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Wonders are main quest rewards that grant a passive buff. You can have up to 5 Wonders activated at a time. When you activate a Wonder, you must wait 24 hours before you can deactivate it.

The Wonders screen can be accessed by going to Menu > Supplies > Wonders tab.

Wonder Effect Obtained
Tiamat wonder.png Morning Calm of Tiamat 10% boost to Rank Points Complete Chapter 4
Colossus wonder.png Steel of the Iron Giant 5% boost to upgrade XP Complete Chapter 8
Leviathan wonder.png Dew of Leviathan 2% boost to Grand Success rate when upgrading Complete Chapter 12
Yggdrasil wonder.png Leaf of Yggdrasil 5% boost to quest XP Complete Chapter 16
Luminiera wonder.png Pride of Luminiera 5% boost to quest rupies Complete Chapter 20
Celest wonder.png Anchor of Celeste 5% boost to Dark upgrade XP Complete Chapter 24
Wonder7.jpg Gear of Mithra 50% boost to tuning points Complete Chapter 28
Wonder8.jpg Scale of Order 5% boost to Wind upgrade XP Complete Chapter 32
Wonder9.jpg Mystical Golem Kiln 5% boost to Earth upgrade XP Complete Chapter 36
Wonder10.jpg Tattered Parchment 5% boost to element upgrade skill Complete Chapter 40
Wonder11.jpg Flame of Discipline 5% boost to fire upgrade XP Complete Chapter 44
Wonder12.jpg Golden Apple 5% boost to Light upgrade XP Complete Chapter 48
Wonder13.jpg Red Leaf of Malice Earth Reduce costs lowered by 5% Complete Chapter 52
Wonder14.jpg Void Blossom Boosts rare foe encounter rate. Complete Chapter 62
Wonder15.jpg Atmosphere Afloat 50% boost to reward for providing support. Complete Chapter 69
Wonder16.jpg Delirium Medallion Light Reduce costs lowered by 5% Complete Chapter 73
Wonder17.jpg Silver Gorget 5% boost to rupies earned when selling weapons. Complete Chapter 79