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The legendary beings capable of being called during battle to provide assistance are referred to as summons. From mere bats, to primal beasts like Yggdrasil, to the supreme dragon Bahamut, there are a great number of entities to summon. The party benefits through their presence both passively and actively, and proper selection of summons is an important part of Granblue Fantasy.

Passive Effects and Auras[edit]

Merely equipping a summon provides raw stat increases. Summons, compared to weapons, tend to have greater values of HP over Attack, so having strong and leveled summons will greatly affect your party's HP values. Aside from providing stats, the main summon also provides an Aura. Auras grant a special passive effect, usually a huge boost to Attack for one or two elements.


Summons can also be called, dealing damage on the enemy, or inflicting debuffs, or buffing the party, or some combination of those three effects. Summoning has three requirements:

  1. The main character must be alive and active in the front line. If using Lyria, she must also be alive and active in the front line.
  2. No other summons have been called earlier in the turn. If using Lyria, two summons can be summoned per turn.
  3. The summon must be ready to be summoned.

Summons start the battle on cooldown. Their rarity determines their cooldown timer. Rares have 7 turn cooldowns, SRs have 8 turn cooldowns and SSRs have 9 turn cooldowns. Some SSR summons have 12 turn cooldowns. Any summons that match your main weapon's element have this initial cooldown reduced by 1 to 3 turns depending on the rarity of the summon. After being called, the summon needs to cooldown again. Summons that deal damage also generally ignore enemy buffs. Certain summons can't be resummoned, such as Shiva square.jpg Shiva.

Combo Calls[edit]

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After a summon is called, in raid battles, it can be comboed by other players. This means that if another person uses a summon after you, your summon's secondary effects, specifically the effects that aren't the main instance of damage, will also apply to them. Only one player can chain the effects of another call; as soon as the combo is performed, the next player's call will start a new combo. Combo Calls also increase your summon's main damage by 20%.

Support Summons[edit]

Before entering a quest, a support summon must be chosen from a list of friends and random players. This summon provides its Aura just like your main summon, but it also starts the quest fully charged, ready to be called on the first turn.

Every player can assign up to seven different summons as support summons for other players to choose. This can be done from the Profile. Whenever a summon is chosen as a support summon, that summon's owner receives a small rupie bonus at the next day's reset. Summons set as support cannot be sold, reduced, or used for upgrades.

In Coop Quests, support summons can only be chosen from among the other players in the same room, and will not award rupies.