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About Crews
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A crew is a group of up to 30 players, which gives them special perks and allows them to battle together in Unite and Fight events. A crew is led by one Captain and up to four First Officers.

In order to form or join a crew, players must clear Chapter 4 Story: The Storm Guardian.


Crew Rank is based on total rupies donated to the crew. Having a higher Crew Rank increases the maximum crew size, up to 30 members at rank 10. Rupies donated to the crew can be used to purchase airships and crew skills.

Leaving a crew, whether voluntarily or by being dismissed, incurs a 24-hour penalty that prevents the player from joining another crew for its duration. This is done to prevent players from taking advantage of multiple Strike Times. Players cannot leave a crew while a Unite and Fight event is underway, but they can join one.

Strike Time

During Strike Time (Assault Time in Japanese), crew members will start most raid battles with 100% charge bar and gain a 20% boost to EXP and rupies. It lasts for one hour and occurs twice a day, and a crew's Strike Time can be set to any time by the Captain or First Officers.

Strike Time hours cannot be changed for 24 hours after a change is made; newly-created crews also cannot change their Strike Time for 24 hours.

During Unite and Fight event periods, the setting can only be changed once.

Crew Positions

There are three main crew positions: Captain, First Officer, and Ensign (regular members). There are also two roles exclusively used in Unite and Fight: ATK Ace and DEF Ace, who are able activate their respective crew buffs during the event period, but are otherwise have the same privileges as Ensigns. There can be up to 7 ATK Aces and 7 DEF Aces in a crew.

If the Captain does not log in for two weeks, the first member to visit the Crew page will automatically become the new Captain.

Crew Member Privileges
Captain First Officer Members
Adjusting Strike Time
Adjusting Crew Powers ✔/✘ ✔/✘
Change Crew Name
Change Crew Message ✔/✘
Disband Crew
Confirm Membership Request
Assign Captain
Scout for Crew
Dismiss Crew Member
Purchase Airship ?
Select Airship
Purchase Parts ✔/✘
Change Background
Change Jukebox ✔/✘ ✔/✘

Additionally, the Captain can freely adjust the position requirement for crew members to change the following:

  • Activating crew skills
  • Changing U&F settings (turning the 70% crew honors boost for joining non-crew battles on or off)
  • Refashion island areas


Airships provide a base 2% Attack BonusUnique Modifier to the airship's element. This can be increased by "tuning" the airship with weapons, leveling it up to Level 9 for a 10% boost.

The Attack Bonus effect granted by an airship remains active even when the associated airship isn't currently in use.

Icon Name Element Cost Full Art
Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
Guild icon 10001 01.png Guild icon 10001 02.png Guild icon 10001 03.png Grandcypher Label Element Wind.png None, default airship Guild airship 10001 01.png Guild airship 10001 02.png Guild airship 10001 03.png
Guild icon 20001 01.png Guild icon 20001 02.png Guild icon 20001 03.png Frontier Label Element Fire.png 200,000 Guild airship 20001 01.png Guild airship 20001 02.png Guild airship 20001 03.png
Guild icon 30001 01.png Guild icon 30001 02.png Guild icon 30001 03.png Engella Label Element Water.png 200,000 Guild airship 30001 01.png Guild airship 30001 02.png Guild airship 30001 03.png
Guild icon 40001 01.png Guild icon 40001 02.png Guild icon 40001 03.png Dravenspirit Label Element Earth.png 200,000 Guild airship 40001 01.png Guild airship 40001 02.png Guild airship 40001 03.png
Guild icon 50001 01.png Guild icon 50001 02.png Guild icon 50001 03.png Avenir Label Element Light.png 500,000 Guild airship 50001 01.png Guild airship 50001 02.png Guild airship 50001 03.png
Guild icon 60001 01.png Guild icon 60001 02.png Guild icon 60001 03.png Svart Label Element Dark.png 500,000 Guild airship 60001 01.png Guild airship 60001 02.png Guild airship 60001 03.png

Tuning Points

Tuning points can be earned by upgrading your crew's airship with weapons. Accumulating tuning points raises the airship's level and its boost effect. Tuning can be manually performed by going to Crew > Airship > Upgrade.

By turning on auto-upgrade settings through Settings > Miscellaneous > Auto-Sell and Auto-Upgrade Settings, weapons obtained at the end of quests can be automatically converted into tuning points. These tuning points accumulate as unused tuning points. When you go to the Crew screen, any accumulated tuning points will be automatically used to upgrade the current airship in use. Up to 99,999 unused tuning points can be stored at once. Any unused tuning points past 99,999 will be lost.

Level Points Boost
1 - 2%
2 500 3%
3 1,000 4%
4 3,500 5%
5 5,000 6%
6 15,000 7%
7 40,000 8%
8 85,000 9%
9 150,000 10%

Crew Skills

Airship parts can be purchased with rupies in the crew bank, and each part grants special Crew Skills. Each part purchased for a given airship is bound to that airship and cannot be transferred over to other airships. Parts can be upgraded up to two times, unlocking stronger and more expensive versions of the Crew Skill.

Airship level and element has no impact on the Skill effects nor do they restrict their availability.

Up to 4 Crew Skills can be activated at a time (only 3 for crews with less than 20 members), and will last 72 hours (3 days) regardless of level. Once a Crew Skill is activated, it can only be deactivated early by changing the airship currently in use, which cancels all active Crew Skills.

Without discount, activation costs are 2,500 for Lv1 skills, 5,000 for Lv2, 10,000 for Lv3. Having a higher crew grade, raised through Unite and Fight rankings, gives larger activation discounts. The lowest crew grade is F, which gives no discount, while the highest grade is SSS, which gives a 70% discount. This discount is unavailable during Unite and Fight periods.

Part Icon Effect Lv1 Lv2 Lv3
ATK BoostsRuby Ray Reactor (Fire)
Cobalt Ray Reactor (Water)
Copper Ray Reactor (Earth)
Beryl Ray Reactor (Wind)
Citrine Ray Reactor (Light)
Amethyst Ray Reactor (Dark)

(Unique Attack Up for an Element)
5% boost, 20,000 to buy 7% boost, 50,000 to buy 10% boost, 200,000 to buy
Guild parts icon 52.png Rainbow Reactor
(Unique Attack Up to All Elements)
10% boost, must first buy level 3 reactors of all six elements
Upgrade BoostsMine Lamp (Fire)
Aquarium (Water)
Plant Stand (Earth)
Ceiling Fan (Wind)
Skylight (Light)
Toy Bed (Dark)

(Boost to Upgrade EXP)
5% boost, 20,000 to buy 7% boost, 50,000 to buy 10% boost, 200,000 to buy
Guild parts icon 16.png Wooden Desk
(Boost to Rank Points)
5% boost, 100,000 to buy 7% boost, 200,000 to buy 10% boost, 300,000 to buy
Guild parts icon 17.png Dumbbell Set
(Boost to EXP)
5% boost, 100,000 to buy 7% boost, 200,000 to buy 10% boost, 300,000 to buy
Guild parts icon 13.png Weather Vane
(Boost to Drop Rate)
10% boost, 100,000 to buy 15% boost, 200,000 to buy 20% boost, 300,000 to buy
Guild parts icon 14.png Potion Distiller
(Starts battle with Green Potions)
1 potion, 20,000 to buy 2 potions, 100,000 to buy -
Guild parts icon 15.png Rallying Gong
(Boost to Charge Bar at battle start)
20% boost, 20,000 to buy 25% boost, 100,000 to buy 30% boost, 300,000 to buy

Crew Grades

Crew Grades are established by honors obtained during Unite and Fight events and determine the discount applied when purchasing Crew Skills.

Grade Honors Discount
SSS 10,000,000 70%
SS 1,000,000 60%
S 500,000 50%
A 400,000 40%
B 350,000 30%
C 300,000 20%
D 200,000 10%
E 100,000 5%
F - -

Unite and Fight

Unite and Fight is a recurring event in which crews compete against each other by accumulating honors earned through defeating Unite and Fight bosses. Crews gain the most benefit by defeating raids hosted by other crew members; participating in raids hosted by non-crew members will only add 70% of the honors gained to the total crew honors.

During this event, Crew Officer skills can take effect. Each skill effect has limited duration and can only be activated a certain number of times a day. All effects are strictly limited to Unite and Fight raid battles.

First Officer Skill

  • Gives a 5% ATK boost, 10% max HP boost, and 30% charge bar boost when activated.
  • The effects last for one hour. This skill can be activated up to twice a day.
  • The skill won't give a 30% charge bar boost during strike time.

Attack Ace Skill

  • Gives a 20% ATK boost when activated.
  • The effect lasts for two hours. This skill can be activated up to twice a day.

Defense Ace Skill

  • Gives a 20% max HP boost when activated.
  • The effect lasts for two hours. This skill can be activated up to twice a day.


  • Can activate any skill of the first officer, attack ace, or defense ace up to twice a day in total.
  • The number of activations held by the captain is shared with the other officers.

Important Notes

  • The number of activations doesn't carry over to the next day or event. Activations reset each day at 7 a.m. (JST).
  • Boosts will only take effect for Unite and Fight raid battles.
  • Boosts will not apply to solo quests.
  • There's a five-minute waiting period until the same crew officer skill can be activated again. Effects from the same skill aren't stackable, so only the duration will be extended.
  • Boost effects activated before starting a raid battle or when providing backup last for the entire duration of that raid battle.
  • Boost effects activated in the middle of a raid battle aren't reflected in that battle.
  • Crew officer skills only take effect during the battle period when they are activated.
  • Boosts from crew officer skills that are activated during the interlude period will be reset at the beginning of finals battle 1.
  • Crew officer skills can't be used during Final Rally.