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An index of user-created guides hosted on this site.

Disclaimer claims no ownership nor responsibility for their content or veracity of the information therein. Arguments are to considered the opinion of the authors' and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of and its staff. Facts at time of publication may lose relevancy or be deprecated with later changes in the game. Any guide in this list may or may not be further updated.

Erroneous information should be reported at each guide's Discussion page.

Wiki Terminology vs. Guide Terminology

User guides listed here may contain terminology and colloquialisms that are not normally allowed on main wiki pages. For example, "charge attack" is an official in-game English term, but it may also be referred to as "ougi" in a user guide.

For a list of generally used English community terms, please see Glossary.

Submitting Guides

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User Guides

Updated Name Author Type Summary
Updated Name Author Type Summary
2024-02-18 Triple Attack dy/dk team_building A list of all units and summons that innately have or provide guaranteed Triple attack or 100% Triple Attack Rate.
2024-02-15 How to Host dy/dk quest How to Host Impossible Raids!
2024-02-15 Future Game Updates Umikin event A timeline of announced future game updates.
2024-02-14 World Weapons Characters Neofaucheur team_building An analysis of the World Weapons series, and relevant characters to use with them in each Element.
2024-02-09 Sidestories Guide Auryona area A guide on sidestory weapons, summons, and characters.
2024-02-04 Sunstone Priority List Auryona tier_list A general guide on which summons are worthy of your sunstones.
2024-02-02 Multihit Manual Auryona team_building A general listing of units with multi-hit skills for omen cancelling.
2024-02-02 What to Farm Vazkii team_building A detailed guide to what weapons to farm for Magna players.
2024-01-27 Arcarum Guide Auryona area A guide on drops in Extreme Arcarum with team suggestions.
2024-01-22 New World Quartz Guide No Laifu area A writeup about the use cases New World Quartz to consolidate all information in one location.
2024-01-20 Supplemental damage weapons Neofaucheur team_building Organized tables of the weapons with skills that grant supplement damage, with a short analysis of said skills effects and how they compare to each other.
2024-01-19 Grid Building Guide Vazkii team_building A theory-first guide detailing the logic that goes into building grids and how you should approach building your own.
2024-01-09 Sandbox Starter Guide Vazkii area A quick and simple primer for farming items in Replicard Sandbox, meant as a jumping off point for newcomers rather than a comprehensive detailed guide.
2024-01-07 Introduction to Unite & Fight / Guild War EmiFox event Guide for players on farming Guild War Badges for Sun Stones, farming their first Revenant Weapon, and ranking of Eternals up to 5* uncap (Transcendence rating TBC)
2024-01-06 Unwordly Charge Attacks Umikin team_building A list of sources for Unworldly charge attacks and how to activate them.
2023-12-18 Permanent Debuffs Umikin team_building A list of permanent debuffs sorted by element and debuff type.
2023-12-05 Garrison Effective HP Neofaucheur team_building An explanation of how the Garrison skill works, and how it affects survivability.
2023-11-28 Guild War Cutoffs EmiFox event Historical cutoffs for individual and crew rankings for Guid Wars
2023-11-10 One Turn Kill Inabarama team_building Guide to creating and using teams to end fights in a single turn as quickly as possible, useful wherever repeated grinding is required such as Unite and Fight and story events
2023-10-29 Yurius alikes Inabarama team_building Characters like Npc s 3040199000 01.jpg Yurius who can repeatedly apply stacking debuffs by consuming a resource, often needed in high-level fights like Dark Rapture
2023-10-17 Diaspora HL Raid Guide Umikin raid A raid guide for Diaspora HL covering team compositions, character breakdowns, and the raid walkthrough.
2023-10-06 Trains for fun and profit Raen area A guide to starting and joining co-op trains.
2023-10-06 Replicard and You Raen area A guide to playing through Replicard Sandbox
2023-09-27 HOW TO WIN(D) cendol & LolicoreP team_building A Comprehensive Guide to Wind
2023-09-10 Friend Summons Vazkii team_building Quick lookup on what Friend/Support Summons you should be using.
2023-05-20 F2PFA (Free to Play Full Auto) applemons team_building Wide-reaching guide about all things FA - how it works, use cases for different classes/characters, and advice for how to clear specific raids.
2023-05-17 Replicard Guide Auryona area A guide on drops in Replicard Sandbox with team suggestions.
2023-04-23 Gold Brick Farming Compendium Tarkus Lee raid A collection of example teams, grids, and skill rotations for farming Gold Brick square.jpg Gold Bricks.
2023-04-04 Granblue April Fool's Archive Inabarama lore An archive of all the various April Fools content for Granblue - ingame, on this wiki, and elsewhere.
2022-11-19 Newbie's guide to Six-Dragon Advent: Gold Tarkus Lee quest A guides for the Galleon solo quest aimed at players who are new to higher difficulty content.
2022-09-30 Vintage characters and weapons lore Neofaucheur lore List of the Vintage Series weapons, their associated characters, their lore in game, and the source of inspiration from the real world.
2022-09-19 Superlative characters and weapons lore Neofaucheur lore List of the Superlative Series weapons, their associated characters, and the source of inspiration from the real world.
2021-07-27 Belial Raid Guide Umikin raid A raid guide for Belial covering raid mechanics and a raid walkthrough.