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Game Voice Anime Versus Rising
Granblue Fantasy: Versus
 Title Sky Realm Wanderer
 Theme(s) The Same Blue Sky (VS Djeeta)
• Characteristics•
 Race Human
 Gender Female
• Production Data•
 Voiced By JP: Hisako Kanemoto
EN: Erika Harlacher
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This article is about Djeeta in the original Granblue Fantasy: Versus. For the character in the sequel Granblue Fantasy: Versus Rising, see Djeeta (Rising).


This heroine's adventure began when she received a letter from her father asking her to come to the Island of the Astrals, Estalucia. Now she travels the skies with her flying lizard-like buddy, Vyrn, and the mysterious blue-haired girl who saved her life by linking it with her own, Lyria.
Honest to a fault, she'll come to the aid of anyone who needs her assistance. Although her swordplay is rough and self-taught, she possesses the power to overcome any obstacle—thanks in no small part to Lyria's assistance.

Command List

Unique Action

Overdrive Surge Command
Performs a chargeable jumping attack. Can be charged up to five levels and gains invincibility at level five.
Cancel Command
or or during Overdrive Surge
Cancels Overdrive Surge. Djeeta's charge level is stored and resumes charging from the same level when using Overdrive Surge again.


version can be altered by adding + / .

Reginleiv Command Technical Command
 +  or or
: Fires a three-hit shot. The additional hits will force a longer block stun, so it's relatively safe to use at close range too.
Reginleiv: Recidive Command Technical Command
 (Hold) +  or or  (Hold)
Performs a charged version of Reginleiv. The projectile won't disappear upon clashing with another projectile up to one time.
: Can deal damage during charging.
Rising Sword Command Technical Command
 +  +  or or
Performs a rising slash attack.
 / : Cannot be blocked by midair foes immediately after start-up.
: Djeeta will attack twice. The first attack cannot be blocked by midair foes.
Vorpal Blade Command Technical Command
/  +  +  or or
Performs two advancing slash attacks.
: Second slash sends the foe airborne.
Follow-up Command Technical Command
/  +  during Vorpal Blade +  or or during Vorpal Blade
Follows up Vorpal Blade with an additional attack.
: Can be performed twice in a row for a total of five hits.

Skybound Art

Requires 100% SBA gauge.

Eternal Ascendancy Command Technical Command
 +  + 
[Invincible / Advancing]
Performs a powerful combination attack. When using the technical input ( + ), additional button inputs will be required to perform the entire skybound art.
Follow-up (Technical Input) Command
 →  →  →  →  →  →  →  →  →  +  after a successful hit
Follows up Eternal Ascendancy with the strength of all ten Eternals. To perform the full combo, timing is essential—practice makes perfect!

Super Skybound Art

Requires 100% SBA gauge and 30% or lower HP.

Skyfall Command Technical Command
 +  +  + 
[Invincible / Advancing]
Performs a powerful rising slash attack. If connected at close range, Lyria will summon Proto Bahamut for increased damage.

Character Quotes

Djeeta: "Hold on a sec... Do we all have twins or something?"
Vyrn: "Of course we don't!"
Lyria: "But, just look at them!"
Djeeta: "I bet we could be friends!"

Mirror match

Djeeta: "Don't be afraid. This is just, some kinda trick!"
Vyrn: "A pretty dumb one!"
Lyria: "Please be careful!"
Djeeta: "Okay... Let's go!"
VS Gran

Djeeta: "Remember our deal? You promised me that, if I win, you'll wear cat ears for me."
Vyrn: "You better win!"
Lyria: "Katalina doesn't like fun."
Djeeta: "Hehe, good!"
VS Katalina

Djeeta: "You guys... Let's just pretend like we didn't see any of that. Especially the whole box part."
Vyrn: "Didn't see nothin'!"
Lyria: "Ye-yes, of course!"
Djeeta: "Well... Let's get to it!"
VS Charlotta

Djeeta: "He's tough to keep up with. Maybe I should wait for a chance to counter..."
Vyrn: "Smack 'im a good one!"
Lyria: "I know you can win, Djeeta."
Djeeta: "All right... I'm ready for you!"
VS Lancelot

Djeeta: "Don't need you telling me. I'm always up for training."
Vyrn: "You can do it, Djeeta. "
Lyria: "Just don't get burned, okay?"
Djeeta: "Yup. Now watch this!"
VS Percival

Djeeta: "Love isn't just about passion—but you knew that! Come on! Teach me more, about the depths of love!"
Vyrn: "Don't get knocked out!"
Lyria: "Try not to get hurt at all!"
Djeeta: "Here goes nothing!"
VS Ladiva

Djeeta: "Hit on guys? So you want me to start fistfights in the streets?"
Vyrn: "That's Djeeta for ya!"
Lyria: "You're not gonna do it, right?"
Djeeta: "Hehe. No promises!"
VS Metera

Djeeta: "Holey moley jamboree? Um, meaning?"
Vyrn: "Go with the bro flow!"
Lyria: "Or flow like the bros go!"
Djeeta: "Oh no, they've poisoned your minds!"
VS Lowain

Djeeta: "Aw, Ferry's pets are so cute... I don't wanna hurt them."
Vyrn: "Gotta stay tough!"
Lyria: "Oh, please be careful."
Djeeta: "Kay! Pull it together!"
VS Ferry

Djeeta: "Count me in! With your taste in fashion, this'll be great!"
Vyrn: "Shop till we drop!"
Lyria: "We'll have so much fun!"
Djeeta: "Let's finish this quick!"
VS Zeta

Djeeta: "Not at all. We're strong—nothing can tear us apart."
Vyrn: "That's my partner!"
Lyria: "Yeah, we fight as a team."
Djeeta: "I swear... I won't lose."
VS Vaseraga

Djeeta: "Lyria, stand back. Things are about to get a little out of hand."
Vyrn: "You've got this!"
Lyria: "Please, give it your all!"
Djeeta: "Let's do it!"
VS Beelzebub

Djeeta: "Just look at her... She's sooo dreamy..."
Vyrn: "Snap out of it!"
Lyria: "You can't fight if you're charmed!"
Djeeta: "Right, right... Here we go!"
VS Narmaya

Djeeta: "Yeah, sounds great to me! I'm up for anything!"
Vyrn: "That's the spirit!"
Lyria: "Promise me you'll be careful!"
Djeeta: "Let's do this!"
VS Soriz

Djeeta: "Zooey's not messing around... Can I really keep up with her?"
Vyrn: "You've got this!"
Lyria: "We all believe in you!"
Djeeta: "All right... Let's go!"
VS Zooey

Djeeta: "Lyria, Vyrn. Don't listen to anything he says!"
Vyrn: "Oh we know."
Lyria: "I'll cover my ears!"
Djeeta: "Let's do this!"
VS Belial / Avatar Belial

Djeeta: "Cuteology 101? You think I have a chance of getting in?"
Vyrn: "Give it a shot!"
Lyria: "But you're already cute!"
Djeeta: "Too cute to boot!"
VS Cagliostro

Djeeta: "See that? That was a super rare slime just now!"
Vyrn: "Wanna go blast it?"
Lyria: "But we're busy now!"
Djeeta: "Better get to work!"
VS Yuel

Djeeta: "This might be tough!"
Vyrn: "You can handle him!"
Lyria: "Believe in yourself, Djeeta!"
Djeeta: "Here goes nothing!"
VS Anre

Djeeta: "Fine by me! Gimme your best shot!"
Vyrn: "Yeah, tell him!"
Lyria: "Don't get shocked!"
Djeeta: "Bring it!"
VS Eustace

Djeeta: "Yeesh, talk about putting on the pressure. Guess I shouldn't hold back... Right?"
Vyrn: "Definitely not!"
Lyria: "Go Djeeta!"
Djeeta: "No more Ms. Nice Captain!"
VS Seox

Djeeta: "Wow, she's really pumped..."
Vyrn: "Don't chicken out!"
Lyria: "Hang in there, Djeeta!"
Djeeta: "Right!"
VS Vira

Vyrn: "Huh? Wait a minute. Those people... Are we about to fight us?"
Lyria: "What's going on?"
Djeeta: "Not a clue. But, uh... I'm getting psyched!"
Mirror match

Vyrn: "Huh? Is it just me or do they look like us?"
Lyria: "But Djeeta's not a boy?"
Djeeta: "What's up, with them? We'd, better not back down now!"
VS Gran

Vyrn: "Uh-oh! Watch out, she's coming!"
Lyria: "Do your best, Djeeta!"
Djeeta: "Katalina! When I beat you, you have to wear whatever Lyria picks out—even if it's frilly!"
VS Katalina

Vyrn: "Oh! Think we found her! See that tall crown over there?"
Lyria: "Must be Charlotta!"
Djeeta: "She might be our friend, but she's still a knight. This fight isn't going to be pretty."
VS Charlotta

Vyrn: "Huh? We're fighting Lancelot now?"
Lyria: "Be careful out there!"
Djeeta: "Kay! He may be faster than me... But a few hits should wear him down!"
VS Lancelot

Vyrn: "Huh? I think that's Sir Burnsalot coming our way."
Lyria: "You mean Percival?"
Djeeta: "I always thought it'd be cool to throw fire around. Here's my chance to learn how!"
VS Percival

Vyrn: "Hehe! Look at her! Ladiva's ready for a rumble!"
Lyria: "Don't give up, Djeeta!"
Djeeta: "Yep! This, is my kinda duel!"
VS Ladiva

Vyrn: "What? Are we really fighting Ms. Shameless?"
Lyria: "Just don't lose focus. "
Djeeta: "Mm... I hear you, Lyria. But still, it's hard to stay calm around her."
VS Metera

Vyrn: "My dudettes! They're in a bud huddle!"
Lyria: "We should vibe out too!"
Djeeta: "Urgh, Lowain... Look what Lyria and Vyrn have picked up from you!"
VS Lowain

Vyrn: "Hey look. Ain't that Ferry and her cute little ghost pals?"
Lyria: "This'll be a fun match!"
Djeeta: "But you know Ferry's pets are as fierce as they are cute. I'm gonna have to give this my all."
VS Ferry

Vyrn: "It's Red in the flesh! I knew we'd run into her!"
Lyria: "Zeta's pretty strong!"
Djeeta: "Definitely. I've seen what her spear can do. Not sure I can keep up!"
VS Zeta

Vyrn: "There you go again with the giant scythe! You could give a kid nightmares, Spiky."
Lyria: "But he's so kind."
Djeeta: "You're right... Though he doesn't really talk about himself. You think he was always this closed off?"
VS Vaseraga

Vyrn: "We've got him now! Bubs is goin' down!"
Lyria: "We can't lose here!"
Djeeta: "Our journey, will live to fly another day... But as for you, your chaos ends here!"
VS Beelzebub

Vyrn: "Huh? Is Butterfly Girl takin' a nap?"
Lyria: "I think she's meditating!"
Djeeta: "Come on, you two. Keep talking loud like that and you might wake her."
VS Narmaya

Vyrn: "Looks like we're fighting Soriz today!"
Lyria: "I believe in you, Djeeta!"
Djeeta: "Get ready for... the wrecking crew! You can take it!"
VS Soriz

Vyrn: "Oh, there she is... it's Miss Flippy-Hair!"
Lyria: "Just on time too!"
Djeeta: "Zooey's strong. But we can hold our own. Let's show her what we've got!"
VS Zooey

Vyrn: "I smell a big stinkin' perv!"
Lyria: "Djeeta! Hold your breath!"
Djeeta: "Eh. I'll clean him up quick!"
VS Belial / Avatar Belial

Vyrn: "Hey now. How in the Great Blue Skies did Cagliostro beat us here?"
Lyria: "What did she want anyway?"
Djeeta: "Has she finally found a way to the Island of the Astrals? Ooh, I hope so!"
VS Cagliostro

Vyrn: "Hm... Looks like our next challenger's ready to fight!"
Lyria: "Oh, maybe not quite..."
Djeeta: "Hey Yuel! Better check your ribb—uh oh!"
VS Yuel

Vyrn: "Something mustachioed this way comes..."
Lyria: "It must be Anre!"
Djeeta: "I'll learn his tricks, and make the most of this fight!"
VS Anre

Vyrn: "Sourpuss has stepped into the ring. Can we take him?"
Lyria: "Djeeta's got this!"
Djeeta: "Yep! Good timing, too! I've been wanting to show him my new skills!"
VS Eustace

Vyrn: "We're sparring the Masked Wonder? Wonder who's got more punch!"
Lyria: "Well... Djeeta loves punch!"
Djeeta: "Sure do! And I've got a fistful—right here!"
VS Seox

Vyrn: "Well, Vira's unusually cheerful today!"
Lyria: "She invited us for tea!"
Djeeta: "Yep! She said she'd treat us—after we finish today's match!"
VS Vira

Djeeta: "All right!"
Vyrn: "Djeeta! That was great!"
Lyria: "Hahaha. Way to go!"
All Three: "Hooray!"

Djeeta: "Yes!"
Vyrn: "Heyyy! Awesome job!"
Lyria: "Ahaha. You did it, Djeeta!"
All Three: "Hooray!"

Djeeta: "Yes!"
Vyrn: "Hehe! You won, Djeeta!"
Lyria: "Ahaha. Way to go!"
All Three: "Woohoo!"

Djeeta: "Woo!"
Vyrn: "Djeeta! You beat her!"
Lyria: "Djeeta! Amazing!"
Djeeta: "We've did it!"
VS Katalina

Djeeta: "Haha!"
Vyrn: "Yoooh! Killer moves, bro!"
Lyria: "Waheey! Come on, bros!"
All Three: "All together! W00t! W00t!"
VS Lowain

Lyria: "We really did it!"
Djeeta: "Yeah!"
Vyrn: "We're unstoppable!"

Lyria: "Djeeta!"
Djeeta: "Lyria!"
Vyrn: "And Vyrn!"
Djeeta: "Way to go, guys!"

Lyria: "We won!"
Vyrn: "Heck yeah, we did!"
Djeeta: "Thanks to you two!"

Lyria: "The sky realm..."
Djeeta: "Wow!"
Vyrn: "Safe and sound!"
Djeeta: "Yep."
VS Beelzebub

"Well, that's one mystery still unsolved. But they've got to be related to us somehow, right? Right? Hope we can meet again someday. "
Mirror match

"I swear I've met you before. Maybe we could spar again sometime, really get to know each other?"
VS Gran

"I just know Katalina would look great in a cute outfit. But how the heck do you convince a proud knight to get a makeover?"
VS Katalina

"How do I... With my left foot, or... Ugh, Charlotta, how do you do your rolly move? I'm totally stumped!"
VS Charlotta

"Hehe. Yes! I won! Not bad for a regular old skyfarer."
VS Lancelot

"Phew. I can see why they call him the Lord of Flames. If I had his power, I'd make a whole airship full of cookies."
VS Percival

"Practice with Ladiva is pretty tough, but it's always worth it. Just a few rounds in the ring, and I can definitely feel the love!"
VS Ladiva

"Wow. That was a heck of a fight, wasn't it? I'm just glad that everything, you know, stayed in her outfit. Some girls have all the confidence."
VS Metera

"Hey, dudes. I got a deal for ya. You stop teaching Lyria and Vyrn your brospeak, and I won't, like, totally mess your faces up."
VS Lowain

"Looks like I win this time! As for my victory prize... Can I be the one to walk Momo today? Please?"
VS Ferry

"And the victory goes to me! Loser gets to carry the shopping bags, Zeta!"
VS Zeta

"Though I won this round, I can see I've still got a lot to work on. One day, I'll be the kind of captain even you can rely on, Vaseraga."
VS Vaseraga

"As it turns out, not even an Astral was a match for us. Well, looks like our work here is done. On to the next adventure!"
VS Beelzebub

"Um, Narmaya... I'm a full-fledged captain. I don't need anybody to kiss my boo-boos. Wh-whoa. That didn't mean hug me to death."
VS Narmaya

"Gahaha-hehe... Not bad, right? I'm as strong as I look."
VS Soriz

"I did it... I actually managed to pass your trial. So what do you think? Gotten stronger, haven't I?"
VS Zooey

"That oughta teach ya! No more funny business, got it? I'll be there to kick your butt again if you even think about it!"
VS Belial / Avatar Belial

"I've gotta say, pulling off 'cute' all the time seems like a lot of hard work. I personally prefer the no-frills approach—makes it easier for me to kick hiney."
VS Cagliostro

"Phew. Those were some hot steps, girl. The next time we do this, I wanna see all your moves!"
VS Yuel

"Anre, you don't have to take care of everything on your own. Come talk to your pals once in a while. We're always here to help!"
VS Anre

"How was my technique? Oh, come on. Would it kill you to show your captain some respect every now and then? It'd make me feel a lot more confident."
VS Eustace

"Yes, I won! But that doesn't mean the next time will go so smoothly. Guess I'll have to ask for a rematch—that way I can be sure today wasn't a fluke!"
VS Seox

"Oh man, these sparring matches with you really take it out of me. But I always have a great time! Let's do this again soon!"
VS Vira

Djeeta: "Don't worry... This'll be a piece of cake."
Vyrn: "You got this!"
Lyria: "Just don't get hurt."
Djeeta: "Kay! Let's do this!

Generic Intro (Ally)


  • Djeeta's battle theme, The Same Blue Sky (VS Djeeta), is an instrumental remix of Over The Sky.



Color Variations

Weapon Skins


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