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This article is about the information menu. For the non-party character, see Journal (NPC).

The Journal contains a record of all the Main Quests you have completed, including story event sequences; galleries of items you've collected and characters you've met; and a glossary of information pertaining to the world of Granblue Fantasy.


The Story section compiles the episodes of all the Main Quests, Events, Co-op and Arcarum: The World Beyond you have completed, as well as a selection of Free Quests, such as the Grand Blues! Channel!. You can watch those from here at anytime, without having to play the quest again.

Field Notes

The Field Notes section contains a gallery of every weapon, summon, and character you've collected, along with non-party characters you've met through the main quest or in events.


The Archive section contains about various places, characters and terms encountered through the Main Quests, Events and some Fate Episodes. See Archive.