Primeval Horn

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Bahamut Horn

One of Bahamut's horns. It's brimming with chaotic power.


Use Amount
Awakening SSR to Lvl 7 1
Transcend an Eternal to Stage 2 100
Upgrade Bahamut Weapons to Coda form 5
Create an Ultima Weapon 3
Upgrade Class Champion Weapons to 5★ 1
Uncap Seraphic Weapons to 4★ 3
Uncap Ultima Weapons to 4★ 30
Uncap Dark Opus Weapons to 5★ 50
Uncap Arcarum Summons to 5★ 10
Uncap Bahamut to 5★ 3
Create the Bomb Maneuver Part for the Mechanic Class 1
Craft Paralyze Bullet 2
Craft Catastrophe Cylinder 300
Form a pact with Bahamut Mino 1000
Purchase Supreme Staff Mastery 100
Purchase Lineage Ring 2
Purchase Intricacy Ring 5