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Status Temptation.png
Entice is a special Charm usable by Catherine.

Catherine can convert
Status Charm.pngCharmedAttacks are slightly limited
Status Temptation.pngEnticedAttacks are slightly limited
. The conversion will always succeed if the target is not immune to Entice.
Status Temptation.pngEnticedAttacks are slightly limited
has a 45% proc rate.
The Charm proc is rolled first and Entice second. Together they can reach over 75% proc rate if the strongest Charm is used.

As Entice is weaker than some Charms please take care when converting Charms in HL content.
The boss will grow resistant to Charm the more times it is cast so try to convert Charm to Entice when the Charm is about to wear off.
In turn, don't use Catherines 2nd or 3rd ability until the duration on Entice is low.

For more details on how Charm works see the Charm page.