Port Breeze Archipelago

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Port Breeze Archipelago Large.jpg

An island hub of culture and industry. Skilled skyfarers congregate here, greeted by a gentle breeze.

Port Breeze Archipelago is the location for chapters 1-4 of the main quest.

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A group of islands blessed with bountiful breezes. Gentle winds naturally blow across these islands thanks to the power of the primal beast Tiamat, growing the archipelago as a hub for skyfarer orders. The mainland is Eingana Island, and the metropolis at its center is the heart of commerce. Though the archipelago is calm and relaxing, the winds are constant and is considered one of the more chilly locations in the skydom.


Angads Highlands (West)[edit]

Location Angads Highlands (West).png

A plain of rippling green grass. Gentle winds blow across the fertile land, enveloping everything.

Angads Highlands (East)[edit]

Location Angads Highlands (East).png

Grasslands that reach out past town. Somewhere on the periphery, a single ship quietly marks the passage of time.

Kakadu Canyon[edit]

Location Kakadu Canyon.png

An endless gorge. In its depths is hidden an emergency escape ship.
  • Main Quests
    • Chapter 3: The Empire's Intent (7 AP)
  • Free Quests
    • Dealings With Monsters (7 AP)
    • Triple Threat (8 AP)
    • Business Brilliance (21 AP, Harvin Characters Only)
    • Gentlemen Only, Rackam! (23 AP)
  • Other
    • Valiant Order of Knights (50AP, Rank 50+) - Level Cap break for Crimson Finger square.jpg Crimson Finger

The Airship Grandcypher[edit]

Location The Airship Grandcypher.png

An airship that inspired a young boy to dream. It soars through the skies on wings made of its passengers' affections.


Rare Monsters[edit]


By clicking on the sparkles in the following order, Lyria will find a Ticket.png Premium Draw Ticket.

  1. Top (Ungud Castle)
  2. Bottom Left (The Jutty)
  3. Bottom Right (Siero's Knickknack Shack)
  4. Middle (The Cardinal Temple)

Port Breeze Archipelago Town.jpg