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Premium Friday top.png

Event duration:
06:00 UTC, November 29, 201915:00 JST, November 29, 2019
14:59 UTC, December 1, 201923:59 JST, December 1, 2019
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Premium Friday is a quest that reoccurs on the last Friday of the month. Clear the quest to get the exclusive treasure Pocket FRIED SHRIMP square.jpg Pocket FRIED SHRIMP, and trade it for loot in the shop!

For new players[edit | edit source]

  • This event consists of challenge battles that cost no AP. These challenges can be cleared by players of any rank.

Challenge Battles[edit | edit source]

Premium Friday Quest is located under the Treasure Quests tab of the Special Quest screen.

No cost to attempt until successfully cleared.

The quest cannot be repeated once cleared.

Premium Friday Quest (Zodiacs)[edit | edit source]

Challenge Premium Friday 1.png

Defend your premium weekend!
Work together with Divine Generals Kumbhira, Mahira, Andira, and Anila to stop the rampaging FRIED SHRIMP!

Premium Friday Quest (Summer)[edit | edit source]

Challenge Premium Friday 2.png

Help these three brave souls fend off a FRIED-SHRIMP assault and harvest the prismaprawns need to create the ultimate noodle-lover's delight—prismaprawn ramen!

Premium Friday Quest (Summer 2)[edit | edit source]

Challenge Premium Friday 3.png

Friday descends on a busy seaside resort. "Tourist season is no excuse for overwork!" It's up to you to stop her before SHRIMP-Fried madness turns the beach upside down!

Premium Friday Quest (Feisty Flyin' Cypher Rangers)[edit | edit source]

Challenge Premium Friday 4.png

Friday wants to put on a stage show for the families who are out enjoying Premium Friday. Don your ranger gear and put on a show they'll never forget!

Premium Friday Quest (Halloween)[edit | edit source]

Challenge Premium Friday 5.png

The crew comes to town for a night of Halloween fun. However, a group of rowdy hooligans is using the festivities as an excuse to spoil the fun for everyone else! Show them what's up!

Premium Friday Quest (Autumn)[edit | edit source]

Challenge Premium Friday 6.png

Hoping to enjoy one last taste of autumn cuisine before winter's arrival, three backpackers go hiking in the mountains for ingredients, only to be confronted by a monster that is on the verge of consuming the autumnal harvest. Defeat it before it happens!

Event Rewards[edit | edit source]

Treasure Trade[edit | edit source]

To trade, go to the [Shop], tap Treasure Trade, tap Quest Items, select Other in the pull-down menu, and tap Premium Friday.

All loot have no limits to stock.

Item Step Limit Pocket FRIED SHRIMP square.jpg
Crystal square.jpg Crystal ×3001 1
Silver Centrum square.jpg Silver Centrum1 2
Weapon s 1040510500.jpg SHRIMP Spreader1 3

2019 Schedule[edit | edit source]

The Premium Fridays for 2019 are as follows:

Month Last Friday
06:00 UTC, January 25, 201915:00 JST, January 25, 2019
06:00 UTC, February 22, 201915:00 JST, February 22, 2019
06:00 UTC, March 29, 201915:00 JST, March 29, 2019
06:00 UTC, April 26, 201915:00 JST, April 26, 2019
06:00 UTC, May 31, 201915:00 JST, May 31, 2019
06:00 UTC, June 28, 201915:00 JST, June 28, 2019
06:00 UTC, July 26, 201915:00 JST, July 26, 2019
06:00 UTC, August 30, 201915:00 JST, August 30, 2019
06:00 UTC, September 27, 201915:00 JST, September 27, 2019
06:00 UTC, October 25, 201915:00 JST, October 25, 2019
06:00 UTC, November 29, 201915:00 JST, November 29, 2019
06:00 UTC, December 27, 201915:00 JST, December 27, 2019

Displayed time is based on your local machine's clock.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Premium Friday is a campaign promoted by the Japanese business sector led by the Government of Japan and Japan Business Federation recommending to lead a more enriched life on the last Friday each month. Tied up with a movement to improve work culture, it recommends ending work at 15:00. Since the last Friday of a month end tends to be when salary has just been paid, it is advocating to spend the afternoon shopping or travelling. This has been implemented in Japan on February 24, 2017.