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Crystals are the premium currency of Granblue Fantasy. They can be used to purchase almost all of the same items available for real-world currency.


The biggest use for crystals is for performing Premium Draws to obtain new characters, weapons, and summons. There are also some useful purchases available in the Crystal shop, primarily expanding inventory space and adding weapon/summon stashes.

Crafting a Revenant Weapon requires a total of 2100 crystals to recruit an Eternal, this is divided between seven different steps of the overall upgrade process of the weapon.


  • Complete most quests for the first time (50 each)
    • The first 0-AP Fate Episode for each character awards Crystals, while subsequent Fate Episodes award other bonuses
    • Event quests with multiple difficulties will each award completion Crystals
    • Daily quests do not award Crystals the first time they are completed
    • Nightmare and challenge quests in most events will award a Blue Sky Crystal instead, although you will usually also get a trophy as well.
  • Host and defeat a raid boss for the first time (50 per difficulty)
  • Earn trophies (5-50)
  • Monthly activity bonus (up to 500 a month)
  • Daily Bonus reward (450 every 15 days)
  • Event daily missions (50 each)
  • Unite and Fight betting (varies)
  • Cross Promotion rewards (varies)
  • Compensation for game maintenance/outage (varies)