Insular Core

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A precious ore formed on the bottoms of islands containing unique geological features. It was first discovered in the wreckage of an island smashed asunder by Galleon.


Use Amount
Unlock Caim 4th Domain Bonus and Support Skill 30
Unlock Lobelia 4th Domain Bonus and Support Skill 30
Transcend Threo to Stage 1 50
Transcend Eahta to Stage 1 50
Uncap Draconic Bow to 5★ 15
Purchase Yggdrasil's Bough 15
Uncap Yggdrasil's Bough to 5★ 30
Purchase Galleon's Jaw 50
Uncap Galleon's Jaw to 4★ 10
Uncap Binds of The Hanged Man to 5★ 30
Uncap Collapse of The Tower to 5★ 30
Uncap Andromeda to 4★ 10
Uncap Hrunting to 4★ 10
Forge Bounty of Gracious Earth 100
Forge Fang of the Dragonslayer Mk II 50
Forge Claw of the Dragonslayer Mk II 50
Uncap Yggdrasil Omega to 5★ 3
Uncap Galleon (Summon) to 4★ 30
Raid Hosting
Host Siegfried (Impossible) 3
Host Hexachromatic Hierarch (Raid) 1