jpg Hercules' Ws skill job weapon.png Slayer of Immortals II 20%
Weapon s 1040511600.jpg Flamma Orbis's Ws skill job weapon.png Sunveil's Crown 30%
Ultima Weapons' Ws skill ability limit.png Scandere Facultas (Up to) 50%
Dark Opus Weapons' Ws skill ability limit.png β Revelation
Weapon s 1040416600.jpg Yggdrasil's Bough's Ws skill job weapon.png Astral Arts II
Weapon s 1040213700.jpg Rhongomyniad's Ws skill job weapon.png Astral Pierce II