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The archives can be accessed through Lyria's Journal menu. Archive entries are unlocked by completing various Main Quests, events, side stories, and certain Fate Episodes.


Section One

Auguste Isles

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A special economic zone known for its vast resources of water. Formally known as the August Isles Special Economic Cooperative Territory, it does not fall under the jurisdiction of any of its neighboring governments. Auguste boasts a huge body of water the likes of which cannot be found anywhere else. Thanks to that, it's a highly popular sightseeing destination. There are a plethora of shops on the isles, crowded so close together that it's hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. The tax revenue from these shops makes the Isles abundantly wealthy. They are even able to employ a self-defense force that is on par with a regular military.

Erste Empire

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A militaristic empire that has brought nearly all of Phantagrande Skydom under its control. It used to be no more than a small country called the Erste Kingdom. However, when The Black Knight gained control and made the switch to imperialism, the strength of the empire increased tenfold. Currently they are conducting vigorous research on primal crystals and the legacy of the Astrals, but the Erste Kingdom was originally famous for techniques used to produce high-quality golems.

Albion Citadel

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A citadel that is home to a prestigious military academy. Originally built by the Astrals, it has become a city centered entirely around its learning institution. With traditions such as battle training with live monsters and Lord Commander selection through competitive fighting events, the culture may seem a bit eccentric. However, their superior academy graduates excel in their fields working for various countries and military organizations.

Albion Academy

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A military academy located at the center of the Albion citadel. Battle skills are a primary requirement of its students, as monsters appear regularly throughout Albion. However, as the purpose of the institute is to breed military cadets, a full range of lessons from history and tactics to politics and etiquette are offered in order to create the most outstanding knights.

Amalthea Island

Archive library img note 013.png

An island used as headquarters for the Crew of Enforcers' Fourth Fleet, which oversees the Phantagrande Skydom. The entire island belongs to the Fourth Fleet, and almost all of its inhabitants are members of the Crew of Enforcers or are related to the crew and its activities. The area is becoming well-known for second chances, as there are many stories of people who found work here after being captured by the Crew of Enforcers and choosing to turn their lives around.

The Blue Knight

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A member of the Seven Luminary Knights and the current captain of the Crew of Enforcers. Famed for his sense of justice, he has greatly contributed to the reputation of the crew by earning the trust of people from every land. His supreme swordsmanship, included in his renown, is said to have been mastered from a painful journey in his youth, but few people know of the details.

Erste Royal Family

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The royal family that once ruled all of the Erste Kingdom before its imperialization. Well-versed in special golem creation techniques, they are considered the forefathers of golem technology. The queen, though she has been rumored to possess ties with the Astrals, was greatly loved by the people of Erste, and her passing is deeply mourned. However, the heir to her throne has gone missing, and many worry for her safety.


Archive library img note 016.png

The venerable capital of the Erste Empire serves as a symbol of the Empire's might. Torches keep it brightly lit day and night. The entire island is constantly under reconstruction to keep up-to-date with the latest technology and has long lost its original luster. Although it boasts the greatest population in the entire Phantagrande Skydom, it is not without its share of problems—especially with regards to environment and civil order.

Erste Modern Arms

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The Empire's latest defense force, including the MK28, was designed to be as powerful as dark essence—sans all the dangerous side effects. Little weaponry can be equipped in its current prototype form, but the plan is to eventually have the capability to instantly switch between all sorts of weaponry to tackle any situation.

Imperial HQ

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A giant tower situated in the very center of Agastia. Many simply call it "The Tower" for its shape and it serves as the very heart of the Erste Empire. It not only houses the most vital bodies for governing the Empire, but also holds numerous research and development facilities, making this citadel a prime example of the Empire's capabilities.


Archive library img note 018.png

A powerful primal beast created by the Astrals in the final stages of the War. Although it possesses the ability to distort and interfere with history, the Astrals were unable to fully control it, preventing its implementation in warfare. Any tampering with the past is sure to affect the present, so when activating Akasha's powers, one must accept the possible risk of erasing themselves from all history.


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A skydom that borders Nalhegrande Skydom and can be reached through the Dydroit Belt, which traverses the Grim Basin between them. Currently the Istavion Kingdom, which retains the Golden Knight of the Seven Luminary Knights, holds dominion over this skydom.

Idelva Kingdom

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Currently one of the most powerful countries in the Nalhegrande Skydom. Idelva is a rising nation with only a brief history, and its current sovereign Pholia is also its founder. Groz Island, the home of the capital, has been the site of bustling commerce since the era of the Torhid Kingdom, which has resulted in Idelva possessing formidable economic and military might in spite of its status as a developing nation. Because Pholia is an advocate of recognizing merit, she hires talented people regardless of their social standing, which has led to nationwide prosperity.


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A primal beast that resides on Kluger Island and rules over calculation. Based on local conditions and information about the past, this beast can predict events and outcomes with a high degree of precision. Although this makes Antikythera adept at anticipating the flow of history and behavior of people, the ability isn't suited for predicting results greatly affected by luck. That said, Antikythera bases its calculations on events in the natural world including those at the microscopic level, and it can predict any kind of future when it unleashes its full power.

Alster Island

Island m2 70600.png

Home to the former Irestill Kingdom, its rulers made a pact with True Dragon Deirdre to stand against the Astral onslaught during the War. That pact continued after the War ended, and every three hundred years the royals of Irestill would use their magic to create a new vessel for Deirdre to inhabit. In exchange Deirdre kept the monsters on Alster in check, but the last king of Irestill, King Connor, ordered the knight Naoise to eliminate Deirdre, which led to the eventual collapse of the kingdom. The island is currently under a new government and working toward rebuilding, one step at a time.

Royal Capital Feendrache

Island m2 70190.png

The city of Feendrache is blessed with Sylph's protection. It is perhaps best known for its exquisite handicrafts and a miracle elixir created by Sylph that is said to grant immortality and everlasting youth. Its buildings are embellished with translucent adornments in the shape of Sylph's wings—adornments from which a soft glow embraces the entire city. A mighty river provides a bounty not only to Feendrache, but also to the monsters living in the wild expanse just beyond the city limits.

Innermost Teachings

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Secret knowledge taught on Kluger Island that must be attained in order to reach ultimate enlightenment. Those who master these teachings, including the most esoteric, and form a pact with the primal beast Antikythera, shall inherit the name of Zeyen. The innermost teachings allow one to form a pact with a primal beast and become a vessel through which the primal's true power can be invoked. As the true nature of this pact lies within the heart, those who only desire power will never withstand the primal connection and will surely lose their lives. These teachings have now spread amongst skydwellers, but the origins were devised by the Astrals in order to wield the true power of the primals without relying on the power of the islands.

The Lost Royal Families

Island m2 72360.png

Bloodlines of royal families from a thousand years ago who ruled a long-lost kingdom, and the ancestors of Societte, Yuel, and Kou. Originally, the sovereign of the first family reigned supreme, but ever-increasing land expansion and population explosion pushed the first sovereign to make eight trusted vassals lords of their own fiefdoms. But many of those lords became drunk with power and abused their authority. Fearing an eventual civil war, the first sovereign established a hierarchy of the families in hopes of long-lasting peace. This system became moot, as they all eventually bowed down to Ninetails, compelled into presenting their dances to her on a regular basis. The first sovereign saw this as a desecration of sacred tradition and conspired with the others to seal away Ninetails for good. Though the plan succeeded, Ninetails let out a lethal miasma, killing all nine sovereigns present before she turned to stone. Leaderless, the kingdom gradually faded into oblivion.

House of Wales

Island m2 70720.png

A noble house of royal lineage. Its influence has spread throughout the kingdom next to Feendrache, drawing the attention of surrounding neighbors. Following a succession process rooted in antiquity, would-be candidates enlist in long-established knightly orders of other kingdoms, some of which end up in Feendrache. Percival also hails from the House of Wales.

Forbidden Magic

Island m2 70720.png

Forbidden arts that defy all logic of the natural world. Due to the sheer dangers involved, all research was prohibited and eventually the arts were lost. However, one family continued to study the arts behind closed doors, thereby exposing numerous kingdoms to a terrifying menace.


Island m2 72530.png

A magical heating apparatus embedded into the underside of a table. Place a blanket over it to trap the heat, and you have yourself a cornerstone of everyday life. Although it is a relatively new invention, those in the know firmly believe that Kotatsu Citizens will come to dominate the skies in the very near future.


Island m2 70650.png

A mushroom of utmost quality, native only to Fehrtyl Island. Due to their short expiration period, they're often dried before being traded and sold on the island. Their true flavor can only be experienced shortly after being picked, attracting many visitors from across the sky looking to have a taste of the elusive mushroom. There is a secluded area known only to those native to the island where the greatshrooms grow in colonies, easily accessible without having to risk any dangers. However, with skillful branding and clandestine tactics, the mushroom is marketed and sold at extravagant prices.

Illustrated Storybook

Island m2 72960.png

A publication that marries words and images. Though it is unknown when this medium first came about, it is only in these past few years that its popularity has begun to spike across the skies. These books' reader-friendliness and vast array of styles cater to readers of all ages, ensuring them a place in every home as a pillar of entertainment.


Island m2 73910.png

This primeval structure high above the clouds serves as an altar of sorts from which the Omnipotent may deliver his will. Hints of Etemenanki's existence can be found in the creation myth passed down by skydwelling civilization, in which the structure is referred to as the divine tower. Constructed out of materials no longer found in modern times, it feels neither worldly nor Otherworldly—if anything it reverberates with the power of a god. Even among the Astrals only a select few know what Etemenanki truly is.

Phoenix Techniques

Island m2 74590.png

A kind of martial art used by Aliza that specializes in kicks and is passed down through generations. Whoever inherits this martial art assumes control as head of the Clythe family, a noble family in the Valtz Duchy. It is said that the phoenix techniques originated from the art without a name practiced by monks at Tahar Temple, although the truth remains unknown to this day.

Royal Knights of Feendrache

Island m2 74660.png

This gathering of knights was formed from an unchanging system that allowed mostly those of knightly descent and family relations to join. Gunther led these knights well and united them with his sociable nature. After the sealing of the True Dragon Fafnir, the Royal Knights were reformed into the Order of the Black Dragons, and under Siegfried's leadership, their name became well known throughout the land.

Isthra Island

Island m2 75380.png

A small island in a remote corner of the Phantagrande Skydom, home to three countries. Long famed for ancient ruins related to the creation myth, the island drew a great many archaeologists and more opportunistic treasure hunters before the war escalated.

Erdeni Kingdom

Island m2 75380.png

One of the three countries located on Isthra Island, whose culture greatly values individuality and history. Mostly consisting of mountains and plains, agriculture and mining are the mainstays of its economy. Most of Isthra's historic ruins have been found within Erdeni's borders, and their scholars cooperate with Sphirian scholars to research the creation myth. Thanks to legislation promoted by the previous monarch, this kingdom's society is the freest from classism of the three on Isthra Island. The citizens take great pride in their role as preservers of the island's history, and are therefore resistant to cultural influences from beyond their borders.

Blue Liberation Front

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A resistance group that opposes the Istavion Kingdom's government. Their members use blue scarves to identify themselves. They've pulled off some clandestine operations, such as helping the crew break out of the royal palace and then supplying them with identification papers procured in advance. Their leader is said to have the power of clairvoyance, but those claims have yet to be verified.

Section Two


Archive library img note 005.png

A shipwreck untouched for countless generations on the Angads Highlands of Eingana Island. The image of that ship perched so nobly on the plains is one of Rackam's earliest memories. As a lad, he dreamed of being a helmsman, and so the ship easily captured his heart. It's mid-sized and no more powerful than any other airship, yet it is full of mystery, supposedly responding to the hearts and minds of its passengers.

Sky Map

Lyria popup3 3.png

A comprehensive guide to the world assembled from the scattered pieces of the Sky Map. It's said that this map will lead whomever owns it to wherever they wish without fail. It's regarded as a thing of legend, part of the mysterious legacy the Astrals left behind.


Lyria popup1 3.png

A general term for those who sail the skies in airships. It's said to be the job with the most freedom—and the most danger. Sky travel entails battles with all kinds of sinister creatures on just about a daily basis, so seasoned skyfarers are revered by all. Skyfarers form groups called crews. There are several famous crews in Phantagrande Skydom.


Archive library img note 004.png

As the only real means of travel between the islands, they are the symbol of skyfarers and their crews. Early airships were constructed based on Astral engineering, but advancements in research have been made in recent years. Now airships with all sorts of useful modifications crisscross the skyways.

Sky Map Piece

Lyria popup2 2.png

The mighty primal beasts possess these bits of map. The Sky Map can be acquired by gathering all of these pieces together. However, the primal beasts who possess the Sky Map fragments are nearly as powerful as gods, and each piece must be recovered from each beast.

Golonzo Island

Archive library img note 012.png

An island of top-class craftsmen who possess skills in independently repairing any airship in Phantagrande Skydom. Although simple fixes for airships can be performed anywhere, Golonzo is the only place trusted by skyfarers for large repairs and upgrades. The central dock and its rising mast not only serve as the island's emblem, but also provide daily encouragement to craftsmen as it can be seen from anywhere on the island.


Archive library img note 015.png

An animated vessel of earth and ore. There are numerous types of golems, all varying in shape, size, and form. Within the Phantagrande Skydom itself, many can be seen protecting treasure troves and palaces in every region. The Royal Family of Erste once attempted to develop a human-like golem, but there are no records of the success of the endeavor.

Local Cuisine

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With islands as varied as the clouds in the sky, one of the perks of skyfaring is sampling the local flavors. Every island has their own seasonings and unique ingredients delicious enough to calm any skyfarer's wanderlust.

Groz Island

Archive library img note 023.png

The main island of Idelva, the most powerful kingdom in Nalhegrande. The prosperous lakeside capital of the kingdom, Luxurios, is one of the wealthiest cities in the skydom. Though the city continues to see rapid development, Idelva has decreed many areas off-limits to the populace to ensure balance with nature.

Kluger Island

Archive library img note 024.png

A small island in Nalhegrande Skydom that has maintained its independence since ancient times. Though the island doesn't belong to any country, it hasn't declared its own sovereignty, and its people are essentially a community guided by a certain set of teachings. One clairvoyant sage is chosen each generation to assume the name Zeyen, preserve the teachings, and rule the island.

Teachings of Kluger

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These teachings have been passed down on Kluger Island over the generations. They lend meaning to the island's existence and describe a way of life as opposed to a collection of lessons or precepts. The one person who understands the highest truth of the teachings each generation assumes the name Zeyen and passes the teachings on to the next generation. It is said that this truth has something to do with the primal beasts, and Zeyen in fact uses the power of the primal beasts to maintain the independence of the island.

Philosopher's Stone

Island m2 71840.png

The sole substance able to circumvent the alchemic law of equivalent exchange. A complete philosopher's stone can act as catalyst to allow the infinite duplication of matter. The process to its completion, however, is far from simple. Only once it has passed through its five phases—albedo, nigredo, veriditas, citrinitas, and finally, rubedo—can it be used as a true philosopher's stone.


Island m2 71950.png

Eternalirium is when a primal beast enters an irreversible state of frenzy. It was first invented by an Astral research lab during the War. The primal beast's sense of self is erased, and it exceeds its original limits to take on a new, destructive form that cannot be suppressed. Returning to their original state is impossible once eternalirium occurs.

Festival of Falling Flame

Island m2 70001.png

An annual event held at the Port Breeze Archipelago where culture and business come together. Merchants from all over gather on this momentous occasion to set up shop, entertaining the huge crowds that partake in the event. The main attractions are the duels happening aboard the Jewel Resort Casino Liner and the circus of horrors housing exotic monsters. This festival originally began as a means to pacify the primal beast Phoenix by offering it fiery monsters. But with the Phoenix now largely considered a mere superstition, the practice has long been abandoned.

Jewel Resort Casino Liner

Island m2 70001.png

A giant casino liner that tours around the Phantagrande Skydom. The incredibly luxurious interior belies the fact that it's an airship, making it the perfect place for skyfarers to kick back and relax. From poker to slots to bingo—and of course the famous duels at the arena—there is no shortage of entertainment aboard the Jewel Resort Casino Liner.


Island m2 70500.png

They say there's a fish that has claimed the lives of many veteran fishermen—the bonito. Hardy anglers who still fish by the pole need both the intuition to predict its movements and the muscle to haul it in. Pole fishing is considered to be superior to net fishing, because the bonito can't mangle itself thrashing against the mesh. Those who land the mighty beast with nothing but grit, rod, and line are revered as legends.

Carren's Swimsuit

Island m2 71990.png

A custom piece designed by Korwa for maximum fun. It's made from highly breathable material that gives a tight, secure fit without constricting the skin; not even the strongest waves could accidently knock it off. In the extremely unlikely event of encountering deadly predators, the miniskirt automatically detaches as a decoy.

Core Monolith

Island m2 72100.png

Large-scale monoliths that were specially crafted and donated to the Mysteria Academy of Magic. There are two core monoliths installed on campus, both of which connect to other lesser monoliths. One is for magic stabilization while the other is for magic amplification.

The Clythe Family

Island m2 70010.png

Calling Valtz Duchy their home, the Clythe Family is a branch of the royal house. Once a clan charged with guarding the archduke, marriage eventually joined their houses. However, the Clythes have not forgotten their roots and continue to hone themselves in the martial arts. The family head is determined based on one's prowess in battle instead of peerage and rank. Though warriors such as they have grown obsolete in the wake of a peaceful Valtz, this doesn't seem to bother them as they enjoy their lives as a family.

Order of the Black Dragons

Island m2 70190.png

Before it became the Order of the White Dragons, the Black Dragons were the protective organization of Feendrache led by Siegfried the Dragonslayer. Siegfried disappeared when he came under suspicion for King Josef's murder. The order changed its name to the White Dragons, and Lancelot took over as captain.

Karna Citadel

Island m2 70130.png

An imperial stronghold on Auguste. With its complicated and maze-like construction, it's easy to get lost in the complex without detailed knowledge of its halls. Within its innermost chambers is housed records of a multitude of operations and battle plans, Operation: Apprehend Poseidon being among them.


Island m2 72330.png

Located in an area with winds as violent as the Grim Basin, there is not a merchant, cartographer, or skyfarer who dares go near. Whether or not civilization can even be found on this island is uncertain, for no records exists. That is why it is known as a land of ill repute.

Anti-Repulsion Field

Island m2 70460.png

As one of Robomi's primary weapons, its main purpose is to nullify the abominations' repulsion fields. When paired with more conventional weaponry, it allows the user to effectively combat the monsters.

Abomination Generators

Island m2 70460.png

Special equipment found within the research lab Thelaspeces. In ancient times these machines were used to create abominations for research purposes. Now, however, they generate the creatures for a far more deadly purpose.


Island m2 72600.png

Canaan is located in a lower layer of the Phantagrande Skydom. It can only be reached through a treacherous passage dubbed the Celestial Strait, to which countless airships and their crews have been lost. As a result, skyfarers far and wide consider Canaan to be unreachable.

Gigante Suit

Island m2 72720.png

Following Robomi's death, Nicholas uses his newfound knowledge of ancient technology to construct Robomi replicas, including one with performance comparable to that of the original. Fighting alongside Robomi has lit the fire of justice within Nicholas's heart, and when a new enemy appears, he chooses to shroud his own body with a machine and fight. When the people cry out for Robomi's help, a new defender of justice will be there to answer the call.

Abomination Cells

Island m2 72720.png

Tyrias, a human-abomination hybrid, implanted kidnapped townspeople with cells harvested from his own body. These people mutated into abominations unable to disobey Tyrias's orders. Nicholas and the captain, too, fell victim to this fiendish experimentation and were forced to follow Tyrias's commands. Can the Rashomon Research Vessel crew save them?

Midnight Island

Island m2 70100.png

Home to the goblins, this island is a desolate conglomeration of stone and rubble. Deep within its caves lies a fortress, which the goblins defend with their lives. It is deep within these caves that the Goblin King has hidden the primal beast, Hekatonkheir, as his ace against the Menean Empire.


Island m2 73220.png

This two-wheeled vehicle beloved by the rebellious youth of Mysteria is propelled by means of rotating the pedals. Aficionados affectionately refer to their gearcycles as "beasts." They often trick out their rides rather than leave them unadorned and uncool. The addition of a fire magic-fueled Turbine Reactor to power the back wheel relieves the rider of most of the burden of pedaling, and gives the gearcycle explosive speed and an ear-splitting exhaust note.

Chaos Matter

Island m2 73910.png

A crystalized form of chaos, which is a property specific to the Crimson Horizon. The existence of chaos was purely academic, until special circumstances allowed chaos to take form as chaos matter. It has the ability to negate the Sky Realm's providence, which holds sway over logic, causality, and the laws of physics. Thus even immortals can be slain by chaos.

House of Capulet

Island m2 70420.png

An honorable house that once served under King Escalus, ruler of Verona. While their relations with the Montagues were once amicable, that bond was undone by a struggle for the throne eleven years ago. Their economy is more stable than the Montagues', and they pride themselves on peaceful relations with the neighboring houses.


Lyria popup1 1.png

Built by Noa, this airship is the sister ship to the Grandcypher. It once soared through the skies carrying the main character's father and his companions. Once they had completed their journey, Walfrid and Noa moored the great vessel at a deserted dock in Golonzo, away from prying eyes.

Elemental Resonance Reaction

Island m2 74070.png

A reaction by which elements of the same type begin to resound and affect each other. Although elemental properties are found in all forms of life, resonance is typically not felt or easily identified by skydwellers or primal beasts. Large amounts of elemental properties can be found in primal beasts or elemental gems, occasionally triggering a resonance reaction. Baal has the ability to sense and amplify this reaction, allowing skydwellers and other primal beasts to feel its presence—a trick that could very well bring about new phenomena.


Island m2 70160.png

A weapon that fires arrows using a spring-loaded mechanism. Although more powerful than a bow, it generally takes more time to reload, making continuous fire difficult. Excluding those that employ the use of magic, crossbows that fire rapidly often do so at the expense of power.

Stag Beetle

Island m2 71290.png

A popular insect loved by men and women of all ages. They normally reside in the forests but can also be spotted in remote villages. Each breed of stag beetle comes with its own share of unique characteristics, and their majestic forms tend to make them a sought-out item among collectors. However, overhunting has unfortunately led to environmental disruption in recent years.


Island m2 74420.png

Creatures also known as the riverfolk that serve as messengers of the water god on Tono Island. Over time, they have become endangered and now only inhabit the cave under the sushi restaurant Miyasato. The kappa's favorite foods are fish, cucumber, and fruit. Though kappa were very much capable of swimming in the past, they are no longer able to due to their many years of living underground.

Secret Island of Mimaka

Island m2 74770.png

An island known only by select circles, its underground mineral veins have the power to cleanse impurities. Bathing in the island's hot springs and consuming fresh fruits and vegetables grown in this fertile earth are said to cure afflictions and even curses of all kinds. The people of Mimaka have decided to refrain from spreading word of their island's restorative properties, for fear of an overabundance of curious sightseers who could end up stifling the chance of recovery for those who truly need it.

Section Three


Lyria popup2 1.png

Fruit- and grain-based wine is an integral part of celebrations. Erunes are especially skilled in the art of fermentation, and the wine they make is regarded as top-shelf. Aficionados of their product dwell all throughout the sky. Out of the four races, those known to be especially fond of drinking are the Draphs. There is no shortage of stories of people carrying large quantities of wine with them as souvenirs whenever they seek a custom Draph weapon.


Archive library img note 003.png

A small island, home to a forest that yields primal crystals. Contrary to its nickname, its inhabitants are cheerful and quite sociable. It's not a sightseeing destination and doesn't have any remarkable attractions or famous products, but the simple calm of the village makes it perfect for extended stays.

Grim Basin

Lyria popup3 2.png

An area brimming with miasma that divides the Skydom. Violent winds whip the miasma in the Basin into a frenzy. Crews that sail here have to fight not only countless fiendish creatures, but relentless gales that threaten to tear their airship apart. It's said that the only way to pass through this evil place is to assemble all the scattered pieces of the Sky Map.

Primal Beasts

Lyria popup1 2.png

The greatest weapon the Astrals used in their invasion. These giant beasts are gifted with god-like power. After the War, they turned to crystal and settled into slumber, melding into every culture. Because these beasts only obey the Astrals, their awakening would be a calamity for the sky world and must be stopped.

7 Luminary Knights

Lyria popup3 3.png

Denotes the seven knights who possess supreme powers. The laws of nature that binds all others do not apply to these knights. For example, they can pass through the Grim Basin without the Sky Map. Some of the Seven rule over different skydoms. There may be one who has their eye on Phantagrande.


Archive library img note 008.png

The climate of Phantagrande Skydom, save for one region, is very warm, and so standard attire consists of light clothing. Most citizens carry a knife or some other small weapon to protect themselves from the monsters that lurk outside the cities. While these weapons are mainly for self-defense, they also double as fashion accessories. Airship crews bring back the latest fashion trends from distant islands.


Archive library img note 019.png

A young girl whose spirit once dwelled in the shell of Princess Orchis after primal beast Deus Ex Machina severed the princess' spirit from her body. With the help of Lyria and General Adam, Orchid's spirit was placed into an advanced golem similar to the type created for the general. However, maintaining her new body requires lots of energy, leaving her with a healthy appetite.

Silverwind Stretch

Archive library img note 020.png

A territory of the great land mass of North Vast, the most northern area of Phantagrande, with the Eoniho Mountains rising through its center. Due to its location, it is a peculiar area with even more peculiar beasts. A portion of the area, which includes the peaks of the Eoniho Mountains, is occupied by the Grim Basin.

How Sutera Got Her Groove Back

Island m2 71780.png

The ultimate outdoor apparel designed by Korwa to help Sutera get her groove on. With navy blue as a base, it appears neither too modest nor too fancy. The fabric has been reinforced with magic to support long-term use, making it highly resistant to rips and tears. When potato-punks approach with a wanton gaze, the outfit's self-defense mechanism activates—automatically covering her shoulders and chest.


Island m2 71900.png

Inquisition is a process within the Lumiel Order of Holy Knights to root out traitors and enforce its rigid code of conduct. Cordelia Garnet, an ace praetor, has garnered absolute confidence for her performance of inquisitorial duties. She attempted to conduct an inquisition against Captain Charlotta Fenia, triggering a peculiar set of events.

Maiden of Xochitl Island

Island m2 70870.png

On Xochitl Island a maiden's job is to sing and dance before large crowds of adherents known as ichnia. With the ichnia's loyal support, miracles are bound to happen. Maidens go through a selection ceremony at age fourteen and graduate when they turn sixteen.

Jessica's Brother

Island m2 70010.png

A young man born of the Menean Empire; he was kidnapped by the primal beast Nephthys several years prior. According to his sister Jessica, he is a restless yet simple individual with a propensity to make rather blunt remarks, and must therefore be kept under watch at all times.

Operation: Apprehend Poseidon

Island m2 70130.png

The brainchild of Furias, the scheme was to control the primal beast Poseidon with dark essence and use it as means to provide drinking water within an imperial ship. Originally conceived as an easy way to obtain fresh water at sea, it took none of the risks it would pose into consideration. Many within the imperial army saw the dangers of this plan and voiced opposition to its implementation.

Halloween in the Sky Realm

Island m2 72320.png

A festival often associated with costumes, pumpkins, and pumpkin monsters. Since times of yore, the gates to the other side are opened on this day, allowing spirits to visit the Sky Realm. Among the visitors is Lost Jack, who wanders between the two worlds. Skyfarers from near and far come to play with Lost Jack; Halloween was made for this very reason, and for many, it's what makes Halloween such a thrill.

Sacred Treasures

Island m2 72360.png

Tools created by the sovereign of the first family of a long-lost kingdom to seal away Ninetails. Nine exist in total, each with its own powerful effect. As it is nigh impossible for any single person to control them all, the first sovereign divided them up—one to each royal family. Because the power of Ninetails was used to create these, a sliver of her conscience is present in some of the sacred treasures. Each one chooses its bearer—those deemed unworthy are engulfed in unquenchable hellfire and quickly reduced to ashes.


Island m2 71600.png

A small airship designed for racing. It is lighter than traditional airships and typically only seats one to draw maximum speed. It is not suited for high-altitude flying, but its acceleration and drift surpass similarly-sized skyskimmers. It is also highly customizable.

Holy Night

Island m2 72420.png

Towns across the sky glimmer under festoons of lights as people celebrate the season, indulging in savory roasts and sugarplum cakes with those dearest to them. Santa Claus takes to the skies on this night, giving presents to all good boys and girls. Customs vary for this day rooted in sacred tradition—while generally Santa leaves gifts by the bedsides of children, some towns may prepare a tree for him to leave his goodies.

Sarya's Casebook

Island m2 70310.png

"Chat Noir managed to lure us onto the Jewel Resort Casino Liner. Then the detective's close friend, Vas, suddenly went missing and we conducted an immediate search. Witnesses told us Vas stumbled into soup, wine, and a bucket of water, and unfortunately we deduced much too late that he was trying to cover his tracks. Had we not been preoccupied with catching Chat Noir, we would have seen through Vas's ruse much sooner, and the Phantom Thief would not have had us in the palm of his hand. Perhaps if I had shared these concerns with Barawa, we would have been better able to keep our wits about us."

—A passage from Sarya's casebook

Chat Noir's Perfume

Island m2 70310.png

"Of the many items found as evidence during the Jewel Resort Incident, one of them was the Phantom Thief's perfume. At first it smells like a fresh flower coming into bloom. Then it changes into the scent of a strong spring breeze, before ending with a hint of a cat's sweetness. The various scents probably symbolize his grand entrance and mockery before fading into the wind with a high-pitched laugh. I am not particularly knowledgeable of perfumes, so I am unsatisfied with my description to that end (however, I obtained the cooperation of a feral cat to ascertain a cat's odor). I would also like to add that the midsection of the calling card addressed to the detective has the distinct scent of the pipe from which he usually smokes."

—A passage from Sarya's casebook

Three Sacred Artifacts

Island m2 70280.png

The Golden Sword, the Sunset Mirror, and the Night Jasmine Orb. These three artifacts contain the magic of the primal beast Magus—and the secrets to unlock it.

Grandsky Rumble

Island m2 72830.png

A newly-organized martial arts tournament held in Albion Citadel. Contestants who make it past the battle royale qualifiers must then go through a traditional tournament gauntlet. The champion is promised one wish in addition to the prize money. Although sponsors hail from all over the world, it is Al-Khalid who provides the majority of the funding with a whopping 70 percent.

Brillet Desert

Island m2 70030.png

A town on the desert island of Sable which changes drastically between the dry and rainy seasons. The rainy season often plagues the town with flooding. The people seem hardened by the rigors of their environment. It is said that on a clear day, the light reflecting off the sand turns the entire town a gleaming silver.

Priestess of the Dunes

Island m2 70030.png

A girl who serves as a vessel for the Sand God Graphos, the only one who has the power to oppose the Rain God Manawydan. Each priestess's destiny is to sacrifice her life to unleash Graphos's power and seal Manawydan. Forbidden unnecessary contact with the outside world, this priestess traditionally spends her time confined to the castle.

Sable Island Holy Order

Island m2 70250.png

The desert island of Sable has long suffered from a lack of natural resources, especially water. Relations between the villages scattered across the island used to be quite hostile, as they competed for resources or even stole them from one another. With the added challenge of damage from the Rain God Manawydan's periodic rampages, the island's development was slow.

A group of young people, concerned for the island's future, approached a spirit who pitied the mortals hurt by the floods. The bond formed with this spirit gave rise to the tradition of the Sand God and Priestess of the Dunes temporarily sealing the Rain God. These young people, who became the Sable Island Holy Order dedicated to the Sand God, stood as a beacon of hope to the beleaguered citizenry. The order brought unity to the divided nation, and eventually came to wield political authority as well.

Omar, the current high priest of the order, is well aware that the island's unity was born of opposition to the Rain God. He feared the disappearance of the Rain God could lead to civil discord and the loss of his position. What if the surviving Priestess of the Dunes were to rally people behind her and usurp the order's power and influence? Omar decided this eventuality must be avoided at all costs, and so he took advantage of Sara's poor health to confine her in the castle and surround her with people suspicious of her.

Book Fair

Island m2 72960.png

An exhibition and sale where books of all kinds are displayed. These events generally serve as a place for novice authors to present their works and hopefully get noticed by some of the bigger publishers. Some—like the Sphiria Book Fair—are held regularly on a smaller scale, while others—like the Auguste Book Fair—are held infrequently on a much larger scale. The rules and regulations of each book fair can differ greatly depending on the organization managing them.

Sky Philharmonic Orchestra

Island m2 73030.png

The oldest orchestra in all the skies, with a legacy spanning one hundred years. This famous ensemble is led by Nobiyo, the music director and conductor emeritus, and Narita, the conductor. Composed of musicians selected solely for their incredible talent, the members all hail from different backgrounds but have a deep respect for each other's cultures.

Cyrath Island

Island m2 73100.png

One of the many islands in the Auguste Isles. Its very particular terrain lends itself to fresh spring water being available at every turn. Cyrath's seas serve as a migrational route for eal fisherlings, making them ideal for eal-loving anglers. Broiled eal has long been a staple of Cyrath Island.

Primal Beast Ebisu

Archive library img note 026.png

This is the primal beast of blessings, whose giant body could be mistaken for an island as it migrates between the Sky Realm and the Crimson Horizon. It is a place where time and space cease to function as one would expect. Although this primal beast was created by the Astrals, blessings and luck abide by no authority—just as no one can master fate, no one can master Ebisu. Yet some would argue that Ebisu's existence represents a paradox, that it should not be able to govern luck either. Be that as it may, the name "Ebisu" has found its way into the Sky Realm, where it graces a variety of things in hopes of bringing good fortune.

Juvenile Detention Island

Island m2 73220.png

Juvie for short. A correctional facility run by the Skydom Bureau of Investigation for the rehabilitation of minors who have committed criminal offenses. The small island's remote location effectively cuts off its inmates from civilization. Educational institutions throughout the skydom contribute materials and strategies to support these young people's reintegration into society.

Zunderwunder Workshop

Island m2 73300.png

Home to Cucouroux and Camieux. Because gun workshops are so few in number compared to more traditional smithies, people all over refer to the gunsmith sisters' home as THE gun workshop. As the most storied of them all in Phantagrande, it is renowned for the high-caliber firearms it produces. The workshop is split into two main buildings, one serving as the communal workspace and the other as residence to the family and staff. Many come here as apprentices to brush up their knowledge about guns, hone their craft, and strike out on their own, happily married, after learning the tricks of the trade. Some even set up their new workplaces as branches of the Zunderwunder Workshop.

Jack's Candle

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A candle that is lit on Halloween. One reason Halloween exists is to play with Lost Jack, and the candle helps guide him to those celebrating. The person who has played with Jack the most during Halloween receives a prize from the village.

Holy Erste Empire

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A mighty military regime laying claim to the Phantagrande Skydom. The seeds of its formation were planted back when a certain skyfaring crew foiled a skydom-wide conspiracy. With Phantagrande's symbol of peace, Orchid, seemingly on the regime's side, the empire's forces are unstoppable as they take over Golonzo Island and the Valtz Duchy. Not much is known about this regime, though their leader bears an uncanny resemblance to a former major general of the fallen Erste Empire.

Central Axis

Island m2 73690.png

An organization based on the moon, far from the Sky and Astral Realms. Cassius, like many moondwellers, is a member. It is a strictly regimented society where members have no choice of profession and receive their food, necessities, and luxuries in accordance with their ranks. They are at war with strange, nebulous life-forms.

Private Institute of Mysteria

Island m2 73980.png

An imaginary school—no doubt based on the Mysteria Academy of Magic—born from the minds of the Lowain bros. Though the Tsubasa gang and the Big Three of Mysteria attend this school, the majority of the students are well-behaved and not the least bit baller.

Crimson Egg

Island m2 70560.png

After suffering defeat in the War, primal beast Veselago assumed the form of a dragon egg—an exact copy of Malinda's egg to be exact—in order to hide and recover from its wounds. Malinda's mother was tricked into thinking it was part of her brood and protected both eggs from any and all threats. When she sensed the eggs were about to hatch, the mother left the eggs on Medvecia.


Island m2 74420.png

A traditional dish on Tono Island where vinegared rice called shari is topped with neta, a piece of raw fish. Though the origin of sushi dates back to before the War, exact details are only known to the chef at Miyasato and the kappa. The names of the accompanying condiments, gari and sabi, reflect the history of sushi as offerings to the gods.

Suo Family

Island m2 75180.png

A family that spans national and town borders and, in its striving to help others in need, preserves the original meaning of the word "mafia." During the War, a woman named Rei toured various ravaged lands, saving orphaned children and fostering them on her home island. She held immense magical power in her eyes, and just as neighboring islands depended on her perspicacity whenever crises arose, so the children depended on her powers to grow into responsible, hardworking adults. Many of the children who grew up under Rei's care went on to become masters of their trade, taking up positions pivotal to the development of nearby islands. But no matter where they might go, they would remain loving and respectful of Rei as a dear mother. Coupled with her magical powers, many came to see her as a central figure in the skies. She continues to command great respect in the present day and occasionally acts as a mediator between conflicting parties.

Republic of Sui

Island m2 75380.png

A country located on Isthra Island whose society is dominated by its hereditary nobility. The country was built on trade, and domestically produced metal and cloth goods are its key exports. Blood is everything in this country, and those of lowly birth or meager means lead a harsh life. Slavery is still practiced here. After losing the war with Zilantos, Sui is under its neighbor's rule.

Vicious Three / Grudge of the Scapedog

Island m2 75430.png


Hunting down strays, hurling sticks and stones.
This town, a curse decays, all because of
the mastermind, the mastermind.

Screams incite, condemn to silence.
Who's next to bear the curse?
Step up! Step up! Step up!

W-A-R, wailing in ecstasy.
W-A-R, the curse's source, no one realizes but me.
W-A-R, sprawled in a cesspool.
W-A-R, a broken dog doesn't bark, yet bares its teeth. Graaaaah!

No one mourns for a stray dog's death.
If only it had a place to call home, it wouldn't be here.
No one prays in this silent town.

Don't go looking for the curse, and you'll make it out alive.

Holy Seat of Genesis, Estalucia

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Before it came to be known as the Island of the Astrals, it was called the Holy Seat of Genesis. Oral tradition used to speak of Estalucia as the domain of the one true god. When the Astrals invaded the Sky Realm, the occupiers supplanted the Sky Realm's god with their own Astral god, thus the Holy Seat of Genesis was also renamed accordingly.

Section Four

Tzaka the Great

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The current archduke of Valtz. He is renowned for his prowess as a blacksmith and mage. Cheerful and genuinely concerned with the happiness of others, he is especially popular. His combat technique combines his brawny Draph physique and knowledge of magic, blowing his enemies away with one swift punch. He is also Io's mentor in magic, and the passion he endowed her with can be seen from time to time in her craft.

The Earthly Realm

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The land of the dead. Those who have been to the Realm and subsequently returned exist only in myth. Ever since ancient times, falling to earth has meant death. Even today, there are some funeral rites that include casting the coffin of the deceased to earth. Records exist of curious orders who had set their sights on earth, but each and every one has vanished, so no one can be sure whether or not they were able to reach the Earthly Realm unscathed.

Hermit Island

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A nickname for Zinkenstill. No one knows when this island, which has existed quietly for several hundred years, was first called by this name. One theory is that they have been living in isolation since the final battle of the War. This isolation played a large part in the uniquely developed civilization on the island.

Tramont Island

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Shrouded in mist all year long, the island has one village and very few inhabitants. In the past, Tramont shared some contact with neighboring islands. However, it became completely closed off with the arrival of the mist several decades ago. Skyfarers who've visited claim that the few people there are quite welcoming.

Crew of Enforcers

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An immense crew of skyfarers found throughout the sky. The Blue Knight of the Seven Luminary Knights serves as the current captain. Their activities mainly involve apprehending criminals and escorting VIPs, but they take on an abundance of requests from different lands, including goods transport. Airspace is assigned to different fleets, and the Phantagrande Skydom is overseen by the Fourth Fleet, which includes Admiral Lecia and her adviser Monika.

Deus Ex Machina

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Buried in the annals of the Erste Royal Family's dark history, this primal beast sucks the essence out of humans and instills it into other matter. It can also swap the essence between humans, but cannot destroy or create it anew. This primal beast came about from a request by the Royal Family to the Astrals to create golems resembling humans. But asking for Astral cooperation can been seen as a betrayal to skydwellers and, as such, Deus Ex Machina's existence is known only to a select few within the Empire.

Dydroit Belt

Archive library img note 021.png

A giant archipelago straddling multiple skydoms located beyond the Grim Basin. It's composed of giant crags held together as one by the power of the primal beast Kikuri. Within each skydom area the Dydroit Belt covers, there is one main city, but the people are mostly merchants and explorers with long-term residents few and far between. Although it's one of the few places where you can reach neighboring skydoms without using an airship, anyone, excluding the Seven Luminary Knights, who dares to enter the Grim Basin must be reckless in spirit.

Deirdre's Revival Ceremony

Island m2 70600.png

Deirdre transfers her core to a new vessel every three hundred years. At that time the presiding ruler of Irestill uses their magic power to help create the new vessel. Over the years, however, the details of this arrangement were lost, and the late King Connor unwittingly terminated the pact by commanding Naoise to eliminate Deirdre.


Island m2 70001.png

The main attraction of the Jewel Resort Casino Liner. Watching the duelists of the arena battle it out is always a tremendous thrill, as evidenced by the fanatical cheers and screams of the fans during any match.

Ti Icniuhtli Xolotl

Island m2 70870.png

During the War there was a stalwart canine named Xolotl who fought bravely alongside his skydweller friend against the Astrals. Their bond was thought to be unbreakable until the Astrals tore that relationship apart. Xolotl wandered across Xochitl Island in depression, when he heard the welcoming words of the islanders—Ti Ichniuhtli Xolotl—which means "Friends forever, Xolotl." The maidens always start a show with this chant, but its true meaning has been forgotten after so many hundreds of years.

The Moon

Island m2 72450.png

A mutable celestial body, considerably larger than everything else in the night sky. The skydwellers look upon it with a sense of wonder, as it is constantly changing form. It was once thought to be just a pale star, but when Zeta discovers a mural on Moon Sliver, the crew believes that it's an island floating in the upper regions of the sky.

Moon Sliver

Island m2 72450.png

A peripheral island, its geography is reminiscent of the bumpy surface of the moon when seen from a giant telescope. The Society has identified this location as one of the Foe's bases. A direct line of communication remains between those who dwell on the moon and the Foe, but no one knows how it works.

Chocolae Island

Island m2 72520.png

Run by a famous chocolatier, this island is famous for its chocolate. Every year during the Valentine season, many gather in search of such treasure. The rarest kind of chocolate found there is even said to be kissed with love magic. To find those elusive delicacies, one must seek out chocolate sprites, who roam the land freely. Any who come to this island must be ready to run a marathon chasing these enchanting monsters. This in itself is an event before the advent.

City Defense Force

Island m2 72720.png

A professional fighting force dedicated to protecting the city from abominations. When the siren sounds, they roll out, wielding the weapons designed by Nicholas and accompanied by Robomi replicas. Inspired by the Steel Warriors' heroism, they stand bravely as the city's first line of defense. Go forth, City Defense Force! Only you can carry on their legacy!

Torhid Kingdom

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A kingdom that once unified and controlled Nalhegrande. The royal family of this country is composed of Draphs, many of whom are skilled combatants. Its history is ancient, stretching to even before the Astrals attacked. The Scarlet Knight of the Luminary Knights is an inherited position, a position which is passed (alongside its signature scarlet armor) from one Torhid crown prince to the next. Around five years ago, a large part of Starke Island was destroyed by an attack from the Great Wall, effectively neutralizing the kingdom. This event began to be known as "the divine retribution" by those who weren't privy to the truth.

Legendary Skyfaring Minstrels

Island m2 70060.png

Thanks to a variety of technological advances, the distance airships are capable of traveling has rapidly expanded in recent years. However, back when the Skyfaring Minstrels were active, moving between far-flung islands was a larger organizational hurdle, replete with multiple maintenance and resupply stops. Despite the inconvenience, these minstrels went from island to island spreading joy, healing, courage, and even confidence through their songs. As time passed and the group gained more respect, they eventually began to be known as "legendary," which they added to their crew moniker with pride. Although they've seen members come and go, the Legendary Skyfaring Minstrels are still wandering the skies, bringing music wherever they travel.

Druga Pirates

Island m2 70080.png

A group of fishermen now in its seventh iteration, led by a woman named Sig. She and her pirates uphold the pride of protecting the island from rowdy guests, monsters, and other troubles. Her destiny is to take down the primal beast Albacore, a mission handed down to her from generation to generation of previous leaders.

Tandem Airborne Express

Island m2 73220.png

A company engaged in the transportation of passengers and cargo between the islands of the Sky Realm. Their motto is, "Fly faster, fly safer." Recently their efforts have been focused on strengthening ties with partner companies on other islands to facilitate widespread distribution of local specialties and other goods. They have also put resources into humanitarian efforts such as the reconstruction of Mysteria Academy and the surrounding town after the devastation wrought by the forces of the Otherworld. The roots of this benevolence lie in the destruction caused when a Tandem airship exploded above Mysteria. In penance for that incident, the company erased all record of the Demon Reactor technology that caused the explosion.

Titan Suit

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The secret weapon serving as the backbone of the Holy Erste Empire's might. These suits were developed from substantial improvements made to a particular battlesuit prototype, the MK 28, manufactured originally during the former empire's glory days. Mass production of the suits began after leaders requested a rollout for infantry use, and widespread adoption started once outfitting procedures were simplified. Equipped with dark essence mechanisms in addition to durable mechanical components, the average skyfarer can't even put a scratch on them. Utilizing a system of interchanging parts, their versatility on the battlefield mustn't be understated.

New Year's Soba

Island m2 73800.png

A dish eaten for good luck at New Year's. Because soba is easier to cut than other types of noodles, it is said to symbolize cutting ties with the misfortunes of the preceding year. An alternate explanation is that the long, fine noodles embody a wish for longevity. Ingredients and seasonings vary between regions, but no matter where it's eaten, it represents an earnest wish for a good year to come.

Site Zero

Island m2 73690.png

One of the Society's many bases, at a top-secret location in Phantagrande. Filled with talented scientists and researchers, it is the source of constant advancements in science and technology. It has no combat personnel of its own, so personnel from other bases are temporarily dispatched to Site Zero as needed to protect the noncombatant staff. The facility was obliterated by Versatile and is currently being reconstructed.


Island m2 73690.png

The mysterious denizens of the moon. They lack a spoken language, communicating instead through electronic tones. They prize logical thought and prefer to deal with the world around them in a mechanical fashion. They struggle to understand and frequently exhibit contempt for illogical decisions and actions. Most moondwellers' lives are controlled by the organization to which they belong.

Barrel Bomb

Island m2 74280.png

Barrels symbolize sustenance for those who ride the waves. Sturdy and buoyant, these adventure essentials at times store provisions or treasure, and at times serve as lifelines for seamen fallen overboard. In recent years, they've grown rarer on account of storage innovations, the suitability of burlap sacks for treasure, and life buoys' burgeoning popularity. When push comes to shove, though, a seafarer will always be willing to place his trust in a barrel.

Tono Island

Island m2 74420.png

One of the many islands in the Auguste Isles. Though normally quiet, the island boasts a famous Riverfolk Festival held in the summer that brings in floods of visitors looking to take part in its festivities. A traditional dish called "sushi" that uses raw fish has especially gained popularity among tourists in recent years.

Tahar Island

Island m2 74590.png

A small island situated on the southern tip of Valtz Duchy. Its intermittent, raging sandstorms give pause to even the most able helmsmen, many of whom hesitate to brave the adverse weather for fear of damaging their vessel. Though this naturally hampers Tahar's foreign trade relations, the efforts of the Ahabak merchants' guild allow the islanders to enjoy a quality of life similar to that of skydwellers residing in other Valtz regions. On the other hand, this isolation has allowed a unique cultural identity to develop on the island. Towns are built out from the central Tahar Temple, the very symbol of the island, in a radial fashion. The many religious townsfolk have taken up the habit of expressing any heightened emotions through poetry while singing and dancing their hearts out—perhaps the very act that defines the people of Tahar.

Golden Flower of Tarvi

Island m2 70970.png

A shining golden flower mentioned in a Valtz fairy tale. It is said that anyone who proposes with this flower will find eternal happiness with their partner. The flower is in fact no legend, and grows in profusion on one particular hill in the Tarvi Dunes. It appears ordinary until moistened by the rain, upon which it shines with a brilliant golden light. These flowers are the spectral remnants of a spirit beloved by the dragon who inhabits the Tarvi Dunes. The spirit gave up her life to save the dragon, who was cursed with an incurable illness. When the dragon mourned her death, his tears summoned beautiful golden flowers from the sand which seemed to yearn for his company. Seeing his lost love in those flowers, the dragon has protected them from all comers ever since.

Ishkur, Weather-Control Device

Island m2 74880.png

A machine, presumably used by ancient civilizations, that can control the weather when a special plate-shaped key is inserted. Records of it were thought to be mere legend, but after the better part of ten years conducting research and excavation operations one archaeologist succeeded in finding Ishkur.

Section Five

Nalhegrande Skydom

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Home to the Scarlet Knight Baragona, and neighbor to the Phantagrande Skydom. The Dydroid Belt cuts across the Grim Basin lying between the two skydoms. Civil unrest stands as one the skydom's biggest problems. With giant ruins nearly the size of the islands they float above, the particularities of Nalhegrande Skydom draw attention from all over.

North Vast

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A great land mass in the most northern part of Phantagrande. It is mostly unexplored, but some areas, locked in endless territorial disputes between different nations and powers, are occupied by lawless groups. Silverwind Stretch, considered the roughest place in Phantagrande, and the Eoniho Mountains are located here and partially cross into the Grim Basin.

Nalhe Great Wall

Lyria popup2 3.png

A relic from a different age enshrined in the skies above Nalhegrande. It's existed since before the War, when the Astrals reigned over Nalhegrande. Originally created by the Astrals to combat skydwellers, it can cross skydoms and destroy whole islands with a single blast. The divine retribution that befell Torhid Kingdom was in actuality an attack from this weapon.

Nimmus Island

Island m2 74880.png

Numerous speedships were found abandoned on this island following the War, which led to the eventual birth of skyracing as a sport. The Nimmus Course is known for its harsh weather conditions, but it was shut down ten years ago when valuable ruins were discovered on the island.


Island m2 75180.png

An herbal drug used in the Karm Clan's coming-of-age ritual. Trancensia releases the body's natural limiters, enhancing physical strength and sharpening the senses. After ingesting it, one is able to perceive the minutest of movements, quickly resulting in sensory overload. This, in turn, brings to the forefront any latent fear or hatred tucked away in the psyche, leading to the body's rampage. Only those able to overcome the urges brought on by Trancensia are formally recognized as adults of Karm.

Section Six

Valtz Duchy

Archive library img note 002.png

A Draph country where scorching heat slumbers beneath the land. Due to the intense temperatures below ground, a river of lava flows there without ever hardening. Prosperity is wide-spread thanks to a steel industry that takes advantage of the heat of the land and Draph handiness. The grandest factory in all of Phatagrande Skydom is located here, laboring day and night. Metal vessels forged in Valtz are famed for being robust, beautiful, and of the best quality. They fetch a high price throughout the Skydom.

The War

Lyria popup3 1.png

A war that broke out between the skydoms and the Astrals long ago. Through this drastic conflict, the people were able to gain back rule of their world from the Astrals and change the course of history. Unfortunately, almost all details of the War are now lost, yet its effects can still be seen shaping society even today.


Lyria popup1 1.png

The area where Zinkenstill, Port Breeze Archipelago, and others drift among the calm breeze. It is encircled by the Grim Basin on all sides, but due to so many prosperous islands, there are few who attempt to leave. However, in recent years the Erste Empire has been in frequent conflict with the peoples of many islands in their quest to dominate the Skydom.


Lyria popup2 1.png

The legendary home of the Astrals. Its existence is wrapped in the same mystery surrounding its ancient inhabitants. A great number of skyfarers have scattered across the Blue Beyond in hopes of one day finding it. It's spoken of as a place full of majesty and otherworldly knowledge, and that whomever finds this isle will be granted their every wish.

The Astrals

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Long ago they invaded the skydoms, but were wiped from the pages of history after the War and now exist as pure enigma. Not one single thing is known about their true nature other than that they posses a mysterious, overwhelming strength. Today, airships employ the engineering of the Astrals.


Lyria popup1 2.png

Originally there were no means for transport, causing each society to form independently of each other. Without things like international conflict or threats, weapons development progressed exceedingly slowly. However, upon the invasion of the Astrals, every society was forced to arm themselves. Weaponry evolved even further thanks to the engineering left behind by the Astrals. It is said that the Astrals became the catalyst for modernization.

Port Breeze

Archive library img note 001.png

A group of islands blessed with bountiful breezes. Gentle winds naturally blow across these islands thanks to the power of the primal beast Tiamat, growing the archipelago as a hub for skyfarer orders. The mainland is Eingana Island, and the metropolis at its center is the heart of commerce. Though the archipelago is calm and relaxing, the winds are constant and is considered one of the more chilly locations in the skydom.

Vyrn's Past

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Vyrn has no memories of his life before Zinkenstill, and where he comes from still remains a mystery. Being neither monster nor primal beast, there has yet to be found another creature quite like Vyrn.

Bon Dance

Island m2 70500.png

A dance festival honoring the deceased observed by the denizens of the Auguste Isles. The souls of the departed head out to sea but are said to return once a year during the festival. Bright pyres guide them back to shore, where they dance with the living for a brief but fun moment before fireworks send them off back to sea.

Bestia Island

Archive library img note 025.png

An island located near the border of Nalhegrande Skydom, it's entirely undeveloped without a single habitation. Due to the power of Echidna, the island's pacted primal, injured or destitute primals are often drawn to the island. Although it's an extremely dangerous place for the average person, the island's overseer Echidna cares deeply for others, welcoming all living beings as if they were her very own children.

Benthic Island

Island m2 71990.png

An island of the Auguste Isles. Although its seas are relatively free of fish, it is home to a wide variety of macrobenthos—organisms such as shellfish, octopi, sea urkins, and more. On land you'll find nothing but fishermen, at least until Sierokarte's eagerly-awaited tourist development plans come to fruition.

Order of the White Dragons

Island m2 70190.png

This group of knights maintains peace for Feendrache, royal capital blessed by primal beast Sylph's benevolence, and its surrounding areas. Formerly known as the Order of the Black Dragons, the murder of King Josef forced a name change and reorganization in which Lancelot was promoted to captain under Consul General Isabella. There is no hand-holding in this order; each knight is expected to adhere to strict codes of discipline and excellence.


Island m2 70190.png

A priceless miracle elixir whose properties can instantly cure all manner of ailments, it can only be created by the primal beast Sylph. A scandal brought to light the harmful by-product called karmide, and so the production of alma, as well as its very existence, was abandoned altogether.


Island m2 71600.png

Formally known as the Platinum Sky Cup, this annual event is the biggest race to take to the skies. What sets this race apart is the allowance of weapons and other methods for obstructing opponents on the course—the only rule is you must use your own speedship. Skyfarers, speed freaks, engineers, and more gather from all over to claim fame and the big payout.

Order of the White Dragons Exam

Island m2 72390.png

This prestigious exam is offered to anyone wishing to enlist in the Order of the White Dragons. Starting from the year the members of Team Chickadee applied, a revised exam was installed by Captain Lancelot—the largest distinction being proctors spending extended periods of time with applicants to fully scrutinize their personality traits. With this change, the exam has become more accessible for those who have chivalrous virtues within them above all other factors.

Valentine's Day

Island m2 72520.png

This is a day to show one's love or appreciation through the giving of chocolate. Though there is a plethora of shapes one can choose one from, the most popular is by far the heart. While vendors of the savory treat contend for customers, there are many who say that feelings are best expressed by offering handmade chocolate.

Eastern Island of the Rising Sun

Island m2 70280.png

During the War, research on weaponizing primal beasts was conducted here. Now it is a forgotten land faded from memory, all but erased from the annals of history.

Fehrtyl Island

Island m2 70650.png

Known for its fertile and flourishing landscape of fruits, nuts, and mushrooms, this island is known as the “bountiful island.” Many of the products native to the island attract tourists from across the sky. For that reason, the island’s lax borders supposedly allow for visitors to freely come and go to enjoy the harvest and mountains.

Branwen's Cauldron

Island m2 70250.png

The Sable Island Holy Order has made a study of primal beasts since ancient times and always concealed their findings. They determined that the cauldron Branwen holds is capable of producing monsters from the negative emotions of people nearby. This information was not freely available even to priests of the order. There are many theories as to the mechanism by which Branwen's primal beast powers and the cauldron which catches her tears actually produce these monsters, but as yet no definitive answer. Nonetheless, Omar set out to steal Branwen's cauldron in order to manipulate public opinion by summoning and then defeating monsters.

Phidi Island

Island m2 70060.png

Although this island is now idyllic and self-sufficient, it started as a settlement of skydwellers from another, nearby island who were brought here to combat overpopulation and food shortage issues. The land was cultivated almost immediately after an official assessment found the land to be fertile and the climate fair. As development was progressing, however, a snake-like primal beast that had been sleeping on the island since the time of the War awoke, bringing calamity to the immigrating population. At first the people tried to search for a way to live peacefully alongside the primal, but as causalities rose, this was deemed to be a futile pursuit. With all hope lost, the settlers were ready to abandon the project, but the Legendary Skyfaring Minstrels appeared and put the primal to sleep using the power of their music.

Perfetto Island

Island m2 73030.png

Known as the island of the arts, its residents engage in their crafts daily out of respect for the island's guardian deity, Arte. Be it painting, sculpting, or music, the islanders hold each other's creative talents in high regard. One morning a work of art is placed in the town square by an unknown creator. Rumor has it that a light-haired young man wearing a hat lowered over his eyes was spotted the night before, but the truth remains unclear.

Bistro Feendrache

Island m2 73410.png

In the royal capital of Feendrache stands a long-established restaurant operated by Jack, a former knight-in-training from the Order of the Black Dragons. Jack took over the bistro after his father—the former owner—passed away, but management was a challenge he wasn't prepared for, and soon tumbleweeds were practically tumbling though the eatery. After the bistro received an ultimatum from Savarin, a renowned gourmet, the crew stepped in to remake the restaurant with the assistance of Lancelot, Vane, Percival, and Siegfried. As a sign of respect for the knights who helped the eatery weather the crisis, it was renamed Bistro Drachenritter.

Premium Friday

Island m2 73800.png

A new custom dreamed up by Friday. The initiative proposes that, in order to live more fulfilled lives, everyone should knock off work early at the end of the month, on the evening that a beautiful golden star gleams in the heavens. People have been reluctant to embrace this bleeding-edge idea. For their sakes Friday created FRIED SHRIMP (a Fantastically Radical Idea for Ending Drudgery, Saving Human Resources from Infinite Mental Pain) to free workaholics from the chains of their clock-punching lives via the cleansing power of fire.

Seal Weapons

Island m2 73690.png

The weapons with which Vaseraga, Zeta, and other Society combatants have made contracts. Named by Alandus. These weapons can absorb a primal beast's power and kill it. They are in fact the dormant forms of automagods created by moondwellers. A command from a moondweller or other triggers can awaken the weapons, causing them to revert to their automagod forms. Like the automagods, the seal weapons have no wills of their own, but it would seem that Embrasque—contracted to Beatrix—is an exception. Embrasque responds strongly to Beatrix's words and emotions.

Ice Crystal Palace

Island m2 71480.png

The underground palace home of the Crystalia, built long ago by the Snow Maiden. The palace's glittering ice walls keep it cold year-round. Its structure, which follows the naturally-formed cave into which it was built, is a source of awe and bafflement to visitors from outside.

Palapagos Island

Island m2 71290.png

A small, solitary island that sits among the Auguste Isles. Its remote location makes it inaccessible to most people, allowing a unique and distinct ecosystem to flourish. Some would even call Palapagos an insect paradise. Many unidentified creatures are said to dwell on the island, the mystery of which stirs the imaginations of adventurers all over. This, in turn, has given birth to countless legends about the island—some fact, some fiction.

Section Seven


Lyria popup1 3.png

The power that governs all things mysterious. Those who master this power are called mages. Unlike primal beasts, this skill has existed in the skydoms since ancient times. There are even schools dedicated to studying the craft. It is possible to achieve power on par with that of the primal beasts upon mastering magic, but those who have reached that level are few and far between.


Archive library img note 014.png

A desert island rich in history and abundant in ancient ruins. Dating back to before the Great War, it was once the capital of the Erste Kingdom. What was once the glorious mecca of golem industry has become a shadow if its former self with the advent of the primal beasts and their research. The land has slowly dwindled into obscurity, and its population has withered to less than a tenth of what it once was.

Dark Essence

Lyria popup2 2.png

A crystal borne from the Erste Empire's research of Lyria and the primal beasts. Originally designed to mimic the power of the Astrals, it has the power to bestow artificial Astral power unto beings from the Sky Realm. However, wielding powers from a different dimension must not be done without great caution.


Lyria popup2 3.png

Malice is the form of a primal beast that has been subject to excess infusion of dark essence. Though they possess astounding power in this state, the Astrals never designed them to be able to handle such amounts of dark energy. There is great risk of destroying the primal beast itself.

Merkmal Island

Archive library img note 022.png

An island located on the edge of Nalhegrande Skydom, landmarked by the giant fortress left by the Astrals. Although it falls under the rule of Idelva Kingdom, it's mostly untouched as the island is without a significant industry or residential population. But since the settlement by the outlaws in recent years, it's become fairly independent, leading to uneasiness regarding their new role in the sky.

Mysteria Academy of Magic

Island m2 72100.png

The most prestigious and preeminent magic academy in Phantagrande, its reputation commands respect far and wide. From royal families to the lowest commoners, all aspiring mages are welcomed through its gates. Equipped with two core monoliths, even novices find themselves commanding magic with ease. Students here study all kinds of magic from morning until night—sometimes even the forbidden kind.


Island m2 72100.png

Monoliths are magical stones that help stabilize or amplify magic. Their power and stability, as well as their market value, are proportional to their physical size. The core monoliths that the Mysteria Academy possess are extraordinarily rare and expensive.

Arcania Taint

Island m2 70280.png

A mysterious disease that causes magical energy to continuously flow from within the body. Zehek suffers from this ailment and receives treatment regularly from his master, Mishra. However, they know of no cure, applying only treatment to alleviate the symptoms for the time being.

The Menean Empire

Island m2 70100.png

This empire exists in the eastern region of Phantagrande and is occupied by Lumacie and Sephira military forces. The Menean Empire is run by General Vizan who is deeply trusted by his people and very often conducts external negotiations. Within the empire, there are rumors of blood-stained battles for the crown, but that history has long been swallowed by the darkness.

Micenos Island

Island m2 73820.png

A small, unremarkable island tucked away in a corner of the Phantagrande Skydom. It has one medium-sized town, on the outskirts of which is a place known as Mao Mera Hill. For some reason the citizens don't seem fond of cats.

Mao Mera's Cage

Island m2 73820.png

A strange-looking building on Mao Mera Hill, on the outskirts of Micenos Island's only town. It once served as a laboratory to a pair of married scientists but was abandoned after the husband died. The hill has become a dumping ground, and the labyrinthine interior of the former lab discourages exploration. It appears to have been appropriated as a stronghold by the local feral cats.


Island m2 73820.png

A plant with a unique aroma. Its scent has an intoxicating effect on cats.

House of Montague

Island m2 70420.png

An honorable house that once served under King Escalus, ruler of Verona. While their relations with the Capulets were once amicable, that bond was undone by a struggle for the throne eleven years ago. While their economy is less stable than the Capulets', they boast unrivaled weaponry and tactics suitable for foreign policy.

Medvecia Island

Island m2 70560.png

This island is home to beings said to have only appeared in legends: vampires. Located in Phantagrande's northeastern region, the entire land mass is perpetually hidden in a thin layer of fog; its residents are protected from the sun, but that means living in a constant state of dusk. Most people steer clear of the island, having heard tales of fearsome vampires feasting on the blood of the living, but intrepid skyfarers and treasure hunters eagerly seek out Medvecia's hidden inhabitants.

Arcane Bow

Island m2 70160.png

A bow that shoots arrows generated by magic. Having been created by a guardian village during the War to seal away the Forbidding One, its arrows have the ability to decrease the power of its target, the effectiveness depending on the magic of its wielder. It appears to have been repaired numerous times throughout the centuries.


Island m2 74420.png

Tono Island's oldest sushi house. Originally known only to island locals, with the rising popularity of sushi over the recent years, it is now a prime dining spot that boasts long lines of customers from abroad. The most prominent theory behind the name is that "Miyasato" was derived from its location beside the most revered shrine (miya) in the village (sato).


Island m2 75180.png

The end of the War introduced a new problem to the skies: a power vacuum. Law and order was at an all-time low, and everyone was scrambling to take control. Factions—some representing entire islands, others representing entire bloodlines—began to form all over and assist each other through the difficult times. However, there were also those that survived mainly by dint of martial force, and they would become progenitors of the factions known today as the mafia. These militant factions eventually found themselves at odds with others that achieved stability through more peaceful means; their influence waned as trade and diplomacy between islands became more commonplace with the advancement of airship technology. They began to resort to illegal means to sustain themselves, and "mafia" became a general-purpose term for the criminal underworld of the skies. But at one point it connoted organized cooperation, not organized crime. In fact, some people even considered the mafia to be the neighborhood watch.

Magasin Family

Island m2 75180.png

In the western reaches of the Phantagrande Skydom there was a certain large town that flourished after the War. There, they traded in everything from foodstuffs of neighboring islands, to various goods left behind by the Astrals, to stolen articles from who-knows-where. During those times, these sorts of black markets popped up all over the place. Some nations would formally recognize the outstanding merchants and set rules and regulations of trade, effectively eradicating many illegitimate businesses. However, one in particular swooped in and filled the role of the shut-down businesses, taking over their products and trade routes, leading to exponential growth. Their methods grew more and more extreme with each passing day, leading to the Magasin crime family as it is known today.

Magmell Island

Archive library img note 027.png

One of several islands that forms the Istavion Kingdom, it's governed by the Royal Philos Institute, which serves as the only school in the kingdom. In general only students and school personnel are allowed onto the island, and they're forced to follow school policy while on campus. Such measures may seem harsh and draconian, but it fosters a healthy learning environment free from outside interference. Before the island was retrofitted for teaching, it housed various facilities of scientific research, one of which was an observatory.

Section Eight


Lyria popup3 1.png

A very ordinary occupation. It covers a broad range of jobs, from guarding cities or important people to intervening in international conflict. There are those who earn a living as agents while also belonging to an airship crew. This arrangement is quite convenient, as use of an airship provides a special freedom of mobility. However, agents can operate without licenses or credentials, so their quality is hit-or-miss. Anyone who wants a job well done would be wise to put in a request at the agents' guild in town, even if it costs a little extra.

The Four Primarchs

Island m2 71730.png

When the Astrals took over the skydoms thousands of years ago, they created the original primal beasts in order to regulate the world. Four of those origin beasts in particular oversee the tetra-elements responsible for natural order: Michael (fire), Gabriel (water), Raphael (wind), and Uriel (earth). They usually remain assimilated into the sky, aiding the supreme primarch Lucifer with absolute loyalty.


Island m2 71040.png

The ability to listen to a recount of a dream and tell what worries a person, what they hope for, how they're feeling, and what the future holds for them. What each dream represents is entirely dependent on the dreamer. It requires great skill to correctly read a person and interpret what their dreams mean.

Gallery of Dreams

Island m2 71040.png

A place connecting the world's dreams through doors. The shape, color, height and all other properties of the doors are affected by the dream which produces them. Monsters called nightmare fragments seep from night terrors to haunt these halls. Because it is a world of dreams, a physical body cannot enter—only the mind is allowed to wander in this gallery.

Eureka Island

Island m2 72720.png

An island that holds many memories for the brothers Rashomon and Daimon. Previously home to quarries and mines which produced highly workable raw materials, the processing techniques developed here were invaluable to the era. However, advancing technology led to a decrease in demand, causing the facilities to close and the island to be forgotten. Growing up, Rashomon and Daimon used the resources lying dormant on this island for the manufacturing of prototype parts.

Yudhisthira Island

Island m2 70080.png

Welcome to Yudhisthira Island, one of the jewels of the Auguste Isles. It's a popular tourist spot boasting all sorts of delights, from white-sand beaches to rainbow-colored flower fields, all bathed in eternal sunshine. In addition to attracting weary travelers, this resort destination is a major source of tax revenue for Auguste. We hope you enjoy your stay! (Please note that the Druga Pirates have claim over the fish in this area and are unofficially tasked with maintaining the island's defenses).


Island m2 70160.png

A ranged weapon used throughout the Sky Realm for hunting and fighting monsters. While a skilled hand is necessary to maximize a bow's accuracy and power, the weapon sees wide use because it can be obtained more easily than guns that require specialized knowledge and technology to produce. Bow shapes vary from island to island.

Mercenary's Guild

Island m2 75240.png

A guild with its headquarters based in Valtz. Compared to other guilds, their rules and regulations are considerably more lax. Members are free to associate with the guild at their own discretion, though the distinction between members and nonmembers is difficult to define when anyone who calls themselves a mercenary is welcome to use the guild's services. Donna, the guild's founder and leader, pioneered the flexibility and freedom of the guild's policies. However, for those hoping to extensively use the guild's intermediaries to search for work, formally registering one's name with the guild is recommended.

Zilantos Kingdom

Island m2 75380.png

A country located on Isthra Island which values innovation over history. Its lands are mostly infertile, rendering self-sufficiency difficult, but it is richly supplied with mineral resources from its many mines. As a rule, might makes right in this country, and weaker citizens receive no quarter. Zilantos poured resources into its military far earlier than its neighbors, and has been aggressive in its attempts to seize their territory throughout much of their shared history.

Section Nine


Archive library img note 009.png

A group of islands with a deep forest that thrives under the protection of the primal beast Yggdrasil. Most of the forest is quite ancient, having existed since the Astral invasion and The War. Ruins of legend and mystery lie in deeper parts, including plants found no where else in the skydom. However, the danger of the forest has hindered its exploration.

Thunderswift Lord

Island m2 71670.png

The secondary title of Albert, leader of the Sky Knights of Levin. With eyes like a storm and a sword as swift as thunder, he is considered second to none in the Kingdom of Levin. His fame has led many to think of the Sky Knights as Albert's own personal order, which subsequently becomes the source of a future tragedy.

The Kingdom of Levin

Island m2 71670.png

A lightning-covered island in the easternmost point of Phantagrande. It is known for its powerful order as well as its two legendary trademarks, the Celestial Eye and the Skyblade, which have survived since the time of the War. Yurius, a knight of Levin raised under the banner of a duke, assassinated the king and stole the Astral Void Lacrima, leaving the kingdom devastated.

Lowain Bros Human Pyramid Attack

Island m2 71780.png

A deadly metamorphosis of three bros converging as if one. When Lowain, Elsam, and Tomoi worked as part-time waiters, they once battled a nefarious customer who attempted to skip the bill. It was then that, purely by coincidence—or rather a miracle—this most phenomenal attack to end all attacks was born. Enemies are dazed at the sight of their sudden increase in size and mobility. The H.P.A. is considered nigh unstoppable in their hometown, where it is often toted as the stuff of legends.


Island m2 71840.png

This arcane technique created and refined by Cagliostro allows for the conversion of matter into whatever form is desired. Any material can be transmuted into another so long as the law of equivalent exchange is preserved. That is: one may only take as much as one gives; something cannot be created from nothing. The true value of alchemy, however, lies in a universal truth hidden deep within the secrets of this mysterious art.

Rhem Kingdom

Lyria popup1 1.png

Currently one of the most powerful countries in the Nalhegrande Skydom. This country started out as the duchy of Rhem during the era of the Torhid Kingdom, and its current king is the second son of the duke who formerly ruled. Due in part to Rhem's long history, royal blood and social standing are valued above all else here. The Violet Knight, one of the Luminary Knights, is also a distant relative of the Rhem family.

Lumiel Order of Holy Knights

Island m2 71900.png

Personified by their creed "forever pure, forever righteous," the Lumiel Order of Holy Knights work tirelessly to provide protection for the weak and the hopeless. Their deeds are recognized throughout the skies, and their current acting captain, Charlotta Fenia, is admired as the most powerful member in the order's illustrous history.

Lumiel Gourmand

Island m2 71900.png

This title is given to the culinarian who caters special ceremonies within the order's halls. It is said that a taste of his or her food will increase vitality and restore health, a trait that has made the Gourmand a popular figure among holy knights. The secret is a technique developed by Sevastien that allows the Gourmand to squeeze 200% of the nutritional value out of any ingredient.


Island m2 71950.png

The traditional profession of ranger requires one to possess the knowledge and skills to survive the elements. There are some among these specialized naturalists who call themselves forest rangers. Before the prevalence of airships, forest rangers were the lifeline for local communities who depended on nature's bounty for sustenance.

Life Dice Game

Island m2 72530.png

A multiplayer board game traditionally played among friends and family during the New Year's holiday season. The specific rules differ by region, but the main idea is to roll the dice and proceed the corresponding number of tiles until the "Goal" is reached. Various events can occur depending on the tile landed on, resulting in a fluctuation of income. The player with the most rupies at the end wins.

Rashomon Research Vessel

Island m2 70460.png

A special ship used by geologist Dr. Rashomon and his team. The ship is equipped for research in numerous fields of science and also contains special equipment needed for drilling and geological research. As the vessel often requires specialized mechanical modifications, it even comes with a resident engineer.

Lucilius's Legacy

Island m2 72600.png

The fruits of the Astral Lucilius's research, and his greatest act of defiance against the Creator. This beast harbors the power to destroy the world and was sealed away by the supreme primarch, Lucifer.

Broiled Eal

Island m2 73100.png

A specialty of Cyrath, eals are sliced into thin fillets and put through a metal skewer before being dipped into thick, sweet sauce and grilled over a charcoal fire. Turned over multiple times on the grill until they reach the perfect softness inside while retaining a crisp golden brown sheen on the outside, broiled eals can differ drastically in taste depending on how they are prepared. It is a chef's pride to be able to make quality broiled eal.

Wolfire Land

Island m2 71480.png

The fortress home of the Souvals, built long ago by the Sun Lord. Located near the summit of a volcano, it is hot year-round. The system of caves which run mazelike through the mountain provide a natural defense against outsiders.

Dragon Blood

Island m2 74660.png

For centuries, legends of dragon blood and its mystical powers have been told throughout all of the Sky Realm. One such legend speaks of its power to grant immortality, though the truth to this tale is anyone's guess.