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Technical Support

As wikis are not designed for individualized technical support, it is better to ask a community such as our Discord or the Granblue EN subreddit about specific technical issues. You can also contact Cygames directly, but note that they only communicate in Japanese. As a best practice, ensuring your application/browser/system is up-to-date and clearing your cache/cookies is usually a good first step for solving issues with Granblue.

I play in the phone app, but I never made any account. How do I play on other versions?

You currently have a guest account, and you need to register it to use it anywhere else. Go to the Mailbox on the homepage and choose the "Register with Mobage to change your nickname" option. Follow these steps, and in the last step enter your Email address. The email you get must be opened in a mobile browser. Enter the information it asks for to finish registering your account. Use this login on any version of the game listed above.

Something's wrong with my account/my purchase didn't go through. Where do I send a support ticket?

Here for Mobage account users. You need to be signed into the Mobage account tied to your GBF account. However, the interface and the support team only communicate in Japanese, so you need to send them a message in Japanese, or ask a translator for help.

Which element should I play?

Wind is the most newbie-friendly element by a considerable margin, but you can start with any element for which you have multiple powerful characters. Light and Dark are not recommended, however, as their Basic Grids are very difficult to farm relative to Wind, Earth, Fire, and Water.

Is X character good?

See the Character Tier List and its sources for detailed evaluations of various characters. Generally, anyone rated at least 9.0 is excellent and you'll find yourself very happy to have them throughout the game. If you want to keep creating new accounts until you acquire a particular character, see the Rerolling guide.

How should I prioritize spending my AP/EP?

As a new player, you mostly want to complete a Basic Grid in the element of your choice. Therefore, a high priority is Rank 30 so you can leech Omega Raids for their SSR Omega Weapons. You will have nearly infinite AP/EP early since it refreshes every time your Rank increases, but it will eventually dwindle, at which point the following is a general priority list:

  • Always be aware of limited-time events and what rewards you can acquire from them; they are usually a high priority
  • Do your Normal/Hard Raids each day for Omega Anima, SR Weapons, and Pendants
  • Complete your daily Co-Op missions for various rewards
  • Once you're strong enough, do your Omega Raids each day for SSR Omega Weapons and Summons
  • Spend excess AP on Special, Free, or Story quests to acquire materials for Revenant or Class weapons
  • Spend excess EP providing backup to raids of your choice

Help, I’m too weak to do things and these events are too hard for me!

If you do not have a solid single-element party, and thus don't fully benefit from using an elemental summon, try finding a Summon s 2040065000.jpg Grand Order friend summon in the Misc or Light tab. Summon s 2040065000.jpg Grand Order grants an enormous damage boost when you have at least three different elements in the front line of your party, and can be called for a Status Drain.pngDrainNormal attack and C.A. DMG dealt is partially absorbed to HP
effect. Elemental teams are better later on and you should work on making a strong elemental team eventually, but using Grand Order early works nicely when you’re still new and your character elements are varied. If you cannot find Summon s 2040065000.jpg Grand Order, or your party only consists of two elements, look for summons in the Misc tab that have "X% boost to all allies' ATK" or "X% boost to all elemental ATK" auras. Summon s 2040157000.jpg Huanglong and Summon s 2040158000.jpg Qilin are two standout examples. These summons will not be as strong as the boost from Summon s 2040065000.jpg Grand Order, but still output respectable damage early on and still retain their use into late game for certain special scenarios.

What support/main summon should I use?

For your main summon, you will usually want to use the highest "X% boost to Y Elemental ATK" for the relevant element. As your weapon grid improves, you will eventually transition to Primal or Omega summons. See the Damage Formula for details on the calculations.

For your support summon, the following will be the strongest for the majority (if not entirety) of the game:

Can I reset my support summon list if there are no good ones to pick?

Yes: starting any quest will refresh the list, the easiest of which are any of the Trial Battles under Home > Gameplay Extras. Simply start the battle and retreat.

What class/job should I level first?

Most new players should rush Dark Fencer first, so master its prerequisites as quickly as possible.

How do I restore AP/EP?

  • Your AP and EP are fully restored when your rank increases
  • Use Twitter to fully restore your AP/EP once a day (found under Gameplay Extras on the Home screen)
  • Use recovery items such as Half Elixir square.jpg Half Elixir or Soul Berry square.jpg Soul Berry, which can be acquired from certain quests, events, login rewards, co-op, rotating showdowns, and the casino.
    • You can manually use recovery items by clicking on the AP/EP display, or via Menu -> Supplies -> Consumables and clicking on the desired item.

How do I get more Rupies?

Farm Co-op quests and sell the Disks that drop. If someone else hosts the quest, it doesn't even cost AP.

What should I do with all these R/SR weapons/summons?

  • Farmable weapons with skills can be used as fodder for more important Weapon Skills
  • Premium Draw weapons (especially SSR) should usually be kept and either used or eventually reduced for weapon stones
  • Farmable SR/SSR summons can be used as fodder for other summons or reduced for elemental quartz
  • Useless Premium Draw SR/SSR summons can be reduced for many elemental quartz, but be very careful not to reduce anything valuable (such as Carbuncles)
  • Weapons/Summons can be marked Favorite or placed in a stash to avoid accidentally reducing them or using them as fodder
  • Always double check before getting rid of something you can't easily re-acquire

Is the Rupie Draw worth it?

Yes: it provides +1 weapons/summons, rare weapons with skills for use as fodder, and occasionally even new characters / moons.

What do I spend Moons on?

What does "Rainbow Meta" mean?

In the early stages of development of Granblue Fantasy, players could (and were somewhat expected to) focus on a single element. The term "Rainbow Meta" colloquially refers to the developers' tendency after a certain point to create content requiring a certain element. (Eg. Clash Events heavily penalize players not using a superior-element team.)

It is no longer possible to efficiently complete all content by developing only one element/team/weapon-grid. That said, all early-game content is still doable with one element and focusing on one element and then using that element to farm the others is still a possible method of early progression.

Should I uncap my weapons with Damascus Ingots/Gold Bricks?

If you have to ask, the answer is "no", or in very specific cases, "not yet".: Damascus Ingots and Gold Bricks are some of rarest items in the game, and should only be used for very specific purposes (see their pages or ask the community).

How do I get more party slots?

All party slots are now available from the start, and no more can currently be purchased.

How do I remove skills from the skill queue?

Click the skill icon in the queue.

How do I search for a friend by ID?

Open the Menu in the top right and choose the Friends. Select the Search button, then the ID tab.

How do I favorite a quest?

A quest can be favorited in the Quest Result screen after completing it. Quests can also be favorited by tapping on the small exclamation mark next to the picture of a quest. To favorite a special quest click select and then click the picture of the quest you want to favorite.

How do I switch between the Male/Female MC?

Menu > Profile > Male/Female button in the top left toggles between them.

How do I stop people from sending backup requests in my raids / speed up the game / disable Vyrn popups?

Menu > Settings > Battle contains most options related to actual battles.

Why do some people call Omegas "Magnas", or charge attacks "ougis"? What does [this word/term] mean?

Many players started before the official English translation, so sometimes unofficial translations or Japanese words became the accepted English community standard. Check the term in the Glossary to see what any unfamiliar term means.

My question isn't here!

If you're wondering about a character/item/summon/concept, try searching its name. If that doesn't work, feel free to ask for help in our Discord.