Lowain (Summer)

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Game Strategy Lore Voice Anime Versus
[Fervor Summer]This title is an unofficial, amateur translation.
MAX HP 580
MAX ATK 4320
BASE DA/TAThis character's base double attack rate and triple attack rate.Characters with support skills that grant guaranteed multiattacks may have very high values.Due to a game update, base DA/TA values are no longer obtainable from in-game data files. Exact values for characters released after 2023-10-10 are currently inaccessible. 4% DA / 1% TA
RaceOfficially called "Type" in-game.
SpecialtyThis character gains 20% more ATK from weapons of this type in your grid.
Exp. BonusExpedition Bonus Type in Auto-Expeditions None
GenderGender is a character attribute used for game mechanics. A character's lore, appearance, and other factors do not affect this attribute. Male
Voice Actor Minoru Shiraishi
How to Recruit
Summer Premium Draw
Recruitment Weapon
ID 3020041000
Char ID 1027
Uncap Limit
NameJP ローアイン
TitleJP ヤッキンサマー
Voice ActorJP 白石稔
Release Date 2015-07-31
Other Sites gbf-wiki
(Japanese wiki)
GamewithKamigameHuiji Wiki
(Chinese wiki)
WARNING: Fireworks are fun, but they can be dangerous. Do not hold fireworks after the fuse is lit. Doing so may cause burns and severe injuries.

Charge Attack
Icon Name Effect
Super Summer Fun Big Dark damage to a foe.

Icon Name Cooldown Duration Obtained Effect
Adventure 8 turns
Lvl 45:
6 turns
5 turns Lvl 1
⇧ Lvl 45This skill is enhanced at level 45.
Gain 10%-50% ATK UpATK is boosted
Strength: 10%-50%Duration: 5 turns
and 10%-30% Charge Bar Gain UpCharge bar gain is boosted
Strength: 10%-30%Duration: 5 turns
based on number of female party members.[1]
I Miss You 9 turns 3 turns Lvl 25
Dark damage to a foe. I'll send good vibes to Katalina! If that doesn't work then I'll just take a major hit!
(If Katalina is a main member: Either grant Katalina ATK UpATK is boosted
Duration: 3 turns
, DEF UpDEF is boosted
Duration: 3 turns
, and Charge Bar +50%Instantly boosts Charge Bar by 50%
Strength: 50%
; or Lowain's HP is reduced to 1%.)

Support SkillsDoes not work from the backline unless explicitly stated.
Icon Name Obtained Effect
Extended Mastery Support Skill EMP Boost to ATK when Katalina is in the party.

Extended Mastery Perks
  • ATK
  • DEF
  • Double Attack Rate
  • Critical Hit
    12% chance for 12% more DMG20% chance for 20% more DMG25% chance for 25% more DMG
  • Charge Attack Damage
RaceCalled "Type" in-game.
  • ATK
  • DEF
  • Double Attack Rate
  • Triple Attack Rate
  • Dark ATK Up
  • ATK
  • Critical Hit
    12% chance for 12% more DMG20% chance for 20% more DMG25% chance for 25% more DMG
  • HP
  • Enmity
    100% - 75%1% (fixed)
    75% - 50%3% to 3.5% (linear)
    50% - 0%3.5% to 9% (linear)
  • Boost to ATK when Katalina is in the party.


Gameplay Notes


  • Back line female party members are also included into the boost. If there are no female party members present (including the Main Character), this skill will completely miss.

I Miss You

Uncap Materials

Uncap 1★
Uncap 2★
Uncap 3★

Awakening Materials

Facsimile Compatibility

Icon Skill Copyable? Notes
Adventure Yes*Yes, but with caveats. Copied effect will miss if copying character is the only female party member.
I Miss You Yes*Yes, but with caveats. Effect can be different from original cast.