Draconic Weapons

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Draconic Weapons

Draconic Weapons are weapons obtainable by trading materials obtained from Lindwurm (Impossible) in the Shop. They feature three weapon skills and are available for each element.

All Draconic Weapons are obtained at 3★, and can be uncapped up to 5★.

Draconic Weapons and Dark Opus Weapons share a mutual and special exclusivity; you may only equip one weapon from either series in a grid.

List of Draconic Weapons[edit]

Weapon m 1040811900.jpg
Draconic Harp
Weapon m 1040311900.jpg
Draconic Buster
Weapon m 1040709600.jpg
Draconic Bow
Weapon m 1040416700.jpg
Draconic Rod
Weapon m 1040912100.jpg
Draconic Blade
Weapon m 1040512300.jpg
Draconic Fire

Obtaining Draconic Weapons[edit]

Draconic Weapons are obtained from the Treasure Trade (Quest Items, Weapons) section of the Shop in exchange for the following:

True Dragon's Golden Scales are obtained from Lindwurm (Impossible) raids.

Uncapping Draconic Weapons[edit]

To unlock the second and third weapon skills, Draconic Weapons need to be upgraded to Level 150 and 200 respectively.

Each target level requires one uncap to reach, with the second uncap requiring a unique material obtainable only from Six-Dragon Advent solo battles or, alternatively, trading 100 Lineage Fragment square.jpg Lineage Fragments and 100 Elemental QuartzElemental Quartz: of respective element in the Six-Dragon Advent shop.

Note that Draconic Weapons cannot be uncapped with Damascus Ingot square.jpg Damascus Ingot or Gold Brick square.jpg Gold Brick.

4★ Uncap Materials[edit]

5★ Uncap Materials[edit]

Trade Telumas[edit]

Telumas can be found under Shop > Treasure Trade > Quest Items > Consumables > Weapon Skill Items.

There are nine types of Telumas.


  • Telumas modify either second or third skill of a Draconic Weapon.
  • There is no default second and third skill. A Teluma must first be used to unlock an effect.
  • These skills can be changed at any time by using another Teluma. The previous Teluma's effect will be overwritten.

Four Orbs' Judgment[edit]

  • This skill is learned at lvl 150.
  • It is affected by Skill lvl but not by summon aura.
  • Its effect can be changed by the following Telumas:
Teluma Skill Icon Skill Effect[1] Trade Materials
Endurance Teluma icon.jpg
Endurance Teluma
Skill damage red 0.png
Boost to all allies' DEF
15% (SL15) / 20% (SL20) Lineage Fragment square.jpg Lineage Fragment ×10 Blue Sky Crystal square.jpg Blue Sky Crystal ×10
Inferno Teluma icon.jpg
Inferno Teluma
Ws skill damage red 1.png
Fire DMG reduction to all allies
25% (SL15) / 30% (SL20)
(Stacks additively with similar skills up to 30%)
Fire Crystal square.jpg Fire Crystal ×3
Abyss Teluma icon.jpg
Abyss Teluma
Ws skill damage red 2.png
Water DMG reduction to all allies
Water Crystal square.jpg Water Crystal ×3
Crag Teluma icon.jpg
Crag Teluma
Ws skill damage red 3.png
Earth DMG reduction to all allies
Earth Crystal square.jpg Earth Crystal ×3
Tempest Teluma icon.jpg
Tempest Teluma
Ws skill damage red 4.png
Wind DMG reduction to all allies
Wind Crystal square.jpg Wind Crystal ×3
Aureole Teluma icon.jpg
Aureole Teluma
Ws skill damage red 5.png
Light DMG reduction to all allies
Light Crystal square.jpg Light Crystal ×3
Malice Teluma icon.jpg
Malice Teluma
Ws skill damage red 6.png
Dark DMG reduction to all allies
Dark Crystal square.jpg Dark Crystal ×3

Six Dragons' Radiance[edit]

  • This skill is learned at lvl 200.
  • It is affected by Skill lvl and summon aura, depends on which Teluma it is.
    • Optimus Teluma skill can be boosted by Optimus Series of summons, while Omega Teluma skill can be boosted by Omega Series of summons.
  • Its effect can be changed by the following Telumas:
Teluma Skill Icon Skill EffectValues given are at Skill lvl 20, unless otherwise noted.[1] Trade Materials
Optimus Teluma icon.jpg
Optimus Teluma
Big boost to weapon element allies' ATK and HP.
20% ATK Up
20% HP Up
True Dragon's Golden Scale square.jpg True Dragon's Golden Scale ×10 Fire Halo square.jpg Fire Halo ×5 Wind Halo square.jpg Wind Halo ×5
Omega Teluma icon.jpg
Omega Teluma
Water Halo square.jpg Water Halo ×5 Earth Halo square.jpg Earth Halo ×5