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Beginner Missions and Draws: Sierokarte's Knickknack Academy | Pinboard Missions | New Skyfarer Step Up Special | Beginner's Draw Set
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If you're a new player, or even if not, Granblue Fantasy has a lot of things going on, so it can be taxing to remember everything you can do or need to do. This list contains various time-limited or one-time tasks to perform to help you make progress on your Granblue journey!

One-Time Tasks

These are activities you generally do only once, or on an as-needed basis.

  • For new players: Do your free daily 10-draw for the next 6 days after creating your account. If the current Premium Draw banner is not a special seasonal banner, consider using the Classic Draw, as you will be able to use the Vermillion Sparks gained from the draw later on.
  • Clear the Pinboard Missions.
  • Designate a Star Character.
  • Set up support summons (Menu > Profile). (Don't forget to update your support summons if you get better summons down the line!)
  • Adjust your Settings (Menu > Settings).
    • Settings > Battle Settings contains useful settings that can improve your gameplay based on your needs, including the option to change the size of the Skill Queue icons, turn on or off Skill Effect descriptions, change the speed of battle and summon animations, as well as toggle Semi and Full Auto settings.
    • Settings > Miscellaneous lets you set options to auto-sell or auto-reserve very low quality weapons so they don't fill up your inventory. Be somewhat careful with these settings - once weapons are auto-processed, they're gone for good!
    • Settings > Chat/Stickers alows you to change your sticker sets to include a variety of Stickers the game offers for communication.

Progress in the main story quest to receive free 3★ uncapped weapons and unlock other important things.

  • Discover free items in each new town. Once you have collected all four items, one each from the golden shining points, you can then collect a fifth, hidden item by clicking the four, now silver shining nodes in a specific sequence. These items can only ever be claimed once, though there is no time restriction before you must do so.
Name of Town Version First sparkle Second Sparkle Third Sparkle Fourth Sparkle Fifth Sparkle Sixth Sparkle Seventh Sparkle Eight Sparkle Ninth Sparkle Tenth Sparkle Eleventh Sparkle Twelveth Sparkle Extra Reward
Zinkenstill Top Left Bottom Right Top Right Bottom Left - - - - - - - - Crystal ×50
Port Breeze Archipelago Top Bottom Left Bottom Right Middle - - - - - - - - Premium Draw Ticket
Valtz Duchy Top Right Top Left Bottom Left Bottom Right - - - - - - - - Crystal ×50
Auguste Isles Bottom Left Top Right Top Left Bottom Right - - - - - - - - Crystal ×50
Lumacie Archipelago Top Right Bottom Right Top Left Bottom Left - - - - - - - - Premium Draw Ticket
Albion Citadel Middle Bottom Right Left Top - - - - - - - - Crystal ×50
Mist-Shrouded Isle Right Left Top Bottom - - - - - - - - Crystal ×50
Golonzo Island Bottom Left Top Right Bottom Middle Top Middle - - - - - - - - Premium Draw Ticket
Amalthea Island Battle torn Top Middle Top Right Bottom Middle Bottom Right - - - - - - - - Crystal ×50
Pristine Top Middle Top Right Middle Bottom Left - - - - - - - -
Former Capital Mephorash Middle Top Right Bottom Left Left - - - - - - - - Crystal ×50
Agastia Top Right Bottom Left Bottom Middle Top Middle - - - - - - - - Premium Draw Ticket
Dydroit Belt Top Bottom Right Bottom Left Middle - - - - - - - - Premium Draw Ticket
Silverwind Stretch, North Vast Bottom Left Bottom Middle Middle Top - - - - - - - - Premium Draw Ticket
Idelva Kingdom, Merkmal Island Right Bottom Top Middle - - - - - - - - Premium Draw Ticket
Groz Island Left Top Right Bottom Right Middle Right - - - - - - - - Premium Draw Ticket
Kluger Island Bottom Left Middle Right Top Right Middle Left - - - - - - - - Premium Draw Ticket
Bestia Island Top Middle Left Middle Right Bottom - - - - - - - - Premium Draw Ticket
Reiche Island Bottom Middle Left Top Middle Right Bottom - - - - - - - Premium Draw Ticket
Starke Island Bottom Left Bottom Right Middle Right Top Right Middle Right Top Right - - - - - - Premium Draw Ticket
The Edgelands Top Right Bottom Right Bottom Left Top Left Bottom Left Bottom Right Top Right - - - - - Premium Draw Ticket
New Utopia Bottom Top Bottom Top Bottom Top Bottom Right Left Right Left Right Premium Draw Ticket
Magmell Island Bottom Middle Right Middle Left Bottom Middle Left Middle Right Bottom Top - - - - Premium Draw Ticket
Libertaria Island Bottom Right Middle Left Top Right Left Middle Bottom Right Top Right - - - - Premium Draw Ticket
Duat Island Left Bottom Right Middle Right Bottom Right Left Bottom Right Middle Right Top Right - - - - Premium Draw Ticket
Tranquio Island Bottom Right Bottom Left Middle Right Top Middle Right Bottom Left Bottom Right - - - - - Premium Draw Ticket
Edan Island Bottom Top Left Top Left Top Bottom Right - - - - Premium Draw Ticket
  • Obtain free JDA Club Tickets.
  • Purchase stashes (see: Crystal shop).
    • Weapon stash space is more valuable than summon space. It will be a long time before you fill up your summon inventory space and require a stash, whereas you will feel the constraints of initial weapon space soon after you start the game.

Complete Side Stories to unlock free characters and collect treasure to trade for weapons and summons. While not an exhaustive list of all the good things Side Stories have in store, here are a few notable rewards:

Daily Tasks

These activities should be done daily as many times as possible, depending on your current strength, finances, available time and goals. Generally, tasks higher in the list are more important to complete each day.

  • Check the Home Page for login rewards and possible news or announcements.
  • Complete any event daily missions. See Main Page for current events.
  • Summon raid bosses for Pendants and weapon/summon drops. Normally, each boss can be summoned 3 times per day per difficulty.
    • Which raids you do are often dependent on your strength, needs, and goals; however, the most commonly recommended for new players are Omega Raids for Omega Weapon drops. Refer to Basic Grids for more information.
    • Hard+ raids for bosses such as Tiamat can be unlocked at Rank 101 by hosting and clearing its respective Omega HL raid and count for all 3 clears of your daily Hard raids in one fight.
    • Once you have completed each Hard+ raid, you unlock the Hard+ Pro function, which can clear all 6 Hard+ fights at once with no time spent in an actual fight.
    • Extreme+ raids for bosses such as Tiamat Omega can be unlocked at Rank 120 by hosting and clearing its respective Omega II Raid and count for all 3 clears of your daily Extreme raids in one fight.
  • Spend your daily Arcarum Badges by doing Arcarum Expeditions.
  • Beating Dimension Halo once unlocks Angel Halo Pro, which counts as 10 runs of Angel Halo and guarantees an appearance of Dimension Halo afterwards.
  • Complete Coop Daily Missions for points to spend in the Mission Point Shop.
    • Blue Sky Crystal can be hard to get at lower levels, and this is the easiest method of collecting them until later in the game.
  • Perform 101 Rupie Draws (1 free + 10,000 Rupies).
    • The goal is to accumulate Plus Bonuses, get weapons to upgrade Weapon Skills, and, in very rare cases, obtain new characters.

Weekly Tasks

These are generally advanced to a good degree if players keep up on the daily tasks anyway. Rather, these should be checked up on towards the weekend, to make sure no desired rewards are missed before the reset.

  • Weekly Skyscope Missions are fairly easy to keep up with (some of the missions you'll most likely clear just by playing normally). Getting at least to the 10 weekly missions reward provides a decent, steady source of rank points and other rewards with not too much extra effort
    • The Arcarum missions can basically be checked off right away if you have a few badges stockpiled and handily takes up your weekly supply of badges in any situation.
    • Special Quests can take some extra effort outside of event periods that have their own special quests. Angel Halo is always a sound choice to farm out the total, or Shiny Slime Search! on the weekends.
  • Keep an eye on your Pendants weekly limits.

Monthly Tasks

  • Trade for Half Elixirs and/or Soul Berries.
    • Casino Cage: 100 elixirs and 200 berries can be purchased per month.
    • Treasure Shop: 20 elixirs and 50 berries can be purchased per month for each island's silver chest item drop. Be careful not to use up items entirely - you will need them for many other things such as uncaps.
    • Normal Showdowns: 5 elixirs can be purchased per month from each showdown.
  • Trade for Flawed Prisms at the Treasure Shop.
    • Trade for as many as possible. You will need tens of thousands of these and it is best to start as soon as you can.
  • Trade for other treasures as necessary.
  • Purchase Omega weapons from the Renown Pendant shop.
    • Each weapon can be bought 4 times per month except Luminiera Sword Omega, which has an account lifetime limit of 10 and no monthly limit.
    • Refer to Basic Grids for a reference of which weapons are the most value for your pendants. Celeste Claw Omega and Luminiera Sword Omega are notable due to their relative difficulty to obtain over their counterparts in other elements for lower level players.
  • Purchase moons from the Renown Pendant shop.
    • You can buy 1 of each moon per month. They can be exchanged for many useful items, so it is usually worth buying them, especially as a free/non-IAP player.
  • Purchase items for Daily Points.

High Level

A lot of content opens up once you reach rank 101, so there may be additional regular tasks to perform.

  • Purchase Class Distinctions from the Prestige Pendant shop.
  • Battle HL Raids for Prestige Pendants, Centrums, and Urns.
  • Monthly Skyscope Missions exclusively deal with HL missions of a specific, rotating element and provide an excellent opportunity to get rare weapons. Keep in mind however that with the daily host limits, its impossible to reach the required 100 clears in a single month without joining other player's raids regularly.