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Technical Support

You can contact Cygames directly via tickets through the Technical Support button, but note that they only communicate in Japanese. Depending on your case, Google Translate might be enough to make communication possible, if awkward. Translating it back and forth might expose some translation hiccups, which you can improve by rewriting that section in another manner and trying again.
You can ask the community for technical support, but this website isn't suited for this. You can instead ask at our Discord or the Granblue EN subReddit.
As a policy, ensure your application/browser/system is up-to-date and clear your cache and cookies before asking for help as it can solve many issues.
Checking the Technical Support page (specially in Japanese as it is updated more regularly) can also inform you of any known issues.
If you cannot access the page through the game click here. You need to be signed into the Mobage account tied to your GBF account.

I play in the phone app, but I never made any account. How do I play on other versions?

You currently have a guest account and you need to register it to use it anywhere else.
Go to the Mailbox on the homepage and choose the Register with Mobage to change your nickname option. Follow these steps, and in the last step enter your Email address.
The email you get must be opened in a mobile browser.
Enter the information it asks for to finish registering your account.
The login information created should work in all versions of the game.

Which element should I play?

All of them! You can obtain SSR characters and weapons for all elements via Side Stories.
You can then prioritize whichever elements you have powerful characters for, or characters you just like.
Focusing on a single element and neglecting all others isn't encouraged as several mechanics are implemented to discourage playing off-element.

Is X character good?

See the Character Tier List and its sources for detailed evaluations of various characters. Generally, anyone rated at least 9.0 is excellent and you'll find yourself very happy to have them throughout the game. If you want to keep creating new accounts until you acquire a particular character, see the Rerolling guide.

How should I prioritize spending my AP/EP?

As a new player you will have nearly infinite AP/EP early since it refreshes every time your Rank increases, but it will eventually dwindle, at which point the following is a general priority list:

  • Always be aware of limited-time events and what rewards you can acquire from them. They are high priority as they might be unavailable for months, years, or in certain cases permanently, if you do not obtain them during the period.
  • Do your Hard and Extreme Omega raids each day for Anima, Omega Weapons, and Pendants
  • Complete your daily Co-Op missions for various rewards, including a Premium Draw Ticket square.jpg Premium Draw Ticket. This item pool resets every time you trade for all items available, including the ticket.
  • Cleared uncleared quests for the first time to acquire Crystal square.jpg Crystal, Premium Draw Ticket square.jpg Premium Draw Tickets, Outfits and other rewards.
  • Clear material-giving quests to work towards crafting Class Champion Weapons weapons to unlock new Classes.
  • Clear material-giving quests to work towards recruiting Eternals
  • Spend excess EP providing backup to other raids of your choice.

Help, I’m too weak to do things and these events are too hard for me!

Completing certain Main Story Quests arcs will grant you upgraded Omega Weapons and will unlock Side Stories.
Side stories further grant you characters, weapons, and summons upon completion.
Doing these can quickly catch you up to the average player.
The Basic Grids page goes more in-depth on suggested priorities and how to make use of them, while Team Building can help you understand how to set up a configuration to your specific needs when your general use party is having too much trouble.
Remember to level your Weapon Skills too and improve their stats with Weapon EXP! Having excellent weapons will not matter unless you improve them with skill fodder and level them up to increase their raw stats.
If you're in a rush because of a limited time event or to play with friends you can skip most of the Main Story Quests for their rewards and check on the plot later via the Journal, though you'll miss on experiencing the plot fights. You can also revisit the quests anytime, including battles, by selecting them on the map.

What support/main summon should I use?

Early on you will want to use the highest available flat Elemental ATK that matches your element. Summon s 2040408000.jpg Beelzebub can do the same regardless of element but cannot be a support summon. If you own Summon s 2040408000.jpg Beelzebub, and can uncap it fully, it'll serve that function with extra benefits for the Main Character regardless of the element you're playing as. As your weapon grid improves, you will eventually transition to or Omega (aka Magna) summons. See the Damage Formula for details on the calculations and when and why you should transition.

The highest flat Elemental ATK summons available at the moment are, listed by element and priority:

Summon s 2040065000.jpg Grand Order is a special case where you can get up to 200% boost to Normal ATK when at least 3 main allies' elements differ. While this is Normal ATK and not Elemental ATK, it can still be useful in quests where your party is preset but you retain your configuration of class, weapons, and summons, and or can select support summons.

Can I reset my support summon list if there are no good ones to pick?

Yes! Starting any quest will refresh the list.
Additionally Trial Battles under Home > Gameplay Extras don't consume AP. Simply start the battle and retreat.

What class/job should I level first?

Rush Dark Fencer on Row III first, mastering its prerequisites as quickly as possible.
After which Relic Buster for Row IV, whose prerequisite Class Champion Weapon is easily traded for.

How do I restore AP/EP?

  • Your AP and EP are fully restored when your rank increases.
  • Use Twitter to fully restore your AP/EP once a day (found under Gameplay Extras on the Home screen).
  • Use recovery items such as Half Elixir square.jpg Half Elixir, Soul Berry square.jpg Soul Berry, and Soul Balm square.jpg Soul Balm which can be acquired from certain quests, events, login rewards, co-op, rotating showdowns, and the casino.
    • You can manually use recovery items by clicking on the AP/EP display, or via Menu -> Supplies -> Consumables and clicking on the desired item.
  • You can set autoconsumption of these items under Menu -> Settings -> Miscellaneous -> AP/EP Auto-Restore Settings. This setting is off by default. Make sure to not set it to consume Full Elixir square.jpg Full Elixirs, only Half Elixir square.jpg Half Elixirs.
    • You can further disable the autoconsumption prompt under the above for expediency.

How do I get more Rupies?

Playing your daily raids on SkyLeap grants you points that can traded in the SkyLeap Point Shop for millions of rupies per day.

What should I do with all these R/SR weapons/summons?

  • Farmable weapons with skills can be used as fodder for more important Weapon Skills
  • Premium Draw weapons (especially SSR) should usually be kept and either used or eventually reduced for weapon stones
  • Farmable SR/SSR summons can be used as fodder for other summons or reduced for elemental quartz
  • Useless Premium Draw SR/SSR summons can be reduced for many elemental quartz, but be very careful not to reduce anything valuable (such as Carbuncles)
  • Weapons/Summons can be marked Favorite or placed in a stash to avoid accidentally reducing them or using them as fodder
  • Always double check before getting rid of something you can't easily re-acquire

Is the Rupie Draw worth it?

Yes: it provides +1 weapons/summons, rare weapons with skills for use as fodder, and occasionally even new characters / moons.

What do I spend Moons on?

What does "Rainbow Meta" mean?

In the early years of Granblue Fantasy players could (and were somewhat expected to by the community to) focus on a single element.
The term Rainbow Meta colloquially refers to the developers' later tendency to create content targeted at a certain element, therefore requiring the players to develop all element colors instead specializing in a single one.

Clash Events were some of the earliest examples, heavily penalizing players not using a superior-element team with foes taking greatly reduced damage and further resisting debuffs from such sources. Xeno Ifrit Showdown was the first time this penalty was used, with a lot of controversy as result.
In time Unite and Fight also adhered to off-element penalties and other content was created around it as a mechanic, such as Proving Grounds where not only you're expected to use the matching element but gain further benefits from prioritizing particular traits from that element.
Non-elemental foes originally were an inversion of the trend, where no element is at advantage, criticals were unavailable unless a Field Effect allowing for it was present and incoming damage had its element selected at random (in its first few incarnations) or Plain Damage (which is also non-elemental), while later iterations adhered thematically to the foe's abilities: A blast of fire dealing Fire damage, a shower of light doing Light damage, a combination of both being split into Fire and Light damage, etc. Harder raids aimed at experienced players started requiring players to coordinate and each be different elements to negate foe strategies, even if the raid itself is non-elemental. Another recent change in design made all non-elemental foes able to receive critical damage, without requiring field effects.

As a result it is no longer possible to efficiently complete all available content by focusing on a single element coordination while neglecting all others.

Should I uncap my weapons with Damascus Ingots/Gold Bricks?

If you have to ask, the answer is "no", or in very specific cases, "not yet".: Damascus Ingots and Gold Bricks are some of rarest items in the game, and should only be used for very specific purposes (see their pages or ask the community).

How do I get more party slots?

All main party slots are now available from the start, and no more can currently be purchased. "Extra" part slots can be obtained by progressing through Arcarum and eventually unlocking Sandbox. These parties can only be used in specific modes and raids.

How do I remove skills from the skill queue?

Click the skill icon in the queue.

How do I remove the elemental diagram on the left side of a battle?

While in a battle, Click Menu > Screen and disable Elements Diagram. This will also allow you to click Full Auto without having to attack beforehand.

How do I search for a friend by ID?

Open the Menu in the top right and choose the Friends. Select the Search button, then the ID tab.

How do I favorite a quest?

A quest can be favorited in the Quest Result screen after completing it. Quests can also be favorited by tapping on the small exclamation mark next to the picture of a quest. To favorite a special quest click select and then click the picture of the quest you want to favorite.

How do I switch between the Male/Female MC?

Menu > Profile > Male/Female button in the top left toggles between them.

How do I stop people from sending backup requests in my raids / speed up the game / disable Vyrn popups?

Menu > Settings > Battle contains most options related to actual battles.

Why do some people call Omegas "Magnas", or charge attacks "ougis"? What does [this word/term] mean?

Many players started before the official English translation, so sometimes unofficial translations or Japanese words became the accepted English community standard. Check the term in the Glossary to see what any unfamiliar term means.

My question isn't here!

If you're wondering about a character/item/summon/concept, try searching its name. If that doesn't work, feel free to ask for help in our Discord.