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Rarity SSR.png
[Skybound]This character's title is untranslated.

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MAX HP 1200
MAX ATK 8950
Element Label Element Dark.png
RaceOfficially called "Type" in-game. Label Race Unknown.png
Style Label Type Attack.png
SpecialtyThis character gains 20% more ATK from weapons of this type in your grid. Label Weapon Staff.png
GenderGender is a character attribute used for game mechanics. A character's lore, appearance, and other factors do not affect this attribute. Female
Voice Actor Rika Tachibana
How to Recruit
Princess Connect! Re:Dive
Dinner at the Turned Table

ID 3040216000
Char ID 3132
Uncap Limit Icon Yellow Star.pngIcon Yellow Star.pngIcon Yellow Star.pngIcon Yellow Star.png
Blush ValueA value between 0 and 3. It is used exclusively for Nina Drango's skills. A character's lore, appearance, and other factors do not affect this attribute.
NameJP キャル
TitleJP 謎多き猫耳少女
Voice ActorJP 立花理香
Release Date 2019-05-29
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Icon gbf-wiki.pnggbf-wiki
(Japanese wiki)
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A member of the Gourmet Guild hailing from the continent of Astraea, Karyl is a talented magic user both on and off the battlefield. Her sharp tongue can give people a harsh impression of her, but those who know her best recognize how kind and considerate she is beneath the bluster.

Charge Attack

Charge Attack
Icon Name Effect
Skill charge attack.png Grim Burst Massive Dark damage to a foe.
Gain Status Chaos Grimoire.pngChaos GrimoireNext Thunderball activates twice (Can't be removed)


Icon Name Cooldown Duration Obtained Effect
Ability Thunderball.png Thunderball 6 turns
Lvl 55:
5 turns
- Lvl 1
600% Dark damage to a foe (Damage cap: ~700,000).[1]
Consume Status Chaos Grimoire.pngChaos GrimoireNext Thunderball activates twice (Can't be removed)
: Activates twice.
Ability Armor Down.png Armor Down 7 turns
Lvl 75:
6 turns
180 sec Lvl 1
Inflict Status DarkDEFDownStack.png15% Dark DEF Down (Stackable / Max: 30%)DEF is lowered for dark DMG (Stackable)
Strength: 15% (Max: 30%)Base Accuracy: 90%Duration: 180 seconds
on a foe.[1]
Ability Dark Eclipse.png Dark Eclipse 4 turns - Lvl 45
200% Dark damage to all foes (Damage cap: ~450,000).
Gain Status Skill DMG Cap Up Stack.png15% Skill DMG Cap Up (Stackable / Max: 45%)Can deal big bonus DMG when Skill DMG dealt
in one turn reaches a certain amount (Stackable)
Strength: 15% (Max: 45%)Duration: Indefinite

Support Skills

Support SkillsDoes not work from the backline unless explicitly stated.
Icon Name Obtained Effect
Icon Support Skill.png Absolute Secrecy Lvl 1
Boost to ATKUnique modifier based on how low Karyl's HP is. (Min: 0% - Max: 15%)[1]
Icon Support Skill.png You're Dead Meat! Lvl 1
40% / 50% boost to critical hit rate.40% chance of dealing 50% more damage.[1]
Icon Extended Mastery Support Skill.png Extended Mastery Support Skill EMP Boost to Karyl's Dark ATK upon using Dark Eclipse.

Extended Mastery Perks

Extended Mastery Perks
Style ZenithAtk.pngATK
ZenithDA.pngDouble Attack Rate
ZenithCritHit.pngCritical Hit
12% chance for 12% more DMG20% chance for 20% more DMG25% chance for 25% more DMG
ZenithCADmg.pngCharge Attack Damage
RaceCalled "Type" in-game. ZenithAtk.pngATK
ZenithDarkAtk.pngDark ATK Up
ZenithCADmg.pngCharge Attack Damage
Individual ZenithDarkAtk.pngDark ATK Up
ZenithSkillDmg.pngSkill Damage
ZenithSkillDmgCap.pngSkill Damage Cap
ZenithCADmgCap.pngCharge Attack Damage Cap
ZenithSupportSkill.pngBoost to Karyl's Dark ATK upon using Dark Eclipse.
Over Mastery Bonus Icon augment2 l.pngPerpetuity Ring


Gameplay Notes

Extended Mastery Support Skill

  • Karyl gains Status DarkAtkUp.pngDark ATK UpDark ATK is boosted
    when using Dark Eclipse.
Rank Duration Strength
1★ 3 Turns 10%
2★ 3 Turns 20%
3★ 3 Turns 30%

Uncap Materials

Uncap 1★ Uncap 2★ Uncap 3★ Uncap 4★ Uncap 5★

Awakening Materials

Lvl 2: Icon Bonus Attack.png ATK +1000 Lvl 3: Icon Bonus HP.png HP +500 Lvl 4: Icon Bonus CA DMG.png C.A. DMG +5% Lvl 5: Icon Bonus Attack.png Multiattack +2%