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The Shop menu contains links to the various shop lists, allowing players to buy items for treasure, sell items for rupies, or craft legendary weapons.
  • Daily limits reset at 05:00 JST each day.
  • Weekly limits reset at 05:00 JST every Monday.
  • Monthly limits reset at 05:00 JST on the first of the month.


This shop sells items and upgrades for MobaCoin (Chrome) or GranblueCoin (iOS/Android), real-money currency in Granblue Fantasy.

Item Coin
Full Elixir (sale: limit 5) 20
Soul Balm (sale: limit 5) 20
Full Elixir 100
Soul Balm 100
Origin Crystal x100 100
10 Weapon Slots 100
10 Summon Slots 100
Add Weapon Stash 500
Add Summon Stash 500
20 Gems 100
200 Gems 1,000
500 Gems 2,400
1000 Gems 4,700
2000 Gems 9,200
3000 Gems 13,500


This shop sells items and upgrades for Crystals, the premium currency in Granblue Fantasy.

Item Crystals
Full Elixir 100
Soul Balm 100
10 Weapon Slots 100
10 Summon Slots 100
Weapon Stash 500
Summon Stash 500
20 Gems 100
200 Gems 1,000
500 Gems 2,400
1000 Gems 4,700
2000 Gems 9,200
3000 Gems 13,500

Treasure Trade[edit]

The treasure shop has 4 subsections: Quest Items, Treasure, Events, and Sell Treasure.

Quest Items[edit]

This shop allows trading in items found during Main Quests. It includes the Cosmic weapon series as well as coop room boost items.

Item Cost Limit
Damascus Crystal -
Damascus Ingot 3
Gold Brick 1
Gold Brick 1
Gold Brick 2
Soul Berry 5 daily
Half Elixir 2 daily
Fury Pebble 10/mo
Fury Stone  ?  ?
Soul Berry 5 daily
Half Elixir 2 daily
Fury Pebble 10/mo
Soul Berry 5 daily
Half Elixir 2 daily
Fury Pebble 10/mo
Soul Berry 5 daily
Half Elixir 2 daily
Fury Pebble 3/mo
Angel Knife 2 daily
Half Elixir 2 daily
Soul Berry 5 daily
Mithra Rarity SSR.png summon 1
Promise 1
Soul Berry 5 daily
Half Elixir 2 daily
Celeste Rarity SR.png Summon 1
Celeste Cane 1
Mythril Baghnakhs 1
Mythril Bow 1
Luminiera Rarity SR.png Summon 1
Luminiera Spear 1
Mythril Spatha 1
Mythril Kukri 1
Yggdrasil Rarity SR.png Summon 1
Yggdrasil Crystal Blade 1
Mythril Hammer 1
Mythril Partisan 1
Leviathan Rarity SR.png Summon 1
Leviathan Muzzle 1
Facon 1
Mythril Knife 1
Mythril Spear 1
Colossus Rarity SR.png Summon 1
Colossus Breaker 1
Zhezl 1
Tiamat Rarity SR.png Summon 1
Tiamat Amood 1
Peridot Carbuncle Rarity SR.png summon 1
Half Elixir 2 daily
Soul Berry 2 daily
Mythril Sword 1
Mythril Rod 1
White Rabbit Rarity SR.png summon 1
Cosmic Weapons 1
Silver Relic Weapons Silver Relic Shards 2/mo
Rose Crystal Weapons Rose Crystal square.jpg Rose Crystal ×10 1
Potion Kit -
Potion Kit x3 -
Potion Kit x5 -
Auspicious Scroll -
Auspicious Scroll x3 -
Auspicious Scroll x5 -
Attainment Scroll -
Attainment Scroll x3 -
Attainment Scroll x5 -
Invigorating Draught -
Invigorating Draught x3 -
Reviving Tincture -
Reviving Tincture x3 -
Powering Seed -
Powering Seed x3 -
Powering Seed x5 -
Fortifying Seed -
Fortifying Seed x3 -
Fortifying Seed x5 -
Fortuitous Feather -
Fortuitous Feather x3 -
Fortuitous Feather x5 -


Trade in daily dungeon materials here. Generally, many lower-tier items can be traded for one higher-tier item, or vice versa, though some key links are missing. There is a daily limit on how many of each item can be exchanged.

For all elemental items, same elements are used to exchange for one another.

Item Cost Limit
High Orb Low Orb x10 3 daily
Scroll Tome x5 3 daily
Whorl Scroll x5 3 daily
Flawed Prism Prism Chip x3 30 daily
Flawless Prism Flawed Prism x5 15 daily
Rainbow Prism Flawless Prism x15 10 daily
Prism Chip x3 Flawed Prism 30 daily
Flawed Prism x5 Flawless Prism 15 daily
Flawless Prism x15 Rainbow Prism 10 daily
True Anima Omega Fragment x30 -
High Raid Omega Anima High Raid Anima x10
Omega Fragment x20
Dawn Anima True Fire Anima
True Wind Anima
True Light Anima
Dusk Anima True Water Anima
True Earth Anima
True Dark Anima
Star Sand Scoop Dawn Anima
Dusk Anima
Bright Spirits Twin Elements Omega Anima
Nezha Omega Anima
Apollo Omega Anima
Murky Spirits Macula Marius Omega Anima
Medusa Omega Anima
Dark Angel Olivia Omega Anima
Peacemaker Star Bright Spirits
Murky Spirits
Heavenly Horn Azure Feather x5 -
Silver Centrum Heavenly Horn x5 1 monthly
Golden Beast Seal Zhuque Seal
Xuanwu Seal
Baihu Seal
Qinglong Seal
Golden Ream Golden Talisman x5 -
Obsidian Ream Obsidian Talisman x5 -
Rose Crystal Rose Crystal Petal x3 -
Class Distinction Rose Crystal Petal x3 10 monthly
Legendary Merit Supreme Merit x3
Champion Merit x10
1 daily


Links to event item shops are found here. See specific event pages for details.

Sell Treasure[edit]

Certain items found from Coop Quests can be sold for rupies here.

Item Cost
50 rupies Bronze-Plated Disk
300 rupies Silver-Plated Disk
1,000 rupies Gold-Plated Disk
5,000 rupies Any 1 of the following:

Note that Searing Stone, Resplendent Coral, Opulent Amber, and Vortical Pinwheel, are used in crafting Class Champion Weapons to unlock Row IV classes, so it may not be prudent to sell them for rupies.


This shop sells items for Renown Pendants and Prestige Pendants. Pendants are obtained from raid bosses with the matching symbol over it.

Renown Pendants
Item Pendants Limit
Bronze Moon square.jpg Bronze Moon 20 1/mo
Silver Moon square.jpg Silver Moon 100 1/mo
Gold Moon square.jpg Gold Moon 1,000 1/mo
Omega Unique Item 500 3/mo
Anima 100 10/mo
Omega Anima 200 10/mo
True Anima 2,500 1/mo
Rarity SR.png Primal Beast weapons 1,000 2/mo
Rarity SSR.png Primal Beast Omega weapons 5,000 2/mo
Luminiera Sword Omega 5,000 4 lifetime
Tier 2 Summon raid Rarity SSR.png weapons 9,500 1/mo
Prestige Pendants
Item Pendants Limit
Elemental Centrum 300 5/mo
Urn 500 1/mo
Class Distinction 20 30/month
Weapon Stone 30 30/mo
Elemental Quartz 30 30/mo
2,500 1/mo
3,200 1/mo

Weapon Series[edit]

This is where high-end weapons are crafted.

Redeem Replica Items
Item Cost
Keraunos Replica
Ipetam Replica
Nirvana Replica
Rosenbogen Replica
Langleik Replica
Faust Replica
Muramasa Replica
Nebuchad Replica
Kapilavastu Replica
Avenger Replica
Skofnung Replica
Oliver Replica
Hellion Gauntlet Replica
Romulus Spear Replica
Murakumo Replica
Ascalon Replica
Misericorde Replica
Arsenal of Heroes
See Class Champion Weapons for details.
See Revenant Weapons for details.
See Bahamut Weapons for details.
Xeno Weapons Banner top.png
See Xeno Weapons for details.
Btn seraphic top.png
See Seraphic Weapons for details.

Trade Moons[edit]

Trade moons here for various items. Moons are obtained whenever you Draw a character that you already have; Rares give Bronze Moons, S Rares give Silver Moons, and SS Rares give Gold Moons.

Bronze Moons
Item Bronze Moons
Damascus Ingot 1,000
Steel Brick 30
Moonlight Stone 30
Red Steel Brick 5
Brightstone 5
CP x2,500 25
CP x500 5
CP x100 1
Rupie x25,000 25
Rupie x5,000 5
Rupie x1,000 1
Copper Spellbook 1
Half Elixir x30 5
Soul Berry x60 5
Peridot Carbuncle 10
Silver Moons
Item Silver Moons
Damascus Ingot 200
Steel Brick 10
Moonlight Stone 10
Red Steel Brick 2
Brightstone 2
CP x2,500 10
CP x500 2
Rupie x500,000 2
Silver Spellbook 1
Half Elixir x30 2
Soul Berry x60 2
SSR Weapons (Big Normal ATK, dual skill) 300
Peridot Carbuncle 3
Gold Moons
Item Gold Moons
Siero's Special Pick Ticket 150
Damascus Ingot 20
CP x2,500 1
Rupie x1,000,000 1
Gold Spellbook 1
SSR Weapons (Dual skill, unique effects) 100
SSR Weapons (Big Normal ATK, dual skill) 30

Siero's Special Pick Tickets[edit]

This is where special pick tickets are redeemed. These are similar to Start Dash tickets and Surprise Tickets. This section also doubles as a list of most characters, weapons, and summons currently available from Draw. Clicking on the portraits will bring up details on stats and skills.

Journey Drops[edit]

Every day at 05:00 JST, when the day resets, players are awarded 1 Journey Drop for every 50 AP spent during the previous 24 hours; any leftover AP carries over to the next day. Journey Drops can be spent in this shop for various 1-hour buffs. As more Journey Drops are earned in a month, players earn a Stage rank for the next month. Higher Stages allow the purchase of better buffs and allow more buffs to be used simultaneously. When stages are calculated on the first day of each month, players also earn additional Crystal square.jpg Crystal or draw ticket rewards at random; higher Stages have a higher chance to get tickets, but tickets are not guaranteed.

Journey Drop Stages
Stage Journey Drops req. / month
Regular (Lvl 1) None
Silver (Lvl 2) 50 (2,500 AP)
Gold (Lvl 3) 150 (7,500 AP)
Platinum (Lvl 4) 300 (15,000 AP)

All Lvl 1 buffs cost 1 Journey Drop, Lvl 2 costs 3, Lvl 3 costs 5, and Lvl 4 costs 10.

Lvl 1 Lvl 2 Lvl 3 Lvl 4
EXP +5% +10% +15% +25%
Rank Points +5% +10% +15% +25%
Upgrade EXP +5% +10% +15% +25%
Grand Success Rate +10% +15% +20% +30%
Rupies +40% +80% +120% +200%
Item Drop Rates +2% +5% +7% +10%

Point Shop[edit]

Points earned from various non-game cross-promotions are spent here.

  • G-points are obtained via Weekly Famitsu and Famitsu App serial codes
  • A-points are obtained from Granblue Fantasy OTOCA cards
  • B-points are obtained from the Granblue Fantasy trading card game
  • V-points are earned using the Granblue Fantasy VISA card

Cerulean Stones[edit]

This shop trades items for Cerulean Stones.

Item Cerulean Stones
Blue Sky Crystal square.jpg Blue Sky Crystal 20
Rainbow Prism square.jpg Rainbow Prism 10
Flawless Prism square.jpg Flawless Prism 1
Blood Amber square.jpg Blood Amber 5
Antique Cloth square.jpg Antique Cloth ×2 5
Supreme Merit square.jpg Supreme Merit 30
Champion Merit square.jpg Champion Merit 20
Mithra Anima square.jpg Mithra Anima 20
Weapon Stone 10
Elemental Quartz 15

See Cerulean Sparks for details.

Defense Order[edit]

Siege Shields earned from Defense Order can be spent here. This shop can also be accessed from the Defense Order main page.

Rank 1
Item Siege Shields Limit
Half Elixir 300 5 weekly
Soul Berry 120 5 weekly
Fury Pebble 1000 10 monthly
Champion Merit 2500 3 monthly
Stalwart Hammer 2500 2 monthly
Batadia 2500 2 monthly
Aegis Potion 100 3 weekly
Aegis Herb 30 3 weekly
Aegis Revival Potion 300 3 weekly
Hero Ration 120 3 weekly
Battle Horn 120 3 weekly
Rank 2
Item Siege Shields Limit
Supreme Merit 10000 2 monthly
Crystal x150 1500 1 weekly
Orpheus Harp 2500 2 monthly
Master Bamboo Sword 20000 2
Magma Rush 20,000 2
Blowgun 3,000 10 monthly
Sticky Shell 7,500 2 monthly
Steel Trap 300 3 weekly
Ballista 300 3 weekly
Snare 300 3 weekly
Nab Net 300 3 weekly
Victory Capsule 400 3 weekly
Fortitude Capsule 400 3 weekly
Rank 3
Item Siege Shields Limit
Blue Sky Crystal 3,000 1
Crystal x200 2,000 1
Onyx Stormbringer 25,000 2
Dark Thrasher 25,000 2
Illuyanka 35,000 1
Queen Bee 35,000 1
Bahamut Unchained 50,000 1
Rune Dagger 3,000 10
Charm Bullet 10,000 2
Aegis Potion + 200 3
Aegis Revival Potion + 500 3
Item Trade
Item Cost
Aegis Potion Soothing Splash x5
Aegis Revival Potion Coarse Alluvium x10
Hero Ration Wheat Stalk x10
Steel Trap Blistering Ore x8
Snare Fine Sand Bottle x5
Anti-Water Verse Blue Tome x25
Anti-Earth Verse Brown Tome x25
Anti-Wind Verse Green Tome x25
Aegis Herb Native Reed x2
Battle Horn Infernal Garnet
Ballista Horseman's Plate
Nab Net Iron Cluster x8
Anti-Fire Verse Red Tome x25
Anti-Light Verse White Tome x25
Anti-Dark Verse Black Tome x25

Arcarum: The World Beyond[edit]

Choose the major arcana representing the oracle you chose for Arcarum to upgrade your Arcarum card. There are 3 known levels of upgrade thus far. The known arcana elements are:

  • The Hanged Man: Earth
  • The Devil: Fire
  • The Star: Light
First Upgrade
Item Amount
Elemental Astra 8
Elemental Idean 1
Omega Fragment square.jpg Omega Fragment 500
Elemental Centrum 100
Blue Sky Crystal square.jpg Blue Sky Crystal 30
Rupie square.jpg Rupie 500,000
Second Upgrade
Item Amount
Elemental Astra 16
Elemental Idean 1
Brightstone square.jpg Brightstone 50
Elemental Quartz 2,000
Blue Sky Crystal square.jpg Blue Sky Crystal 30
Crystal square.jpg Crystal 3,000
Third Upgrade
Item Amount
Elemental Astra 32
Elemental Idean 2
Elemental Urn 30
Elemental Grimoire 50-100
Blurred Memoria square.jpg Blurred Memoria 3
Omega unique drop 50 (matching element)
20 (each non-matching element)