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Event Story

Premium Friday Collection is a permanently available location where all previous Premium Friday quests can be played. Clear the quests to get the exclusive treasure Pocket FRIED SHRIMP, and trade it for loot in the shop!

The Premium Friday Collection can be accessed under Gameplay Extras > Premium Friday Collection on the Home screen.

Previously cleared Premium Friday quests will not reset.

Premium Friday Collection was previously called Auld Lang Fry PREMIUM and was the special New Year's event for the end of 2020.

Quest Collection Vol. 1

January-June 2019 (Zodiacs)

Defend your premium weekend!
Work together with Divine Generals Kumbhira, Mahira, Andira, and Anila to stop the rampaging FRIED SHRIMP!
  • Party: Kumbhira, Mahira, Andira, Anila
  • Completion reward: 1-6 ×Based on the number of reruns missed. Crystal ×300
  • Enemies: Fantastically Radical Idea
  • Difficulty: Trivial

July 2019 (Summer)

Help these three brave souls fend off a FRIED-SHRIMP assault and harvest the prismaprawns need to create the ultimate noodle-lover's delight—prismaprawn ramen!

August 2019 (Summer 2)

Friday descends on a busy seaside resort. "Tourist season is no excuse for overwork!" It's up to you to stop her before SHRIMP-Fried madness turns the beach upside down!

September 2019 (Feisty Flyin' Cypher Rangers)

Friday wants to put on a stage show for the families who are out enjoying Premium Friday. Don your ranger gear and put on a show they'll never forget!

Quest Collection Vol. 2

October 2019 (Halloween)

The crew comes to town for a night of Halloween fun. However, a group of rowdy hooligans is using the festivities as an excuse to spoil the fun for everyone else! Show them what's up!

November 2019 (Autumn)

Hoping to enjoy one last taste of autumn cuisine before winter's arrival, three backpackers go hiking in the mountains for ingredients, only to be confronted by a monster that is on the verge of consuming the autumnal harvest. Defeat it before it happens!

December 2019 (Auld Lang Syne)

We'll take a cup of... yet... Yawn... For auld... lang... Zzzz...

January 2020 (Zodiacs 2)

It's been a year since Friday began spreading the good news of Premium Friday, but it still hasn't become the household name she hoped, so FRIED SHRIMP is back! Join two Divine Generals to protect your premium weekend!
  • Party: Vikala, Mahira
  • Completion reward: Crystal ×300
  • Enemies: Fantastically Radical Idea
  • Difficulty: Trivial

Quest Collection Vol. 3

February 2020 (Valentine)

This familiar Tyrannus didn't get any chocolate this month! Calm the love-starved beast and save the day!

March 2020 (Pure Gold Slime)

Friday's got a request to spice up everyone's day off: gather solid gold from a golden slime so she can use it to make some special fried shrimp! Take that shiny blob down for the prize!

April 2020 (GBVS)

Three fighters have made the GBVS roster! Combo Lignoid into submission to prove they've earned their spots!


Friday is putting on a play to celebrate Golden Week, and she needs everyone's help for the grand finale!

Rackam's 2nd skill is replaced with Cover. It should not be used until Rackam says "Damn it! Well, looks like I've got no other choice. This one's for the team!"

Quest Collection Vol. 4

May 2020 (Word Chain Game)

Joy is eager to play the Word Chain game he's just heard about. Help further Joy's education with a word game!
Each player adds a word to the chain starting with the final letter of the previous player's word. We'll be using crewmates' names! Careful—if you repeat a name, or use the wrong letter, you're out!

June 2020 (Primal Pals)

The primal pals are on vacation in Auguste when Nezha, worried about their lack of physical activity, challenges the other four to a casual spar.
Beat Nezha and show him that everyone's still at the top of their game!

July 2020 (Summer 3)

Sandalphon is manning a food stand when he's asked to fillet a God Albacore!
Work with Lucio to get the job done!

August 2020 (Tinydos and Aoidos)

Lured by Bugleena's toots, a monster surfaces in front of Mimlemel. Luckily, Aoidos happens by as well. Help the two drive the monster away!

Quest Collection Vol. 5

September 2020 (Respect for the Aged Day)

Fif discovers that there's a day to honor the elderly and asks Eahta to spar with her and Narmaya, hoping that it'll make him happy. Fight Eahta and show him just how much they appreciate him!
  • Party: Narmaya, Fif
  • Completion reward: Crystal ×300
  • Enemies: Eahta
  • Difficulty: Trivial

October 2020 (Halloween 2)

A gallant red demon with candy to give has demanded a battle. Oblige him and get yourself some Halloween treats!

November 2020 (5★ Orchid)

Drang offers a spar, curious about Lloyd's upgrade. Time to show him Orchid's new strength!

The Final FRIED SHRIMP Quest

The crew pays a visit to the Rat Temple, but Vikala's Eccentrical Parade is interrupted by a frenzied FRIED SHRIMP. Time to cool it off with help from Vajra, Mahira, and Joy!

In the 2nd battle, defeating the boss results in failure. Bring the boss down to below 25% and then cast skills in the following order: Mahira skill 3, Vajra skill 3, Joy skill 2.


See: Premium Friday Collection/History

Auld Lang Fry PREMIUM: Sky-Wide Premium Point Loot

In late December 2020, players collected Premium Points by defeating raid bosses. Premium Points were distributed to participating players when a boss was defeated based on honors contribution. The amount of Premium Points earned per raid boss is proportional to the amount of contribution honor accumulated plus a static bonus amount based on whether you started the raid or joined as support.

Premium Point Loot was awarded based on the total accumulated Premium Points of all players. When a point milestone was reached, all players were eligible to receive the loot associated with that milestone regardless of whether they participated in collecting points toward that milestone.

These rewards are from a previous event-limited version of Premium Friday Collection and are no longer obtainable.
Points Reward
25,000,000 Half Elixir ×20
50,000,000 Pocket FRIED SHRIMP ×1
75,000,000 Soul Berry ×30
100,000,000 Vikala (Event)
150,000,000 Half Elixir ×20
200,000,000 Crystal ×2,020
250,000,000 Soul Berry ×30
300,000,000 Everlasting Premium Friday ×1
350,000,000 Half Elixir ×20
400,000,000 Pocket FRIED SHRIMP ×3
450,000,000 Crystal ×2,020
500,000,000 January 2021 Unite and Fight Boss Change
550,000,000 Half Elixir ×20
600,000,000 Pocket FRIED SHRIMP ×3
650,000,000 Half Elixir ×20
700,000,000 Crystal ×2,020
750,000,000 Soul Berry ×30
800,000,000 January 2021 Unite and Fight Boss Makeover
850,000,000 Luminiera Sword Omega ×1
900,000,000 Pocket FRIED SHRIMP ×3
950,000,000 Soul Berry ×30
1,000,000,000 Crystal ×2,020
1,100,000,000 Silver Centrum ×3
1,200,000,000 Gold Spellbook ×1
1,300,000,000 Lazuline Vessel ×5
1,400,000,000 Scarlet Vessel ×5
1,500,000,000 Crystal ×2,020