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Arcarum Summons

Arcarum summons are special summons thematically based on the Major Arcana. Obtaining these summons require materials from Arcarum: The World Beyond.

List of Arcarum Summons[edit]

See Category:Arcarum Summons for a table view of Arcarum summons.

Peculiarities of the Arcarum Summons[edit]

Explore Arcarum to get exclusive summons. These summons hold great power that are waiting to be unleashed.

  • An Arcarum summon's sub-aura will take effect even when it is equipped as a sub summon.
    • Sub-aura effects that boost the damage to their advantageous element are final modifiers and are additive with the first skill of Seraphic Weapons.
  • Aura effects differ depending on if they're equipped as a main or sub summon.
  • Arcarum summons can't be set as support/friend summons.
  • Arcarum summons you call can Combo Call with other non-Arcarum summons. However, you cannot Combo Call with another player's Arcarum summon.
  • Damage dealt by Arcarum summons is treated as skill damage originating from the Main Character and is affected by buffs such as
    Status AttackUp.pngSkill DMG UpSkill DMG is boosted
    Status Skill DMG Cap Up.pngSkill DMG Cap UpCan deal big bonus DMG when Skill DMG dealt in one turn reaches a certain amount
    • When used against targets with
      Status Repel.pngRepelTaking less DMG and reflects attacks

      Damage Cut reducing damage taken and reflecting attacks.
      Warning! Does not work for Plain Damage!
      , it will remove 1 hit from Repel while the MC will not receive reflected damage.
  • The cooldown of an Arcarum summon is 4 turns lower for the initial call. This cooldown cut is increased to 6 turns after the 4★ uncap.
    • Due to the cooldown cut it provides, using a SSR weapon of the matching Element as main weapon allows the use of their call on the first turn once they are uncapped to 4★. This is true for all Arcarum summons, except Summon s 2040241000.jpg The Tower (SSR) due to its higher cooldown.
  • Arcarum summons can't be sold or reduced. They also can't be used to upgrade other summons.

How to Get Arcarum Summons[edit]

Collect treasure from exploring Arcarum and trade for Arcarum summons in the shop. Upgrade the summons using the treasure items.

Arcarum summons can only be upgraded through the shop, and power-up items can't be used to uncap them either. Each summon can only be acquired once

The following materials are needed to obtain and upgrade Arcarum summons. They are listed in order of upgrade progression.

Obtain 0★ SR[edit]

1★ Uncap[edit]

2★ Uncap[edit]

3★ Uncap[edit]

SSR Upgrade[edit]

SSR 4★ Uncap[edit]

Total materials needed[edit]

This list summarizes the materials needed for a full SSR 4★ Arcarum Summon creation process.

Arcarum-specific materials:


Other materials:

Further upgrades for Arcarum summons will be available in the future. It is likely that this will be related to recruiting the Oracle character related to each summon. The Oracles are planned to be released during the 5th anniversary (March 2019).