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Game Strategy Lore Voice Anime Versus Rising
Granblue Fantasy: Versus
 Title Brofam Forever
 Theme(s) Party People (VS Lowain)
• Characteristics•
 Race Erune
 Gender Male
• Production Data•
 Voiced By JP: Minoru Shiraishi (Lowain)
Mark Ishii (Elsam)
Junya Enoki (Tomoi)
EN: Greg Chun (Lowain)
Brian Anderson (Elsam)
Griffin Burns (Tomoi)
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This article is about Lowain in the original Granblue Fantasy: Versus. For the character in the sequel Granblue Fantasy: Versus Rising, see Lowain (Rising).


A free spirit who was all about his part-time job, a good gab sesh with the boys, and a dash of adventure every now and then. That all changed when Katalina visited the restaurant where he worked. It was infatuation at first sight. Determined to follow her, he quit his job and began a new life as the cook on Gran's crew.
He's a fair hand with a dagger, but with his buddies Elsam and Tomoi there to run interference and baffle opponents, he can really ruin an enemy's day... probably.

Command List

Unique Action

Don't Mind If I Do Command
"Rub-a-dub-dub, gimme dat grub!"
Cooks up some food that'll restore Lowain's health or SBA gauge. It's safest to use at long range or while the foe's knocked down.


version can be altered by adding + / .

Sammy & Tommy Command Technical Command
 +  or or
"Yo... Think it's about time to hit up the boys."
: Elsam slides in with a low-hitting attack.
: Tomoi jumps in and splashes on the foe.
: Calls both at the same time.
Come at Me, Bro! Command Technical Command
 +  +  or or
"You wanna see my skills, bro? Just try and hit me!"
: Counters standing hits.
: Counters low hits.
: Counters everything but throws.
Awesome Sauce Command Technical Command
 +  +  or or
"Spread it on!"
Performs a quick slash attack with a fast recovery.
: Has a slower start-up.
 / : Has a fast start-up and extra attacks.
: Has a fast recovery and can cause a wall bounce.
Magnificent Tool of Destruction Command Technical Command
or or
"Dude, Kat's not some rust bucket airship. She's an ultra-hybrid hyper-weapon."
Summons Lady Katapillar into battle.
: Rocket Punch!
: Aether Beam!
: Full Barrage!

Skybound Art

Requires 100% SBA gauge.

Human! Pyramid! Attack! Command Technical Command
 +  + 
"It's time for out ultimate form, brofams!"
"Dudes, let's get on it! Three, two, one..."
Unleashes the final form of the Lowain Bros—H.P.A., complete with only the most totally killer attacks. Who needs to block?
The H.P.A. Hustle Command
 or  during H.P.A. mode
Brofams! Time to let 'er rip! We can only move back and forth now, but our speed is unparalleled... so it's time to rush that sucker down!
Totally Rad Juke Command
during H.P.A. mode
"Can't let them negative vibes get to ya, right?"
Dodges incoming attacks from the foe. The bros can't block while in H.P.A., so use this skill to avoid taking damage.
It's Lit, Bros Command
during H.P.A. mode
"w00t! w00t!"
Performs a three-hit flurry of slashes. This skill deals a considerable amount of chip damage when blocked.
Definitely Don't Try This at Home Command
during H.P.A. mode
"Light 'Em Up!"
Ignites fireworks toward the sky. This skill doesn't have much horizontal reach, but easily catches foes trying to jump in.
Flex On 'Em Command
during H.P.A. mode
"Running from us is totally not rad!"
Performs and overhead attack much faster than the standard overhead attack. It's a handy skill to catch crouching foes off guard.
Catch 'Em Slippin' Command
during H.P.A. mode
"Like, just block. It ain't that difficult."
Performs a low sliding attack that sends the foe flying high. This skill can be followed up with attacks upon connecting. Use it right after a Flex On 'Em to mix up a standing foe.
Moment of Truth Command Technical Command
during H.P.A. mode +  during H.P.A. mode
"The moment of truth is upon us, my dudes."
Perform a powerful rush attack that can be canceled from any skill used during H.P.A. mode. It'll also disband the pyramid.

Super Skybound Art

Requires 100% SBA gauge and 30% or lower HP.

Try This on for Size! Command Technical Command
 +  +  + 
"She's totally cute. Cuuutey!"
Summons Yggdrasil into battle in place of Lowain. While she does take damage, she can't be knocked out.
Her skills deal big damage at just about any range, so give her a call when it's about time to finish off the foe.
Earth Pillar Command
during Try This on for Size!
Erects three rock pillars from the ground. Their placement can be adjusted by holding or when pressing the button.
Axis Mundi Command
during Try This on for Size!
Fires a homing projectile from above. The start-up before its release can be extended by holding the button down.
Nether Veil Command
during Try This on for Size!
Carpets the entire ground in lava. Although this skill has a slow start-up, it deals unblockable damage to the foe. It can be used to limit the foe's mobility or for extra damage during a blocked Axis Mundi.
Luminox Genesi Command
during Try This on for Size!
Generates a massive column that pulls the foe in and hits multiple times. Even if this skill is blocked successfully, it still deals plenty of chip damage.

Character Quotes

Tomoi: "Say what?"
Elsam: "Say what?"
"Say what? Either of you wanna tell me what's goin' on?"
Elsam: "Beats me. Legal trouble?"
Tomoi: "Aren't they the palette swaps though? Looks fun either way."
Lowain: "Man, my brain hurts. What is copy-write-in-fresh-mint? Whatever, let's just..."
The Bros: "Par-tay!"

Mirror match

Tomoi: "Heheh..."
Elsam: "Nice."
"Hmm... Ha! Lyri-rad's vibin' with us."
Elsam: "Aww... Ain't she the best?"
Tomoi: "Anywho, let's get this show on the road."
Lowain: "Word. If we wanna win this, just gotta go with the flow and..."
The Bros: "ride the waves!"
VS Gran

Tomoi: "She's here..."
Elsam: "Yeah..."
"Heh. There's no escaping the destiny..."
Elsam: "of this never-ending love story."
Tomoi: "Dude. The good chapters are just getting started!"
Lowain: "She's gonna rock us so hard. All aboard, boys. 'Cuz this is a one-way ticket"
The Bros: "to heaven or hell!"
VS Katalina

Tomoi: "Whoa..."
Elsam: "Mm..."
"Hehe... Oy, you gents hear that?"
Elsam: "Hah. She thinks we have tactics."
Tomoi: "Well, joke's on her."
Lowain: "We fake it till we make it, baby!"
The Bros: "Rock and roll!"
VS Charlotta

Tomoi: "Oof."
Elsam: "For real, bro?"
"Man... How do knightly studs get all the chickadees?"
Elsam: "I wish we had our own suits of armor..."
Tomoi: "'Cuz we're, like, totally knights ourselves too."
Lowain: "Right? People would hella respect us if we were out there knighting all hard like..."
The Bros: "Party knights!"
VS Lancelot

Tomoi: "Strawberry Man..."
Elsam: "Aw crud..."
"Dude... This guy looks like he's cool enough for merchandising options..."
Elsam: "That armor's totes bad to the bone. He'd make a good action figure."
Tomoi: "Bros, bros, bros, what's that got to do with the fight?"
Lowain: "Think if we win, dude. Fame, fortune, and Lowain Incorporated..."
The Bros: "Franchising options available."
VS Percival

Tomoi: "Like..."
Elsam: "Hoo boy..."
"Time out. Huddle up, boyos. Emergency strat meet."
Elsam: "How do we even fight her?"
Tomoi: "No freakin' clue. But Ladiva's always going on about the power of love, yeah? What if we hit her with her own medicine or whatevs?"
Lowain: "Aight, lads. Ignite the cockles of your heart! For the gals we love!"
The Bros: (Lowain: "Kat!" Elsam: "Yggy!" Tomoi: "Freezie!")
VS Ladiva

Tomoi: "Hrm?"
Elsam: "Whoa."
"Oooh. Sammy, Tommy, you two find a place to hole up!"
Elsam: "What if she drop kicks us when our backs are turned?"
Tomoi: "Yes, please. Step on me!"
Lowain: "Argh! I said I got this! Scram already!"
VS Metera

Tomoi: "Word up."
Elsam: "Wait..."
"Ah... Dudes, ajormay oblempray. Ferry thought we were serial."
Elsam: "Crap, what do, man?"
Tomoi: "Uh... Could give her a crash course? Turn up the bro factor to eleven?"
Lowain: "So, like, just be ourselves? Huh..."
The Bros: "Study buds!"
VS Ferry

Tomoi: "Huh?"
Elsam: "Ah..."
"Uh-oh... Well, boys? Should we go through with it?"
Elsam: "I don't think I can handle the embarrassment."
Tomoi: "There's no going back now. We gotta get a taste of her super moooove."
Lowain: "That settles it. Gentlemen, it's been an honor."
The Bros: "SSBA!"
VS Zeta

Tomoi: "Hm?"
Elsam: "Seriously?"
"Dudes... Vaseraga just invited us out for drinks? Can you, like, believe?"
Elsam: "He's a big ol' pineapple--spikey on the outside, sweet on the inside."
Tomoi: "He's more like a coconut. Stupid helpful, but hard to crack.."
Lowain: "Bros, now I'm craving a fruity beverage..."
The Bros: "Cheers to that!"
VS Vaseraga

Tomoi: "Holy smokes..."
Elsam: "Are we doomed?"
"Think, dudes! What's the plan?"
Elsam: "Uhh... Ain't it obvious?"
Tomoi: "Weee're gonna have to kick his butt, aren't we?"
Lowain: "Sounds lit for a final battle!"
The Bros: "Waheeey!"
VS Beelzebub

Tomoi: "Wha?"
Elsam: "Kuh-rap..."
"Wait, why? Boooy! She's talking about killing us!"
Elsam: "What'd we do?"
Tomoi: "All the V-Day chocolate she made the captain—might've fallen into my mouth. "
Lowain: "You ball of bonito crap. You're my bro, and I love you, but seriously..."
The Bros: "WORTH IT!"
VS Narmaya

Tomoi: "Bro."
Elsam: "Bro."
"Uh... But we didn't, like, ask to go to Soriz's boot camp."
Elsam: "Dude, I can't exercise more than 10 seconds a day—doctor's orders."
Tomoi: "How big do your biceps need to be to flip an egg?"
Lowain: "But, bros.. We're not gonna get dessertable discharge now... Let's just like..."
The Bros: "Bake this muffin!"
VS Soriz

Tomoi: "Oops."
Elsam: "Oops."
"Heh. Think they brosorbed our lingo while hanging with us? Maybe while we were all down in the kitchy? And why do I feel guilty?"
Elsam: "When you do the talkin', you gotta do the walkin'."
Tomoi: "What if everyone started talking like us? Then the captain wouldn't have a problem!"
Lowain: "That works... Get ready for..."
The Bros: "Human Language Attack!"
VS Djeeta

Tomoi: "Hmm?"
Elsam: "Oh."
"Uhhh... Oh noes. The apple pie we promised Zooey we would make for the banquet, we just put it into the oven less than a dozen minutes ago."
Elsam: "Aw, yikes. Just gotta keep her distracted before the drop."
Tomoi: "No can do... She'll have our butts baked and buttered by then."
Lowain: "Nothing we can do now. 'Cept wait for the edges to turn golden brown-you know, pie stuff. We’ve just gotta get ready to..."
The Bros: "Turn up the heat!"
VS Zooey

Tomoi: "Wait hold up."
Elsam: "Huh?"
"Lonely?! He got me, right in the feels."
Elsam: "I don't know dude... He's pretty sleazy."
Tomoi: "Yo, but the fans are crazy for him."
Lowain: "And... I think they're dying for some..."
The Bros: "Burning bromance!"
VS Belial / Avatar Belial

Tomoi: "So smol!"
Elsam: "So smol!"
"Wha... Sure, come right this way, miss."
Elsam: "Crap oh crap. We're waiting on Lil' Miss Alchemy? What do mad geniuses even eat?"
Tomoi: "Don't look at me, bro... Oh! What about some kinda fancy-pants parfait?"
Lowain: "No can do. If we bring out all the good-good, our money goes bye-bye. Our whole business, our retirement plan... "
The Bros: "Gone in sixty seconds!"
VS Cagliostro

Tomoi: "Huh?"
Elsam: "Huh?"
"Wha? Did she say 'tasty'? You can eat those slime buckets?"
Elsam: "No way dude. She meant you can blast 'em for major EXP—wanna try it?"
Tomoi: "Wait what day is it? Let's drop by Siero's and count up journey drops."
Lowain: "Okay, hold up. I'm pretty sure you broke one wall too many there, bro. But who cares 'cause..."
The Bros: "It's Granblue, baybee!"
VS Yuel

Tomoi: "Buh..."
Elsam: "Bwah..."
"Bruh... Just what the heck are we supposed to teach a master like him?"
Elsam: "Uh... How to post up like the boys?"
Tomoi: "But for real though... Is pops ready to let his moustache down?"
Lowain: "Okay! I think I've got it boys. Let's throw a..."
The Bros: "Stache Bash!"
VS Anre

Tomoi: "Dude."
Elsam: "No bueno..."
"Yo hold up. Remember our beach episode?"
Elsam: "Which one, bro? We've had so many we must be breaking anime law."
Tomoi: "Holy— You talking about the attack of the electric eels?"
Lowain: "You bet I am! We've already been zapped to kingdom come... And that means by now, electricity ain't effective on us, baby!"
The Bros: "Type advantage!"
VS Eustace

Tomoi: "What's the plan?"
Elsam: "Uh..."
"No sweat. I've got you covered."
Elsam: "For real?"
Tomoi: "Spill it!"
Lowain: "... You thought!"
The Bros: "We're screwed!"
VS Seox

Tomoi: "Geegh!"
Elsam: "Game over, man!"
"Ah man... This is it. Our time's up."
Elsam: "Yep. Vira always cooks our keisters good."
Tomoi: "Not this time... Now that we're in Versus, we can break the cycle!"
Lowain: "Holy cannoli, you're onto somethin'! Don't let us down, Player One!"
The Bros: "Times are a-changing!"
VS Vira

Elsam: "Whoa!"
Tomoi: "Whoa!"
Lowain: "What in the freshest of hells! They're, like, total palette swaps! Isn't that, uh, copyright infringement or something? Lawyer up!"
Mirror match

Elsam: "Wassup!"
Tomoi: "Heheh."
Lowain: "Hey, Cap'n! You up for a no-babies, winner-takes-all throw down? Whenever you're ready!"
VS Gran

Elsam: "Wow!"
Tomoi: "Aw man..."
Lowain: "Kat... We seriously gonna do this? It's gonna hurt me more than it's gonna hurt you."
VS Katalina

Elsam: "Lu..."
Tomoi: "miel!"
Lowain: "Hey Charlotta! I can see that hungry look in your eye! How 'bout a Little Skyfarer's Lunch? Hehe... Only if you beat us!"
VS Charlotta

Elsam: "Feen..."
Tomoi: "drache."
Lowain: "Apart, we'd be instant goners in a one-on-one match. But together, our power level's through the roof!"
VS Lancelot

Elsam: "Yo."
Tomoi: "Bro."
Lowain: "Yo, just as like some thought science, if we win this... Can we join your royal entourage or whatever it's called? What's the pay like?"
VS Percival

Elsam: "w00t! w00t!"
Tomoi: "w00t! w00t!"
Lowain: "Ladies and gentlebros, put your hands together for... The one, the only... the Looowaaaaiiiin!"
VS Ladiva

Elsam: "Sup!"
Tomoi: "Wassup!"
Lowain: "Swanky hair, Metera. Be a shame if somethin' happened to it. Like, if you punched us too hard and it got messed up. So go easy on us, kay?"
VS Metera

Elsam: "Ghosts!"
Tomoi: "No biggie!"
Lowain: "Imagine I turned into a ghost though? Then again... I'm BFFs with the G. Cyph peeps for life and the afterlife, so it's all good."
VS Ferry

Elsam: "Hey..."
Tomoi: "Yeah?"
Lowain: "You boys thinking what I'm thinking? Hey Zeta, knock us out with your super move! Wardrobe malfunction overload!"
VS Zeta

Elsam: "Sup."
Tomoi: "What's good?"
Lowain: "Yo Vaseraga. We got nothin' but mad respect for you, Bro. Man, are we lucky to spar with ya. Real recognize real!"
VS Vaseraga

Elsam: "Bubs..."
Tomoi: "Bubs..."
Lowain: "Oh, Goodest Bro in the sky, my knees are quakin! But if I'm gonna save Kat, I've gotta save the world first!"
VS Beelzebub

Elsam: "Me-ow!"
Tomoi: "Oh my goddess!"
Lowain: "Narmay-may, those chocolates you made us... Were the bomb dot delicioso! Luv ya! You da best!"
VS Narmaya

Elsam: "He buff."
Tomoi: "Real buff."
Lowain: "Yeah, Soriz is like your Total Gnarlyness of Mansville. But, bro. A macho hunter's gotta do what a macho hunter's gotta do."
VS Soriz

Elsam: "Hehe."
Tomoi: "Heh."
Lowain: "Yo Cap'n, we been practicing a new HPA like... Set up and holey moley jamboree!"
Tommy & Elsam: "Triple-wipple victory!"
VS Djeeta

Elsam: "Zooey?"
Tomoi: "Uh-oh"
Lowain: "It's been nice knowing you gentlemen. Yo, uh... We got a pie to bake up right after this match, you dig? Spare our lives and we'll give you a piece!"
VS Zooey

Elsam: "Bro."
Tomoi: "Call him out."
Lowain: "You the creep that's been pushing Katalina around? You either learn some respect... Or I stuff your sad face with a... smackdown sandwich."
VS Belial / Avatar Belial

Elsam: "The world's cutest..."
Tomoi: "Little genius."
Lowain: "Hey, so uh... Don't mind these two bird-brained losers. It's just, like, hard to believe such a darling gal can throw mad shade... Wait!"
VS Cagliostro

Elsam: "So fuzzy..."
Tomoi: "Hella fuzzy..."
Lowain: "Yo, Yuel... The fluff on your tail is ridiculous. You think I could maybe... get a touch of that fluff?"
VS Yuel

Elsam: "Number!"
Tomoi: "One-uh!"
Lowain: "Who the flip programmed a nice boy like me to fight an Eternal? Well, all's fair in love and GBVS, I guess!"
VS Anre

Elsam: "Cat boys?"
Tomoi: "Cat fight!"
Lowain: "Society donuts are just empty calories, bro. When the fight's up, let your boys bake you somethin' good... Eu-man."
VS Eustace

Elsam: "Oh mama..."
Tomoi: "But it's three on one!"
Lowain: "Yo, Seox could eat three thousand simps for breakfast. Sometimes you gotta stand up, face 'em, and get ready to... beg for dear sweet life!"
VS Seox

Elsam: "Gulp."
Tomoi: "Gasp."
Lowain: " Crap... Crud, crust, and crap! Why did Vira call us out like this? My heebies have the jeebies!"
VS Vira

Lowain: "Our greatest nemeses, nemesized down for good! Who'da thunk I could be my own worst enemy."
Elsam: "Man, you can't trust nobody. Not even yourself."
Tomoi: "Ain't bestin' your doppelganger suppose to be the final boss?"
Lowain: "Who cares? Think you can guess why?"
The Bros: "'Cuz our battle's just gettin' started!"
Mirror match

Lowain: "Flawless victory! Did that sound badass or what?"
Elsam: "Well hell yeah! The H.P.A. is the ultimate technique!"
Tomoi: "Word. That move's unstoppable where I'm from."
Lowain: "Thought-science, bros. What if we actually fought the cap'n for real?"
The Bros: "Totes! We'd be out of a job!"
VS Gran

Lowain: "You need not fight any longer, milady... 'Cuz I'll totally be your knight in shining armor! That’s how it went down, bros."
Elsam: "No way, Jose."
Tomoi: "Yo. Like, I can't even picture it."
Lowain: "Dudes, dudes, dudes. Where the heck's your creativity?"
The Bros: "You know what they say... Them's the breaks!"
VS Katalina

Lowain: "Well... So the darkness conquers the light! Dude, speaking of elements..."
Elsam: "Hold up, Lowain. What do you mean darkness? You're not even shady."
Tomoi: "I always found that weird too."
Lowain: "So you wanna see me go all dark?"
The Bros: "Cuz dark we can do! Like the dark knights we are!"
VS Charlotta

Lowain: "Enter the newest member of the four knights of Feendrache! Does that sound dope or what?"
Elsam: "Nah, man, you don't wanna say that."
Tomoi: "We can't have that happening, like, ever."
Lowain: "Wait, wouldn't it be 'five knights' instead?"
The Bros: "No odd numbers! Gotta be even-steven!"
VS Lancelot

Lowain: "Lord of Flames... 0wned by his own vassals! I mean, come on! We pwn'd!"
Elsam: "Dude, you just made an enemy of every Percy fan."
Tomoi: "You're totes on the most wanted vassals list, bro."
Lowain: "Dang, bro. You really think so?"
The Bros: "This calls for... A total recall!"
VS Percival

Lowain: "Fearless Lowain wins the grueling match, and the adoring crowd goes wild! And a legend was born."
Elsam: "Just goes to show, anyone can get lucky in the ring once or twice. Back me up, Tommy."
Tomoi: "Naah. Slow and steady's the way to go, Lowain."
Lowain: "Whoa, you're actually serious."
The Bros: "Say what? Just keepin' it real!"
VS Ladiva

Lowain: "Hate to break it to ya, but I've already got someone... In my dreams, that is..."
Elsam: "If Metera actually came on to me, I'd cave in."
Tomoi: "Word. I'd totally blank out."
Lowain: "Well... Not like it matters though."
The Bros: "Whoever she's crushin' on, it definitely ain't us!"
VS Metera

Lowain: "That match was the freaking best! Dudes, Ferry is so precious..."
Elsam: "Is it just me or was I totally getting whipped on purpose back there?"
Tomoi: "One hundo. I'm guessin' you like it rough?"
Lowain: "About that. You know me..."
The Bros: "No pain, no gain, baby! Whips Ahoy!"
VS Ferry

Lowain: "Heh, come back later when you can actually fight! I just had to say it!"
Elsam: "That was way off, man."
Tomoi: "Hype overload, dude. Wasn't she supposed to hit us with her super though?"
Lowain: "You wanna see that? Then guess we're gonna need a..."
The Bros: "Rematch! Pretty please!"
VS Zeta

Lowain: "Make some noise for the epic Lowain bros! Society peeps give me the creeps."
Elsam: "Dude, you try sayin' that in the G. Cyph."
Tomoi: "Yo, there's no tellin' who might be listenin' in."
Lowain: "Dude. What if this place is bugged? Anybody there?"
The Bros: "Creepers no creepin'!"
VS Vaseraga

Lowain: "I'll protect the skies! Mm, more like 'protected'—past tense! And so the moral of the story is..."
Elsam: "Oh. If you wanna be tough, you gotta be buff like Bubs."
Tomoi: "Yup, if you wanna be lit you gotta be fit. Them's the breaks."
Lowain: "So boys, we hittin' the gym?"
The Bros: "Long as we keep it chill. Aerobics and chill!"
VS Beelzebub

Lowain: "And victory goes to the dual-wielding playboy! That sound cool?"
Elsam: "Sure dude... We're totes clueless when it comes to wabi-sabi though."
Tomoi: "True dat. Least I'm good at gratin' wasabi."
Lowain: "Wow. Who wants wasabi and rice?"
The Bros: "I'm down with that! Three orders of wasabi and rice!"
VS Narmaya

Lowain: "Guess I had to go full aggro... Sorry dude. But macho hunting is, like, in my blood."
Elsam: "Ain't Soriz one of 'em good machos though?"
Tomoi: "Yeah. He took us to the hot springs."
Lowain: "You're right... Forget what I said."
The Bros: "Seriously though, bro... No macho discrimination!"
Lowain: "My bad!"
VS Soriz

Lowain: "Yo, Cap'n! You finally get, like, how tough I am, right? Maybe I can be crew officer now..."
Elsam: "Pssh, you seriously think you can activate crew skills at the right timing?"
Tomoi: "'Cuz when Unite and Fight's on, the pressure's on."
Lowain: "Dude. I so totally got this!"
The Bros: "Aight! Unite and Fight—it's lit!"
VS Djeeta

Lowain: "Looks like you just got served the Grand Order! What do ya think? PUNishing, huh?"
Elsam: "I dunno, man. Sounds kinda lame."
Tomoi: "But I'll give you some brownie points 'cuz you're my bro."
Lowain: "Hey, we could use some more snacks..."
The Bros: "'Scuse us! Broham for the brofam, pleaaase!"
VS Zooey

Lowain: "That's what you get for, messing with my Kat! Bam. Just like that, baby."
Elsam: "Dude, haven't you ever heard of something called picking your battles? What're your odds of beating that creep?"
Tomoi: "Bro if you think about it... If you ain't a loser, you're a winner."
Lowain: "Dang, Tommy... That's deep, man."
The Bros: "Feelin' lucky? Cause we're all in!"
VS Belial / Avatar Belial

Lowain: "Gotta admit, she does cute right! Why don't we... take her lessons?"
Elsam: "We could. To be all himbo?"
Tomoi: "Nah. We're already pretty adorkable. How much more freakin' precious could we get?"
Lowain: "Dunno, broseph, modern dudes gotta adopt modern solutions, you know?"
The Bros: "Get pumped for... The cutie-bros evolution!"
VS Cagliostro

Lowain: "Yo bros... Her tail was so fluffy I thought I was gonna die. So uh... You dudes jealous?"
Elsam: "Nah, man. Keep your hands to yourself."
Tomoi: "Yeah, you gotta get permission."
Lowain: "You know, you guys are right... Not like she's a golden retriever. Maybe we should find the G-cyph's mascot instead."
The Bros: "In which case... Vyrn, where you at?"
VS Yuel

Lowain: "Lowain wins again! Oh and, don't mind me as I swipe that silky stache. Psychological warfare, baby."
Elsam: "Dude, that's worse than shaving Santa."
Tomoi: "Or, like, banning us from simping ever again. That's so evil even the empire would disown your butt."
Lowain: "True, true. I've never beat an Eternal before... Guess I got a little carried away."
The Bros: "Identity crisis... Averted!"
VS Anre

Lowain: "One order of peace and quiet comin' right up! Beat him at his own game!"
Elsam: "Maybe it's time we switched up our trope game..."
Tomoi: "Time to graduate from dude-bro academy."
Lowain: "You think? Guess our 'tudes could use a refresh."
The Bros: "Lowain bros gonna be... Tall, dark, and handsome!"
VS Eustace

Lowain: "Oh yeah! Your boys do it again! Yo, what if we wore masks?"
Elsam: "Sounds pretty dope. Maybe get matching designs..."
Tomoi: "I'm gonna make Freezie and kiss her from the inside!"
Lowain: "Man... I don't even know what to say."
Tomoi: "Wait. No! Don't kink-shame me!"
Lowain & Elsam: "Bro..."
VS Seox

Lowain: "Hah-hah! And that's where her hand slipped! Or else I would've died..."
Elsam: "Uhh..."
Tomoi: "Uhh..."
Lowain: "Aheh... So, um... Yeah... I could use a drink."
VS Vira

The Bros: "Wahey!"
Elsam: "Yggy..."
Vyrn: "It's time to go, guys! What's the hold up? Sigh..."
Elsam: "So precious..."

The Bros: "W00t w00t!"
Elsam: "A mega-hottie..."
Vyrn: "You guys have beds, you know. Do you even hear me? This is hopeless..."
Tomoi: "Snore..."

The Bros: "Yahoo!"
Elsam: "Zzz..."
Vyrn: "There you are! I should've known. They're sleeping like rocks..."
Lowain: "So big..."

The Bros: "Supreme Victory!"
Elsam: "Yggy..."
Vyrn: "Wakey wakey! Eggs and bakey! Not again..."
Lowain: "Take care of Kat for me, will ya?"
VS Katalina

"Cheers, bros!"
Mirror match

"And so Lowain and bros are fired—those hopeful, glimmering days of skyfaring never to be experienced again."
VS Gran

"If I were to describe my feelings for Kat, I'd need a few more text boxes..."
VS Katalina

"I've heard nothin' but compliments about Lumiel gourmet. Next time I beat ya, teach me those tasty nuggets of knowledge, mmkay?"
VS Charlotta

"Hey, if Tommy and Sammy joined up too, we'd have the Seven Dragon Knights. That's almost as much as, like the Seven Luminary Knights! Bros, we've gotta do this!"
VS Lancelot

"My bad if we partied too hard!"
VS Percival

"Love, huh? Come to think of it, am I just crushin' on Kat real hard or do I love her? Like, what's the difference anyway? Beats me!"
VS Ladiva

"Metera's seriously got her groove on. Funny thing is, since I realized we'd never be an item, it's been easier to chew the fat with her."
VS Metera

"Whips look pretty harmless to me, but I heard they can actually be hyper-super-ultra painful. You know anything about that, Tommy?"
VS Ferry

"I wonder what kinda rations they dish out at the Society. I caught a glimpse of the Society Donut Supreme before, and let's just say... Woah..."
VS Zeta

"A fully armored face—the sign of a real man. And get a load of that scythe! You can't get any manlier than this!"
VS Vaseraga

"Bubs is as tough as they come. Maybe we could kick just as much butt if we leveled up in the Crimson Horizon?"
VS Beelzebub

"We could totally learn a thing or two from her big sis vibes. Who knows—it could level up our cookin' on the G. Cyph."
VS Narmaya

"Pretty dope how Soriz uses his body as a weapon, y'know? I don't wanna be all flabby when I'm old and wrinkly. Think I can get him to train me?"
VS Soriz

"Our captain's loved by everyone 'cuz she's leet like that. Real talk though? I couldn't even be first officer, not in my wildest dreams."
VS Djeeta

"So what's Grand Order even mean? Is it like a grand order of spaghetti? I like mine al dente."
VS Zooey

"Like, what's your deal anyway, Bels? A primal like you pickin' on some normies like us? Major party foul, dude."
VS Belial / Avatar Belial

"Okay, bros. Let's just remember to never piss her off again."
VS Cagliostro

"Yo, way to pump up the vibes and turn up the heat! You even inspired us to put a new twist on the H.P.A. shuffle. Check it out—yeah!"
VS Yuel

"So, uh, pretty sure we can't teach you diddly about peace, but... we are gurus in the language of looove."
VS Anre

"Imagine us, but like, as three butlers working under the sexiest spy boy of them all. Hey, Eu-man. Is the Society, uh, looking for part-timers?"
VS Eustace

"Hey, you going to Ladiva's tonight? Mind if we tag along? Come on. I'll treat you to some juicy gambas al ajillo."
VS Seox

"It actually happened... We took down Vira... Wait-wait-hold up. Is that really in the script? Who's gonna believe that?"
VS Vira

The Bros: "Hm..."
Lowain: "Memory wipe really took its toll, man."
Elsam: "It's all cool in the pool bro."
Tomoi: "Gets me all pumped up."
Lowain: "Hey bros, you ready?"
The Bros: "Heck yeah we are!"
Generic Intro (Ally)

Elsam: "Hey there!"
Tomoi: "Hehe."
Lowain: "Yo, someone has the nerve to mess with the best? Whatevs. Let's just kick butt and take names!"

Generic Intro (Foe)




Color Variations

Weapon Skins


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