Sturm and Drang: A Mercenary's Life

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Sturm and Drang: A Mercenary's Life is a story event.

This event contains main quest spoilers related to Chapter 73.

The mercenary duo that needs no introduction!
The Maelstroms of Discord, Sturm and Drang,
at your service.

Be it monsters or missing persons, cargo running
or bodyguard duty—you know who to call.
(Speedship racing? You'd better believe it.)

No job is too big or too small for this repertoire
of experience and expertise. Top-quality
performance guaranteed!*

*Service fees vary based on request.
Please seek direct consultation for estimates.

For new players

Notable Rewards

New Character

This event has no recruitable character.

Event Battles

Story Battles

Occurrences Notes
Ch. 3, Ep. 4
Ch. 6, Ep. 4

Solo Battles

Challenge Battle

Hustle to the Party!

Feena and friends run into monsters on their way to a party. Take the roadblocks down before they're late to the opening toast!

Defeat the Pixie first or else it will heal all foes. May require multiple tries, as RNG affects whether if the Pixie can be defeated before the T2 heal.

Event Rewards

Event Shop

Item Step Limit

Dynamic Merc Duo
1 13015
2 16050
3 19075
4 1120100

Soldier Bow
1 1155
2 13020
3 15040
4 17560

Rope Whip
1 15-
2 115-
3 120-
4 125-

Survival Knife
1 15-
2 115-
3 120-
4 125-

Premium Draw Ticket
1 115-
2 1205
3 13010

Angel Queen
1 303-

Half Elixir
1 20-2

Soul Berry
1 50-1

CP ×10
1 2031
2 1052
3 1083

Champion Merit
1 3155
2 33010
3 35015

Supreme Merit
1 35020
2 310040

Skill Shard
1 5203

Skill Jewel
1 33010


  English Title Japanese Title Step Description Reward Notes
In Freedom and Unity 自由と絆を手にし者 Get 200 mercenary's medallions Crystal ×30
Bringer of Trust and Security 信用と安心の運び屋 Get 100 aromatic oils Crystal ×30
No Work, All Play 平和にダラダラ ★☆☆ Get 100,000 honors in A Mercenary's Life Crystal ×10
Results Guaranteed* 実績と信頼あってこそ ★★☆ Get 500,000 honors in A Mercenary's Life Crystal ×30
Same Old, Same Old 変わることのない日常 ★★★ Get 1,000,000 honors in A Mercenary's Life Crystal ×50
My Cargo Brings All the Monsters 魔物を引き寄せる匂い Complete chapter 3 of A Mercenary's Life Crystal ×10
Tamer of Maelstroms 疾風怒濤を破りし者 Complete chapter 6 of A Mercenary's Life Crystal ×10
Scrubby Merc 駆け出し傭兵 ★☆☆ Clear A Mercenary's Life special quest 5 times Crystal ×10
Veteran Merc ベテラン傭兵 ★★☆ Clear A Mercenary's Life special quest 50 times Crystal ×30
Infamously Superb Merc 巷でウワサのスーパー傭兵 ★★★ Clear A Mercenary's Life special quest 200 times Crystal ×50
Can't Stop Smelling You この香りたまんねえ~~ Defeat Ajatar (Nightmare) in A Mercenary's Life special quest Crystal ×50
Party's Just Getting Started! 楽しいパーティーはまだまだ続くよ! Clear the challenge quest Hustle to the Party! Crystal ×10
Enemies Yesterday, Friends Today 昨日の敵は今日の友 Defeat Sturm and Drang (Maniac) in A Mercenary's Life special quest Crystal ×50


See: Sturm and Drang: A Mercenary's Life/History and Sturm and Drang: A Mercenary's Life/History 2

Voiced Trailer

Japanese[1] EnglishThis is an unofficial, amateur translation.[2]



















Hey, hey Sturm! Listen, listen!

What now?

It looks like we're finally gonna be protagonists!


The new event's protagonists!
Isn't that a big deal!? Right? Right?!

Shut up!


I don't get what you're saying at all!

Ow..ow... Heheh... There's no reason to stab me for good news, y'know?

Still don't get a lick of it, but go blow off that hype somewhere else on your own.

Aww, you didn't have to tell me that! Let's say the event's title together at least! Please? Please?


Here, it's written right here!
C'mon, one~ two~

'Sturm and Drang's' — Huh?

Hmph. 'A Mercenary's Life'.

Aargh, I wanted to say it together!

Isn't that good enough!? I'm leaving. There's work to do.

Yes ma'am.
Heh... Anyway, look forward to our activities~

Trailer Teaser Text

This text only appears in the voiced trailer pop-up window.

Next up in Granblue Fantasy,
Sturm and Drang
A Mercenary's Life