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These tabs contain full Event cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the plot and characters. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Chapter 1: Unfamiliar Skies - Prologue 1: Skybound Travelers

Gran: I don't understand...

Gran: Why is this happening!

Imperial Soldier: Argh!

Gran: *pant, pant*

Gran: Katalina, please...

Gran: Say this is all a mistake!

Katalina: Now. Hand the girl over to me.

Lyria: Katalina! Why would you go back to the empire after all this time?

Vyrn: Yeah! C'mon!

Vyrn: We promised to reach the end of the sky together! What happened?

Katalina: If you won't cooperate...

Katalina: Then raise your sword, Gran.

There has to be a reason for all this.

Lyria was once a prisoner of the Erste Empire, kept as a valuable research subject.

Katalina betrayed the empire to free Lyria. They escaped together but the empire's hounded them ever since.

We met when Katalina and Lyria fled to my hometown, with their pursuers not far behind.

I was wounded defending them, and to save me, Lyria linked her life force with my own.

Vyrn and I had always dreamed of adventure, and alongside Lyria and Katalina, we finally got our chance.

Katalina stands before us, imperial soldiers at her side, demanding that I return Lyria to her.

Nothing makes sense anymore.

Rackam: Heeey, you two!

Lyria: What is it, Rackam?

Rackam: We're supposed to pick up Katalina tomorrow, yeah?

This good-natured fellow is Rackam, helmsman of the airship Grandcypher.

He has a sky map open beside him as he stands at the wheel.

Rackam: So it's about time we set a course for Albion. You two got everything in order?

Vyrn: Is it time already? I feel like I haven't seen Katalina in forever!

Gran: It's only been ten days.

Lyria: I think this is the first time we've been separated for so long...

Rackam: Yeah, I'm surprised she could stand to let you out of her sight at all.

Rackam: She must really trust you, huh, Gran?

Gran: She said she had important business to take care of. I hope it worked out all right.

Vyrn: I wouldn't worry. C'mon, we'd better get ready!

Rackam: Yeah, time's a-wastin'. Let Io know, too.

Gran: Will do!

Chapter 1: Unfamiliar Skies - Prologue 2: Unquiet Skies

Gran: Okay, I'm all set.

Io: Hold it!

Gran: Huh?

Io: With Eugen and Rosetta away, we have to be extra careful! Are you sure you're ready?

Vyrn: Hah! You don't gotta tell us. This ain't our first rodeo, missy.

Io: Shut it, lizard-breath! I'm just saying it pays to be on your toes!

Vyrn: Hey! I ain't no lizard!

Io is a mage from the Valtz Duchy. Her temper can be short at times, but she always has her crewmates' best interests at heart.

Lyria: Io's right. There are monsters all over Albion Citadel.

Lyria: We don't want to be attacked before we meet up with Katalina!

Io: Exactly. Albion is no regular city.

Gran: Right. Let's stay alert.

Rackam: We've got a strong tailwind, and it looks like clear skies all the way along the Golonzo-Albion Skyway.

Rackam: If this keeps up, we should be in Albion by tomorrow morning!

Lyria: I hope Katalina's doing well.

We sailed for Albion, expecting to find the Katalina we know and love.

But that's not who was waiting for us.

I wish I could say what happened next was a dream.

But reality was much stranger.

A world of chaos and confusion opened its jaws, ready to swallow us whole...

Chapter 1: Unfamiliar Skies - Episode 1: Shadows of the Old

GBVS Quest Albion Citadel.png

Fair weather speeds the Grandcypher on her way. The airship docks in Albion Citadel's harbor with dawn's light creeping over her deck.

Vyrn: Pheeew! Here at last!

Gran: Now, where were we supposed to meet Katalina?

Rackam: Hey, before we head out, could you help me with some cargo?

Rackam: Gotta unload all the empty barrels and crates to make space for fresh supplies.

Io: We have some time before we're supposed to meet Katalina. If we work together, We can clear it up quick.

Lyria: Nhh... Mph...

Rackam: Easy there. Isn't that a little heavy for you?

Lyria: I'm fine! I'm a skyfarer too, you know!

Lyria: And the faster we finish unloading, the sooner I can see Katalina.

Rackam: True. Keep up the good work then. I'll go grab another crate.

Gran: Lyria, can I help you with that?

Lyria: Huh? Oh, thanks, Gran. It did feel a little unwieldy. I nearly tipped over.

Lyria: Umm, here. Can you take this side?

Io: Nnngggh! So... heavy...

Io: Are you sure this dumb jug is empty? It's super heavy!

Rackam: Huh? I thought we finished that one a while ago.

Monster Stowaway: ...

Vyrn: We've got a stowaway! It must've snuck in when we loaded this cargo onboard!

Gran: We can't let them make a mess of our cargo hold! Leave this to me!

Chapter 1: Unfamiliar Skies - Episode 2: Trouble on the Horizon

GBVS Quest Albion Citadel.png

After an unexpected delay, the crew unloads the empty crates and heads into town.

Io: Hey, shouldn't we hurry up and go find Katalina?

Rackam: Nah, we're still a little early.

Rackam: And the place we agreed to meet isn't that far from here.

Io: Still... You know what this place is like.

Lyria: Oh, right... It's full of monsters.

Io: Exactly. They let monsters run wild inside the wall to train up the academy cadets or whatever.

Io: We don't know what we might run into, so we're going to wind up being late if we don't head out soon.

Vyrn: You've got a point. I forgot what a crazy place this is.

Gran: Yeah, let's head out. We don't want to keep Katalina waiting.

Rackam: Mm... Lotta clouds rollin' in... Hope that's not a bad omen...

Chapter 1: Unfamiliar Skies - Episode 3: Unsettling Rain

GBVS Quest Albion Citadel.png

The crew reaches the agreed-upon location and waits for Katalina to arrive.

But the time they had set comes and goes, and Katalina is nowhere in sight.

Rackam: I thought the sky looked suspicious... It really opened up, huh.

Lyria: I wonder where Katalina is...

Io: Maybe something came up and she's running late.

Io: After all, she knows a lot of people in Albion.

Gran: It might just be the weather... but I've got a bad feeling about this.

Vyrn: Hey guys, can we at least get outta the rain?

Vyrn: It's starting to come down pretty hard. We're gonna get soaked.

Imperial Soldier: Well... If it isn't the test subject who got away.

Lyria: ...!

Gran: Erste Empire uniforms? Is this some kind of joke?

Imperial Soldier: Give up the girl. Quietly, if you know what's good for you.

Rackam: Tch... We're surrounded. How'd they get the drop on us?

Io: Uh, more importantly, what the heck are imperial soldiers doing here!

Io: I'm not crazy, right? The Erste Empire fell!

Rackam: Beats me what's going on, but they don't look like they're playin' around.

Rackam: Well, we're not about to let 'em have Lyria. Let's bust our way outta here!

Vyrn: I'll take care of Lyria! Gran, you handle those soldiers!

Imperial Soldier: I gave you a chance to do this the easy way... Too bad you weren't smart enough to take it!

Gran: You'll never take Lyria from us!

Chapter 1: Unfamiliar Skies - Episode 4 (Part 1): Bolt from the Blue

GBVS Quest Katalina Boss.png

Try as they might to escape, Gran and the crew's steps are dogged by a seemingly endless stream of imperial reinforcements.

Imperial Soldier: Get back here! You're not getting away!

Rackam: These guys don't let up!

Rackam: This's gettin' us nowhere! Let's make a break for the ship!

Lyria: No, wait!

Lyria: If Katalina shows up to meet us, she'll run into all those soldiers!

Rackam: Damn... But we can't hold these guys off forever!

Vyrn: Gran, what do we do?

Gran: ...

Gran: Let's retreat for now.

Gran: Katalina will probably grasp the situation before she gets too close. And she isn't the type to charge in without thinking.

Lyria: But, Gran...

Gran: If she were here, she'd tell us to put your safety first, Lyria.

Lyria: ...!

Io: I'm with Gran!

Io: Now let's get out of here, before they block off all our escape routes!

Lyria: *pant, pant*

Lyria: (Katalina... I hope you're all right...)

Rackam: I think we managed to give 'em the slip!

Rackam: Now we just need to put some distance between us and Albion. Let's weigh anchor and

Vyrn: You guys, look!

Lyria: Katalina?

Katalina: ...

Lyria: Thank goodness you're all right!

Katalina: All right? What concern is it of yours?

Lyria: I was just...

Gran: Lyria, wait. She seems off, somehow.

Io: Whatever! Let's just lift off already! Hurry up and get onboard, Katalina!

Katalina: ...

Katalina: I'm not accustomed to taking orders from infants. Do you think I'll be lenient simply because you have children among your ranks?

Io: Huh?

Katalina: Using children to buy yourself time to escape. What a stunning act of cowardice.

Katalina: You're all coming with me. Don't even try to run!

The woman standing before them looks like Katalina, but sounds nothing like the steadfast knight who swore to protect Lyria.

Rackam: All right, just what is going on with you?

Katalina: I'm doing my duty. Nothing more, nothing less. Now you will hand over Lyria.

Lyria: Katalina, what's wrong with you! All of a sudden you're...

Katalina: ...

Gran: Katalina!

Katalina: Enough stalling... Prepare yourselves!

Chapter 1: Unfamiliar Skies - Episode 4 (Part 2): Bolt from the Blue

GBVS Quest Katalina Boss.png

Katalina: Hrgh... You're a worthy opponent.

Lyria: Katalina, please listen to us! What's happened to you?

Katalina: I am a knight of the empire. That is reason enough to raise my sword against you.

Lyria: No...

Gran: (Katalina and the soldiers with her certainly look like imperials.)

Gran: (But the Erste Empire collapsed. It doesn't make sense.)

Imperial Soldier: Lieutenant Katalina!

Imperial Soldier: We've received word from the main force.

Katalina: Hm... I see...

Katalina: Understood. Prepare for immediate departure.

Imperial Soldier: Yes, ma'am!

Katalina: This is only a temporary reprieve, Gran.

Katalina: I will return for the girl. You have my word on that.

Gran: Katalina...

Lyria: No, wait! Tell me what happened to you, Katalina!

Lyria: Why are you doing this? After all we've been through together...

Katalina: ...

Lyria: Katalina...

Ares: ...

Lyria: Huh? Is that...

Ares a primal beast originally devoted only to battle. She appears before Lyria, entreaty somehow clear in her bearing.

Ares: ...

Gran: Is she... trying to tell us something?

Ares: ...

Rackam: Am I seeing things, or was that the primal beast Katalina made a pact with?

Lyria: Yes. That was Ares... She was asking for help.

Lyria: I think she might know what happened to Katalina.

Sierokarte: Graaan! I'm so glad you're all okay!

Gran: Siero! Are you here on business?

Sierokarte: Yes! And I've been in a tizzy trying to find out what these imperial soldiers are doing here!

Io: So not even you know what's going on...

Sierokarte: I'm afraid not... But I've been hearing strange rumors from my business partners...

Sierokarte: Word is, there have been odd occurrences all across the skydom. Everything's in an uproar.

Merchant: Sierooo! It's Amalthea! Amalthea's next!

Sierokarte: Oh dear, what's got you all in a flutter?

Merchant: The empire has its sights set on Amalthea—the headquarters of the Crew of Enforcers!

Merchant: It sounds like their forces are converging on the island.

Vyrn: Then Katalina's probably headed there too...

Gran: Yeah. That must have been why she left so suddenly.

Lyria: Gran, I...

Gran: I know, Lyria. I don't like this either.

Gran: Let's go after Katalina first. Then we can figure out what's happening all over the skydom.

Rackam: So what're we waiting for? We have a crew member to collect!

Lyria: Right! I want to get to Amalthea as soon as possible!

Chapter 2: Skybound Protector - Episode 5: In Search of Katalina

GBVS Quest Amalthea Island.png

Still ignorant of the reason for Katalina's sudden change in personality, the crew makes its way to Amalthea Island, where the empire's forces seem to be converging.

Io: So? Where's Katalina?

Imperial Soldier: It's the girl and her crew! What are they doing on Amalthea?

Rackam: Well, looks like Siero's friend was on the money. The place is crawling with imperials.

Imperial Soldier: Surround them! Cut off all possible escape routes! Don't let them leave the island!

Gran: If we try to fight them all, we'll never get out of here...

Lyria: Um... Excuse me!

Lyria: We want to talk to Katalina... Do you know where she is?

Imperial Soldier: What do you want with the lieutenant? What's your angle?

Lyria: I... I don't have an angle...

Io: These guys aren't going to listen to reason, Lyria.

Rackam: At least now we know Katalina is on the island.

Gran: We'll just have to track her down ourselves!

Chapter 2: Skybound Protector - Episode 6: Tangled Emotions

GBVS Quest Amalthea Island.png

Imperial Soldier: Lieutenant Katalina!

Imperial Soldier: The girl and her crew have been spotted on Amalthea!

Katalina: What? Did they follow us here?

Imperial Soldier: I don't know...

Imperial Soldier: But the girl said she was here to see you, Lieutenant.

Katalina: ...

Katalina: Understood. I'll engage them. Make the necessary preparations.

Imperial Soldier: Yes, ma'am!

Katalina: (Just what are those skyfarers up to?)

Imperial Soldier: Fan out! Even they can't beat us if we overwhelm them with sheer numbers!

Rackam: Damn it... Someone needs to get to Katalina.

Rackam: Gran. Think you and Lyria can make a break for it?

Gran: I think so... But what about you?

Io: We'll handle things here!

Io: Splitting them up should make it easier for us. And we're not gonna lose to this bunch of nobodies!

Rackam: You heard her! Get outta here!

Lyria: All right!

Gran: Okay... But promise me you'll run if things look bad!

Rackam: Y'don't hafta tell me!

Rackam: Let's do this! Stick close, kiddo!

Io: I'm not a kid!

Gran: That's our cue! Let's find Katalina and get to the bottom of this!

Chapter 2: Skybound Protector - Episode 7: Cruel Encounter

GBVS Quest Amalthea Island.png

Lyria: *pant, pant*

Gran: You okay, Lyria? Need to take a break?

Lyria: No... I have to see Katalina...

Katalina: I hardly believed the report when I heard it.

Katalina: You actually did follow us. Just what are you after?

Lyria: Katalina!

Lyria: Please... Can't we just talk?

Katalina: Certainly. When you're safely aboard my ship.

Vyrn: Ugh! Are you still tryin' to get Lyria?

Katalina: I believe I've made that perfectly clear.

Katalina: It's equally clear that you have no intention of complying.

Katalina: I don't want to resort to violence... But if that's what it takes, then so be it.

Imperial Soldier: ...

Gran: Katalina, what's going on with you!

Chapter 2: Skybound Protector - Episode 8: Undesired Duel

GBVS Quest Katalina Boss.png

Gran: I don't understand...

Gran: Why is this happening!

Imperial Soldier: Argh!

Gran: *pant, pant*

Gran: Katalina, please...

Gran: Say this is all a mistake!

Katalina: Now. Hand the girl over to me.

Lyria: Katalina! Why would you go back to the empire after all this time?

Vyrn: Yeah! C'mon!

Vyrn: We promised to reach the end of the sky together! What happened?

Katalina: If you won't cooperate...

Katalina: Then raise your sword, Gran.

Gran: You're not yourself! Something must have happened to you!

Katalina: Nothing that concerns you.

Katalina: Especially seeing as you continue to defy me.

Lyria: But we've been traveling together for all this time! I don't understand!

Vyrn: Yeah! The whole reason you left the empire was to protect Lyria.

Vyrn: I don't buy that you suddenly decided to go back to the empire!

Katalina: Enough chatter.

Katalina: If neither party will cede, the matter must be settled with steel!

Katalina: Ares! Let your strength inhabit my sword!

Ares: ...

Gran: You can't be serious!

Katalina: I don't plan to hold back, Gran.

Katalina: Perhaps you'll find my sword more persuasive than my tongue.

Katalina: Now draw your blade!

Chapter 2: Skybound Protector - Episode 9 (Part 1): Primal Beast Ares

GBVS Quest Ares Boss.png

Katalina: Urgh!

Imperial Soldier: Lieutenant! Please fall back!

Katalina: Ngh... Apologies...

Gran: Wait, don't go!

Katalina: *cough*
*pant, pant*

Katalina: That girl's mere presence was enough to inhibit Ares's powers. No wonder she's such a priority for the empire.

Gran: *pant, pant*

Lyria: Katalina, please. I can't stand to see you like this.

Katalina: ...

Gran: (She's in really bad shape... I don't know if she can handle another battle.)

Ares: ...

Gran: That's right... When we saw Ares in Albion, she was asking for help.

Gran: Can you ask Ares what's going on?

Lyria: I'll try!

Lyria: ...

Ares: ...

Katalina: What do you think you're doing!

Lyria: An unknown power is trying to swallow up the skydom?

Lyria: A power neither of the stars, nor of the sky?

Vyrn: Huh? The heck does that mean?

Gran: A strange power trying to swallow the skydom...

Gran: Siero said there were weird things happening all over Phantagrande.

Gran: Katalina's memory loss must be related somehow.

Lyria: Can you tell us what caused all of this?

Lyria: What? Someone wanted this to happen? Who...

Ares: ...

Lyria: Ares?

Ares: ...

??? (Black Crystal): ...

Katalina: What is that thing! Where did it come from?

??? (Black Crystal): ...!

Ares: ...!

Katalina: What's going on!

Lyria: Her voice... it's fading...
Oh, no. She's losing control!

Ares: ...!

Imperial Soldier: Waugh! Lieutenant... Katalina...

Ares swings her sword, mowing down the surrounding soldiers.

Katalina: Ares, what are you doing!

Ares moves away from Katalina, only to turn and raise her blade toward her.

No expression is visible behind the gleaming steel of Ares's visor. The one thing clear from her posture is an overflowing hostility.

Katalina: Have you gone mad! Stand down!

Vyrn: I don't like the looks of this! Gran, you ready?

Gran: I'd better be! Katalina, can I count you in?

Katalina: Very well. A truce for the time being.

Lyria: There's something strange going on. Primal beasts don't just rampage for no reason!

Gran: I have a feeling all this craziness is connected.

Gran: But first things first. We have to get Ares under control!

Ares: ...!

Chapter 2: Skybound Protector - Episode 9 (Part 2): Primal Beast Ares

GBVS Quest Ares Boss.png

Ares: ...

??? (Black Crystal): ...

Katalina: Ares?

Katalina: Ngh!

Lyria: Katalina!

Katalina: Lyri... a?

Katalina: Is this... Amalthea? I thought I was in Albion...

Vyrn: Wait. Does this mean you're...

Lyria: Oh, thank goodness! Katalina, you're back to normal!

Katalina: Back to normal? What are you talking about?

Gran: Well...

Katalina: I'm so sorry. I can't believe I put you all through that.

Lyria: It's okay. The important thing is we have you back.

Vyrn: I'm glad you got your memories back, Katalina, but you look pretty rough. Are you gonna make it?

Katalina: No cause for alarm, at least for the moment.

Katalina: More importantly...

Ares: ...

Katalina: It looks like Ares is back to normal too. Just what happened to us?

Gran: Just a hunch, but I think that black, crystalline monster must have something to do with it all.

Gran: It seemed like it deliberately interrupted Lyria when she tried to ask Ares for information.

Vyrn: So what was Ares tryin' to tell us?

Lyria: She said that someone was trying to use a strange power to swallow up this skydom...

Lyria: But she didn't know who.

Vyrn: Must be some shady customer if they sicced that crystal on us.

Katalina: That's an understatement. Whoever it is can alter people's memories and send primals into a rampage at will.

Gran: Siero did say there've been unusual incidents all over the skydom.

Sierokarte: Are you all okay?

Katalina: Speak of the devil.

Sierokarte: Why Katalina, you look like your old self again!

Katalina: Thanks to Gran and the others.

Sierokarte: Hmmm... So they lost their leader. Maybe that's why...

Gran: Why what?

Sierokarte: Well, the imperial troops who invaded Amalthea have begun to withdraw.

Sierokarte: It sounds like they're all heading toward the Valtz Duchy now.

Gran: Valtz?

Gran: We'd better follow them! Archduke Tzaka might be in trouble.

Sierokarte: The thing is, Valtz isn't the only island with problems...

Katalina: There are more islands under attack? Or is it something else?

Sierokarte: Well, you see...

Sierokarte: I heard there was unrest in Auguste, but it's a little hard for me to explain.

Katalina: How so?

Sierokarte: Well, I don't really have enough information yet. All I know is, something very suspicious is going on.

Vyrn: So Valtz and Auguste are both in a jam...

Gran: Io is from Valtz, and Eugen is in Auguste right now...

Gran: Let's find Rackam and Io and get back to the Grandcypher. Then we can figure out our next move!

Lyria: Right!

Katalina: Let's go! I'll follow your lead, Gran!

Vyrn: We've got a lot of questions and no answers, so we'd better get sleuthin'!

Belial: There they go...

Belial: Hahaha! This is rich!

Belial: Repairing the warped laws of causality, eh?

Belial: Only a singularity would have a chance.

Belial: Mmm...

Belial: Things are about to get interesting.

Belial: I think I feel my... motivation... rising.

Belial: Time I joined the fun.

Belial: Don't you think, Bubs?

Belial: I'm so glad you survived.

Belial: The clash of two singularities...

Belial: This should be a climax to end all climaxes.

Chapter 3: Veiled Heavens - Episode 10: The Fremel Incident

GBVS Quest Fremel Island.png

Lancelot: This is bad...
We're completely cut off from the others.

Charlotta: I never expected the Erste Empire to muster this large of an invasion force...

Percival: Quite fixated on that one goal, aren't they?

Percival: Quick! Scatter!

Lancelot: Hngh!

Charlotta: I don't like this... Their interference with the primal beasts has gone further than we thought.

Lancelot: They plan to draw out the primals' power by triggering rampages, then take control of them.

Percival: Lancelot! Charlotta!

Percival: This is no time to get distracted. You two handle the primal!

Percival: Leave the minions to me!

Percival: You heard me—get out of here!

Lancelot: Percival...

According to Sierokarte, the imperial army's sights are set on the Valtz Duchy, specifically Fremel Island.

The duchy is Io's home, governed by her foster father, Archduke Tzaka the Great. Concerned for his safety, the crew lays in a course and cranks the engines to full.

The empire has already seized control of Valtz's ports, sealing off access from the air.

The crew moors the Grandcypher at one edge of the island, and takes an overland route toward the city.

Io: I don't... believe it... Is the duchy really under attack from the empire?

From a nearby hill, imperial encampments can be seen all along the thoroughfare leading inland.

Katalina: It looks like the entire empire has turned out to recapture Lyria.

Katalina: Conquering cities on every island by overwhelming force, with no apparent thought to subtlety or strategy...

Katalina: The same impulse came over me... So strong that I was compelled to attack the people I cherish most.

Gran: Lyria, what's wrong?

Lyria: I'm sensing a very distorted aura. Is that... dark essence?

Io: That's the stuff that makes primal beasts go crazy, right?

Lyria: Yes... An imitation of the Astrals' power, developed by the empire.

Lyria: They used it to amplify the power of primal beasts, sending them into rampages.

Io: If they're using it to control Colossus, then Valtz—

Io: No, not just the duchy or Fremel Island. The entire skydom is in danger.

Rackam: You're not kidding. Think of the damage that juggernaut could cause running around pumped full of dark essence.

Colossus. A steel giant forged in one of Valtz's underground factories, fueled by pure hatred and resentment.

Io's mentor, Archduke Tzaka, was once manipulated by the empire into sending Colossus into a rampage.

Thanks to the crew's intervention, Tzaka returned to his senses, and catastrophe was averted.

Io: Well, I'm not going to let the empire trash my hometown again!

Rackam: Hey! Don't go running off by yourself!
*sigh* Kids.

Katalina: You can hardly blame her. Come on, let's not fall behind!

Gran: Right!

The crew sneaks into the underground factory where Colossus is stored. But—

Rackam: Tch... Just like we thought. The imperials have the place locked down.

Vyrn: I knew they were gunnin' for Colossus!

Rackam: Shh! Someone's coming!

Imperial Soldier 1: Any news on the alliance's movements?

Imperial Soldier 2: The White Dragons and the Lumiel Order are giving us some trouble, but our troops managed to separate the red-haired knight from the others!

Imperial Soldier 1: The red-haired knight, eh? I heard he wields a flaming sword, and that no one's sure where he's from.

Imperial Soldier 2: That's right! Those flames of his have fully repelled a third of our forces!

Imperial Soldier 1: Very well. We'll head out to provide support. Bring your unit round. Need to reinforce the rearguard.

Gran: An alliance of knightly orders? Sounds like we have company besides the empire.

Katalina: I did a little reconnaissance. That corridor there is more sparsely guarded.

Vyrn: That was fast! You're such a pro, Katalina!

Katalina: Ironically, I know how to spot holes in imperial security because it used to be my job to shore them up.

Katalina: All right. I'll take point! Follow me!

Vyrn: You heard the lady!

Chapter 3: Veiled Heavens - Episode 11: Black Crystals

GBVS Quest Fremel Island.png

Goblin: Gyaaah!

Rackam: First imperials, then some kinda alliance, and now there are monsters all over the place? What did we do to deserve this!

??? (Black Crystal): ...

Gran: That crystalline monster... It looks like the one we saw when Ares went on her rampage.

Gran: It almost seems like it's controlling the goblins...

Goblin: Empty your pockets, you filthy skyrats!

Vyrn: Geez, give it a rest already! Gran, you good to go?

Gran: Yeah. We don't have time to mess around!

Chapter 3: Veiled Heavens - Episode 12: A Whiff of an Explanation

GBVS Quest Fremel Island.png

Percival: ...

Percival: Where are these unfamiliar monsters coming from? They aren't the usual beasts you see the empire command.

Percival: Not to mention the armored giant... It went completely berserk. Just what is the empire trying to achieve?

Percival: And all over the island, this pervasive sense of... wrongness... Words fail me.

Percival: Hmm... Most puzzling of all, how has a fallen army sprung back into existence?

Percival: I'll let Lancelot handle things here—I need to investigate these aberrations for the time being.

Io: This way, you guys! Colossus should be stored just ahead!

Imperial Soldier: You there! Halt!

Io: Agh, they spotted us!

Imperial Soldier: It's you! You're those thieving skyfarers!

Imperial Soldier: This is perfect. We'll take Valtz and the girl in one fell swoop!

Katalina: Well, there was no way this mission was going to end peaceably anyway.

Gran: We need to get past you, whether you like it or not!

Chapter 3: Veiled Heavens - Episode 13: Dual-Blade Guardian

GBVS Quest Lancelot Boss.png

???: ...

Katalina: Colossus!

Io: Does it look different to anyone else?

Rackam: Yeah... Someone woke up on the wrong side of the forge.

The primal beast's hulking frame is easy to pick out even at a distance.

As imposing a figure as it cut before, it has clearly grown in size, and its angles appear sharper, crueler.

Lyria: Someone's used dark essence to amplify Colossus's power. Its whole body has been warped.

Vyrn: What do those bozos think they're doing? Do they really wanna make Colossus go berserk?

Gran: We can't let that happen! We've got to stop them!

Io: Lyria, is there anything you can do?

Lyria: I'll try talking to it. I might be able to get through, like I did with Ares.

Colossus: ...!

Lancelot: Hm? What's that blue light?

This raven-haired knight with ice-blue eyes and matching armor is known as Lancelot.

Twin blades are his weapons of choice, wielded with unparalleled skill. He heads the Order of the White Dragons—the knights sworn to protect the Feendrache Kingdom.

Charlotta: The light is coming from that giant! And I've a sneaking suspicion the empire has something to do with it!

The diminutive knight beside Lancelot peers toward Colossus with a furrow between her brows. Her greatsword—seemingly unsuited to her stature—never falters.

Her name is Charlotta, and contrary to her youthful appearance, she is a warrior worthy of her position as captain of the Lumiel Order of Holy Knights.

Lancelot: Even with Colossus on their side, our alliance has been able to maintain a stalemate.

Lancelot: But perhaps they're about to play their ace in the hole...

Charlotta: Hey! Something's glowing blue over there too!

Charlotta narrows her eyes against the sudden brilliance. Through her lashes, she glimpses the source—a girl with a flowing azure mane.

Lancelot: That girl...

Lancelot: Charlotta, can you handle things here? I have to go deal with her!

Charlotta: You can count on me!

Lyria: Colossus, please...

Colossus: ...

Io: Well? Are you getting through?

Lyria: It's no good... The dark essence is getting in the way. Maybe if I could get a little closer...

???: Freeze! All of you!

Katalina: What!

Lancelot: That girl... is the empire's top secret research project, isn't she? I've heard she has the power to control primal beasts.

Lancelot: Now I see what the empire wants with Colossus.

Lancelot: Using the girl's powers, you plan to weaponize this primal! Well, I won't stand back and let that happen!

Katalina: Wait! You're mistaken! We do not serve the empire!

Gran: Katalina, wait. There's something off about him.

??? (Black Crystal): ...

Lyria: Look! Behind him!

Lancelot: If you won't stand down, then there's only one way to settle this!

Gran: I guess we don't have a choice!

Lancelot: I am Lancelot, Captain of the Order of the White Dragons! En garde!

Chapter 3: Veiled Heavens - Episode 14: The Knight Returns

GBVS Quest Fremel Island.png

Lancelot: Urgh... Wait, what are you all...

Vyrn: Hey, I think he remembers us! I'll bet it's the same thing that happened to Katalina!

Lancelot's memories return, including those of fighting side by side with Gran and the others to defend his homeland of Feendrache.

Gran and the crew explain to Lancelot what they've learned about the goings-on in Valtz.

Lancelot: How could I do such a thing! I can't believe I would take arms against your crew... Especially you, Lyria!

Katalina: Don't be too hard on yourself. The same thing happened to me.

Katalina: Something is rotten in Phantagrande. People's memories have been altered, primal beasts are rampaging, and a fallen empire has risen once more.

Lancelot: This is all a bit hard to believe. How could this happen?

Lyria: We don't know... But it seems like someone is causing all this confusion on purpose.

Rackam: Speaking of purpose, what brought you here anyway?

Lancelot: My order learned that the empire was up to its old tricks—amassing troops and using dark essence to manipulate primal beasts.

Lancelot: Their resurgence was and still is a mystery, but it was too great a threat to ignore.

Katalina: I suppose they have been rapidly seizing territory with extreme tactics.

Katalina: But if a kingdom as far from the conflict as Feendrache felt threatened, the situation may be worse than I feared.

Lancelot: Yes. Things were looking grim.

Lancelot: Valtz had already fallen to the empire. I reached out to the Lumiel Order to form an alliance, and we came here hoping to lend the duchy our aid.

Io: So then... Is Master Tzaka all right?

Lancelot: I assume so. They blockaded the capital in order to seize Colossus, but I don't think they've done any actual damage to the city itself.

Vyrn: That's a relief! But that still leaves Colossus.

Lancelot: Dark essence has twisted Colossus's form, augmenting its power. We should... Hm?

Gran and the others look toward Colossus to find a horde of goblins in the giant's shadow.

Goblin: Skyrats! Mess 'em up!

Gran: We'll continue this later!

Chapter 3: Veiled Heavens - Episode 15: Mounting Hostility

GBVS Quest Fremel Island.png

Vyrn: Hey, I don't think it's just imperials, you guys... Doesn't it seem like even the monsters and goblins come gunning for us too?

Lancelot: You're right. They're all so openly hostile toward us, you'd think they were in league with one another.

Gran: They're working together?

Imperial Soldier: This way! I found the girl!

Imperial Soldier: Her powers will give us better control over Colossus! Don't let her get away!

Katalina: We have to get to Colossus, even if that means cutting our way through!

Chapter 3: Veiled Heavens - Episode 16: Entreaties Unheard

GBVS Quest Fremel Island.png

Lyria: Still no good!
Colossus can't hear me!

Colossus: ...

Io: Please, Colossus, you've gotta listen to us!

Imperial Soldier: This way! Send reinforcements! Secure the girl at all costs!

Vyrn: Geez, when are they gonna give up?

Gran: We have to push our way through!

Chapter 3: Veiled Heavens - Episode 17: Pride of the Holy Knight

GBVS Quest Charlotta Boss.png

Vyrn: We're nearly there! You sit tight, Colossus!

Charlotta: Halt!

Katalina: Charlotta. Of course—you must be here as Lumiel's representative in the alliance.

Charlotta: That blue-haired girl is the one with the power to manipulate primal beasts, isn't she!

Charlotta: So she's the empire's ace in the hole!

Lyria: W-wait a minute!

Lancelot: Charlotta, wait! They aren't our enemies!

Charlotta: What! Don't tell me Feendrache has been plotting with the empire against Lumiel from the beginning?

Lancelot: No! Feendrache is no friend to the empire! Please, let me explain!

??? (Black Crystal): ...

Charlotta: Grrr! I expected better of you, Lancelot! I don't want to hear any more lies!

Charlotta: I am Charlotta Fenia, Captain of the Lumiel Order of Holy Knights! En garde!

Chapter 3: Veiled Heavens - Episode 18 (Part 1): True Power Revealed

GBVS Quest Colossus Boss.png

Charlotta: Uuugh...

Charlotta: Lyria? What's... going on?

Gran: Phew... She's come to her senses!

Lancelot: It seems someone manipulated both Charlotta's memories and mine.

Charlotta: Someone? You mean the empire isn't behind this?

Lancelot: I'm not sure. But we know one thing for certain.

Lancelot: The empire is trying to use Colossus to menace the skydom. That's why we formed our alliance.

Colossus: ...

Io: Lyria, are we close enough now? Can you try again?

Lyria: Okay!

Lyria: I'm nearly there, but it's still no good... There's dark essence scrambling everything.

Io: Fine, then! We'll just have to slap some sense into that big tin can!

Rackam: Are we hauling out the big guns already? I mean, we gotta do what we gotta do, but...

Io: Don't worry! We've beaten Colossus before, when Master was controlling it!

Lancelot: So you plan to wear it down until you can find an opening? Let us help you.

Charlotta: Now that those imperial soldiers have been taken care of, this is our chance!

Vyrn: Yeah! Time to show 'em what we're made of!

Gran: Right!

Chapter 3: Veiled Heavens - Episode 18 (Part 2): True Power Revealed

GBVS Quest Colossus Boss.png

Colossus: ...

Colossus falls to its knees with a metallic shriek of joints, steam venting from between its armored plates.

Gran: Lyria! Now!

Lyria: Got it!

Colossus: ...

Lyria: I'm getting through! And Colossus is answering!

Lyria: That must have been so scary for you, Colossus. But don't worry, you're okay now...

Imperial Soldier: Crap! They defeated Colossus!

Imperial Soldier: Retreat! All units, retreat!

Vyrn: Hah, that settles that!

Io: Yeah... I'm really glad Colossus didn't manage to hurt anyone.

Io: Hey, we have to go check out the city! I wanna make sure Master's all right too.

Katalina: Given the circumstances, we'd better hurry.

Gran: Agreed!

Lancelot: I am truly grateful that you agreed to this alliance. A single ally like you is worth an entire battalion.

Charlotta: It's an honor to fight alongside the famed White Dragons.

Charlotta: Gathering under the banner of justice to shield civilians from the empire... This is the whole reason knightly orders exist.

Charlotta: The Holy Knights' motto is "Forever pure, forever righteous." And joining forces was clearly the righteous path in this situation.

Lancelot: Thank you, Charlotta. It is you who honor me with your camaraderie.

Charlotta: Besides, we had already begun preparing for battle when we heard the first report of the Valtz invasion.

Lancelot: Hmm... So word of the Erste Empire's aggressions had already reached your kingdom before we contacted you.

Lancelot: Something about that bothers me.

Charlotta: Why is that?

Lancelot: The Erste Empire was dissolved after its prime minister's destructive ambitions got out of control. As a political entity, it no longer exists.

Lancelot: A sudden resurgence makes no sense—especially considering the numbers and resources it takes to conquer not only Valtz but multiple territories throughout the skydom.

Charlotta: So just where did all those soldiers come from?

Try as they might, the knights can think of no logical explanation for the imperial army's return to its former might.

The crew checks in with the archduke. Reassured of his safety, they prepare for an immediate departure.

Io: I'm glad Master's safe, but I really would've liked to make a more careful check of the rest of the city.

Lancelot: Leave that to us. The alliance will ensure the residents are safe and take care of any damage caused by the invasion.

Charlotta: Lumiel will provide as much support as Valtz needs!

Gran: That's a relief. It sounds like Valtz is in safe hands, then.

Rackam: Might be a good time to see how some other islands are doing.

Rackam: We can't just stand by if they're in the same situation.

Katalina: You're absolutely right. The empire is clearly after Lyria again... as I experienced firsthand.

Vyrn: And it ain't just imperials that want a piece of us. What's up with that?

Lyria: ...

With Valtz secure, the crew sets out to uncover the cause of these baffling and dangerous events.

The vast sky above is an untroubled blue, innocent of the evil lurking somewhere within it.

Chapter 3: Veiled Heavens - Episode 19: Mysteries in the Morning Breeze

GBVS Quest Auguste Isles.png

According to Sierokarte, unrest and troubling phenomena abound all across the Phantagrande Skydom.

The abnormalities vary greatly in scale, but it seems clear from what happened to Katalina that there is some malignant force driving them all.

The Grandcypher sails to the Auguste Isles, where Eugen, another crewmate, has been away on a mission.

Gran: Eugen!

Eugen: Heyyy! It's been a while! Sounds like you've had a pretty rough time of it!

This is Eugen, a veteran skyfarer from Auguste who joined the crew long ago, when Gran and the others first visited these islands.

He recently left the Grandcypher to complete a client's request, and was enjoying some home leave while he waited for the crew to pick him up.

News reached him of the empire's activities, so he's been on guard here in Auguste.

Rackam: Glad to see you're doing well. Rough doesn't begin to cover what we've been through.

Io: Yeah... It was crazy watching Katalina and Gran fight over Lyria...

Katalina: I still find it hard to believe. Thankfully Gran was able to restore me to my senses.

Vyrn: Crazy things are happening all over the skydom...

Lyria: We stopped at a couple islands on our way to Auguste, and the empire was up to no good there too.

Eugen: Well, Auguste has been invaded by the empire before.

Eugen: Me and some of the other old veterans have been keepin' a weather eye out. We haven't seen anything yet.

Eugen: The Isles seem safe for the moment. Probably don't hafta worry.

Gran: But Siero said there had been unrest here.

Eugen: Really? Sounds like there was a bit of a dust-up with some tourists. But that's par for the course.

Gran: Huh... Well, good.

Vyrn: In that case, can we take a break? I'm beat.

Lyria: We have been through a lot. We should rest up while we can!

Eugen: Well, I'm stayin' here too, so gimme a holler if you need anything.

Katalina: Thank you, Eugen. I feel better knowing you're close by.

Vyrn: At least we can take it easy for today before gettin' back to the craziness!

Gran: Good night then, everyone.

Lyria: Good morning, Gran!

Gran: Morning, Lyria. Sleep well?

Lyria: Yes! The sound of the waves was so relaxing!

Lyria: Hm? Do you hear something outside?

Gran: Huh?

Lyria: What... is that!

Lady Katapillar: Beeep... Bee-boo-bip...
Destroy! Destroy!

Gran: Is that... Katalina? Young Man's Voice LOW Like, I hyper beg you to stop. Mega pray you stop.

A clamor rises from a group of tourists on the beach outside. At the center of the mob, voices loudest of all, are three young men.

Lowain: Like, I hyper beg you to stop. Mega pray you'll stop.

Elsam: Yo, Lowain! I'm tellin' ya, bro, we gotta take that thing down by force! It's three on one! We can do this!

Tomoi: What's up with you, dude? Gettin' spiritual at that killing machine ain't gonna do nothin'!

Lowain: But Lady Katapillar's our brainchild, an' she's tryin' to turn 'Guste into a sea of flames...

Lowain: If we stop her, that's like accepting liasponsibility, dude! We'll be on the hook for a hoooly crapload of damages!

Tomoi: Oh, snap. Praying's startin' to look pretty good...
The power of stop compels you!

Elsam: Okay, but for real though? How'd she roll out of our daydreams and into this nightmare?

Lyria: Oh no... At this rate, the whole resort will be ruined!

Gran: Is this what Siero was warning us about?
Either way... we need to stop that tread-mounted Katalookalike!

Chapter 3: Veiled Heavens - Episode 20: Oncoming Tide

GBVS Quest Auguste Isles.png

Lady Katapillar: Gyeeeh!

Katalina: Gran! What was that just now? I thought I saw something wearing armor like mine...

Gran: I'm... not sure. But whatever it is, it has friends. And they're causing mayhem all over the beach.

Eugen: There's some of 'em left over there! And it looks like the ruckus is attractin' monsters! Gran, think you can take care of it?

Gran: I'm on it!

Chapter 3: Veiled Heavens - Episode 21: Unlooked-For Love

GBVS Quest Ladiva Boss.png

Ladiva: *sigh*

A statuesque woman gazes out over the glittering waves and heaves a deep sigh.

Her name is Ladiva. She is one of the top duelists at the arena on the Jewel Resort Casino Liner.

She's chosen Auguste as the spot for one of her rare and precious vacations from the busy life of a celebrity fighter.

She hoped to recharge and let the gentle murmur of the waves wash away the clash of steel and clamor of the crowds. However...

Tourist: Yeeeek! Somebody heeeelp!

Ladiva: For goodness' sake! Can't a girl enjoy a vacation once in a while without all heck breaking loose?

Ladiva: Who would have the terrible manners to spoil a vacation paradise like this? Sounds like someone could use an etiquette lesson.

Ladiva: Let's see here... Where is our little troublemaker?

Lady Katapillar: Destroy! Destroy!

Rackam: Hey! Stop that! Katalina, do somethin' about these contraptions!

Katalina: What am I supposed to do?

Io: What do these things want? And why do they look so much like Katalina?

Katalina: They look nothing like me!

Ladiva: Hmm... Looks like that knight is using her mechanical henchwomen to terrorize the resort.

Ladiva: It's time she learned to play nice!

??? (Black Crystal): ...

Lyria: Katalina, are you all right?

Gran: Argh! There's too many!

Eugen: At this rate, they're gonna set the whole place on fire...

Lady Katapillar: Destroy! Destroy!
Cease. Frivolity. At once!

???: Heee-yaaah!

Katalina: ...!

Ladiva: You're the culprits, aren't you? You can't go spoiling everyone's vacations like this.

Gran: Ladiva!

Ladiva: How do you know my name? Oh! Are you a regular at the casino liner?

Ladiva: Even so, I can't turn a blind eye to your behavior. We may not be standing in the ring, but I'll give you an extra helping of tough love!

Vyrn: Uh... I don't think she remembers us... That didn't sound too friendly.

Katalina: I don't think she's in her right mind. Have her memories been affected the same way mine were?

Gran: If so, that dark crystal creature could be close by!

Ladiva: Time for sun, sand, and smackdowns!

Chapter 3: Veiled Heavens - Episode 22: Ambush upon Ambush

GBVS Quest Auguste Isles.png

??? (Black Crystal): ...

Ladiva: Oof! I felt that one! You're no slouch, Captain.

Ladiva: Wait... what? W-why was I trying to punish all of you?

Gran: Ladiva? It's me, Gran!

Katalina: Her memories were restored after fighting with Gran, just as mine were. This can't be a coincidence.

Eugen dashes up to them.

Eugen: Incoming! More of those Kataclunkers headin' this way!

Katalina: Will you please leave my name out of this?

Rackam: C'mon, people! Bullets now, talk later!

Chapter 3: Veiled Heavens - Episode 23: Unceasing Rampage

GBVS Quest Auguste Isles.png

Lady Katapillar: Breeeep! Breeeep! Breeeep!

Eugen: Where are they all comin' from?

Gran: I don't know...

Lyria: They look so much like Katalina, I can't help feeling sorry for them...

Katalina: Not you too, Lyria...

Gran: We need to pin down the source somehow.

Rackam: Yeah. All this commotion is attracting monsters.

Gran: We have to do something about them, before they make an even bigger mess!

Katalina: I couldn't agree more!

Chapter 3: Veiled Heavens - Episode 24: I Did It

GBVS Quest Lowain Boss.png

Lady Katapillar: Katalina Prime! Lovely. To. See. You!

Katalina: Augh, shut your metal mouth! And get away from me!

Lowain: Huh? That knight...

Lowain: She's the most important... Wait, who is she again?

Lowain: Gaaah! Cranking my think tank is makin' me crank out more lady tanks!

Elsam: Then how about you ixnay with rankingcay, bro!

Tomoi: Dude, they just managed to damp down the fire, an' now you're relighting it? Put the matches down, bro!

Lowain clutches his head, seeming not to hear Tomoi's earnest entreaty.

Elsam, the third member of the trio, flails his arms, as if his wild gesticulations will somehow ameliorate the situation.

But their appeals are in vain. One after the next, Lowain's fantasies roll forth into reality.

Vyrn: Found 'em! The Mini-linas are comin' from around those three dudes!

Lyria: That's Lowain! How is he making all these knockoff Katalinas?

Lowain: Bruh...
I can't... remember!

Gran: We have to stop him from producing any more of those things!

Katalina: I... have no idea what's going on here. Let's just put a stop to it!

Chapter 3: Veiled Heavens - Episode 25: Fury of the Arcane Bow

GBVS Quest Metera Boss.png

Lowain: Nnnghh...

Gran: ...

Katalina: Is it over now?

Gran: Looks like it...

Metera: ...

A young woman stands surveying the trampled beach, tall ears twitching at the raised voices and discord. Her expression is decidedly unamused.

Her name is Metera. She wields an arcane bow that fires magical arrows, and her flight spells are the envy of mages everywhere.

She, too, has come here to let her hair down at the resort, but this morning she awoke to an unseemly ruckus outside her window.

Metera: For once I thought I could have a regular old vacation, and instead I get this...

Metera: What's with all this racket?

Metera: Hey. You. Is there a festival or something going on?

Tourist: No... These weird machines have been tearing up the place all morning.

Tourist: Almost all the tourists have cleared out. I have no idea what's going on.

Metera: I figured it was something along those lines. Ugh, what lousy timing.

Tourist: Things settled down once those folks over there stepped in though.

Tourist: Or... maybe they were the ones who caused the trouble in the first place? I'm not sure.

Katalina: These events have to be connected. There's no way it could all be a coincidence.

Lyria: Lowain and his friends didn't seem like themselves either.

Eugen: This what you were talkin' about yesterday, Gran? About somethin' weird kickin' off?

Metera: Mmm... Definitely something sketchy going on...

??? (Black Crystal): ...

Tourist: Forget about that. Why don't you and I step out for a drink somewhere?

Tourist: It must be fate that brought us together like this.

Metera: Mmm... I'll pass. Thanks for the info, though.

Tourist: Aww, come on! What else are you gonna do? I'm sure we can find somewhere nice and cozy to—

Metera: Are you deaf or something? I'm in no mood for your crap right now, so beat it before I remodel your face!

Tourist: Yeek!

Metera: Hey there!

Vyrn: If it isn't Ms. Shameless! Fancy meeting you here! You'll never believe this...

Metera: Excuse me? Where do you get off calling a complete stranger "shameless," you off-brand lizard?

Metera: That tears it. I need some target practice... and guess what? You get to help.

Metera: Let's start with getting you clowns locked away and banned from this island.

Lyria: Looks like Metera's been affected too...

Gran: No doubt about it. What a mess.

Metera: All right, you resort-wreckers! Let's see you dodge this!

Chapter 3: Veiled Heavens - Episode 26 (Part 1): Boundless Delusion

GBVS Quest Yggdrasil Boss.png

Lowain: Please save us from a summer of suuuuck!

Tomoi: Bring the pain on those dudes wreckin' our beautiful vay-cay!

Elsam: Help us, Shiva! Help us Bahamut! Help us Yggyyy!

Lowain: Whoa! My eyes!

Elsam: Yggy heard our prayers!

Lowain: Hold the applause, bro.

Tomoi: Yeah... she mad. No doubt about it.

Metera: Geeez, that stings. What the heck is going on?

Metera: And what are you all doing here?

Vyrn: Sounds like Ms. Shameless is back to her old self!

Metera: Say what, now?

Ladiva: It seems the two of us—and everyone else in Auguste—have been acting a little strange...

Ladiva: Like losing very specific memories, or having them twisted into something else entirely...

Metera: Some kind of mass hallucination?

Katalina: Well, Auguste isn't the only place that's been affected. Similar phenomena have been reported on other islands.

Katalina: My memories were altered too. I went as far as using empire soldiers in an attempt to kidnap Lyria.

Metera: You're kidding! There's no doubt about it, then—something is totally messing with the skies right now.

Vyrn: Lyria, Gran, and I still have all our marbles. At least so far.

Eugen: What's weird is that meeting up with Gran seems to have cured everybody.

Rackam: Speakin' of... You seem lucid, Eugen. There must be some kinda logic to who's been affected, but damned if I can figure it out.

Ladiva: Mm... Quite the conundrum, isn't it?

Lyria: If Ares was right and someone's causing this deliberately, what could they be after?

Metera: Geez, I'm beat. I don't know if it's because of getting my memories wiped or what, but I've got a pounding headache and I could use a—

Yggdrasil: ...!

Gran: Wh-what's going on!

Lyria: It's Yggdrasil! And she seems furious!

Lyria: How did she get here? I didn't summon her!

Yggdrasil—the guardian primal beast of the Lumacie Archipelago's forests—is mild and amiable by nature.

The primal who rears her head before the crew now, however, appears crazed with rage.

Yggdrasil: ...!

Katalina: Oh, no... Not Yggdrasil too.

Lyria: ...

Lyria: I tried to speak to her, but she can't hear me.

Metera: Yeesh. Just one problem after the next. I can't take a nap with this going on.

Ladiva: Even still, we're with you, Captain! We need to do some damage control!

Gran: Thanks, everyone! Let's do this!

Chapter 3: Veiled Heavens - Episode 26 (Part 2): Boundless Delusion

GBVS Quest Yggdrasil Boss.png

Lowain: Somethin' ain't right...

Yggdrasil: ...!

??? (Black Crystal): ...

Gran: That monster again...
Metera! Shoot that dark crystal thing!

Metera: Okay!

Metera takes aim at the monster hovering above Yggdrasil's head and lets fly a magical arrow. The creature shatters.

Yggdrasil: ...

Katalina: It's just as we suspected. Those crystalline monsters do seem to be causing this.

Ladiva: So they were the ones who affected us as well.

Lyria: Yggdrasil seems awfully tired out.

Lyria: It's all right. You can rest now.

Elsam: I'm so sorry, Yggy...

Metera: Wait. You know something about all this?

Elsam: It's like... All our fantasies have been comin' alive on their own...

Tomoi: Like some kinda dream... Or a miracle? It's some kinda dreamy miracle.

Metera: So you three dips caused all this? Just what the hell were you doing?

Lowain: Yeeeowch!
Wait... I remember, I remember! My best girl's name... It's Katalina! She's my one and only!

Lowain: Memories like that don't just fade, man! How could I ever forget!

Katalina: So you're the one responsible for those mechanical impostors?

Tomoi: Lowain, time to fall on your sword, bro!

Elsam: I'll join you! Nothing else will make up for putting Yggy through hell!

Metera: Put a sock in it!

Gran: Well, I'm glad everyone's back to normal.

Katalina: Yes... But now we've moved on from memory alteration to fantasies taking physical form.

Vyrn: It's like someone's rewriting the rules of the universe.

Lyria: That's kind of scary...

Eugen: Yeah, we can't take this lightly. I think you'd better check out some other islands.

Eugen: I'll stay here in Auguste. No tellin' what might happen, so I don't feel good leaving.

Gran: All right. Everyone else, hop aboard the Grandcypher. We need to see how the other islands are doing!

The crew has now dealt with a series of upsets the likes of which the skies have rarely, if ever, seen.

It seems ever more likely that the crystalline monsters are to blame for these mysterious phenomena.

The source and true objective of the creatures, however, remains unknown.

Ares's warning that there is an entity orchestrating these seemingly disparate events gains credence with each incident the crew witnesses.

Belial: The rules of the universe are being rewritten, eh?
Haha... I like the sound of that.

Belial: There's all sorts of fun stuff going on out here, Bubs. I can't wait for you to come join in.

Hooded Figure: ...

Belial: Aww, c'mon. Show me a smile. Thanks to you, my dream may just come true.

Belial: I know we've had our differences, but I'd say working together was in your best interests.

Hooded Figure: It isn't your dream though, is it?

Hooded Figure: I tire of your buffoonery, clown.

Belial: Easy, big guy... I'm not trying to rush you into anything.

Belial: Just be patient a little longer. I'm sure I can make it worth your while.

Chapter 4: Causality Unhinged - Episode 27: Boundary

GBVS Quest Lumacie Archipelago.png

Hoping to get to the bottom of the strange phenomena plaguing the skydom, the crew sets a course for the Lumacie Archipelago.

Primal BeastsAres, Colossus, and Yggdrasil: ...

Lyria: I see... And that's why you came to us for help.

Primal BeastsAres, Colossus, and Yggdrasil: ...

Lyria: They said there are distortions spreading through the skies, causing all this chaos.

Katalina: So it's all related.

Lyria: There's a line between the distorted and unaffected parts of the sky. They called it a boundary.

Lyria: Primal beasts inside the distorted part are being... rewritten, from the inside out.

Lyria: But I can reverse the process by absorbing their power. Then they can still move around safely inside the boundary, without losing control.

Rackam: Rewritten, huh? Sounds like the same thing that's been playing with people's memories.

Vyrn: That's crazy... And it's not any kinda Astral power doing it, right?

Katalina: A power that can alter not only the Sky Realm, but primal beasts as well.

Katalina: It's as if a god is toying with reality, like a child playing in a sandbox.

Gran: (A boundary... And a godlike power...)

Before leaving Amalthea, Gran received some unsettling news from Sierokarte.

Sierokarte: This is only a rumor, but...

Sierokarte: It sounds like there's been unusual activity in the Dydroit Belt and North Vast too.

Gran: That's all the way out on the edges of Phantagrande.

Gran: Does that mean the entire skydom has already been affected?

Sierokarte: Actually...

Sierokarte: I think we can say the changes have begun to spread across the Grim Basin.

Gran: Across the Grim Basin...

Gran: Then this won't stop with Phantagrande...

Gran: At this rate, it'll swallow up the entire Sky Realm!

Sierokarte: ...

Sierokarte's silence is more eloquent than words.

Gran: We still don't know who's behind these distortions...

Gran: But the whole world is under threat.

Gran: We have to put a stop to this ourselves.

Lyria: And we will!

Katalina: With all this going on, I wonder how Rosetta is faring.

Vyrn: Aw, geez... She couldn't have picked a worse time to go back to Lumacie.

Io: You don't have to worry about Rosetta.
I'm sure... I'm sure she's fine!

Gran: Io...

Goblin: Girl. In. Blue.
Red. Dragon.

Gran: Where did they come from! And what's wrong with them? Be careful, everyone!

Io: Anything that gets in our way right now is dust!

Chapter 4: Causality Unhinged - Episode 28: Mystic Woodlands

GBVS Quest Lumacie Archipelago.png

Gran and the others head to the Lumacie Archipelago, where their crew member, Rosetta, is on shore leave.

Rackam remains aboard the Grandcypher to deal with any unanticipated contingencies while the rest of the crew heads into the forest.

Yggdrasil: ...

Lyria: She says she can feel a strange power all through the forest of Lumacie.

Io: I can't quite put it into words, but the forest seems off, even to me. It never gave me that feeling before.

Gran: So the boundary is creeping through Lumacie now...

Vyrn: Y'think that means Rosetta's in the same shape as the other—

Vyrn: Yeow!

Io: Shut up, scales-for-brains! Don't even say stuff like that!

Gran: Io, Vyrn, calm down!

Katalina: Rosetta draws power from the forests of Lumacie. I'm sure that will protect her.

Gran: Let's just hurry up and find her!

Chapter 4: Causality Unhinged - Episode 29: The Beat of Dark Wings

GBVS Quest Lumacie Archipelago.png

The crew pushes deeper into the woods, where there are no trails to follow, in search of Rosetta.

Not far from where they are struggling through the dense underbrush, a young Erune woman stands among the trees.

Ferry: The power I sensed seems denser here compared to the other islands.

Ferry: There must be something nearby damming the flow.

Ferry: This strange force gradually swallowing up Phantagrande, distorting the world as it goes...

Ferry: I'm certain it's related to the Otherworld.

Ferry: I suppose it's because I'm a ghost that I can perceive it. The dead are closer to the Otherworld than the living, after all.

The ghostly maiden Ferry, whom Gran and the others met on the Mist-Shrouded Isle, has also been investigating the strange occurrences in Phantagrande.

Ferry: Lumacie is nearly saturated with all the power pooling here...

Ferry: There's not much time. I have to let everyone know— ??? BLI Where are you hopping off to, little bunny?

Ferry: Who are you?

Ferry: Ah. You're the one behind this.

Ferry: I'm a step closer to the Otherworld than most. You can't fool me.

Belial: Hahaha! Ohhh, you're lovely. Pure and innocent, but sharp as a knife.

Belial: Or maybe it's your purity which honed that razor's edge.

Belial: As much as I'd love to welcome an ingenue into the world of sensual delight...

Belial: You'll have to wait your turn. A lot of people have come calling today.

Ferry: Huh? What are those things!

Belial: Sorry to disappoint you, but you're not here to play detective.

Belial: I just need another piece on the board...

Yggdrasil: ...!

Lyria: Yggdrasil? Is something wrong?

Lyria: What? A powerful force?

Io: Ah! Do you think it's Rosetta fighting someone?

Yggdrasil: ...

Lyria: No... It's not Rosetta.

Lyria: Yggdrasil said the power that's spreading through the sky spiked just now, here in the forest, only for a second.

Gran: Then there's something in this forest with us?

Lyria: I'm not sure. She said she only sensed it for a moment.

Vyrn: We'd better look sharp then. No telling what might happen.

Gran: Everybody stay close to me. Let's keep a tight formation!

Chapter 4: Causality Unhinged - Episode 30: Dancing Phantom Girl

GBVS Quest Ferry Boss.png

Io: Hey, do you see someone over there?

Gran: Is that...

Ferry: ...

Gran: Ferry! What are you doing in Lumacie?

Ferry: Singularity. Your existence is distorting the world...

Gran: Huh?

Ferry: It's time I brought you to heel! You need to learn the difference between right and wrong!

Lyria: Ferry, what's wrong with you! I don't—

Ferry: Back off, girl in blue. No one said you could move.

Lyria: Ferry...

Katalina: Lyria, get behind me.

??? (Black Crystal): ...

Lyria: Those monsters again... They must have affected Ferry's memories too!

Gran: Yeah. But she seems a lot more aggressive than the others were.

Ferry: What's wrong? Lost your nerve?

Ferry: I guess it's my move, Singularity!

Gran: Looks like we have to fight, if we're going to get her back to normal!

Chapter 4: Causality Unhinged - Episode 31: A Whiff of a Solution

GBVS Quest Lumacie Archipelago.png

Ferry: *pant, pant*

??? (Black Crystal): ...

Ferry: Urgh...

Lyria: Ferry!

Ferry: What... happened?
Where's that man?

Gran: Ferry, are you all right?

Ferry: Captain? And Lyria... What are you all doing in Lumacie?

Lyria: Strange things have been happening all over the skydom...

Lyria: And Rosetta was here in Lumacie, so we came to find her.

Ferry: So you've all noticed the strange power at work too.

Gran: A man, acting suspicious? You met him here, in the forest?

Ferry: That's right. And he had these crystalline monsters with him that gave off a strange energy...

Ferry: They must be the same monsters you encountered.

Vyrn: Then that's our guy!

Ferry: I think so too. I'm not sure how to put it, but I could tell from his aura he was no ordinary person.

Gran: Ferry, could you take us to the place where you met him?

Gran: I'm worried about Rosetta...

Gran: But this might be the clue we need to unravel the whole mystery!

Just as the crew decide on their next destination, figures burst out of the long grass nearby.

??? (Exia Goblin): Grrgh... Glahh...

Io: Ewww, what's wrong with them!

Ferry: It's all over them... The power emitted by those black crystals!

??? (Exia Goblin): Gyaaarrrgh!

Gran: Look out!

Chapter 4: Causality Unhinged - Episode 32: Darkness Smiles

GBVS Quest Lumacie Archipelago.png

??? (Black Crystal): ...

Percival: One of those dark crystal creatures has appeared every time there was an incident. Are they causing these events somehow?

Percival, Lord of Flame. His dream is to found a kingdom free from war and iniquity, where strong and weak alike may live in peace and security.

In pursuit of his goal, this young lion travels the skies, earning the trust of like-minded people.

The battle on Fremel Island led him to conduct his own investigation into the changes taking place across the skies.

He realized there was a clear border to the affected area, and that the border was advancing.

Percival: Those black crystals appear within the border. They provoke monsters into aggression, and many witnesses have suffered sudden health crises.

Percival: Judging from the rumors I've heard, the crystal monsters' sphere of influence is growing daily.

Percival: If my theory is correct and the boundary of the affected area is advancing, the majority of the skydom may have already been consumed...

Belial: Not bad. You've figured out quite a lot about Exia already.

Belial: Gathering eyewitness accounts, having the detachment to envision the bigger picture. You'd make a good king.

Percival: Who are you?

Belial: Just an itinerant archaeologist. Wherever mystery lurks, there I am, elbow-deep.

Percival: Archaeologist? Don't insult my intelligence. And what do you mean by Exia? Those black crystals?

Belial: Oh, gold star! And you're right, I'm no archaeologist.

Percival: You're the one behind this.

Belial: Grappling with former allies to the twisted strains of corrupted causality... Doesn't the devastation call out to you?

Percival: Corrupted causality? Are you using Exia to distort reality?

Belial: It's complicated... I know how it looks, but these things don't belong to me.

Belial: And Exia isn't directly responsible for the corruption.

Belial: These crystals are just toys. They help me bring things to a head... But not much more.

Percival: Speak plainly. Is there someone else behind all this?

Belial: That's right. The real brains of the operation.

Belial: He's been sealed away in Pandemonium. He's one of the few friends I have left, so being the sentimental soul that I am, I had to mount a rescue attempt.

Belial: But once I woke him up, he started trying to get out on his own, and he's been a little too gung ho about it.

Belial: He's throwing so much power against the seal that it's spilling out into the skies and causing all this distortion.

Belial: You've gotta laugh... Poor little guy's trying so hard.

Belial: Oh, and that empire—what was it, Erste? It never really had a resurgence. Those troops are just a mob of former soldiers.

Belial: They're not getting orders from anywhere—just chasing the shadows of commanders long gone, running around conquering territory for no one at all.

Belial: Causality and memory tampering notwithstanding, mob psychology is frightening, isn't it? It's amazing how far people will go just on the assumption that others agree with them.

Percival: Talkative, aren't you?
But that means Pandemonium is the locus of these phenomena.

Belial: Right again.
Ahh... I really shouldn't talk so much.

Percival: I appreciate the intel. Now move! Pandemonium awaits.

Belial: Poor little mortal. Don't you know you're all bound up in causality's chains?

Percival: ...!

Belial: Now dance for me.

Chapter 4: Causality Unhinged - Episode 33: Roaring Flames

GBVS Quest Percival Boss.png

??? (Exia Goblin): Bwaaahhh!

Vyrn: Ugh! There's no end to these jokers!

Gran: I'll finish this!

??? (Exia Goblin): Gyaahh!

Gran: ...!

Percival: ...

Ferry: I can smell that man on him too!

Vyrn: So Sir Burnsalot... You don't think...

Percival: Girl in blue... Red dragon... Singularity...

Percival: Any who dare to obstruct my path to kingship or threaten the security of the skies will be purged by flames!

Chapter 4: Causality Unhinged - Episode 34 (Part 1): The Rose Trial

GBVS Quest Rose Queen Boss.png

Percival: Urgh... That was a splendid fight, Gran...

Gran: I'm so sorry. Are you okay?

Vyrn: Sir Burnsalot! Did you meet that suspicious dude too?

Percival: Who? Oh. Him. That wretch!

Ferry: I fell into his trap as well. There's no doubt in my mind—he's the one responsible for the chaos threatening the Sky Realm.

Percival: No... It appears not. Although he's certainly involved.

Percival relates what he heard from the man who accosted him: the information about the dark crystal creatures called Exia, and the enigmatic figure sealed in Pandemonium.

Finally, he explains why the disorder is expanding outward from Pandemonium.

Lyria: If his power has this much influence on the world with the seal in place, what'll happen once it's broken?

Percival: I can't even imagine.

Percival: If we extrapolate from the events so far, his power threatens to rewrite reality as we know it... to bring about the end of the world.

Vyrn: We ain't gonna let that happen!

Vyrn: What's it gonna be, Gran? Do we go after that shady dude? Or head straight to Pandemonium?

Gran: First we need to do what we came here to do and make sure Rosetta's all right.

Zooey: Belial... He got away.

Rose Queen: Hmm... So he's not reckless enough to challenge us both at once.

Rose Queen: I'm lucky you were here then, Zooey.

The primal beast known as Rose Queen is the true form of Gran's trusty crewmate, Rosetta.

Here in the forests of Lumacie, where she can draw on her greatest power, she has been laboring to hold back the corruption spreading through the Sky Realm.

Zooey is the skydweller manifestation of Grand Order—the primal beast tasked with maintaining balance in the world.

The encroaching tide of chaos is rapidly upsetting the balance she exists to preserve.

That power has pooled in Lumacie Archipelago, where Rose Queen holds it at bay.

Rose Queen: It's no good. I can try to contain the flow around Lumacie, but the rest of the skydom is being swallowed up as we speak.

Rose Queen: The problem needs to be addressed at the source. Is restoring that seal really our only option?

Zooey: Once a seal has been broken, it is not easy to reverse its effects.

Zooey: There are other ways... But each carries its own risks.

Rose Queen: Then you're going to stand by and let the skies drown?

Zooey: I couldn't do that. But you and I won't get anywhere without help.

Rose Queen: Hm. So yet again, those children hold the key.

Zooey: Rose Queen, please send them in the right direction. I must prepare for the next phase.

Rose Queen: I hate to send them off without me. But I suppose I have to let them fly on their own sometimes.

Io: Rosetta! We finally found you!

Rose Queen: Io! The whole crew's here too...

Gran: Rosetta, you wouldn't believe what's been going on...

Rose Queen: Surely you've had quite the time of it. I'm just glad to see you all safe.

Gran: Heh. That's our Rosetta. You were already taking steps to fight back before we even figured out what was happening.

Rose Queen: Yes... so much for my vacation. And despite all that I've done, that power has already swallowed up most of Phantagrande.

Percival: That man I met... Have you seen him? Or sensed him?

Ferry: He was releasing those Exia creatures throughout the forest. If he's still here, we have to put a stop to it.

Rose Queen: That man—Belial—is no longer on this island.

Rose Queen: Gran, you and the others must go to Pandemonium.

Gran: I know. But we'll get through it now that you're back with us!

Rose Queen: I'm sorry. I can't go with you.

Io: But why, Rosetta...

Rose Queen: If I were to leave my post, the chaos you've been seeing will only spread faster.

Rose Queen: So it's up to all of you.

Rose Queen: Reassure me, Gran. As the singularity, are you prepared to be the Sky Realm's light in its hour of need?

Gran: You can't be serious!

Rose Queen: It's for your own good... But if you can't handle this, you won't be able to save the world.

Rose Queen: The battles awaiting you will be harsher than you can imagine.

Rose Queen: So show me that you have what it takes to overcome them!

Lyria: Rosetta's right, Gran.

Lyria: If we can't defeat her, we won't be able to fix anything.

Vyrn: Looks like we got no choice but to set her mind at ease then. We'll show her just how ready we are!

Gran: All right! Rosetta... here I come!

Chapter 4: Causality Unhinged - Episode 34 (Part 2): The Rose Trial

GBVS Quest Rose Queen Boss.png

Rose Queen: You've all grown so much. You're prepared. I'm sure of it now.

Gran: Leave the rest to us, Rosetta. We won't let this go any further.

Rose Queen: The girl in blue, the red dragon, and the Singularity. You three are the keys to ending this chaos... But those who wish to see it through will no doubt come for you.

Lyria: With everyone standing by us, there's no way we'll lose! We know you're here fighting for us too, Rosetta!

Rose Queen: Haha... Always.

Rose Queen: It's time you set out for Pandemonium. The final battle awaits.

Percival: Belial said someone was sealed there, but do you know who?

Rose Queen: Indeed... An Astral by the name of Beelzebub.

Katalina: Beelzebub...

Ferry: But why does a single Astral have this much power?

Rose Queen: That I don't know. All I know for certain is that he's no ordinary Astral... He's something unique.

Rose Queen: Belial is clearly hoping that Beelzebub's return will bring about the end of the world.

Percival: Does that mean this Beelzebub is another puppet dancing on Belial's strings?

Rose Queen: Perhaps. Beelzebub is the one whose power is warping the very nature of reality...

Rose Queen: But even so, that Belial character may pose an even greater threat.

Vyrn: Why sweat the details? If you ask me, they both need a time-out of epic proportions!

Gran: We can't waste any more time. Next stop: Pandemonium!

Rose Queen: I'm counting on you. I'll hold out here as long as I can.

Gran and the others say their farewells to Rosetta and board the Grandcypher.

Rackam: Pandemonium, huh? Should be able to make the trip in under half a day.

Katalina: Time is not on our side. Full speed ahead, Rackam.

Io: Where do those jerks get off trying to wreck our world? They're going down!

Gran: We'll stop them! No matter what!

Lyria: (I don't know why... But I can't shake this awful feeling...)

Lyria: (Like there are all sorts of bad things just around the corner...)

??? (Zeta): See that? That blue-haired girl is a hell of a find.

??? (Vaseraga): She has the power to manipulate primal beasts. That's a stroke of luck for us.

??? (Vaseraga): The primal beast with the roses is already bound to this island. A worthless mark at this point. Let's follow the girl instead.

??? (Zeta): Sounds smart. Let's get moving.

Chapter 5: The Dragon's Voice Resounds - Episode 35 (Part 2): Wings of Terror

GBVS Quest The Grandcypher.png

Rosetta stays behind in Lumacie to slow the advance of the chaotic influence spreading through the skies.

The rest of the crew sets out for Pandemonium, where the final battle awaits.

Rackam: We're gonna hit some turbulence, but I'll get us to Pandemonium as fast as I can. Hold on to your hats, folks!

Katalina: Flying objects incoming! Black... crystals. It's Exia!

Io: What're they doing flying out here in the middle of nowhere?

Lyria: I think this is a sign. Beelzebub's power over the skies... it's growing.

Exia: ...

Gran: Let's knock as many of them out of the sky as we can!

??? (Exia Goblin): Hrrgyaaah!

Vyrn: Haven't these mooks learned their lesson yet? Looks like we'll have to teach 'em again, Gran!

Chapter 5: The Dragon's Voice Resounds - Episode 35 (Part 2): Wings of Terror

GBVS Quest The Grandcypher.png

Belial: Just feel those smooth scales. If I'm not careful, I could get addicted to this.

Vyrn: Gyaaah! Where'd you come from! Getcher mitts off me, you weirdo!

Belial appears seemingly from nowhere and enfolds Vyrn in a deeply unwelcome embrace.

Lyria: He's got Vyrn!

Rackam: When did he get here! I didn't see him come aboard!

Gran: Vyrn!

Vyrn: Lemme go, you creep sandwich!

Katalina: Unhand Vyrn this instant!

Belial: No need to get so upset. I'm just checking up on his scalecare regimen.

Belial: Polished to perfection, I see. Now to business. We've come to hear the dragon's voice. Isn't that right, Bubs?

Gran: The dragon's voice?

Lyria: ...!

Gran: What do you mean, "the dragon's voice"?

Hooded Figure: "There are no facts, only interpretations."

Hooded Figure: O winged destruction, if thou preachest distortion, then bend the light of thy conflagration to my will—

Lyria: Ngh...

Gran: Lyria, are you all right?

Hooded Figure: Hm...

Belial: Hey, wait up! Tch... Would it kill you to think of someone else for a change, Bubs?

Lyria: Ah... Aaaah!

Lyria: Oh no... I can't hold him back!

Rackam: Okay...

Rackam: This is bad, right? We're in trouble here.

Katalina: It's just like Ares and Yggdrasil.

Katalina: That man's been orchestrating this entire affair.

Gran: We have to do something!

Io: At this rate, Bahamut's gonna knock the whole ship outta the sky!

??? (Zeta): Not so fast!

??? (Zeta): That primal beast... is coming with us!

Chapter 5: The Dragon's Voice Resounds - Episode 36: Crimson Spear

GBVS Quest Zeta Boss.png

??? (Zeta): Big fella, isn't he? And he's all mine, so paws off, Vaseraga!

Vaseraga: Loose lips, Zeta.

This young human woman goes by Zeta. Her imposing Draph companion is named Vaseraga.

They belong to the Society, a shadowy organization with their claws in many pies, including the hunting of primal beasts. Society agents make contracts with seal weapons capable of absorbing a primal beast's power.

After witnessing Lyria's ability to control primal beasts, these two sneaked aboard the Grandcypher in hopes of primal quarry.

Like so many others before them, their memories of fighting alongside the crew have been stolen.

Lyria: *pant, pant*
You two...

Gran: Zeta? Vaseraga?

Zeta: Hey, you've heard of me! Guess I've made quite the name for myself.

Vyrn: Looks like Red's had her brain scrambled too.

Zeta: Red? Excuse me. Where do you get off giving nicknames to people you just met, you overgrown gecko?

Proto Bahamut: Grrrhhh...

Katalina: Ngh... I'm not sure what we should do here.

Zeta: Nuh-uh, Vaseraga. I can see you itching to get your hands dirty.

Vaseraga: Zeta, that dragon is about to sink this ship. This is a two-person job.

Zeta: Are you kidding me? That's my bounty! Play with the crew if you're bored!

Vaseraga: You can't handle that dragon alone. I'm not even certain the two of us can.

Vaseraga: If we waste time fighting these people, we'll all wind up at the bottom of the sky.

Vaseraga: They want to get the dragon under control too. It makes more sense to join forces—

Zeta: That helmet on too tight? I said I've got this!

Vaseraga: Fine. Have it your way. Didn't think you were this unreasonable.

Proto Bahamut: Grrraaahhh!

Zooey: I'll handle this.

Lyria: Oh!

Zooey: It falls to me to observe whether you can overcome the false Wyvern Reverie you now face.

Zooey: I will restrain Bahamut while you return those two to their senses.

Gran: Thanks! Sounds like a plan.

Zeta: Wait a minute. What the hell's going on here?

Vaseraga: Hah. She's made things easier for us. We can take care of these skyfarers first.

Zeta: Huh... I guess so. Fine then—let's get to it!

Chapter 5: The Dragon's Voice Resounds - Episode 37: Ebony Scythe

GBVS Quest Vaseraga Boss.png

Zeta: Damn it... I blew it!

Vaseraga: Take a breather, Zeta.

Vyrn: Spiky might be the toughest customer to get brainwashed so far. Watch yourself, Gran!

Gran: You don't have to remind me!

Vaseraga: Show me what you've got.

Chapter 5: The Dragon's Voice Resounds - Episode 38 (Part 1): Skyfall

GBVS Quest Proto Bahamut Boss.png

Vaseraga: Hrrgh!

Zeta: Vaseraga!

Vaseraga: Zeta... What have we been doing?

Lyria: Are you two all right?

Zeta: Lyria...
Wait, did we just fight all of you?

Rackam: We can get you up to speed later! Right now we've got bigger problems!

Proto Bahamut: Grrraaahhh!

Zooey: (It seems slowing him down is the most I can hope to do in my present state.)

Zooey: (Only the singularity could hope to stop him when he's imbued with Beelzebub's chaotic power.)

Zooey: Singularity... no, Gran. Are you ready?

Gran: We are. We'll take it from here.

Zooey: Very well. Let Beelzebub see the flash of your blade all the way from Pandemonium.

Katalina: This is Bahamut we're talking about... It's going to take every one of us working together!

Rackam: Yep! Roll up your sleeves, kids! Gotta get this primal down for his nap!

Io: With this many of us, there's no way we'll lose!

Zeta: Don't forget to count us too!

Vyrn: All right! Let's do this, Gran!

Gran: I need you all with me, now more than ever. We can't afford to fail!

Lyria: Right!

Chapter 5: The Dragon's Voice Resounds - Episode 38 (Part 2): Skyfall

GBVS Quest Proto Bahamut Boss.png

Together Gran and the others have averted the cataclysmic threat of a rampaging Bahamut.

Zooey explains to the crew the full import of the battle which lies ahead.

Zooey: Beelzebub is on his way to becoming a new singularity. His mere existence has a destructive influence.

Zooey: If he is fully restored, it will accelerate the corruption of causality and the whole world could be overwritten.

Zooey: At this point, there is no way to prevent that restoration. Our best option is to defeat him as soon as possible and eliminate him entirely.

Vyrn: But where'd this crazy powerful dude come from in the first place?

Zooey: I'm not sure of the particulars, but he is an Astral whose destiny has taken a strangely twisted path.

Zooey: And I can sense traces of power in him from the depths of the sky... from the Otherworld.

Zooey: I think it may be fair to say that he should not exist in this world.

Lyria: He shouldn't exist... in this world?

Zooey: Gran, you and those who fight by your side are the only ones who can stop him.

Zooey: From here on out, you cannot afford to hesitate. This is what the world has chosen.

Gran: Huh?

Zooey: I have done all I can as keeper of the balance.
Go. You need to reach Pandemonium, and soon.

Zooey: Two singularities coexisting. The spear of fate pierces both past and future, poised to redefine the world itself.

Zooey: I will be watching.

Vyrn: Uhh, so what was Miss Flippy-Hair talking about?

Gran: Let's just focus on getting to Pandemonium.

Zeta: Hey... Thanks, by the way. Can't believe we got our heads messed with like that.

Vaseraga: That primal beast said you and "those who stand beside you" have the power to stop Beelzebub, or whatever his name is.

Vaseraga: So we're with you. If we're the only ones who can stop him, then so be it.

Katalina: We'd be grateful to have your support. Let's finish this together.

Io: Next stop—the final showdown!

Rackam: Beelzebub won't know what hit him!

Gran: Yeah!

Lyria: I know we can do it!

Final Chapter: Event Horizon - Episode 39: Into Pandemonium

GBVS Quest Pandemonium.png

Buffeted by unnatural winds, the Grandcypher bursts at last from a roiling sea of clouds into the open air surrounding Pandemonium.

Rackam: Might be a little risky, but I'll try and moor the Grandcypher to that platform at the summit. Look alive, people!

Katalina: Right. This is no time to be timid. The very fate of the skies depends on us.

Katalina: Not to mention Belial must be here. He practically handed us an engraved invitation.

Katalina: It's time we settled the score with him once and for all.

Io: Yeah! He won't get away with rewriting creation on our watch!

Gran: This is it, everyone! The skies are counting on us!

Final Chapter: Event Horizon - Episode 40 (Part 1): The Absolute

GBVS Quest Beelzebub Boss.png

Belial: I've been waiting, Singularity.

Gran: ...

Belial: So you finally came. I did my best to get you excited for this.

Belial: Would you say...

Belial: We've had enough foreplay? I'm eager for the night to really begin.

Katalina: You deviant. What are you thinking! You know what Beelzebub's return means for the skies!

Katalina: Is this really what you want? Chaos on every island? The corruption and destruction of this entire world?

Vyrn: Yeah! We won't let you get away with it!

Belial: No, no. You've got me all wrong. This wasn't how I wanted things to go at all.

Belial: The grand finale I—no, we—wanted was much cleaner.

Belial: But no use fretting over spilled chaos. I can still make something beautiful out of this.

Rackam: You arrogant little... We whupped you once. You think we can't do it again?

Gran: Be careful, everyone!

Lyria: Gran... Something feels off about this...

Io: Yeah, something definitely stinks. You can never tell what this weirdo'll do next.

Lyria: Not that. It's not him. I'm sensing something... else!

Belial: What is it? Don't leave me in the dark.

Belial: Hm?

Belial: Heeey. Morning, Bubs.

Beelzebub: ...

Belial: Sleep well?
You look a little...

Belial: Over-excited.

Belial: Did you just... stick me with chaos matter?

Beelzebub: I pierced your core.

Beelzebub: Even you won't come back from that.

Beelzebub: Return to nothing.

Beelzebub: And give my regards to Lucilius.

Belial: Ohh, Bubs. How could you?

Belial: And after I tried so hard to kiss and make up.

Vyrn: H-hey...
Just what the heck is going on!

Lyria: Is Pandemonium... falling?

Rackam: Well, shoot, let's not go down with it! Everyone back to the Grandcypher!

Vyrn: But what about those guys!

Black Beast: ...

Katalina: I don't think Avatar's about to let us go peacefully.

Hooded Figure: I will topple Pandemonium to the Crimson Horizon.

Hooded Figure: The shock waves will destroy the boundary between dimensions and obliterate both worlds.

Gran: You brought chaos to the skydom by manipulating people's memories. Then you drove primal beasts to madness... Why are you causing all this suffering!

Hooded Figure: I know you've noticed the corruption of causality spreading from Pandemonium.

Hooded Figure: Warping causality loosens the threads that stitch memories together. Soon I will dismantle not only that, but matter itself, and the very rules which govern it. And then I will rebuild it all.

Hooded Figure: In the new world, I will be the font of all order. All creation will flow as directed by its undisputed sovereign.

Hooded Figure: The thunder of Pandemonium's fall will herald the dawn of my reign.

Io: So knocking Pandemonium down to the Crimson Horizon will reset the whole world?

Rackam: Can't really wrap my head around all the mumbo jumbo he was spoutin', but he sure looks like he believes it.

Katalina: It can't possibly be true...

Belial: Bubs's grand finale might sound similar to what Lucilius envisioned, but it's fundamentally different.

Belial: Be that as it may, they both start from the same place. If you open that door, which will you find on the other side?

Belial: Which grand finale will you step into, Singularity? Or can you find a third option?

Gran: You bet I can! I won't let anyone end the world!

Vyrn: We'll never give up! Not even if the apocalypse is breathing down our necks!

Lyria: The world doesn't belong to any one person. It belongs to everyone who lives in these skies!

Gran: There are countless lives at stake! You don't get to decide what to do with them, just so you can recreate the world as your plaything.

Gran: Not while there's still breath in my body!

Hooded Figure: Red dragon, girl in blue... Singularity.

Hooded Figure: The inescapable chains of causality have brought you all here, to Pandemonium's summit, on this day, at this hour, at this very moment.

Hooded Figure: All things will coalesce, and I, in turn, will subsume their totality. We stand a mere breath away from inevitability.

Beelzebub: You are helpless to stop this fusion. You will be the first to feel oblivion's embrace!

Final Chapter: Event Horizon - Episode 40 (Part 2): The Absolute

GBVS Quest Beelzebub Boss.png

Beelzebub: Hurgh!

Beelzebub: This can't... be happening!

Beelzebub: I was so close...

Gran: This doesn't look good...

Lyria: What do we do!

Gran: Nnh...

Lyria: Wha...

Lyria: Are we...

Lyria: Did we make it?

Lyria: This is... Port Breeze, isn't it?

Katalina: It certainly looks like it. The wind, the scent of the grass...

Katalina: What's going on? The last thing I remember, Pandemonium was crumbling and taking us with it.

Gran: ...

Vyrn: Right... We were on top of Pandemonium, and it was falling to the Crimson Horizon...

Rackam: So what the hell happened after that!

Io: If Pandemonium had actually fallen, the world would have been reset, right?

Io: But it looks like this island and the town are all right. Does that mean Pandemonium didn't fall?

Gran: Maybe we can get some more information from the townspeople.

Relief and anxiety warring in their minds, Gran and the others head into town.

Merchant: Come one, come all! Got a new shipment of fabrics—softer and more lustrous than any silk you've ever seen!

Lyria: Everything seems peaceful... almost like none of that ever happened.

Rackam: Couldn't have been a dream... could it?

Gran: Haha... Don't be silly...

Sierokarte: Well! If it isn't Gran and the Grandcypher crew!

Katalina: Siero!

Sierokarte: I'm glad to see you looking well! Things seem to have settled down all over the skydom too.

Sierokarte: I assume we have you to thank for that!

Vyrn: The islands are all back to normal?

Lyria: Does that mean the power changing the skies is gone?

Gran: Because we prevented Beelzebub's revival?

Sierokarte: Hm? Is something wrong?

Sierokarte: Oh, before I forget. About the food and water for the Grandcypher—

Rackam: The Grandcypher is here? In Port Breeze?

Sierokarte: Don't you remember? You docked just up the road!

Sierokarte: She was still moored there when I passed by earlier.

Rackam: Oh yeah, of course—No wait, what?

Gran: The Grandcypher was moored to Pandemonium...

Katalina: Yes... This doesn't add up.

Io: I'm worried about Rosetta and Eugen. If the Grandcypher's really here, then can we go check on them?

The crew finds the Grandcypher docked safely just where Sierokarte said she would be.

Soon they are airborne once more, on their way to find their friends.

Eugen: Hey! Good to see ya in one piece! Guess you handled whoever started this mess, huh?

Eugen: We haven't had any visits from weird machines or angry goddesses lately, so that's a relief.

Eugen: Although now somethin' else fishy is goin' on.

Eugen: Seems like a lotta people's accounts of what's happened recently don't line up with each other. Their memories don't match.

Eugen: It's kind of a mess. Got any idea what might've caused it?

Rose Queen: It appears you've prevented Beelzebub's return. I knew you could do it.

Rose Queen: It might be a bit too early to celebrate, though... I have a feeling this isn't over just yet.

Rose Queen: Strange things have been happening here too. Changes in the shape and nature of this forest...

Rose Queen: It's as if two once diverging forests have converged... their ever-growing roots and branches now entangled like never before.

Katalina: So our misgivings weren't misplaced.

Gran: The unnatural incidents all over the skydom have stopped, but...

Io: But things aren't back to normal, like Eugen and Rosetta said.

Io: People's memories not lining up, and the forest being all mixed and matched...

Io: It doesn't seem like anything too awful right now, but...

Primal BeastsAres, Colossus, and Yggdrasil: ...

Lyria: They say Beelzebub's power has disappeared, and they can't sense him anymore.

Rackam: Can't say I'm satisfied with this, but do we put a bow on it anyway?

The primal arbitrator of the skies, Zooey, alights on deck.

Vyrn: Miss Flippy-Hair!

Zooey: Splendid work defeating Beelzebub.

Zooey: Unfortunately, the world still finds itself in a complicated state of affairs.

Gran: What do you mean?

Zooey: You could say that the world has whiplash—from the recoil that occurred when Beelzebub's power receded, and the laws of causality returned to normal.

Zooey: The balance may be stable for the moment, but there are faint tears in the fabric of causality and time.

Zooey: Those discrepancies are almost certain to invite further chaos, sooner or later.

Katalina: Is that why people's memories are clashing, and the forests have changed?

Katalina: And just what happened to us? How did we get to Port Breeze?

Zooey: My memories of that final moment at Pandemonium are also unclear...

Zooey: When I regained my senses, I was lying on a nameless, deserted island. I'm sorry.

Gran: ...

Gran: (If Beelzebub's influence over the skies is gone, that should mean he's powerless...)

Gran: (So we don't have to worry about the Sky Realm being reset anymore.)

Gran: (Still...)

Gran: (I feel like we're overlooking something incredibly important...)

Belial: What would you call this? Reincarnation? A time leap? No... Neither of those quite fits.

Belial: Shame those fake wings couldn't get you where you wanted to go, Bubs.

Belial: You could've just been satisfied with Cilius's dark legacy. But no, you had to turn yourself into that monstrosity... create those wings that rent whatever they touched...

Belial: What did you need wings for anyway, in a world without archangels?

Belial: Lousy timing for this place to snap back to normal. Not to mention, Bubs went and vanished without a word...

Belial: I can't help feeling a little used. I don't even wanna know what he'll do to me if he comes back.

Belial: But maybe in this "new world," I'll have a little more luck searching for Cilius...

Belial: I guess Versus is mine to play with, now.

Belial: Well, byyye...

Chapter 0: Endless Horizon - Episode 41: Impossible Encounters

GBVS Quest Port Breeze.png

Vyrn: Oof, I'm bushed. That last job really took it outta me.

Lyria: Yeah, I'm starving. At least we made it back to Port Breeze in one piece.

Rackam: Hey, good work out there.

Rackam: Sorry I couldn't join you out in the field. Paper pushin' at the port took longer than I expected.

Gran: It's not your fault. If we didn't have you to take care of the official stuff, we'd probably never make it off the ground.

Rackam: Their logbooks were an absolute mess. Not sure how they expect us to get any work done under those conditions.

Katalina: Records not aligning with memories, historical events appearing crisscrossed and out of place...

Katalina: It would seem confusion still lingers throughout the Skydom.

Gran: But, thankfully, none of that has been a major cause for alarm yet.

Katalina: Yes, well... You'll forgive me for wanting to be cautious.

Rackam: Say, isn't it almost lunchtime? Siero said she'd provide us some grub.

Rackam: Said she'd make it real special, as a part of our reward for a job well done.

Lyria: Yay, food!

Katalina: Haha. Well, why don't you three head on over to the Knickknack Shack and report in.

Katalina: After we're finished unloading cargo, we'll follow suit.

Lyria: Okay! Vyrn, Gran—last one there's a rotten egg!

Gran: Thanks for cleaning up! We'll see you at Siero's!

Rackam: Yep! Tell her we said howdy.

Vyrn: Look! We're almost there!

Lyria: Mmm... Whatever she's cooking, it smells great!

Gran: You can say that again. Maybe we should wait for Rackam and Katalina—they wouldn't want to miss this.

Vyrn: Hehe! Bold of you to assume I'd leave them anything but scraps!

Lyria: Ah! Vyrn, no! At least let me eat some too!

Gran: Vyrn! Lyria! Cool your je... And they're gone. Yeesh.

Gran: Hey, Siero! We're back from...

Gran: Huh? Didn't Lyria and Vyrn just rush in here? And where is Siero?

???: Ahahaha!

Gran: Sounds like they're in the back room. Thaaat's... this way, I guess?

Djeeta: Seriously, we've been up to our necks in jobs lately.

Djeeta: And I don't mean to complain, you know. We love getting paid. It's just I didn't even have time for a lunch break today.

Djeeta: Thank goodness for you, Siero! I'd be starving without this amazing spread!

Gran: Who's that girl? One of Siero's clients?

Gran: I don't want to interrupt their conversation. Maybe I'll look for Lyria and Vyrn a while longer.

Gran: Ah, there they are!

Gran and Djeeta: Lyria! Vyrn!

Gran: Huh? Did I just speak girl?

Djeeta: Hey, buddy. Could've sworn I just heard you say Lyria and Vyrn.

Djeeta: How do you know them exactly? You trying to fresh with Lyria?

Gran: Huh? What does that even mean?

Gran: Lyria saved my life.

Djeeta: Really! You too? Lyria's a regular angel, ain't she? Makes you wonder just how many people she's saved...

Gran: Right? But what about Vyrn? When did you meet him?

Djeeta: Ah, well Vyrn's been my bud for a long time. We grew up together in Zinkenstill.

Gran: Zinkenstill! I can't believe we're from the same island...

Gran: Wait, but I don't remember ever seeing you.

Djeeta: Same goes for you. It's not like there were dozens of kids our age running around the place.

Gran and Djeeta: ...

Gran: This girl...

Djeeta: This guy...

Gran and Djeeta: This is weird...

Chapter 0: Endless Horizon - Episode 42: Tears

GBVS Quest Port Breeze.png

Rackam: All right, I'm going to ask once more... Where were you born?

Gran and Djeeta: Zinkenstill!

Rackam: And where are we headed?

Gran and Djeeta: Estalucia!

Rackam: Sheesh, it happened again. We're not getting anywhere like this.

Katalina: Fine. My turn. After fleeing Zinkenstill, where was the first place we landed?

Gran and Djeeta: Port Breeze!

Katalina: What else... Ah! What is Vyrn's favorite thing in the whole Sky Realm?

Gran and Djeeta: Apples!

Katalina: This is impossible. No matter what we ask, you both seem like the captain.

Katalina: And, perhaps even more telling, we all have distinct memories of you both.

Rackam: Hold your belt loops. How is that even possible?

Gran: We first met in Zinkenstill...

Lyria: Right...

Djeeta: And our last big battle was in Pandemonium, fighting Beelzebub.

Vyrn: Yep. That checks out.

Vyrn: But whose memories are whose? Is Gran the copycat? Or is Djeeta?

Vyrn: And if they've got the same memories, are there any cats to copy in the first place? What a mess.

Sierokarte: Hrrrm... It's like someone is doing creative accountin' with reality—and they mixed the numbers up.

Sierokarte: How else do we explain all the contradictions?

Katalina: What if... What if this is what Zooey meant when she referred to tears in the fabric of reality?

Rackam: Now that you mention it, Eugen did send word about mass confusion in Auguste... It's spread that far, huh?

Zooey: So my vision was attempting to show me the collision of two fates.

Djeeta: Wah! Zooey!?

Gran: What's going on? Can you explain this?

Zooey: At first I could not, but now that I see you with my own eyes, I understand what has transpired.

Zooey: The disarray that muddles the minds of skydwellers, it is Beelzebub's doing.

Djeeta: Beelzebub? But we already kicked his butt halfway across the Sky Realm.

Zooey: You—ahem, you both—did indeed defeat him, and managed to escape Pandemonium with your lives.

Zooey: However, you were not able to completely obstruct his plans.

Zooey: The confusion you feel—the confusion spreading across the islands—is no mere contradiction between record and memory.

Zooey: Dimension, phenomenon, causality—all of the factors that give shape to time and space—have begun to warp and mix, till naught but chaos is left.

Gran: Not on my watch.

Chapter 0: Endless Horizon - Episode 43: The Dregs of Darkness

GBVS Quest Port Breeze.png

Gran: So in layman's terms... you and I are two versions of the same person, from different dimensions?

Djeeta: And with the world being all screwy, we've somehow managed to end up in the same place?

Zooey: Correct. Possibly due to your nature as singularities.

Zooey: But that is not all this chaos has wrought on the Sky Realm.

Zooey: With the fabric of reality twisting, we can no longer rely on the stability of time. We face unprecedented crises.

Zooey: I wish I could say that two versions of the same soul existing in one plane is the worst of our concerns.

Zooey: But it is likely that the past, present, and future will collide at some point—if they haven't already.

Zooey: Perhaps more dangerous is the possibility that this convergence will affect multiple worlds.

Zooey: Conditions have never been riper for unimaginable horrors to skulk their way into our skies.

Djeeta: Yeesh, it's so hard to wrap your head around all this.

Zooey: I can think of but one man who can unravel this existential jumble...

Gran: Beelzebub.

Vyrn: Wait a stinkin' minute here! We took care of Beelzebub!

Vyrn: How's a dead guy s'posed to have power, huh! How much more do we have to do?

Zooey: You ask the wrong questions. It is not that he retains his power even though you defeated him—

Zooey: The fact that his power remains is proof that you did not crush him completely.

Vyrn: You gotta be kidding me!

Djeeta: Ah! You're right! It's not like we saw his final moments.

Djeeta: We were fighting in Pandemonium, and then the next minute—poof! Back in Port Breeze...

Gran: I was sure that he fell with Pandemonium. How would anyone come back from that?

Zooey: It matters not. Not when chaos has returned to threaten the skies.

Zooey: We have precious little time.

Zooey: We must see that Beelzebub is vanquished totally. Or suffer the consequences.

Gran: Then we move out. The world won't last much longer like this.

Djeeta: We'll wipe out Beelzebub and every last ounce of his power—before he can do anything else to our world!

Chapter 0: Endless Horizon - Episode 44: Facing Distortion

GBVS Quest The Grandcypher.png

All minds are in agreement: Beelzebub's influence must be eradicated from the skies, no matter the cost.

But hard battles cannot be won without strong allies, so the Grandcypher charts a course across various islands where her crew members are currently dispatched.

Lyria: Hey, um...

Gran and Djeeta: What is it, Lyria?

Lyria: Dinner's ready.

Lyria: That and, well, Katalina said she wanted to talk to you about the island where Io's staying.

Djeeta: Okay! We'll talk before food then.

Lyria: Sorry... It's Gran that Katalina wants to speak with.

Djeeta: ...

Vyrn: Yooo! Rackam's yellin' for ya! Something about cargo or some such.

Gran: Really? Tell him to hang on—Katalina got to me first.

Vyrn: Hoo boy... Actually, he wanted Djeeta.

Gran: ...

Vyrn: Man, you could cut the awkward on this ship with a knife...

Zooey: ...

Zooey: (Two singularities...)

Zooey: (Joining forces to put a stop to Beelzebub...)

Zooey: (A peculiar situation to be sure, but Gran and Djeeta together stand a far better chance than either alone.)

Zooey: (But that still leaves one problem.)

Zooey: (It should not be possible for two of the very same singularities to coexist.)

Zooey: (Or, rather, they should not be allowed to coexist.)

Zooey: (For two singularities to occupy the same plane... I can think of no greater perversion of the world's harmony.)

Zooey: (The crises of the Sky Realm are directly linked to the crises of its balance. Nothing should outweigh its protection, with so much on the line...)

Zooey: And yet... Is this the only way? Surely I've overlooked something.

Zooey: I must discuss something with you both.

Djeeta: What is it, Zooey?

Zooey: I am the Peacemaker.

Zooey: The balance of this realm is under my jurisdiction, and thus, I can no longer ignore the presence of identical singularities occupying the same plane.

Zooey: Oh, how I wish it weren't you... But balance must be preserved.

Gran: Wait, you can't mean what I think you mean...

Zooey: Draw your swords. One of you must die for the sake of all.

Zooey: I shall put you both to trial with all my power. Only the survivor may claim rights as the singularity and remain in this world.

Zooey: The keeper of balance has made her decree. Ready yourselves.

Chapter 0: Endless Horizon - Episode 45 (Part 1): Captains' Will

GBVS Quest Grand Order Boss.png

Gran and Djeeta stand across from each other, their hearts racing at the prospect of death.

Djeeta: Um... What are you going to do?

Gran: I'll fight. I imagine you won't back down either.

Djeeta: Phew. Good. You really are another version of me.

Gran: Yeah, and you're me, all right. Even if you look a little different.

Lyria: Are you going to go through with this? You should be friends...

Lyria: I couldn't bear it if either one of you was taken away from me.

Djeeta: I know... But Zooey's right. Gran and I never should've met.

Djeeta: Knowing who Zooey is, well, she must know best in these situations.

Djeeta: Hah. But I gotta admit, it's a lot easier to talk the talk than walk the walk.

Lyria: It shouldn't be like this...

Gran: It's okay, Lyria. Whatever happens was meant to be.

Djeeta: Exactly! Besides, now that we've met, whoever comes out on top will press on for the both of us.

Djeeta: And I can say that because I know that's what I would do. It's gotta be this way.

Zooey: It seems you are prepared.

Zooey: Know that I will not spare you. My mission is absolute.

Zooey: Confront me with every fiber of your being—test your resolve, so that this world may know its singularity.

Chapter 0: Endless Horizon - Episode 45 (Part 2): Captains' Will

GBVS Quest Grand Order Boss.png

The three combatants are locked in furious combat, all for the sake of the world's balance.

Swords clang and wills collide as singularities and keeper fight to determine who has the right to exist.

Lyria: ...!

Lyria: Stop this now! Gran, Djeeta, Zooey—haven't you had enough yet?

Lyria: I can't do it. I can't lose either of you.

Zooey: Lyria...

Lyria: I have my memories with Gran, but I have them with Djeeta too! They're both real to me!

Vyrn: Yeah, who gives a crap about this chaos stuff! They're both my best bud!

Vyrn: Even if the whole world falls apart, that ain't changin'!

Lyria: Please... Gran and Djeeta are too important to us.

Katalina: Zooey, we understand your position—that two identical singularities coexisting in the same world presents a threat to that world's balance, but...

Katalina: Is there really no other way? Must we make such a sacrifice?

Rackam: This whole deal's above my pay grade, but the way I see it, you don't fix an engine by throwin' out its best parts.

Rackam: If you want us to give up one of the captains, their death had better save at least two, nah, three worlds.

Gran and Djeeta: ...

Djeeta: Ha. Haha. Gosh, you guys. I should've known you'd make this difficult.

Gran: You can say that again. We've got the most hardheaded crew in the Sky Realm. But that's what makes them great.

Djeeta: Zooey, sorry, but I think this fight is over.

Zooey: ...

Gran: We're going to face this threat together, side by side.

Djeeta: And we won't let our presence cause more chaos. Even if it does, well...

Djeeta: We've got just the crew to fight back against it!

Zooey: Very well.

Zooey: Then I shall join your ranks to see this future come to fruition.

Gran: What! That's great news!

Djeeta: Hooray! With you on our side, Zooey, we'll be unstoppable!

Though the keeper's mission takes an unexpected turn, her resolve to restore balance to the Sky Realm remains steadfast.

Afterward, with the captains' trial concluded, the Grandcypher makes her rounds of the Skydom, collecting her scattered crew.

The band of brave skyfarers have overcome unimaginable ordeals, but they now set their sights upon the final confrontation with Beelzebub.

Though their road is daunting, still they must sail—for the future of the entire Sky Realm is at risk.

Belial: And they lived happily ever after... But no, no. We mustn't hurry this. The climax will be all the sweeter if we edge our way there slowly.

Belial: Two singularities vying to penetrate a single reality... The finer things in life should be savored.

Belial: You're going to wear yourselves right out, at this rate. Save some for me, won't you?

Belial: Haha. Almost time for Bubs's wake-up call.

Belial: Oh, I'm going to absolutely relish this reunion.

Chapter 0: Endless Horizon - Episode 46: Beckoning Shadows

GBVS Quest The Grandcypher.png

Gran: You mean to tell me Belial showed himself to you?

Seofon: Yep, back in Albion. There he was, out of the blue. Could hardly believe it myself.

Seofon: There's no telling what kind of mischief he's cooking up. But I'd bet a fat purse of rupies that it's going to give us all heartburn.

Seofon, seventh of the Eternals, stands aboard the Grandcypher, recounting his and Anre's run-in with Belial to Gran and Djeeta.

The news he shares sends a shockwave through the crew.

Djeeta: Uhh, guys. Didn't Belial's core get crushed back in Pandemonium?

Seofon: Must've had some kind of trick up his sleeve. No telling with that snake.

Seofon: That's why Anre and I, we decided it would be best to call the other Eternals.

Cagliostro: Good plan. If only we knew where the rest of your playmates were.

Cagliostro is the founder of alchemy, who, after fighting in a battle that spanned the skies, once imprisoned Beelzebub in a crystal seal.

But, to Cagliostro's chagrin, Beelzebub broke free from his bonds and now, assumably, continues his machinations from the shadows.

Seofon: Astute, as always. We may not be the closest bunch in the skies, but it is unusual for everyone to fall this far off the radar.

Seofon: Anre's out there searching for the gang as we speak. But something about this situation smells fishy.

Seofon: That's why I came to check in with your crew. Had to make sure things were still shipshape on your end.

Cagliostro: This certainly feels like déjà vu...

Yuel: I reckon the world's done flipped upside down.

Societte: We also thought to summon our associates, but we ran into the same problem: no one was to be found.

Yuel: It all goes back to this Belial fella, don't it? Gosh, my goosebumps are gettin' goosebumps.

Yuel and Societte, two Erunes with powerful ancestral ties, have also come to give their report to the crew.

And, having a number of malicious encounters with Belial's schemes themselves, they divulge plenty.

Societte: It feels as if we're racing toward disaster... With no way of slowing down.

Cagliostro: Belial's original goal was Beelzebub's liberation.

Cagliostro: Well, that damn angel broke my seal and regained his power. So, other than pissing me off, what's his new aim?

Seofon: Call it a handsome sword stud's intuition, but it feels like Beelzebub was the muscle, while Belial was the mastermind.

Seofon: It's likely our angel friend knew everything from the start.

Seofon: He's at least had a clear view of this whole mess of a chessboard.

Cagliostro: So Belial's the real target.

Cagliostro: But he's continuing to operate from the shadows. Does that mean his plan is still in its infancy?

Seofon: Could be. Knowing him, though? He might just be getting his rocks off by causing a little more disorder.

Djeeta: It's not a simple game to him. And it's not a simple coincidence he decided to show himself, either.

Djeeta: Even in Pandemonium, when his actions seemed wild and unpredictable, it was clear he was working toward a greater plan.

Gran: We can't let Belial get away with, with whatever he's doing.

Gran: Besides, he may be easier to catch than Beelzebub. Who we have zero leads on.

Chapter 0: Endless Horizon - Episode 47: Return of the Ruler

GBVS Quest The Grandcypher.png

Gran, Djeeta, and the others have decided to pursue Belial.

They first make their way to Albion in hopes of picking up the fallen angel's scent.

Katalina: This is where they fought. But Belial hasn't been seen since he escaped Anre.

Lancelot: Let us hope we can find some physical indication of his whereabouts or motives...

Lancelot: As interviews with the locals were fruitless. No one seems to have witnessed anything.

Katalina: I expected as much. Never have we dealt with a more cunning foe.

Katalina: We should check the other islands he's visited. Perhaps they'll provide us with more leads.

Soriz: Seriously? A pretty boy dressed in black?

Soriz: Can't we search for a sexy beach bunny instead?

Ladiva: Soriz! You take this mission seriously right now, mister! If we don't find him soon, there won't be anyone left to wear swimsuits!

Ladiva: And after Auguste finally returned to the relaxing vacation spot it was meant to be... Do you want these shores to be empty again?

Soriz: Fine, fine. Made yer point. Anyway, you'd think a black get-up would stick out in this bright sunlight but... nobody's seen a thing.

Narmaya: There's no trace of him.

Percival: Nor the Exia, thankfully. Ferry and I had quite the encounter with those pests.

Percival: Well, shall we conclude that Belial has no traps to spring on us here?

Narmaya: That's a safe call. Which leaves us with only one more location to investigate.

Percival: Pandemonium. He's been drawn to it like a moth to the flame—time and time again.

The crew, having determined Belial's whereabouts by process of elimination, race back to the infernal tower.

Meanwhile, a massive vortex swirls menacingly above Pandemonium.

Beelzebub: Hmm. My suspicions were correct. This place is a nothing-filled void after all.

Beelzebub: Then my existence within this featureless dimension is a contradiction. Proof that there are indeed contours amongst the emptiness.

Beelzebub: If one possesses form, then one must face the loss of it. Indeed, there is no escape from finality.

Beelzebub: Another trifling obstacle which I shall overcome—for I command dominion over all creation!

Belial: Calm down, Bubs. You don't want to climax too soon, do you? At least relish the moment.

Beelzebub: Serpent! How dare you show your miserable countenance to me!

Beelzebub: I was too rash piercing only your core... This time I shall incinerate every fiber of your being!

Belial: Finally, a little bit of passion from you! But are you sure you want to tango with me?

Belial: After all, look at what I've got: the Versus. And we've become quite intimate lately.

Belial: So come at me all you want, Bubs. I'll finish you in the most satisfying of ways.

Beelzebub: ...

Belial: Perfect! I love my men silent.

Belial: You know, despite our rocky road, I've got a lot to thank you for. And I don't want to kill you over a lovers' spat.

Beelzebub: Do not spin me into one of your schemes. No matter the twisted plans you unfurl, I act only for my own ends.

Belial: Haha... I wouldn't have you any other way.

Belial: I've come to you with a chance to fulfill both of our desires—and this time there's no fine print.

Belial: You'll thank me once you're back in your rebooted world, tailor-made to your liking.

Beelzebub: My desired world, is it?

Beelzebub: Do not play with your food, serpent. Lest you choke.

Beelzebub: Did you believe I wouldn't notice? That this void is beyond the reach of the primarchs?

Belial: Wow. Sharp as a tack. I'm actually impressed.

Chapter 0: Endless Horizon - Episode 48: Ruptures

GBVS Quest Belial Boss.png

Belial: Well, when did you realize? Did you enjoy leading me on?

Beelzebub: It was obvious. I had only to study the behavior of the tetra-elements.

Beelzebub: My suspicions were confirmed when you linked the barrier of Pandemonium with the Otherworld—or should I say this dimension.

Beelzebub: But it matters not. For soon, the merging of all dimensions will be complete.

Beelzebub: My plans will come to fruition, and everything else is but a trivial concern. Including the plane I inhabit.

Belial: Oh, Bubs. All these dark plans, I can only handle so much.

Belial: But, you know, this newfangled world of yours reset itself in some funny ways—like the singularity developing a female counterpart.

Beelzebub: So long as the singularity continues to exist, it does not matter what form it takes.

Belial: And here I thought you were committed to total annihilation, but it seems you've got a chivalrous side. This world is full of wonders...

Belial: Anyway, it's just as you said. The dimensions are merging.

Belial: And two different planes of reality are soon to become one.

Beelzebub: Of course. And I shall claim the resultant world as its rightful ruler.

Belial: Haha. I'm afraid you won't. How to put it... The world doesn't revolve around you.

Beelzebub: Speak...

Belial: Wait, I thought you were the smart one now? The world spins upon the axis of the singularity. Not you.

Belial: It's those intrepid skyfarers. The centers of their respective universes.

Belial: And I agree, their differing forms do mean very little in the grand scheme of things.

Belial: Such slight differences are a matter of observation, after all. It's their shared nature as the singularity that lends them significance.

Belial: So, you see, it's always going to be their dimension. Even if you are the one who fabricated it.

Belial: It stings to understand, doesn't it? You can play at being a third singularity all you want. But you're just a simple catalyst.

Beelzebub: ...

Belial: Enh, not that any of this amounts to much more than foreplay.

Belial: After all, you're my lovely little pawns, arranged to break Cilius free from his prison.

Beelzebub: How predictable. You still obsess over Lucilius.

Belial: Let me off my thanks to you once more, Bubs.

Belial: You've been a great help. I don't know how Cilius and I could have done it without you.

Beelzebub: Wretched serpent!

Chapter 0: Endless Horizon - Episode 49: Overcoming Causality

GBVS Quest Beelzebub Boss.png

Belial: Haha. Slow down, Bubs, you're getting rough.

Beelzebub: Damnable Lucilius! To be buried between planes of reality, and to mock me still!

Belial: Jealous? I don't blame you. One look at Cilius is enough to make you explode. I love it.

Beelzebub: ...!

Beelzebub: I will not suffer these games. Did he summon you from his rift?

Belial: Of course not. That's a little far, even for him.

Belial: The Versus, on the other hand, well... You've seen only the very basics of its power.

Belial: But some people don't have the range, I guess. All I did was use it to twist your perception... And look at how effective that was.

Beelzebub: ...!

Belial: Uh-unh-uh. You'll never find me. No matter how many worlds you collapse.

Beelzebub: You worm!

Beelzebub: (I have been played for a fool.)

Beelzebub: (That accursed Lucilius and his pet viper... Despite their manipulation, I will have my world!)

Gran: Beelzebub!

Djeeta: We knew you'd be here!

Beelzebub: The skyfarers.

Gran: Beelzebub, we'll end things for real now!

Djeeta: You're not going to plunge the world into chaos any longer!

Beelzebub: (These larvae are pawns of Belial and Lucilius. The same as I.)

Beelzebub: (To be used for such plans... We are nothing more than flies buzzing above dung.)

Beelzebub: (You will pay for this. You will pay dearly for this, Lucilius!)

Beelzebub: (When I finally sit upon my throne, I will tear you and your jester limb from limb!)

Djeeta: Uh, hello? We're about to clobber you, you know...

Beelzebub: I can't believe I must suffer such indignity, but I require tools myself. Lest I never reach Lucilius.

Djeeta: What?

Beelzebub: Ready your blades. I must test your power.

Gran: Huh? Maybe you don't get it, we—

Beelzebub: Hush, boy. I need only that you show me the value of your fragile lives.

Beelzebub: (And whether or not you have the mettle, the strength required to break the bounds of causality.)

Chapter 0: Endless Horizon - Episode 50 (Part 1): For the Sake of the Skies

GBVS Quest Avatar Belial Boss.png

Beelzebub: Ngh...

Gran: Pant, pant...

Beelzebub: Hah... Haha, hahahaha!

Djeeta: What the heck?

Beelzebub: Rejoice! There is meaning to your miserable lives after all! You will be the foundation that topples Lucilius!

Belial: Hehe. I could learn a thing or two from you, Bubs. Such delicious avarice.

Gran: Belial! We knew you would come back to save your accomplice!

Beelzebub: Do not pair me with this wretch. He has defied even me with his cunning.

Beelzebub: He follows that pernicious fiend, Lucilius. They have been controlling everything from the start.

Gran: Lucilius?

Djeeta: I knew I had an awful feeling when Belial showed up again.

Djeeta: We worked so hard with the primarchs to seal Lucilius away. But I guess we're not done with him yet.

Gran: Wait, Djeeta... primarchs?

Gran: No, I think... I should know what primarchs are. Why does that sound so familiar?

Gran: Whenever I try to remember, its like my memory goes fuzzy.

Djeeta: Gran?

Beelzebub: Your inability to recall is proof of Lucilius and his serpent's meddling.

Beelzebub: And so is the reality of this new realm: the fact that Lucilius has removed his greatest foes, the primarchs.

Gran: A world without primarchs...

Zooey: Gran, Djeeta... The feeling in all of our guts, the severe unease that this world has drifted course...

Zooey: It could be due to the absence of the primarchs.

Beelzebub: Infinitesimal skydwellers could never comprehend the fusion of dimensions.

Beelzebub: That's why the primarchs once emerged, to combat the chaos that you lesser beings could not.

Beelzebub: But there are no primarchs in this current dimension. And thus the tetra-elements are in disarray.

Beelzebub: There are few who plainly see the distortions—those of us who hail from other planes—myself, Belial, and...

Djeeta: Me... right? I remember all of the Primarchs, as if I saw them just yesterday.

Beelzebub: It all points to Lucilius's perfectionism. He wouldn't permit any flaw, for that would be blasphemous to the creator.

Beelzebub: Even from his prison, his indignation interfered with my ability to warp causality, resulting in the creation of this dimension.

Gran: That doesn't sound good...

Beelzebub: Do you understand? All that live and die in these skies are but Lucilius's playthings.

Beelzebub: Whether I become king, whether you brazenly succeed in defying me—it won't change the inevitable.

Gran: Not even if I stop the dimensional fusion?

Gran: When we fought you the first time, was that for nothing?

Beelzebub: So long as Lucilius remains in his rift, he can ignore dimensional boundaries—much like a god would.

Beelzebub: A god. He thinks himself above me. And I won't accept that.

Beelzebub: Lend me your aid, Singularities.

Beelzebub: Defeating Lucilius and his serpent will stand only to benefit you both.

Gran: ...

Zooey: Gran, Djeeta... I'll respect whatever decision you choose.

Djeeta: I fought beside the primarchs. I saw how much they gave to protect this world.

Djeeta: And a world without their existence? That's unthinkable.

Gran: I...

Gran: I want to protect these skies. These beautiful, blue skies that so many call home.

Gran: But they don't belong to anyone. Neither you nor Lucilius can lay claim to them.

Beelzebub: ...

Gran: That's why we'll stop Lucilius and Belial from taking over this world.

Beelzebub: Humph. You've a spine after all, mayfly.

Gran: Let's be clear. This doesn't mean we'll just hand the skies over to you, Beelzebub.

Djeeta: It means our final showdown is on pause. So you'd better get ready for bitter defeat while you still can.

Beelzebub: Hah. You took the words from my lips.

Gran, Djeeta, and all of their various allies prepare themselves for, what could be, their most tremendous battle yet.

Vaseraga: Let's go, Zeta. There's no difference between the fallen angel and regular primal beasts. Our weapons will be just as effective on him.

Zeta: Yep. I've got a whole backlog of anger to work through. So, we'll kick his ass till he cries for mercy.

Zooey: To protect these skies from chaos... That is my sacred duty. Which I will not shirk.

Ladiva: It sounds like an evildoer needs punishing. Don't mind if I do!

Anre: Our foes deserve utter defeat. And that is exactly what we shall give them.

Lowain: Crazy, bro. The whole world's gone bonkers. Well, I guess it's time ya boys stepped up to the plate.

Metera: Aww, I've missed his smug little face. I bet it'll look even better once I beat it black and blue!

Soriz: Nrgh, take over a dimension on my watch, will ya? I'll punch all yer teeth in!

Percival: I applaud your ability to craft such cunning stratagems. But it's time to put them to an end.

Lancelot: The final act is upon us... We have only to defeat that foul miscreant!

Charlotta: The sword of righteousness stands ready to mete out justice!

Yuel: I finally get to stab that sucker! I've been chompin' at the bit!

Ferry: It's here, isn't it? The final battle. We'll put everything into this match.

Katalina: Looking back now, it makes perfect sense that all of the mysterious incidents were the work of Belial.

Narmaya: It's all right, Captain. Your big sister is here to protect you.

Cagliostro: Care if we stretch this out? I've been looking for a durable specimen.

Beelzebub: It sickens me to align myself with these cretins. But I shall lift my head above the muck—for there is no greater pleasure than to foil Lucilius's plans.

Gran: We'll stop you here and now! Before you hurt our dimensions anymore!

Djeeta: We'll protect our worlds! Our very skies!

Belial: Hahah! I love it! Look at all these handsome participants! Let's throw an orgiastic feast!

Chapter 0: Endless Horizon - Episode 50 (Part 2): For the Sake of the Skies

GBVS Quest Avatar Belial Boss.png

Belial: Haha! Is it too late to use my safe word?

Beelzebub: As expected, you could not hold your own against our combined efforts. Now hand over the Versus.

Belial: No! I'm not one to let go of a toy that feels this good.

Beelzebub: Then I'll take your life instead. Even if it makes for a poor substitute.

Katalina: What's that in the sky? A vortex?

Gran: That doesn't look good! Everyone, back to the ship! Get ready to escape!

Katalina: Gran, wait! What about Belial and Beelzebub?

Djeeta: Don't worry! We'll put an end to this!

Katalina: No, that's reckless!

Gran: We'll put an end to this—and come back to you alive. So, please Katalina, get everyone to the Grandcypher now!

Katalina: Understood. Don't you dare get carried away!

Beelzebub: If you wish to retreat, then I won't stop you.

Beelzebub: But by my very pride, I will bring Belial down. Despite his little eddy.

Belial: Hey now, it's not little. That's the future you're staring directly into, big guy.

Belial: Evolution is born from chaos. And only the chaos of an apocalypse can break a god free from his cradle.

Belial: Aaah... Can you hear him? It's about time for Lucilius's awakening.

Gran and Djeeta: ...!

Djeeta: Huh? Gran, can you hear their voices?

Gran: No, nothing... What is Belial saying?

Belial: Mmm, woke you up too early did I? But I was bulging with excitement.

Belial: Okay, okay. I get it. Yes, that is my job.

Belial: All right, I'll come pick you up. I know my life is on the line if I make you wait a second longer.

Beelzebub: Halt, serpent!

Djeeta: He's gone...

Gran: Have we seen the last of him?

Beelzebub: He has ripped open a path to the rift that holds his master. A void of pure chaos.

Beelzebub: But with his injuries, and the loss of the Versus, it will not be easy for him to return.

Djeeta: Then we're good!

Beelzebub: Of course not. There is a chance that Lucilius has truly awakened.

Beelzebub: And, perhaps worse, this place has become linked to the rift that holds him.

Gran: ...

Djeeta: Let's... Let's hope that's not the case.

Beelzebub: Judging by the serpent's murmuring, one can assume he was in communication with his master.

Beelzebub: Whatever the truth may be, should Lucilius truly awaken... I need only to bury him once more.

Beelzebub: He deserves a thousand deaths, for the crime of toying with me.

Gran: The skies, they're back to normal!

Djeeta: Wait, but I'm still here.

Djeeta: Does that mean our mixed-up dimensions didn't go back to normal?

Beelzebub: Dimensional fusion is irreversible. Think of a river which runs to the sea—they become the same water.

Beelzebub: Of course... One who possesses the power to warp causality stands before you?

Gran and Djeeta: ...!

Gran: So, in order to return the world to its original state...

Djeeta: ...we have to take you down once and for all!

Beelzebub: Hah.

Beelzebub: Even if I resent myself for allowing this... Retire from here, mayflies.

Djeeta: Huh?

Beelzebub: Causality, singularity, and duplicity have all butted heads this day. This dimension is no longer stable.

Gran: Then, that vortex that appeared in the sky?

Beelzebub: Correct. If we brazenly fling our powers at one another...

Beelzebub: This fused realm will be swallowed whole by the dimensional rift.

Gran: ...

Beelzebub: I shall remain here. I will not lose the world that I deserve.

Djeeta: Nrgh... We don't have many options, do we?

Gran: I know we can't fight you now. But remember this: if you ever show your face again, we'll be there to take you down.

Beelzebub: Hah. Buzz while you can, mayfly.

Gran: The fighting's over. But I can't shake the feeling we're not finished yet.

Djeeta: Yeah. Beelzebub won't stop unless we kick his butt.

Djeeta: And Belial and Lucilius are even worse.

Gran: ...

Djeeta: Let's just head home. Everyone's waiting for us back on the Grandcypher.

Gran: Good call.

Gran: All right, let's get out of here! We'll brief everyone when we get back!

After a series of hard-fought battles, a temporary peace settles over the skies.

But chaos still lurks in the seams of that peace, threatening to sunder the world at any moment.

Though this conflict did not start with a chance encounter between singularities, its conclusion will depend upon their mutual strength.