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Attack Types: Normal Attack | Charge Attack
Other Damage: Plain Damage | Bonus Damage | Critical Damage | Supplemental Damage
Damage Formula: Basic Concepts | Detailed Formula | Damage Cap | Examples and Guidelines

Damage is the amount of harm that is inflicted with attack-oriented skills and debuffs.


Attacking deals damage to your enemies. Once all the Health Points of your enemies drops to 0, you win. Dealing more damage allows you to contribute more in Raids. The most common method of dealing damage is through Attacks.

Damage Types

Every single damage source in the game has a type and a subtype.


Elemental damage is the default type of damage dealt. It is generally the same element as the damage source. It can be mitigated by character buffs such as Phalanx, and can be reduced or amplified by elemental weaknesses or resistances.

Certain effects can also modify the actual element of a source of damage from its default state. Effects that state "superior elemental damage" will be adjusted to the targets innate elemental weakness, if possible.


Plain (or White) damage is a special type of damage. It can not be mitigated by any status effects. It is often seen through turn-based damage debuffs, special skills, or enemy Charge Attacks. The only known exceptions are turn-based damage debuffs, which can be mitigated with a shield.

Damage Subtypes


Dynamic damage is the default subtype of all damage. Dynamic damage has +/- 3%Verification needed. spread post-damage calculation, and is often unwritten due to the large quantity of dynamic damage sources in the game.


Static damage is the only other subtype of damage in Granblue Fantasy. Static damage has pre-defined damage values and does not have any kind of damage spread. Most player's first encounter with static damage is Proto Bahamut's Skyfall, which does 9,999,999 static Dark damage - requiring a 100% Damage Cut to survive.


The damage cap is an upper limit on how much player-inflicted damage can be dealt in various circumstances, before damage spread is applied. In general, each instance of normal attack damage is softcapped to 420,000 damage. Attacks such as Charge Attacks and Chain Bursts are softcapped to 1,700,000 damage. After this threshold, excess damage is reduced from 30% to 99%, depending on how much overflow from the softcap. Buffs such as Bonus DMGDeals bonus DMG for one-foe one-ally attacks
count as their own separate damage instance. Skills and damaging debuffs such as PoisonedHP is lowered on every turn
also have their own individual damage cap.

There are various ways to temporarily increase the damage cap, such as the Kaguya (Summon) summon or Ferry's Grausam skill. Most notably, the Hawkeye skill Crack Shot II and similar Break Assassin or OD Assassin skills raise the normal attack damage cap to 1,160,000 damage.


The basic damage formula is as follows:

Damage Dealt = (100-DMG CutTaking less DMG
Damage Cut reducing damage taken for all elements.
Warning! Does not work for Plain Damage!
s)% * Skill Multiplier * Damage Spread% * ATK * Critical Hit Bonus (if attack is Critical) / (Victim's Defense + DEF UpDEF is boosted

ATK = Base Attack * (Normal Multiplier * Omega Multiplier * Ex Multiplier * Elemental Multiplier)

Offensive Factors


Each instance of damage in the game has its own multiplier. Normal attacks have a multiplier of 100%Verification needed. . Skills generally have their multipliers written in their tooltips.


Formula: (1 + ((Normal Multiplier * Normal Summon Multiplier) + Bahamut Weapon Skills + Character Summon Multiplier + In-combat Buffs)) * (1 + (Normal Enmity Multiplier)*(Normal Summon Multiplier))

Normal damage and enmity multipliers are gained from using Normal Weapon Skills.

Normal Summon multipliers are gained from using summons such as Agni or Hades.

Bahamut Weapon Skills can be gained from Bahamut Weapons, up to a cap of 50%.

Character Summon Multiplier is gained from summons such as Dark Angel Olivia or Grand Order.

Buffs can be gained from Status Effects.


Formula: (1 + (Omega Damage Multiplier * Omega Summon Multiplier))*(1 + (Omega Enmity Multiplier * Omega Summon Multiplier))

Omega damage and enmity multipliers are gained from using Omega weapons.

Omega Summon Multipliers can be obtained by using Omega summons.



Formula: 1 + Ex Skill Multiplier + (Mysterious Skill Multiplier * Mysterious Summon Multiplier)

Ex skills, colloquially known as Unknown skills, can be obtained from weapons such as Xeno Infernal Flamescythe.

Mysterious multiplier for the Idolm@ster collaboration event weapons can be boosted using Ranko Kanzaki (Summon).


Formula: 1 + Elemental Affinity + Elemental Summon Multiplier + Elemental Buffs

Elemental Affinity is determined whether the victim's element is weak, neutral or strong to your element. These values are -0.25, 0 and 0.5 respectively.

Elemental Summon Multiplier is obtained from using summons such as Ifrit.

Elemental Buffs are bonuses to element-based damage such as Fire ATK UpFire ATK is boosted


All entities in the game have an Innate DEF value, which determines the entity's resilience to damage. The most common DEF value is 10. This stat can be modified by buffs such as DEF UpDEF is boosted
and Elemental DMG Lowered buffs. It can't be lowered by more than 50% of its base value against enemy NPCs. Damage types such as Plain damage and Static damage generally ignore DEF, and sometimes ignore ShieldNext ATK received will be ineffective for a fixed amount