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Rupies are the lowest in-game currency. You primarily earn rupies by completing quests, from the Daily Bonus, from events, and by selling co-op treasures.

Rupies are used in a variety of places, including but not limited to:

Farming Rupies

There are three primary ways of farming rupies: running Shiny Slime Search!, joining other players' co-op rooms for treasures, or farming story events.

  • Shiny Slime Search!: Very Hard recommended difficulty (30 AP)
    • Recommended if you also need EXP for leveling characters, but can be rather AP-intensive and requires reliable sources of Plain Damage to clear efficiently.
    • Rupies earned this way will be affected by boosts to rupies earned.
  • Joining co-op rooms:
    • Because AP is only consumed by the host, other players in the room can efficiently farm treasures that can be sold for rupies.
    • Co-op quests themselves do not have a high rupie yield and rupies earned by selling treasures are not affected by boosts, making them overall less efficient unless you're farming for other co-op items.
  • Story events with token drawboxes have rupies as rewards from Token Drawboxes (amount varies based on box number), Battle Badge milestones (47,000 total), and Total Honors milestones (25,000 total). Although these rewards aren't affected by boosts, they are profitable for players farming events for their other rewards (such as Crystals, summon stones, and weapons).
  • Skyleap Shop have 500,000 Rupies for 200 SkyLeap Points.

The following are notable ways of boosting rupies earned:

  • The Journey Drop Shop can temporarily provide up to a +200% boost to rupies earned in battle (+400% during Campaigns). It does not affect rupies earned by selling items, weapons, or summons.
  • Certain Wonder effects:
  • The Bandit Tycoon class' support skill gives a 10% boost to rupie drop amount.
  • Karteira (SR):
    • Her  Extended Mastery Support SkillBoost to rupies earned in battle
      works from the back row and stacks with Bandit Tycoon's boost to rupie drops.
    • Rupies from  Two Birds, One PunchWind damage to a foe.
      Get up to 10,000 rupies if target has Partnered UpHaving a Sales Talk with Karteira
      "Sales Talk" in Karteira's skill descriptions
      are added to rupies earned in battle. Its 10,000 rupie cap can be raised by rupie boosts, her EMP skill, and other rupie boosts. (Note that rupies will not be earned if the enemy is defeated by the skill.)
  •  Ramulus Heavenquake Massive Dark damage to a foe.
    Gain rupies.
    's charge attack effect grants rupies, even when the enemy is defeated by the attack.
  •  Dynamic Merc DuoMain Aura50% boost to Earth ATK. 15% boost to rupies earned.'s aura provides a 15% boost to rupies earned.