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Granblue Fantasy: Versus
Granblue fantasy versus logo.png
Developer Arc System Works
Director Tetsuya Fukuhara
Producer Yuito Kimura
Character Design Hideo Minaba
Composers Yasunori Nishiki
Tsutomu Narita
Music Stella Magna
Engine Unreal Engine 4
Platforms Playstation 4
Microsoft Windows
Release Date PS4
JP February 6, 2020
NA March 3, 2020
EU March 27, 2020
JP March 14, 2020
NA March 13, 2020
EU March 13, 2020
Genre Fighting

Granblue Fantasy: Versus is a fighting game developed by Arc System Works for the Playstation 4 and Microsoft Windows via Steam. It was announced at the Granblue Fantasy Fes 2018 event.


Base Roster[edit]

Gran (Versus) square.png
Katalina (Versus) square.png
Charlotta (Versus) square.png
Lancelot (Versus) square.png
Ferry (Versus) square.png
Lowain (Versus) square.png
Ladiva (Versus) square.png
Percival (Versus) square.png
Metera (Versus) square.png
Zeta (Versus) square.png
Vaseraga (Versus) square.png


Season 1[edit]

Beelzebub (Versus) square.png
Narmaya (Versus) square.png
Soriz Djeeta Zooey

(*) Can also be unlocked by completing RPG mode

Season 2[edit]


  • Lyria
  • Vyrn
  • Rackam
  • Io
  • Eugen
  • Sierokarte
  • Lady Katapillar
  • Lunalu
  • Jin
  • Elmott
  • Kaz
  • Bonito


  • Colossus Omega
  • Yggdrasil
  • Rose Queen
  • Proto Bahamut
  • Ares
  • Avatar
  • Beelzebub

Bonus Serial Codes[edit]

Physical and digital editions of Granblue Fantasy: Versus for Playstation 4 currently have 3 different serial codes that can be redeemed for items in the mobile game.

Bonus Serial Codes are unavailable on Steam editions of the game.

Buying the game allows the player to select only one of the following:

Beating RPG Mode also rewards serial codes depending on the difficulty:

  • Normal mode: Crystal square.jpg Crystal ×5,000
  • Hard mode: Vyrn Suit square.jpg Vyrn Suit (if Vyrn Suit is already obtained, Crystal square.jpg Crystal ×3,000 is rewarded instead)

Which item should I pick?[edit]

New players to the Granblue Fantasy mobile game should select their serial code reward carefully.

  • Sephira Evolite square.jpg Sephira Evolite is used to recruit Arcarum Evokers to your party. Evokers are powerful characters that require roughly 6 months or more of farming Arcarum: The World Beyond. New players will not be able to use the Evolite for a fairly long time, but it currently has limited methods to obtain. Picking the Evolite is considered a long-term investment. Evolite can be bought once per Unite and Fight with Valor Badge square.jpg Valor Badge ×500.
  • Gold Brick square.jpg Gold Brick is used to recruit The Eternals to your party. The Eternals are powerful characters that require dedicated farming of in-game materials. Most new players can obtain their first Eternal within a few months of starting the game. However, Gold Brick is obtainable from Rise of the Beasts in limited quantities and can very rarely drop from certain High Level raids. New players will be able to utilize the Gold Brick earlier than the Sephira Evolite, but should consider that the Gold Brick is obtainable through multiple in-game methods. Gold Brick can be bought once per Unite and Fight with Valor Badge square.jpg Valor Badge ×450.
  • Sunlight Stone square.jpg Sunlight Stone is used to uncap SSR summons and used in the process to unlock Arcarum Evokers. Note that Sunlight Stones do not drop from any boss and has a limited trade quantity in Arcarum: The World Beyond. Sunlight Stone can be bought once per Unite and Fight with Valor Badge square.jpg Valor Badge ×275. In terms of Valor Badges, more value can be had from picking either the Sephira Evolite or Gold Brick. However, Sunlight Stone should not be completely disregarded because it is a scarce resource.
  • Damascus Crystal.jpg Damascus Crystal ×10 can be used to trade for a single Damascus Ingot square.jpg Damascus Ingot, which is used to uncap SSR weapons. They are primarily used to uncap Grand Weapons. Given how rare Grand Weapons are, it is generally better to use ingots rather than copies of the weapon. Grids that utilize Grand Weapons to their fullest potential require several, fully uncapped copies of the same weapon and a specific summon for each element, all of which cannot be attained outside of the Premium Draw. As such, this is not recommended for new players.

Note that you do not need to pick a reward immediately. Choosing a reward after learning more about the game and its characters is also a valid and wise approach.

DLC Purchase Bonuses[edit]


Japanese Trailers[edit]

Japanese Trailer List
Trailer Description Link
Official Trailer 1 Announcement Trailer YouTube
Official Trailer 2 Lowain Reveal Trailer YouTube
Official Trailer 3 Ladiva Reveal Trailer YouTube
Official Trailer 4 Percival Reveal Trailer YouTube
Percival Reveal Trailer (Vane Version) YouTube
Percival Reveal Trailer (Lancelot Version) YouTube
Percival Reveal Trailer (Siegfried Version) YouTube
Official Trailer 5 RPG Mode Trailer YouTube
Official Trailer 6 Metera Reveal Trailer YouTube
Official Trailer 7 Zeta and Vaseraga Reveal Trailer YouTube
Zeta and Vaseraga Reveal Trailer (Beatrix Version) YouTube
Zeta and Vaseraga Reveal Trailer (Eustace Version) YouTube
Official Trailer 8 Online Lobby Trailer YouTube
Official Trailer 9 Special Soundtrack Trailer YouTube
Official Trailer 10 Villains Trailer YouTube
Official Trailer 11 Character Pass 1 Reveal (Granblue Fantasy Fes 2019 Version) YouTube
Official Trailer 12 Opening Movie YouTube
Official Trailer 13 Beelzebub Trailer YouTube
Official Trailer 14 Narmaya Trailer YouTube
Official Trailer 15 Character Pass 1 Reveal (Complete) YouTube
Official Trailer 16 Soriz Trailer YouTube

English Trailers[edit]

English Trailer List
Trailer Description Link
E3 Trailer Announcement Trailer (English) YouTube
Character Trailer 1 Gran Trailer YouTube
Character Trailer 2 Katalina Trailer YouTube
Character Trailer 3 Charlotta Trailer YouTube
Character Trailer 4 Ferry Trailer YouTube
Character Trailer 5 Lancelot Trailer YouTube
Character Trailer 6 Percival Trailer YouTube
Character Trailer 7 Lowain Trailer YouTube
Character Trailer 8 Ladiva Trailer YouTube
Character Trailer 9 Metera Trailer YouTube
Character Trailer 10 Zeta Trailer YouTube
Character Trailer 11 Vaseraga Trailer YouTube
Launch Date Announcement Trailer North American Launch Date Trailer YouTube



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